Mar 23

Syd returns after a couple of weeks off and is refreshed and ready to talk about all the Gundam that showed up while he was away and more that are coming in the near future. Ryan has some goodies of his own to show and Lindsay joins us again with something a little different for her.


Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Hyakushiki Ver.2.0
1/144 HG Guntank Early Type
1/144 HGBF Denial Gundam
1/144 HGBF Gundam The End
1/144 HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam
Hobby Japan May 2015 with Wing Gundam Zero Honoo Sword Kit

New Releases
1/144 HG Mac Knife (Mask Custom)
1/144 HG Gundam G-Lucifer
1/144 HGUC V-Dash Gundam
SDBF S x D x G Gundam
1/144 HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo

Egg Force C-3PO
Check out the current Egg Force lineup here.

M-08 Movin’ Movin’ Mike (Monsters, Inc.)

1/144 Type 92 MASER Beam Tank from Godzilla!

Jizai Okimono (realistic posable) Dragon

Gunpla TV


  1. Sup, good stuff guys. No reboot of SEED, it’s bad sorry. Remake ZZ Gundam.

  2. hi syd and ryan! :]

  3. Those wing gundams would be pretty dope :3

  4. 🙂

  5. Do you need 3 of the SxDxG kits to build that dragon? I think you do. Syd or Ryan, could you answer this definitively on the next episode or two?

  6. The very first kit I built with my sons was the SD version of the Wing Gundam. It’s a super cool kit! Now we’ve got the SD Unicorn Banshee, Titus, G-Self and Turn a kits to build. I’m sure my boys would love the MG Unicorn so here’s hoping! Great show guys and keep up the good work!

  7. Cool, two Wing gundams, I would give the tv version to my cousin (his favourite gundam )and i get the other one. Thanks guys.


  9. Laser tank want, Armored Core GET!

  10. Why didn’t you guys do the review of the dark matter?! 🙁

  11. Hmmm…either two master grade wing gundams for potential bromance, or a sick armored core kit? Whoever wins either is lucky regardless cause its like a christmas in march treat from syd and ryan. Excited for the hyaku shiki 2.0?

  12. Finishing building the PG Unicorn’s weapons while watching Gunpla TV. Just about perfect I say! 😀

    Wow, this is the last place I’d expect to hear MSDS sheets mentioned…

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m really far too hyped for the Mack Knife.


  13. i want da wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggsssss (redbull please give me wiiiings)

  14. Welcome back Syd. Hope you weren’t stuck in the snow storm side of Canada.

    Pre-ordered the HGBF Star Winning Gundam from you guys. Opening the box and finding out that it actually was able to transform like in the anime series was a total surprise. Got this to keep company with the Build Burning I got my 3 year old son. He’s quite hooked by the anime series.

  15. dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn

  16. Please pick me, pick me, pick me!

  17. I would like to be given free gunpla please. Thank you.

  18. Please give me that Armored Core! I love those old AC kits and they’re so hard to come by these days!

    • Seeing one “in the flesh”, as it were, makes me like them a whole lot more than seeing pictures. I should have picked up that White Glint + VOB while I still had the chance…

  19. Wing wing wing wing wing!

  20. Ep 170 already? that’s a very long road we have here 🙂

  21. Morning guys!

  22. God, I hope the wing kits used protection.

  23. wing ver ka with two wings! thats great.

  24. Great to see you back Syd, glad you had a fun trip 😀 The Jizai Okimono Dragon looks fantastic, can’t wait to see what they decide to make next, awesome episode, awesome giveaways, can’t wait till next episode of Gunpla TV 😀

  25. just was wondering how good of a soul you would to win a gumpla prize love gumpla tv keep up the fun vids mor3builds please maybe from try

  26. Syd is the ULTIMATE badass.

  27. Ooow i realy want that zakuuu… shitt maan… im goin to win this time .. double wing babyyy… i can feel it.. i can feel iiiiittt… SOLID WIN !!

  28. Do you smell what Barack is cooking?

  29. Welcome back, Syd. I hope you had a good break.
    I noticed there is a recent figure line called Nxedge Style.
    Do you mind talking about them in the show?

  30. I have so many ideas for a custom with the two wing kits please Mr.random number generator pick me

  31. Dragon looks cool… fingers crossed for the wing gundams. 😀

  32. wow those are some cool prizes

  33. I Never had a mg Wing gundam before might buy one now

  34. Heya guys, these past 4 days I did a gunpla/ gunplaTV marathon , 2x MG`s and 2x RG`s ,while watching ( well mostly listening) to the show from ep 1 to 169. Have to say`ve come a long way, keep it up.

    P.S Syd ,when was the last time that you did a run for a kit ? ( like with The O )

  35. Must… Have… Wing Gundams!!! But seriously, I’m missing the original tv mg wing gundam and it hurts. 🙁

  36. Another great episode Syd and Ryan! I’m such a big fan of Gundam Wing. I really hope I can win those Wing Gundams. Good to see you finally back Syd. Hope you had a good time back in Canada.(Also a fellow Canadian) Looking forward to see that Double X on the show.

  37. The comment system needs to be fixed to where I can only win. 😉

  38. Great episode as always and Hot daym! I hope I win one of those kits!

  39. It was great to hear my silly name read out thank you it meant a lot to me. I will go eat a Mr. Big in your honour.

  40. wouldnt mind winning the wing kits good show guys

  41. First time commenting here but I’ve been buying from HLJ for years now 😀
    Thanks for the enjoyable show!

  42. Cannot wait for RG gundam 00 raiser

  43. That new Lucifer Gundam you showed in this episode is reminiscent of Frieza from DBZ.

  44. Great episode as always guys. I’m really a fan of the G-Lucifer design. It looks so funky! Also, those Wings are calling my name.

  45. Much giveaway.Much cool.chance to win? much little

  46. I have recently discovered the joy of building SD gundam in particular the BB Senshi. THank you HLJ for fuelling my growing need for these kits.

  47. Commonnnnn, it’s gotta be me 🙁
    Love the show btw 😉

  48. Glad you had a great time in Canada, i have been awaiting my new models for quite some time. Hope to see more guys.

  49. I want that wing

  50. Me me me let me win lol

  51. Another great episode guys. I’m actually liking the Amored Core, the level of customization is great just like how it is in the games. Keep up the great work.

  52. You’re the best guys.. nice to see you back Syd, and also like da Wings..

  53. Great show, maybe do another armored core kit on the show. so glad they came out with gundam origins, the other 2 just didn’t cut it for me. Good looking mechs and a good story.

  54. Sweet! 2 MG’s

  55. welcome back Syd! excited for my RG 00 Raiser pre-order and some Hobby Japan mags with bonus parts chillin’ in my private warehouse. i’m still waiting for the MG Jesta Cannon release… when Bandai? when??

  56. Love your beard SID!

  57. Another great EP, great to see you back, I would love that armoured core, I love those things 🙂

  58. omg love these prizes… saludos desde Argentina!!!

  59. Wow really ? Two kits for 1 winner?! Thats so generous of hobbylink >.< OMG I want it badly since wing series is literally my childhood :/ Welcome bak Syd! Hope your enjoyed your holiday!

  60. Ryan was on a rampage this ep, almost breaking every toy and model he touched. Luv u both

  61. welcome back sid, gundam discussions had been missed T.T

  62. Wing Gundam Forever!

  63. Maybe this time

  64. Man I really want those wing kits to go with my MG Epyon (he’s getting kinda lonely), oh and btw how good are those Armored core kits ? Are they snap fit only or do you need some glue to build it ?

    • They’re mostly snap-fit, same as Gundam kits. A few pieces that require or would benefit from glue, but generally all snap-and-go.

  65. would love to win those wing gundams *.*

  66. me too……

  67. Loving the new kits! That Mike Wazowski brings back memories 😀 Loving these episodes guys!!! Hope i win!!!

  68. That armored core kit looks pretty awesome. Are they similar in quality to master grades?

    • They don’t have full inner frames, if that’s what you’re interested in. No inner frames, generally good parts separation, sometimes some very finicky construction. Not as easy as a typical MG, but definitely worth it. Judging by dalong pics, anyway. Haven’t actually built any myself. Shame.

  69. I love the seed gundams, i think my collection of gundams are mostly made up of seed kits.

  70. Those Wing kits are epic!

  71. Hi guys, that was a great episode. I hope I win the MG wing. I hope I really win that MG

  72. I love Gundam (its basically all I talk about these days) but that Armored Core unit looks exotic and interesting. I couldn’t help but notice all the differences between it and Gundam kits.

  73. The seed series brought me back to gundam kits, I hope that theres some sort of remake

  74. Welcome back Syd, Lyndsy is a good fill in like to see the women into Modeling. I need the Wings to add to my collection. There was nothing wrong with SEED series it was my favorite but currently I love build fighters and hate G Reconquista its almost as bad as AGE. The Gundam designs Reek bad but I would love to see a Hollywood version of Gundam.

  75. My mg wing zero ew needs a partner i need to win it for him to be happy

  76. I love Gundam (its basically all I talk about these days) but that Armored Core unit looks exotic and interesting. It’s a rather interesting take on the mecha I’m used to seeing.

  77. Hey syd do a Star Trek model show or some more Macross

  78. PM said on March 23, 2015

    hi, I’m Taiwanese, really like your show. Can’t wait for next eposode MG double X gundam.Final, welcome back Syd
    P.S wing gundam is awesome.

  79. Nobody will notice this………

  80. That jizai okimono looks amazing. I really hope Kaiyodo keeps making these. You guys always spotlight some really amazing stuff. Keep up the great work as always! Here’s hoping I win one of those awesome prizes.

  81. Another great show would love to win the wing gundams keep up the good work guys

  82. Dont let me win xD

    Just want to say nice show, thx for bringing me to build Gunpla and wb Syd.
    Finishing right now the last Decals on my Stein ver ka after taht going to order 2 SD star Wining and a tallgeese.

  83. been looking up your vids since you made the tutorial about spray painting, love to win the wings or armored core

  84. I’ld love to get those Wings!

  85. Give me! Give me!

  86. Wing gundam all day err day!

  87. Welcome back Syd gunpla tv just isn’t the same without you and ryan geeking out.

  88. Double the wings, that sure is one great prize. The Armored Core is sick too.

  89. You guys are part of the reason I want to get into building Gundams. Living in the states we don’t have that much access to these kinds of models. I didn’t know they even existed until I saw a guy reviewing some products on youTube and he showcased one of his builds. Then I did some research, ran across hobbylinkTV on youTube and I was hooked. Thanks guys.

  90. take a look at those models :^o

  91. You guys rock!!! are they actually gold plating that with real gold?

  92. yo. syd. glad to see you back.

    i have a request though, is it possible to go back to the original intro for gunpla tv just one more time.

  93. Wing Gundams do want.

    Who wants to bet Syd is gonna find that Deathscythe in an Armored Core box?

  94. Welcome back Syd! Can’t wait for the RG 00 Raiser to come out! 🙂

  95. hello

  96. oooo wings 😀 gimme gimme gimme!

  97. Welcome back Syd hope you had a great holiday, I saw on a magazine that MG Fenice Rinascita will be released around june 2015 is that true!?

    Lots of nice 1/144 kits being released I do hope they will make some for 1/100 later.

  98. This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
    Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

  99. Can’t wait for the RG 00 Raiser!!!!!

  100. gimme dat mr big bar

  101. ben be jelly brah

  102. Double wing gundam!!!

  103. syd is back!

  104. ME WANT DOUBLE WING GUNDAM!! please 😀

  105. I want one!! gimme gimme!!

  106. The new Reconguista in G suits are really looking great, unique looking suits.

  107. Great episode Syd and Ryan. I think its weird one thing we take for granted when we go abroad is food. I know when I took a trip to europe a few years ago I had cravings for Twisties (cheese flavored chips) and meat pies near the end of my trip ( and somehow didnt think about Tim tams too (soft chocolate sandwiched between chocolate biscuit topped with a light chocolate coating ) I’m sure Ryan can fill the details in for you)


    Is what you would have to say if I actually win one of those kits.

  109. welcome back ryan, you can keep the kits, just send me the chocolates :)) well i guess i aint that lucky when it comes to lottery, maybe next time. well my first kits was from the wing series, but purely knock-off and got a lot of issues regarding articulations, details, missing parts and the quality of plastic, it aint worth it.. so im wishing i could win this time around and let me get my hands on those 2 wing gundams.


  110. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww The guncannon. More UC timelines kit would be awesome.

  111. I’ve just finished my RG strike freedom While watching this episode, amazing kit if i came into this hobby is all thanks to you guys 🙂 and that MG wings are amazing

  112. Wing Gundam!!!

  113. What is the most over the top, insane, nearly impossible kitbash you could think of that you would do if you had the time, money and resources? As for me, I’d kitbash the Neo Zeong, the Dendrobium, the Nightingale and the Full Armor Unicorn to make a kit so huge that it would take four people to move it.

  114. Hi Guys, I’ve bought Redbull because it gives you Wings 😉 So I hope I will be the winner. Bye.

  115. The Wing Gundam is so bad! Hope I win it! 🙂

  116. Double WING ! ! ! to Double WIN ~ !
    I wish I can WiN the Double Wing ~ !

  117. Great episode, thank god (gundam) Syd is back. The girls just can’t into fun like you two.
    I’m looking forward to see the MG double x for ep 172 since X is my favorite gendum show. Also I hope I win the wing kits, I’m a plastic crack addict and I haven’t snorted nubs in a month now!

    Wing GET!

  118. Great to see that you enjoyed your holiday, Syd. When is the next hobby expo that you guys will report on? I’m really keen to see more from that MG Hyaku-Shiki 2.0.

  119. Holy Cr*P!!!! I’m loving all the armaments on that Armored Core. Pick me!! Pick me!! Please, Syd and Ryan!

  120. Both of those kits look amazing, also i can’t wait for the shiki 2.0.

  121. Wow! so many wings in this episode.

  122. Gimme those Wings!!

  123. my two boys and i have gone abit beargguy mad recently buying up and building the different variations. need to start buying some different kits or the display cabinate is going to be full of teddy bears lol

    • Not surprising. The bearguys in Build Fighters are awesome =D Still chuckling over the bearguy stuffed with cotton wool from the first series XD

  124. Give me the wings!!!!!

  125. welcome back my friend long time no see…please guys let me win this time.. i wactching gunpla tv every week every month n every year.. ooo yeah baebehhh…

  126. Oh wow! Wing Gundam. Cool. Wish I would get the pair. Broke wing Mountain 😀

  127. We neeeeeeeeeed the Transient and Portent Gundam in MG!!!
    Also welcome back SYD! It really wasn’t the same without you!

  128. Man that wing gundam zero honoo parts looks awesome

  129. Welcome back Syd! sounds like you had an awesome time back home! and as always another awesome episode of gunpla tv guys. was actually wondering if bandai would put out a green psychoframe version of the PG unicorn in the near future, or should i just buy the kit now and buy after market parts for the green psychoframe? any advice would be amazing! =) thanks

  130. I would love the wings!

  131. DOUBLE MG WING GUNDAM GOODNESS!!! Someone play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with me >:)

  132. Awesome Episode as ALWAYS!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!!!!

  133. Give me that wing

  134. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    Welcome back Syd. Glad to hear you had a great time back home. No I know we didn’t have to miss you for nothing. LOL

    And Mr.Big, a Sex and the City reference, haha. Or is it a candy made by Gunze…? Get it?

    Anyway, ordered the MG Wing Custom and Deathsythe Hell, of course from HLJ (waiting to come in stock), but man, those two other Wing kits would go perfectly with them.

    Keep it potent 😀

  135. I want that sandwich too /cry anyways funny stuff ppl have a good one, Wing Gundams! ftw but if Santa Claus get into it that Honoo should be shipped too jajaja jking… kinda lol anyways nice stuff take care

  136. I miss u syd…

  137. Dat Armored Core.

  138. I want that Armored Core 😀

  139. welcome back Syd =D Wow double MG wing, it was my first Gundam’s anime

  140. Great episode guys, would be great to win the wings.

  141. well 2 in 1 price for today episode is too good to miss,but great episode as always


  143. My collection is growing! Love these kits! Want more!

  144. I’d feel bad if I won that Armored Core kit when everyone knows Austin is the number one AC fan out there!
    So here’s hoping for those Wing kits!!

  145. Awesome wing kits

  146. Wow… I want that Wings

  147. My 8 year old loves building Kits with me. (Actually I’ve now been relegated to spectating his builds) he takes them in for show and tell at school. He’s trying to get the other kids building!

  148. thanks 😀

  149. Give me some wings! =P

  150. Ryans Jedi mind tricks have forced me to buy from HLJ now. Its tricky to buy multiple kits though because of the Import taxes to the UK !!! 🙁

  151. OHHHH, that armored core looks nicccceeee! that looks like it will be mine to own once my comment gets picked! Anyway, good show as always, but I was thinking maybe you should have the gals do more shows with you guys. Being that other members of your team no longer do videos anymore. How about giving the girls a spot on your show?

  152. I really hope they make a G-Lucifer MG

  153. It feels really great to win in Eps 167!!! It’s the first good thing to me after I had an accident last Saturday and broke my car…But don’t worry, I wasn’t bad hurt. Thank you very much, Syd and Ryan! You have just truly consoled me…

  154. Those Wing Gundam MGs would go well with my growing Wing section of my gunpla collection. Also, gotta love some Armored Core, can’t wait for the next installment.

  155. Please…

  156. Awesome prizes this week! Would be happy with any of them.

  157. Violets are Blue,
    Roses are red,
    We’re doing this backwards,
    Thats what she said.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I am going to win these kits,
    Too bad for you.

  158. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I am going to win these kits,
    Too bad for you.

  159. love me some Armored Core.

  160. Violets are Blue,
    Roses are red,
    We’re doing this backwards,
    Thats what she said.

  161. Dude,that Kaiyodo looks sick! I want that and my Kaiyodo Alien queen to dook it out! Great ep guys!

  162. Hey guys.. any news on MG Amazing Exia? Because I heard the plates had MG Exia D/A written on it right?

  163. Two MG Wings! Nice. Whoever wins them can kitbash them and name it Double Wing Gundam.

  164. Prices are getting better and better on each episodes!
    Days ago I ordered from HLJ Bandai’s Stormtrupper, r2d2 and c3po (March and April releases). I’m very happy that Bandai is working on Star Wars stuff! I hope to see Bandai doing kits for other scifi franchise like Star Trek for example!

  165. Awesome video! Those kits look amazing! Hope I win, you guys are awesome!

  166. s said on March 23, 2015

    brokeback gundam mountain could be a great alternative to the name of the show

  167. Ah i hope i get something. those MG kits look good 🙂

  168. Seeing that Armored Core kit reminded me how much I wish you guys would cover more mecha-plamo from other series / manufacturers.

  169. Heyo


    ….*shoutout from Malaysia

  171. I would love one of those Wing kits. ^.^

  172. Cool! cool! cool!

  173. missed you Sid!!

  174. I hope I win either of the prizes, I’ve always liked Armored Core designs and if I could get the two Wing models I could give it my brother, I remember growing up and seeing his Wing Gundam poster, plus he needs a breather after his break up with his fiance.

  175. Any news about the next gundam anime?

  176. Uhh…what is Threepio doing to Mike in those pictures?

  177. Welcome back Ryan! Can’t wait to see the MG Gundam Double X on the show.

  178. for the first time in a while …. I want to win both kits 😀 . thank you guys for introducing into the world of gunpla its been almost “more or less” a 100 episode since I saw you for the first time .

  179. wow an armored core kit. and MG wing . i wish i win one of those . i loved the wing series when i was a kid and i played armored cored on psone.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. plz give me da wing kits 😀 love the show great new kits indeed! you should do info-mericals for your kits 10/10 would buy ^^ 😛

  181. nice to se u guys back. can’t wait to see the wing honoo

  182. Welcome back! Love the show, and can’t wait to get the Honoo. I’ve done all the MG versions of the Wing gundam as it was the first series I’ve ever watched. So any new forms of it is just great!

  183. For the glory of the Empire!

    Great job!

  184. Felt like ages since the last episode 🙁

  185. I hope I win the armored core kit.

  186. i’m feeling lucky today i hope i win !!!!!

  187. I just started to collect the Gundam Wing Series Suits. Would love to add the Wing to mu collection.

  188. i saw that the wing fenice rinascita is getting a master grade release, and yet still no gouf r35 🙁 oh, well. gundam the end looks cool. it reminds of the deathscythe hell tv version.

  189. That’s a funny coincidence, just started playing armored core for the first time yesterday! That game’s pretty hard…

    I’m waiting for the MG Zaku II 3.0 still ! With Origin going on, I hope they make it 🙂

  190. Am totally getting the green little guy and the dragon!!

  191. hype pls pick me already 🙂

  192. Gotta win one of these days, and that dragon is super Cooooool!

  193. Words cannot describe how much I would love to get those Wing Gundams. Thank you guys for putting out these awesome episodes. Stay classy, HLJ.

  194. Hello guys, best show on the web.
    I need those wing gundams!

  195. I’m flying with out wings love the show *

  196. Where is the 00 Raiser or was that one given away already?

  197. I wouldn´t mind that AC kit ^_^

  198. Great show i loved gundam seed lol a remake would be cool tho

  199. hey Guys, great show as usual, It’s good to see Lynsey doing more building too!. Im Just finishing off a Frame Arms Zeflikar and would like your opinion on what Kit I should build next from that range.

    Also, I’d love to win that Armored Core Kit. It looks awesome.

  200. Speaking of Build Fighters, got the Try Burning, Star Winning and Lightning Full Bernern Gundams in HG recently, really enjoying them, but the Star Winning feels like it’s missing something… perhaps more effect parts and a better sword would improve it. I know it’s an SD, but come on, Fumina’s a main character, and one of the few female main characters to ever turn up in Gundam, she deserves a bit more.
    Still building the Try Burning Gundam too, the sheer quantity of pieces makes it almost like a tiny MG rather than an HG.
    Anyway, I know I picked Duo Maxwell for my icon, but if I win that Armored Core set, could you please give it to somebody else instead; I’m not a fan of the Armored Core series, and would much rather win the box of MG Gundam Wings (or if you can find it, that MG Deathscythe!). I know I want to win something, but if it’s something I’m not really into, I’d much rather pass it on and give someone who’s more interested a chance.

  201. Glad to see you back Syd, another great episode, looking forward to the honoo. Also good to see Lindsay back, it`s nice to get an outside perspective on things and would be cool if she started assembling random non-gunpla kits for you guys.Ryan keep up the star wars infor man love the look of the new kits, gotta grab myself some tie-fighters.
    Last but not least if Syd need his fix of canadian foods perhaps I could trade him for some gundam/japanese related goodies.

  202. been waiting for new episodes. nice vids as always. hoping to win those wings. hoping if you could show some rc kits in the show.always want to do an rc kits especially by tamiya ones.

  203. All I can say about this episode:
    Eastereggs and TANK TANK TANK!

    Ooh and showing off 2 kits I bought from you guys.
    Protent and Honoo and I can’t wait for my Honoo to come in! BURNING FURY!

    Now you know what would go great with a wing zero?
    Two Wings!
    I do hope I win them. But a core that has armor works great too!

  204. hey, one question: HG 1/144 gundam the end = HG 1/144 gundam deathscythe hell???

  205. I want that wing pick me

  206. I’m interested in the price for the Tryon team kit and the release date of the same. It looks so out of the ordinary that it’s just right.
    See you next time.

  207. I´M THE WINNER!

  208. The Wing Zero Honoo looks amazing. Wing Zero is one of my favorite kits and this version looks like it holds up to the legacy.

  209. Wish i can win that mg wing gundam cause my niece broke some parts of it and i really want to fix it since it was my first and only mg kit..

    Btw love your show..

  210. “just wild beat communication” inner that wing zero

  211. Just wild beat communication

  212. Welcome back Syd. Great episode as always and I’m really hoping I can when one of these kits this week.

  213. Hey guys! I’d love to win those Wing kits! I want to see if I can get my Wing Gundam ver.Ka to hold 2 rifles instead of just the one it comes with, but if I get the Armored Core kit I really wouldn’t complain either way

  214. Hey, a double whammy Wing prize. I’d like that.

  215. OH GOD I’ve gotta win this! MG drought where I’m at!

  216. Also, really annoyed about that 2.0 Hyaku Shiki. I just bought and built the old one D:

  217. Love your work guys. Keep at it. Those Wing kits look sick!

  218. really excited to see the Honoo put together, seeing as the Fenice was my first HG

  219. I want to win that Wing Gundam! Great episode as always guys!

  220. Welcome back Syd! I’m glad you had a fun time in Canada eating all your favorite eats! I’m loving all the new upcoming kits, especially the Wing Zero Honoo, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it next week! Just a quick question, didn’t you say a couple episodes ago that you were gonna give away the HG ZZ from the first couple episodes? I was just curious, as there’s a lot of nostalgic value in that kit and it’s understandable if you didn’t want to let it go just yet. As always, keep up the great work!

  221. I got to pre-order Assault Buster Gundam!!!

  222. Wing gundam please!
    Also do you guys know if they will be re-releasing the DMK01 since it looks like the did the same for the lesser bumblebee?

    Glad to see you both on gunpla tv again.

  223. Another great episode guys and I gotta say I was shocked to see they made armored core models. so thanks to you guys I learned something new today.

  224. WELCOME BACK!! Now gimme that armored core! 😀

  225. i really want that armored core D:

  226. Welcome back Syd!

  227. that is dank

  228. Can’t wait to get my hands on the HGUC V-Dash Gundam but now I’m really wanting to get these new Star Wars kits as well. Now please let me win that MG Wing Gundam box of goodies 🙂

  229. i hope i win 83

  230. Please Mr. Number generator let’s me win this time! I want the 2 MG wings gundam kits!lolz ^^

  231. Hey syd and Ryan

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  394. Welcome back Syd!
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  397. I remember being introduced to gundam when me and my korean friend played Dynasty Warriors Gundam when i was in 2nd grade. I loved it so much that we couldn’t stop playing it. A few years later, i was searching about gundam on youtube and i found your channel. I watched through your videos and found out more about gunpla. I watched gundam build fighters and finally got my first gundam, the MG gundam build strike full package and i was so excited to build it. Its finished and posed on my shelf and i always look at it and admire it. The possibilities of me getting the 2 MG wing gundams are low, but i believe. I WANT IT SO BADLY

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    Also Syd I just found out that you do a podcast on iTunes so I subscribed to it. And I also did my first panel wash last week(I’ll post pictures of that later)

    • Revised

      I should of watched the entire video before commenting but I didn’t. So I’ll add this reply to my first comment as a update.


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  422. Welcome back Syd!
    Seed was fine, so was Destiny, but halfway through, the story fell apart.
    I wish they would make a series out of Portrait of a Young Comet!

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    Great show!!!

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    PS- Syd, I know you don’t really watch the anime a whole lot, but have you seen or heard of “The 08th M.S. Team”? It’s probably one of the better Gundam series and the animation is awesome in it- you might want to check it out! It’s Gundam but with lots of guerrilla warfare in the jungle. (That was a bit punny…)

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    • It actually just arrived yesterday, and is in low stock now! As long as you place another order soon, you should be able to get another 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ve now selected the shipping method and was surprised to see how much it was (compared to my previous orders) but that’s because two copies of Hobby Japan are HEAVY!!

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  455. It gotta be me this time, i really wanna win something

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