Mar 16

With Syd out, Ryan and Lindsay take the helm for a sort of mini-episode to show off their latest Star Wars and Gundam builds.

HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe



Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe


  1. A piu~piu~thing…that definitely scored!!!

  2. Sat wars blasters go Zaku Zaku!

  3. Dear lady and gentleman,

    Thanks for bringing us this quick episode.
    Special thanks to Lindsay for showing us the HG Hi Nu Vrabe. The bird mode reminds me a bit of Laserbeak from the G1 Transformers.
    Just make sure you keep it away from your cat, as I know birds and cats don’t get along that well. LOL

    My compliments to you Ryan, you did an excellent job on the AT-ST. Awesome weathering on it! I have to say, you’ve come a long way since episode 40.
    Now I’m a bit curious on what kit you will tackle next.
    Please keep up the great work!

    Thanks again for the episode! Take care

  4. I just bought the Vrabe and it’s amazing 🙂

    BTW, Lindsay have a beautiful smile 🙂

  5. lol pew pew…nice and sweet episode. you guys should revisit the vrabe after lindsay paints the lev a and d (if she decides to do it)

  6. Haha I laught so hard at the “pew pew thing”

  7. Thanks for the episode, always great to see what you guys do with the new kits, they look awesome, keep up the great work, looking forward to the next episode 🙂

  8. That was not a bird….it was more like a fricken awesome DRAGON!

  9. Double space bird action! Thanks for the episode. AT-ST looks pretty awesome. Working on painting a chrome Stormtrooper right now. Will probably grab an AT-ST soon.
    Thanks again!

  10. *PEW PEW* I’ve always loved Hi-Nu, and I’ve been dying to do a kit of it, maybe Vrabe will be the lucky one I get my hands on! I’m loving the Space Bird too!

  11. Spread the joy.


  13. Cool video guys and gals

  14. Space Bird.

  15. 🙂

  16. This Lev-D really is a good add-on for the Hyaku-Shiki and its descendant mobile suits.

  17. Que Flamenco! OLE!

  18. HI-NU! HI-NU!

  19. Been in a hiatus for a while. But I’m back. 🙂

  20. I love the finished AT-ST 🙂 nice!

  21. Nice kits!

  22. Hi Nu really awesome the at-ts really good but for my taste should be bigger but still awesome… keep it up really awesome show take care

  23. hi nu

  24. i can’t say i’m a big fan of these new gundam designs that seem to be all about detachable, transformable bird/dragon/creaturesque looking backpacks; but great work on featuring the hi-nu vrabe, all the same! the hi-nu itself always looks awesome. guns, gats, rifles, beam spears… oh &, pew pew things! don’t forget the pew pew things! good times.

    i’m likin that at-st, too. the extra bit of effort put into it with the weathering and flat coat really make that kit look great. thanks for the episode, Ryan & Lindsay!

  25. gundam tri bird fighters 😀 lol

  26. wow that at-st looks great, keep it up i am sure you guys can do this till syd comes back XD

  27. Amazing review..Great work guys!!!

  28. i can get used to this….. it’s not the same without Syd tho. maybe we can get Ryan out and keep Lindsay! JK! i love Syd and Ryan equally! what are girls?

  29. What a beauty!

  30. Phew Phew says the space bird. Good video guys.

  31. Syd (or anyone!), any comments about the difference between the “pouring inking” gundam pens/markers vs. the thin panel lining markers? I’ve only been able to find very terse translated descriptions on-line, but it sounds like they are trying to be a “panel wash” in pen form. Do they actually work, or is it better to just mix your own wash and use a brush? I strongly suspect the latter, but is there anyone who has used them who can share what they’re like?

  32. i like most of the hi-nu vrabe except the super large crotch piece the kind of troughs the whole thing out of whack

  33. Ryan sounds to sad without Syd in the studio :( Still, I really appreciate you guys effort in expanding with new hosts who potentially could cover up during events like this.

  34. BanDai should of included some Ewoks with the AT-ST since you can’t have Chew in it without the Ewoks.

    And Lenzy(please forgive me if I spelt your name wrong) for building the HG Hi Nu as your fourth kit, I’m impressed with how well you built it.
    P.S. I’m Posting this from my iPhone 5.

  35. very nice episode Ryan and Lindsay… i kinda miss Syd though.
    Hi Nu Gundam Vrabe looks awesome, I’m planning to get this soon then custom paint it with a different color scheme…

  36. hmmm

  37. Sorry Lidsey but I really have to quote you. “PHHHEEEWWW-PHEEEEWWWWW Thing”

    Still, great job on the review. 🙂 Thanks again for another great episode.

  38. For the longest time I thought that the Vrabe was pronounced like “brave”…

  39. First time on hlj tv and i love the zaku gumpla

  40. Man…. that Vrabe is nice…. almost want to get it in addition to my Hi-Nu

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