Feb 25

In this episode Ryan shows off a little something-something that he was handed after the recent Wonderfest and Syd talks about the Elf Bullock HG kit he was really happy with. Of course he opens up the box for the newest MG, the Exia Dark Matter.


Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG Gaeon
1/144 HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe
1/100 MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter
1/144 HG Elf Bullock (Mask Custom)

Gunpla TV


  1. Wow you guys giving away such memorable things.

    Now I am back at waiting for my orders at HLJ.
    Transient and Wing Honoo!

    Keep up the fun stuff guys! And keep building!

  2. ah, the classics! how nice!

  3. I kind of excited for the MG Exia Dark Matter even though I think I’ll get the regular Exia first.

  4. great episode!

  5. Swiggity Swooty…

  6. I will take one part of history please! Hold the mayo.

  7. Wow, I’d absolutely LOVE to have the very first kit made for Hobbylink.tv. Talk about a conversation starter :)!!

  8. Another great episode!

    I gotta get my hands on the Hi-Nu Vrabe (Brave?). It looks awesome.

    I remember that ZZ actually! It was one of the first videos I watched about Gunpla because I was interested in building. I considered getting the ZZ, but I chose the 0 Gundam from 00 because that was the spiritual successor to the RX-78. Yep.

  9. Hope….

  10. For the principality of zeon

  11. Keep up the good work guys, and I cannot wait to build that dark matter exia.

  12. You can bring the Sponge Runner anywhere you want, Ryan. Just don’t show any footage of where you brought it.


  14. Pre-ordered the SDBF Star Winning Gundam. I’m looking forward to it!

  15. Those options parts for the vRabe… wow!

  16. Again the Elf Bullock looks freaking awesome. I never thought to see a gundam like that ever.


  18. I’ll be surprised if the dark matter exia can even stand because the old exia couldn’t even stand that well.

    • The DM Exia is supposed to have improved ankles, on one of the blogs I read that’s been a big topic of conversation. I don’t have the kit yet but given the extra weight added to the back, I’d be surprised if Bandai didn’t address that instability with this new kit.

  19. Seig Zeon!

  20. Sponge Spinner will be totally a good office gift. You guys need to make a show about these kind of goofy stuff. “Want to tell someone they need a bath? Do we have an item for you!” Then hire some clumsy people on the infomercials struggling with mundane household items. Get insurance.

  21. Chars ZAKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*(=^ェ^=)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)

  22. Horay old models

  23. I would feel weird using a sponge spinner, honestly.

  24. Hey guys, syd i was wondering whats your thoughts on the seed/destiny franchise? Despite people not liking the anime i feel at least the series has some of the best gundam designs(destiny gundam being my favorite) ansd i like that there’s a ton of gundams in the show lol.

  25. I wonder if we will see a 2.0 Guncannon since we are getting a new HGUC version.

  26. that guncannon looks sweet. also, black flag, hell ya

  27. Great video as always guys, but I’m curious about what you think of the new gundam the origin being based on char before they start the actual main storyline

  28. Also about the question thing when you win in a contest. You’re from Canada right? Didn’t they have a rule about gambling there and lotto winners are given a simple elementary grade question so that the contest is not a matter of luck but of intelligence or skill does not being purely a gamble?

  29. great job guys i hope i get that piece of history

  30. Man did I screw up the end of that last comment. Not trying to win. Already won. HA HA!

  31. Guncannon!!!!!!!

  32. This giveaway is a part of Gunpla TV history, I would love to own a part of it! Thanks guys 🙂

  33. Thanks for the look at the elf bullock, I’d been curious about that kit for a little while now. I also suspect that the GAEON is pronounced with a seperate “G” like G-Aeon and all of the other G-types.

  34. Another great episode guys, keep up the good work! Also good luck on the finding/training the guy to substitute Syd while he’s away, hope you’ll still have an episode running! 😀

  35. You should take those two kits and put them in a Gunpla.tv Time Capsule

  36. I’m really disappointed I didn’t win the mg’s last week, but if I win the precious Z I vow to paint him and give him a good home.

  37. just want that death scythe scythe, haha jk. another great episode guys keep it up

  38. Now I want to see a Sponge Gundam. Make it happen Bandai. Lol

  39. Wow! Guncannon and Double z! Give it to me and I’ll cherish it like it was part of my childhood. 🙂

  40. Rg build/try burning gundam please!!!!!

  41. My two favorite gundam guys…. *fap*

  42. Good Show!! Are your vallejo paints shippable to the States?

  43. Gunpla TV sure has come a long way since 2010!

  44. Already for 4 episode I haven’t be selected haiz

  45. The Guncannon 30th Anniversary clear parts! I WANT IT!

    Anyway, the Elf Bullock’s base looks too high in its transformation mode. Is it the same base included in Proto Zero’s kit?

  46. GUNCANNOOOOONNNNN!!!! He’s awesome!

  47. Good show guys! can’t wait for the Dark Matter review

  48. I don’t think sponge is worth to order.

  49. Gimme dat sponge spinner

  50. barns and noble is the only chain store in america that sells gunpla and its only when they have their “extended toy section” also they are bumped up about 10 bucks more then retail

    • Add international shipping to HLJ’s prices and you get something more competitive. HLJ is a better source for the bulk of your purchases, but BN has the physical product and is a good place for impulse buys. I picked up a couple of those gashapon gundam figures from there for the nephews, a purchase I never would have made otherwise.

  51. At Ease men!
    Love the video’s great commentary !
    Just starting with Gundam !
    Need some.
    Keep up the great work!

  52. Oh let me win a part of history please, also I like bacon 🙂

  53. I’m backlogged by 35kits and for some reason I’m still pre ordering more kits from HLJ. Thanks HLJ, THANKS.

  54. great finally an MG. im a sucker for MG. For me 1/100 scale is the best size for me. HG’s are too small for me. I don’t even mind an NG or RE100 as long as its 100 scale.

  55. Gunpla Gunpla gimme gimme

  56. I want to win ^.^

  57. Gunpla is FREEDOM!

  58. I saw some Gundam model kits at Barnes and Nobles they pretty pricy.I actually went home to compare and even it’s much much cheaper to order from hlj.

  59. First time watching this. I will come back every week now.

  60. not a fan of the blade legs, love the sponge runner !!

  61. need to get myself a hg zz, the mg looks to busy

  62. the first HLJ kit??? Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie…no kick backs on any earnings though =)

  63. canon!canon!canon!

    mayday!mayday mayday!

  64. Getting rid of your legacy MGs, eh? Well, bottoms up1

  65. Loved the episode as always, the Elf Bullock is cool! But now, gimme that Guncannon from episode 5 and the ZZ from episode 2, 3 and 4. The Guncannon is my favorite MS <3 Keep up the great work, guys! 😀

  66. The reason that you needed to answer a “skill testing” question is because you where in canada and in canada there is a law that makes it so that the winner of a prize must answer a question for some strange reason.

  67. So uh Sid, when are you expected back from Canada? I’d like to know when to start paying attention again.

  68. Had the urge to eat a sandwhich while watching this….never got that sandwhich

  69. I want a free kit (; n 😉 *pull out a rocket launcher and fires randomly* I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA!!!
    *sn anyone else looking forward to the 2.0 hyaku shiki?

  70. Can’t wait for my gundam order from HLJ! 😀

  71. Looking forward to the master grade kits for this year. Hopefully, we get more than 2014

  72. That Elf Bullock looks sick! I’ll be sure to grab one once I get started on Reconguista in G! Also it’s great to see the old ZZ from some of the first few episodes, it brought back a lot of memories from when I first started following Gunpla TV!

  73. Classic MGs??? Painted and built by the famous Syd????? Can I win now?

  74. Let’s hope they fix Exia’s ankles for once and for all…

    Either way, good work, guys!

    And hope I win…

  75. I cant believe you’re giving away the gun cannon this is ever one of the saddest moments or one of the happiest moments in gunpla tv. and congratulations on keeping the series alive for 167 episodes.

  76. Syd’s guess was close. I bought a HGUC Guntank from a local antique store run by a man in his late seventies. I usually only find aircraft and car kits at rummage sales.

  77. It’s gotta be me to win! Check my ID, yourT167 wins in episode 167!
    It so meant to be~~~ Plus, the classic MGs were really a fortune!

  78. That is so EPIC guys! Thanks

  79. That’s a lot of great prizes.

  80. This is a comment!

  81. Loving the MG Exia Dark Matter, Still gotta figure out my next gunpla. thinking RX78-2 3.0.
    You shouldn’t give away that ZZ gundam.. first kit for the show? I’d put it on a pedestal somewhere.. lol

  82. Hail Cobra

  83. wow such memorable things much wow haha

  84. GUN

  85. MG Zaku v1.0 is one of my all-time favorite kits. You should give it to me. I will treat it well.

  86. A MG Zaku nice.

  87. Sid’s leaving? For how long?

    Y-you know I was kidding about #impeachsidandryan2k15 r-right?

    Don’t leave me. . .

    I’m sorry (╯︵╰,)

  88. Can’t wait to see what the MG Dark Matter Exia looks and may pick up in the future because the back pack reminds me of Laserbeak from transformers and thinking of doing a Soundwave Gundam custom of some kind. Got ideas for other characters as well. Be starting it soon! Have fun with Gunpla and maybe sponges if they can make a sponge Gundam?

  89. I’m still chucking at the Elf Bullock’s name…

    Please tell me you guys have seen the Star Winning Gundam, because that thing is impressive… It’ll definitely be my next (impulse) buy. Well, maybe that and the Superion that I’ve just seen in an ad for HLJ 😛

    Oh well back to building my MG Strike Freedom for now .-.

  90. What are you hiding under those mats?

  91. Where are the Elf Bollocks?

  92. ill keep it simple say no to sponges we don’t need anymore sponges.

  93. Holy Cow! Box of goods!

  94. Nice to see the new Hi Nu kit and a red zeon suit up for grabs! Someone shall be lucky to get the suits that started it all.

  95. Great episode! Love the design of the Elf Bullock, but that name srsly -_-

  96. hoping to win that hg zz gundam

  97. lol, great show guys the foam car seems i bit odd but i’m sure fans of the series would buy it, also really eager to see the new Hi Nu kits looks awesome.

  98. That piece of history must be mine!

  99. Keep up the great work!

  100. Woah Blast from the past giveaway this week! Great episode, now I REALLY can’t wait for my MG Dark Matter to get here!

  101. Thank you for reading my comment! As a person from a part of the US that lacks in Gunpla, I definitely will continue supporting HLJ as a customer!

  102. MG Exia Dark Matter is so cool! *drools*

  103. I am hoping to see a review of the Exia Dark Matter very soon!!!

  104. Just sent my order on HLJ to ship tonight. Mg MK II 2.0, RG Justice, MG Infinite Justice, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Can’t wait for a MG G Self.

    Great episode boys.

  105. that elf bullock looks weird and cool at the same time! been waiting for the episode gunpla TV.

  106. I would proudly display that ZZ next to my own 😀

  107. whoa

  108. I will say that buying from Barnes and Nobel is a rip off which usually ends up costing 10$ to 20$ more than getting the model off of HLJ. Also happy to hear about someone finding a gunpla lady. Hopefully I will find one someday.

  109. My son and i where browsing youtube and came across your channel . So we decided to get gundam kits together. I went for the MG aile strike. He went for the hg titus. Great expirience. It would be kinda cool to reverse it. I want the MG titus and im getting him the HG aile strike. We are fans! Thank you

  110. Great episode again. I was hoping to see a MG Dark Matter since it is my favorite Gundam from the Build Fighters show. I just don’t like building HG kits they are too simple for my taste. After building The RG Exia I was wanting to build another variation of it in MG form and I think I will give this one a try.

  111. Oooh that zakuuu… and ohhh that first hobbylink tv kit ..,… ill take it ither way happyly ever after… zaku.. first kit.. zaku.. first kit.. zaku.. first kit…. zaku… first kit… zaku… first kit… oooohhh god please..?? .. nooooo not the sponge spiner..!!!

  112. I would love to have that rg wing gundam zero custom poster. What happens to the posters when they get changed?

  113. Winner winner chicken dinner. …. seig zeon!!!

  114. 🙂

  115. Nice review on the HG 1/144 Elf Bullock.
    Looking forward to see your review on MG 1/100 Gundam Exia Dark Matter on the next episode.

  116. can’t wait to see the completed Dark Matter Exia

  117. Don’t worry. I’ll give shelter to those pieces of History. Promise to sell them only when cost a real size gundam. =P

  118. I wonder is their a gundam sponge kit !!!

  119. Omg, can’t believe I won a gunpla. Seig zeon and jigen haoh is the way to go. Thanks Syd and Ryan and looking towards the next episode of Gunpla TV!

    • For those interested, Jigen Haoh School is the what the main protagonist, Sekai, screams with his Build Burning Gundam in the anime Build Fighters Try; since the Build Burning was featured in the last episode.

  120. Hey guys i also got that poster. My friend gave it to me but i dont know whete it put it 🙁

  121. hype

  122. Great show as always guys! And just curious what are both of your guys’ wishes for kits to come this year?

  123. Great show as always guys!

  124. i miss the time i can always watch your show in marathon, since i recently discover your show. 🙂 now back to waiting.

  125. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a that’s what she said from you guys! Great episode as always, you two. As for that comment about the Jigen Haoh Ryu…that’s from Gundam Build Fighters Try. Because Sekai has to yell every attack before he does it. Because logic. ANYWAY. I’d love to win that red Zaku. It’s 3 times faster!

    • I take it back! I want that ZZ ;-;this show has meant so much to me in the past year of me getting into Gunpla, I watched every episode back to back. That ZZ is like, incredible in its sentimental value.

  126. I think the weirdest place I’ve found a Gundam model was probably my first MG. I was at Super!BitCon, a retro gaming convention here in Oklahoma, looking for some Dreamcast games. I saw this guy selling a few controllers and an old MG RX-78-2 2.0 from 2008. It was pretty poorly constructed with none of the nub marks removed and there were no other models or figures being sold by the guy. It was almost destiny though, as I just started watching you guys and getting into model building.

  127. The Elf Bullock is looking a lot better than I expected. Love the transformed mode.
    And gosh, I would love to have that ZZ and Guncannon. Gunpla TV history would be amazing to display on my shelf.

  128. What was the name of the opening song for gunpla tv back in the beginning?

  129. The Hi-nu Vrabe was a nice build but OH! that chin and codpiece!

  130. I was atached to elf bullock when bandai anounced the kit now i’m gonna wait for that kit releas in my country

  131. all those G1 MG gunplas :O Priceless…

  132. Entering to win the relics!

  133. Sweet video guys and I’m looking forward to the new gunpla releases

  134. Its always fun to watch gunpla t.v and build gunpla at the same time, some how watching you guys talk about gunpla is like watching gundam build fighters it just makes you want to get cracking and build more gunpla.

  135. I love the gun tank, was thinking about making that my next kit to go next to my RX-78-2

  136. Mg Hyaku SHiki 2.0!

  137. B&N’s prices on Gunpla are pretty dire, and I’ve found the most affordable options are online. They don’t have a very good selection either, only a couple of wing MGs, and some stuff from Build Fighters.

    Also, I thought that the Tallgeese iii P-bandai kit was the first MG of the year, or are we not counting premium exclusives?

  138. Ryan’s brain is like Pandora’s Box. Only on GunplaTV will Gundam and Fifty Shades be used together in one sentence. Anyway, I’m not really interested in Blade Runner but a Gundam sponge/foam thing might be interesting.

  139. Not exactly the most exciting prizes this week, but hey, free gunpla!
    Keep up the good work!

  140. The prospect of getting a kit that’s already been worked on by someone else is scary. If I continued working on it, everything I did would look amateurish at best.

  141. Hope I win this time XD

  142. I want to win the guncannon just for the weird grab bag of gunpla stuff. Just bought my Dark Matter too, excited to build it!

  143. nice show again guys!

  144. Hi-Nu for the win! My son and i love watching the show! Great stuff, keep up the great work guys!

  145. Hope you guys review the SD star winning. How bandai actually incorporated the real mode functionality into that kit blows my mind.

  146. Good Show!!Keep it up.

  147. Gun + Cannon = GunCannon
    MG + GunCannon = MG GunCannon
    MG GunCannon + ver 2.0 = When Bandai ???

  148. No I don’t want anyone to replace Syd and Ryan. Best hosts ever!

  149. Keep up the good work guys .. If u noticed, the latest build burning Gundam is called try burning Gundam….. Certainly not gonna do that hahaha

  150. Another great episode gents. Btw that Jigen Haoh phrase that one commenter wrote is what the main antagonist from Build Fighters Try says when he pulls off a special move. ALso love the Guncannon. I really like the recent revised version of the HG kit coming out sometime in the summer.

  151. MG Exia Dark Matter is the closest thing we can have to a MG Exia Repair 2 on retail. > <;

  152. I don’t usually comment for prizes but I’ve been looking at every site for a mg guncannon and they’re all sold ou! Maybe this will be my lucky week!

  153. Shout-out to Syd and Ryan for doing shout-outs now!

  154. Me win prizes?

    if you coming home.. come to Ottawa. haha. Id like to sit and chat with you.

  155. MMMMmmmmmmmmm…HG ZZ….yummy!

    Like that thing has always eluding me, so that would be some sweet, sweet history to win! The other stuff is cool to.

    Good show, Syd and Ryan.

  156. I have watched this show since the first episode’s airing! I have watched each episode the day it came out since episode 1! I WANT THAT HGUC ZZ AND MG GUNCANNON! If you win it and I don’t – message me, I’ll buy it from you!

  157. Not a fan of those sponge kits, I prefer the details you get from gundam kits etc.

  158. hmmmmmm… Im hungry

  159. Not to into the sponge thing. It would be cool to get one of the prizes. Right now I am building my first Gundam. I chose a master grade Nu Gundam ver ka. I know probably shouldn’t have started there but I love the Gundam so much.

  160. I liked the sponge the best.

  161. MG Dark Matter Exia looks pretty neat.

    I have no Zaku kits in my collection, but winning anything would be awesome.

  162. Great episode as always guys!

  163. Hey Sid the skill testing question is a Canadian law. It basically makes it so that you have to actually do something right to win instead of just pure luck. Also that Guncannon Mystery looks awesome, I want it.

  164. am i the only one who thinks the sponge rider, looked like a dark knight batmobile?

  165. Great show once again. Curious what cutter do you use to cut so cleanly?? Thanks to you guys, I’m a converted gundam builder now. Please pick me to win!! 🙂

  166. i just rewatched some of the first episodes. those were great times. ZZ is best!


  168. I forgot about the ZZ, its crazy how many episodes have past already.

  169. More power HLTV!!!

  170. You guys should do a episode about your life before hlj and how you ended up in Japan that would be great but great episode as always guys

  171. great show

  172. You guys are great!

    I plan on picking up the next set of HGBF models that release!

    Good luck with future episodes guys

  173. gimme gimme!

  174. I want that GUN CANNONNNNN!

  175. Loving this episode guys, keep it up!

  176. The sponge spinner… I don’t know does it work in the bath or shower? Does this mean sponge Bob may be a replicant? Do sponge androids dream of sponge sheep? Who am I to ask?

  177. Great Episode the elf bullock and the hi nu are looking awesome.

    I´ve always wanted a guncannon or a guntank =)

  178. C’mon RNGEESUS. You’ve RNG’ed my shipment into postal hell and I’m left without a backlog! RNG ME THIS!

    (shameless statement : Yes I want something)

  179. The elf bullock is a pretty funny name

  180. Good show as usual. Keep it up! By the way, Syd, If there was a RG Sengoku Astray, would you build it?

  181. I’ve been waiting for the hgbf hi-nu brave.
    it would be cool to get that gunCannon!

  182. Ok, I’m getting that Dark Matter!!

    • (Don’t count this as an entry)
      About the jigen haoh quote, it’s a reference to the new Gundam Build Fighter Try. The main character uses that fighting techniques when fighting so he basically only uses his fists, no beam rifles or sabers.

  183. The jigen hao is from build fighters try. Do you think there will be a RG Sengoku?

  184. Nice episode guys as always. Keep it up.

  185. Im disappointed in the MG Dark Matter, i was hoping it would come with a red led (considering that its price is rather high for a MG).
    Im a big fan of “Main Bad Guy” mobile suits and this one just looks weak to me (i have 2 Exias already and and this one just looks like the same old thing, jest red/black) I most likely will skip on this one and get some thing older that i miss from my collection (trying to get all Zeon MG’s from the original gundam :] )

    ps. gimme dat guncannon ^^

  186. Wooooooah!!! Double Zrtaa… What does it mean???

  187. Oh gosh… The memories were flashing through my mind saw from all those giveaway~ Great review as always, good job to both! You knew who I mean XD, Like ya on Youtube!!

  188. awesome show guy’s don’t stay away so long next time 😛

  189. Another great episode, so out of all the gunplu you have built which one gave you the most trouble while building ?

  190. it should be Red Matter

  191. Wait. There’s a Guncannon MG ?
    I may need that ! 😉

  192. Wow that nostalgia giveaway, can we get it signed?

  193. My Exia Dark Matter is already on its way! Thanks HLJ!!

  194. Song seoage! Song seoage! Song seoage! Song seoage!

  195. What the **** is that sponge thing ?! ahah

    Nice episode btw ! 🙂

  196. You hit me! Even my father never hit me!


  198. This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
    Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

  199. Great Ep as always. Syd and Ryan are you going to make a review on the “Hobby Japan May 2015 with Wing Gundam Zero Honoo Sword Kit” once it is out ? would really like to see a review on that 🙂

  200. Syd and Ryan are you going to make a review on the “Hobby Japan May 2015 with Wing Gundam Zero Honoo Sword Kit” once it is out ? would really like to see a review on that 🙂

  201. The “Jigen Haoh” comment from last week is from Build Fighters, he quoting one of the attacks the pilot of the build burning shouts out.

    P.S. I really want that Gun Cannon, the design is just so 80s it’s perfect.

  202. great episode , that elf bullock looks cool . i cant wait for more reconguista in g kits

  203. I’d like to customize that ZZ Gundam…. only if i get it

  204. The G-Reco kits are slowly becoming my favourite designs in the Gundam Universe. Enjoy your time in Canada Syd!

  205. I wished to had that sengoku astray but my mission fails … good episode keep hard work , hi from Puerto Rico keep hard work up

  206. My fortune teller told me I won’t win anything, prove him wrong!

  207. So many good kits and too little money to buy them all. I wish they make the MG G-Self soon.

  208. this is awesome

  209. win..win… win… banzai… 😀

  210. Would love to get my hands on that Zaku!

  211. DUUUUUUUUUUUDE! I’ve been watching since your first ep and to have a chance to win not one, but two of the classic HLJ kits built on the show, is so awesome! I hope this time is my lucky drawing to win! Great show guys!

  212. I want yo win that for my bday

  213. Like boss i want that

  214. That’s another Hi-Nu to add to my collection. The kits for 2015 are looking really good so far i think it’s gonna be a great year for gunpla

  215. give me a piece of gunpla TV history.

    Syd & Ryan thank you for the great ep.

  216. Zaku Zaku

  217. Sponge Spinner seems really useless. There isn’t enough detail to make it interesting, it’s just way too simple to be showpiece. Also it probaly doesn’t work as a sponge since it uses basically tape to hold pieces together. I could see myself buying that thing only if it’s really, really cheap and only to give it to my brother as a present, since he’s Blade Runner fan.

  218. Let me win that piece of history!

  219. Happy Chinese New Year ! I would love to have HLJ’s Polo Tee size L plz

  220. The sponge spinner looks really good, and the material seems to be more durable than probably a dish washing sponge. What if the company made sponge Star Wars, I think a sponge millennium falcon would awesome. Ryan and Syd, what would you like to design if bandai faxed you a notice and said they would like for you to create a gundam, or Star Wars character/ vehicle?

  221. Syd and Ryan,
    should the random number generator choose my post as a winner in its gloriously infinite randomness, i wish to request that you sign your autographs on the manual(or box, if provided) for the kit you are giving away. keep on keepin on with the excellent work, guys

  222. yeay!!!

  223. that Elf Bullock has a very interesting design concept 😀

  224. I r edumacatedd. 21-6+2=7585?

  225. I know I will win this time! I can feel it!
    I suggest HLJ not to buy those spongy toys!
    Maybe you can buy real sponges that can be used in the bathtube. Shaped like Gundams or anime characters! But those sponge…well….not interesting in my opinion.

  226. Hmm…… My first child is born on the 22/02/2015… lets hope i get something for my child from there. ^_^

    Thanks and good eps and information as always.

  227. That box art is so savage! Just need to sell one of my kidneys..

  228. Awesome episode really looking forward to the hi nu vrabe!


  230. I want that first kit please! It’s thanks to you guys for getting me into gunpla if I hadn’t found your video by chance I would never of got into gunpla last year. Now since last May I have built 3 pg, 11 mg, 1 hmm zoid, 3 rg, and 5 hg. Thank you so much for introducing me to this hobby.

  231. What about a Spongebob kit made of sponge?

  232. Nice episode. We should get sponge Star Wars kits. Washing dishes with a Falcon would be funny.


  234. If I win, it’s going to be another history because I never win anything from the started giveaway! It’s the history kits of hobbylink TV!

  235. SHEZAM !!!

  236. ahmm ah where is Lindsey?

  237. Great video

  238. Great episode guys. Keep up the good work.

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    For me, this is how it all started. And being nostalgic as I am, I’d shed a tear or two should I find the HG ZZ in the mail.
    Hope whoever wins it will post some pictures of it on hobbylink.tv and will take good care of it.

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    You really made this hobby more approachable for me. I’m living in Germany and Gunpla is essentially unknown here. None of my friends share the hobby either. That’s why I really appreciate the news, kit showcases and tutorials you do. It makes me keep going.

    I’ve been building an RG Freedom, HG Star Build Strike and HG Space Jahannam and am now working on an HG Kämpfer Amazing. I want to order my first MG this month. I thought MG might be too much or not worth the extra money, but your showcases of MG kits really made me change my mind. I am also considering getting a Frame Arms and Virtual On kit to expand my horizon beyond just Gunpla.

    Long story short: Keep up the good work! I hope I can watch this show for many more years to come.

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    • Hey man I know exactly how you feel. I actually started building a year ago to help me go through some tough times. Like you, I was afraid to try it because I thought I would mess up big time. Everything I learn from Syd and Ryan really got me motivated. Now I have growing collection, starting customization and doing photo shoots with my gunpla. BTW what was your first gunpla? Mine is the Wing Gundam Fenice.

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    BTW Syd, shout out from Canada and welcome back haha.

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    I kinda want is as a present.
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  389. My non-transient interest in the Transient Gundam is overpowering, Gundam Portent has a lot of potential, and Gundam The End ends my hatred for the original Gundam Deathscythe design.

    • Good try, but as Inigo Montoya says, “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.” A portent is a warning, a prediction of bad fortune to befall someone. The word you’re thinking of is “potent.” But A for effort. 🙂

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  407. Hey Syd and Ryan.
    I just built my first two kits, a HG Aile strike gundam and a MG AStray red frame. they are really fun to build.
    I have a question, the arms and the legs of my Astray red frame keeps falling off very easily when y try to pose them, it makes posing it extremely difficult.
    Do you have any tips to solve that?

    • Applying a very thin layer of
      1.) extra thin plastic cement (the watery kind),
      2.) super-glue,
      3.) clear nail polish

      to the joints.

      Give them a few hours to cure, then re-assemble and you should be good to go. If you need to add more layers, add more layers, but always test the fit after every layer. You don’t want the joint to become too tight.

      Hope that helps.

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    The kits are really cool….When i saw that this episode included the Exia Dark Matter, i was really excited because i’m a Gundam Build Fighters fan and i loved the Exia in the episode. I really enjoy watching you guys tell us about the new Gundam that is coming out and built ones. I hope i win the prize in the end but if i don’t, no worries :P.
    Good Luck on your up-coming episodes

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    Love the show. Keep it up. 🙂

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    Yo Sid, you think we’ll see any Aldnoah.Zero model kits from anyone?

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  427. Hi Ryan and Syed, you guys are awsomeeeee!!!!!!!!

  428. Jon said on March 8, 2015

    I want one of those old school gundman kit

  429. Hyper Gunpal Syd-Chan!
    by kajnrig

    Episode 2 – The Gates of Destiny

    Syd-chan breathed a sigh of relief as he crossed the threshold to Hobby Link High School; he was on time! “Phew,” he panted once in the school courtyard. Shooting a grateful look to the gatekeeper, he hurriedly finished his toast (except for the corner Ryan-senpai had eaten; that he threw into the trash bin with a look of mild revulsion) and made his way to class. The first subject of the day: Gate-marking.

    Syd-chan knew only the very basics of Gate-marking. That is to say, he knew that Gates were the primary defense mechanism of the Gunpla, and that in order to effectively defeat them, one had to penetrate – or “mark” using specialized weapons and techniques – their Gates. He was excited to learn the how and why.

    “Syd-chan! I missed you!”

    Syd-chan turned around to see his best friend, Lindsey-kun, sprinting down the hallway with the same frantic vitality as she always possessed. Lindsey was an exchange student from the States. After the Gunpla began their invasion, she found herself cut off from her family overseas and decided to enroll full-time as a student at Hobby Link High. Syd-chan couldn’t be happier, though he also felt great sympathy for her lack of a family connection.

    Syd-chan planted his feet and prepared for her full-power glomp. “I’m glad to see you, too, Lindsey-kun. Who do you suppose our new Gate-marking teacher is this year? I heard the last one left to become a GunPal.”

    “Yeah, so did I,” Lindsey-kun answered in a hushed voice. “Apparently it was really sudden. I don’t think they got a chance to replace him before the school year started.”

    “So who’s going to be our Gate-marking teacher?” Syd-chan wondered idly as the two of them entered class–

    “LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” came the furious battle cry before a blackboard eraser made contact directly with Syd-chan’s forehead.

    “L-l-l-late!? I thought we were right on time!” cried Syd-chan in a panic as he recovered from the blow with Lindsey-kun’s help. Then he saw who had thrown the eraser, and he felt the blood drain from his face.

    The rolled up sleeves.

    The polished dome of a head.

    The mass of muscles writhing beneath the thin veneer of cloth.

    The grin. The wide, confident, slightly-manic grin.

    “K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kouchou!?!?!?” both of them cried at the same time.

    Indeed it was. Their kouchou, their principal. Scott T. Hards-kouchou, the legendary GunPal himself.

    to be continued
    Hyper GunPal Syd-Chan!
    Episode 3 – Shifting Plates

  430. hi ryan and syd, i’ve been watching your episodes since day 1, but i didn’t realize since recently that you guys been giving kits away. ‘coz i kinda move on to the next episode few minutes after the video ends, LOL my bad. well i guess it aint to late to try winning one of your prizes. cool stuff though. im already excited with dark matter, im already thinking of custom painting the kit, once i get my hands on it.

    ps. have a safe trip btw ryan.. looking forward to your next episodes.

  431. ….wow finally I got to get in the website. Phew it was similar to “O why won’t you move” Lol. Anyways thanks for the piece history and it will auction for a million
    . I guarantee it.

  432. Also Feb 25 was my birthday lol extra awesome sauce. .

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  438. Go Sabres!!! #suckformcdavid!!!

    more fun with FOAM!!!

  439. g8 m8 i r8 8for8

  440. Hey Ryan and Syd keep up the good work. I just would like to say that the HG 1/144 Kshatriya has become one of my all time favorite kits. I actually bought 3 of them and made a 3 suit squad, by the time I got to the third one it only took me 3 hours to build it. I also got the Kshatriya repaired hg kit and I took the support arms for the shoulders and put them on one of the regular Kshatriya because I noticed they seemed to be a little stronger. Just curious is there anyway to order any of the posters that are hanging on the wall in the background, they look really cool.

  441. wow Dark matter Exia looks so sexy ! 🙂 Probably going to pick this one !

  442. you guys are awesome love the show

  443. Great Show would love to see more builds like the PG unicorn done

  444. May I have some Wings please….

  445. Bpk.DR.SULARDI. MM beliau selaku DEPUTI BIDANG BINA PENGADAAN, KEPANGKATAN DAN PENSIUN BKN PUSAT,dan dialah membantu kelulusan saya selama ini,alhamdulillah SK saya tahun ini bisa keluar.Teman teman yg ingin seperti saya silahkan anda hubungi bpk DR.SULARDI.MM Tlp; 0813-4662-6222. Siapa tau beliau mau bantu

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