Feb 9

In this episode of Gunpla TV Syd and Ryan talk about the new Gunpla available for preorder as well as looking at a tiny kit that packs a bit of a punch. Ryan also talks Star Wars as he is wont to do and has a bit of a surprise himself.



Kits featured in this video:
– 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition
1/144 RG GN-0000+GNR-010 OO Raiser
BB #398 Lightning Gundam
1/144 HG Catsith
1/144 HG Gundam G-Self (Assault Pack Type)
1/100 RE/100 Gundam GP04 Gerbera
1/144 HGBF Transient Gundam
1/144 HGBF Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver.GBF
1/144 HG Char’s Zaku II
1/144 HGBF Mega Shiki Gundam
Star Wars: Revo C-3PO
1/144 HGBF Hi-Mock

Gunpla TV


  1. The Gunpla gods demand more blood.


  3. great episode as usual guys! keep it up!

  4. Wow Those mg so bling bling and the red is amazing

  5. Hey Syd you should do another kit bash

  6. Dear, Syd and Ryan
    I have just started getting into gunpla. Almost finished my first kit MG Ball. But i have a question. After speed watching to episode 117 I was wondering if a fan wanted to visit HLJ while in Japan could we support the store and buy something in person? Also is do you know if their is a Taxi service or bus around Sanoshi Station that goes near HLJ? Without one its about a hour walk. lol

  7. Good job guys. I can’t wait for the RG 00 Raiser to come out.

    • I can’t wait for it either; especially since I preordered 3 of them…

      RG 00 Gundam
      RG 00 Raiser
      RG 00 Raiser Condenser Type

      Yep! I know I went crazy, but Gundam 00 is my all time favorite so I just couldn’t help it. Now I just have to save up for the inevitable P-Bandai variations that I’m sure Bandai already has plans to do.

      ::prepares for wallet rape::

  8. Lori Sei. Reiji. Build Gundam MK ll. IKIMASU!!!

  9. that RG GN-0000+GNR-010 OO Raiser, cant wait!

  10. This world needs more C-3PO hanging out with the Tokyo tower.

  11. MG heaven, yeah baby

  12. Hi guys, that was a great episode. I would like to win the sengoku astray because red is my favorite colour. I really hope I could win. All the best to the both of you.

  13. Hello there.

    Well the Hi-Mock. I thought they’d include the four or five other head types in the kit. Because I find that monocle style head a little plain. If I got a swarm of eighteen, I’d want a few conversion pieces included.

  14. Great episode guys hope i win one of those kits.

  15. MG MG MG

  16. I’ve never liked C3-PO(aka, the OG jar jar binks). I honestly feel like all of star wars could have benefited greatly from his absence.

  17. Hey syd and ryan. First time poster to the blog. I have been watching the new episodes but also going back to watch from the beginning. I am up to the 70’s right now. You guys do a great job and I can’t wait to see next week’s episode

  18. Thank you guys for another great episode of Gunpla TV, they’re always fun to watch! Definitely picking me up the Try Burning Gundam.

  19. Meh~ those MG’s are pretty low on my list, but any free kit is a good kit!
    Here’s hoping I’ll win something eventually!

  20. boom baby! Let me have it! 🙂 God i love MG’s!!!

  21. Hey Syd and Ryan, is there a plamo modeler (or modelers) that you look up to as inspiration or just simply admire from there work? Awesome episode as always guys, keep up the great work, can’t wait till next episode! Gunpla TV is the best!

  22. Achievement Unlocked: Comment read by Ryan! As for watching something while building, I usually have watched the video at least once before, I just put it on again because it gives me something to listen to and a set amount of time that I build for before allowing myself to get distracted.

  23. Happy Valentines Syd and Ryan. Give me some chocolates — and that MG’s please <3

  24. I’m going to try reverse psychology. I DON’T want the build gundam OR the sengoku astray gundam.

    While I’m at it, I DON’T like gunpla tv AT ALL. Thanks.

  25. Is it sad that I want to get the Elf Bullock just so (okay not just, it looks neat too 😛 ) I can display it in the middle of my lounge room, and whenever I’m asked about it I can proudly yell “IT’S AN ELF BULLOCK!”

    I’m not weird at all… Also not last comment for once!

  26. The power of friendship will help me win and make cool models.

  27. Long comment last time. Short this time. Maybe work.

  28. Transient looks so graceful!!

  29. Ho Lee Schitt! Sengoku Astray, my dream kit *drools*

  30. Hey guys, new to both the hobby and to this site, but I watched the PG Unicorn and RG Wing Zero builds awhile back and decided to subscribe on YouTube and yadda yadda. Anyway, I must say on the off-chance I did win, I’d be equal parts horrified and ecstatic, because I’m only five High Grades into building Gunpla and an MG would be the most daunting thing imaginable, but I also love the Gundam MK. II in general and the Sengoku Astray, so I guess at the news I’d probably make a noise somewhere between sheer terror and unbridled happiness.

  31. >Zeek babies

  32. why not have Anna and Lindsey get there own show where they could talk about other stuff that doesn’t get covered by gunplaTV like anime figures or well everything else on the site…

  33. I want the build burning/ try burning as an MG so bad

  34. The transient looks awesome.

  35. hey guys! Another great episode, loving all the star wars talk it’s pretty funny.

  36. Woot! nice kits. Hope I get the astray 😀

  37. Great episode guys! Keep it up!

  38. Awesome new kits, excited for the raiser big 00 fan. Great episode by the way! 🙂

  39. +1 Episode. Should build an army of Hi-Mocks… Maybe add a V-fin on the head and make one a G-Mock.

  40. Let me try it…………. hope i can win….


  41. LET Try till i can.. MG Build MK2

  42. Herpa Derps… Anything but the Sengoku please, first MG kit I ever built..

  43. Haven’t one yet but I won’t gibe up! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on Sunday nights guys!

  44. Let me win!

  45. I really want a Mega Shiki :>

  46. I saw the effect parts for the Try Burning and thought to myself ” I must get that kit at all cost.”

  47. Really enjoyed seeing the funny antics with city model w/C-3PO. I’m really curious, what were your guys’ worst mistakes in modeling? Can’t wait for next episode!

  48. I want those bad boys so much!!!!!

  49. Another get episode guys! That Hi-Mock is just making a Mockery of the Sumo MS from Turn A Gundam but just green.

  50. i wanna win the sengoku astray really bad

  51. Another Awesome show Syd and Ryan !
    Will you be doing a build for the Wing Zero RG version? would love to see a video for it!
    Thanks again for the entertaining videos as always !

    By the way, do you know if Bandai will ever produce a PG Banshee by any chance?

  52. Syd & Ryan, its ‘Thunderstruck’. Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck,Thunderstruck, baby, baby, Thunderstruck, you’ve been Thunderstruck.

  53. More MG!!!

  54. great episode, hope I win 😀

  55. Hi guys! I always watch your show sometimes because it’s always entertaining and informative. And also that son goku astray.

  56. Hi guys, I am just new here but I am a great fan of HLJ.tv. Gunpla is a great hobby, You guys give us great reviews on this. Keep it up. HLJ.tv 4ever!!!

  57. Great episode as usual! Would love to win one of those master grades!

  58. shiny c3po!

  59. Try not burning my gundam!

  60. MG Gundam please~

  61. pick me! pick me! great show guys! keep it up! and give me that sengoku astray 🙂

  62. this is childhood!

  63. I want MG :]

  64. Hi guys, Just one question. I have a full time work as an architect and usually I have miniature models of buildings being build, but every time, i am tempted to bring my Gundam Kit to work and do it there, Cause my wife always says I’m so hook up with this when she sees me working on it @ home. Is this normal??hehehe

  65. Transient is to badass

  66. Great episode guys keep up with the great work.

  67. Nice note about Revoltech selling replacement joints. Did not know that (and could use some). Thanks for the great episode!

  68. Good episode guys but hlj needs stock up on Geara Dogga!!!!

  69. I want those MG!!!!!

  70. great show guys,was wondering if youre gonna show the full armor pg unicorn in the show, i would love to see that also #givesomepostersplease haha

  71. Nyanpasu~

  72. MK-II GET!

  73. Syd and Ryan, Do you have any plans for your valentines day? hehehe, Nice episode and Syd I’m using your technique in painting the sleeves of my MG Sinanju and thank you for that! hehehe

  74. SENGOKU?!

  75. I’m sure the best part of the show is watching Ryans face light up as he gets to play with the new give-away kits every week.

  76. they NEED to make a sandra bullock gundam

  77. Great episode of Gunpla TV syd and ryan. The elf bullock looks like a another nice departure from traditional Gundam design. Now I’m curious Syd, what is your favorite oddball looking mobile suit? (something that looks so weird you appreciate its design) Also whoever wins that sengoku astray should have its frame painted metallic red and the rest flat coated except for the gold trim make that pretty too.

  78. That new ZZ makes me sad :*(

  79. these are not the mecha’s you’re looking for

  80. I really want Bandai to make an MG for Hi-Mock and Grimoire…

  81. Another warm slice of awesome pie served up guys!

  82. Really would love to get that Sengoku! the Astray is my favorite design and i have already build the blue frame second revise and i have the red frame sitting on my shelf to be built! really want that one… my favorite of the Astray MG!!!!!!!!! Also Syd and Ryan i love you show i really wish you guys made more videos even if they were just like small clips of what you do all week, just to learn a little bit more about you! Also seeing your Personal collections would be super amazing!!!!! @syd @ryan please post your collection!!

  83. Awesome looking prizes this week. Mk. II which is such a great design, and of course the Astray, gotta love a Mobile Suit with a big katana 😛

  84. I miss when you guys had 3 of the same epyon posters behind you.
    Great show as always.

  85. Looking and Linsy and Anna I`m curious, do many girls build gunpla? When you go to the hobby shows do you see a fair amount of girls or is it mainly dudes?

  86. guys your episodes keep getting better and better. the puns had me cracking my neck lol

  87. So much new stuff coming up, my wallet is like an onion when I open it it makes me cry.

  88. MG MG MG =D

  89. Been building for a few months now but just stumbled across your show. Good stuff guys!

  90. Love the show I just built the MKll RG if you guy could recommend some kits to build that you have enjoyed that would be kool

  91. Free stuff plz.


  92. !!!!BEWBZ!!!!

  93. its sad that the sengoku doesn’t come with two palm striking hands, just going to blame kawaguchi mejin from the anime for pointing out that its called sengoku so it shouldn’t use chinese kungfu

  94. sengoku win! that i did!

  95. That smug Hi-Mock trying to take 3PO’s mouse droid.

  96. make my day for it’s my birthday.


  97. Hi mock: “reach for the sky!”
    C3p0: “oh no!” *rust starts forming in his crotch area*
    Hi mock: “I may need back up”
    *Enter Build Mk2*
    Build MK2: “your backup has arrived wat seems to be the problem?”
    Hi mock: “the suspect here was cleaning up downtown Tokyo in a stiff and ordrely manner”
    Build MK2: “My god!”
    Darth Vader: “I had nothing to do with this”

  98. although i still have the RG Mk ii Titans and RG Justice to build, can’t wait to get my hands on the RG 00 Raiser! i’m about to finish my RG Exia and the 00 Raiser would be a good company for it.

  99. wish i can win that sengoku astray. Messed up the V-fin on my regular red frame would be great if i get this with the extra parts as well.

  100. me want the sengoku!!! please pick me hehehe ^^

  101. SHAZAAAAM!!!

  102. Love that Hi-mock. I wanna get a bunch and make an army. Love you guys

  103. MK-II MK-II MK-II MK-II Mk-II, please give me MK-II 🙂

  104. thanks syd ! great kits to give as always ! i’m wondering if ryan would do the same…

  105. Guuuuunnplaaaaaaaaa! <3

  106. hi syd n ryan . i just want to know do you guys watch anime often ? whats your fav anime ?

  107. Nice episode again…

    The Hi-Mock looks cute ^_^ but most of all please gimme a chance to win either of those 2 MGs! 😀

  108. thanks for the kits syd !

  109. Elf Bullock is a hilarious name LOL

    Great episode as always (even greater than usual since I got the Jegan).

    I’ll be picking up that Elf Bullock for sure.

  110. I would really love to win that Sengoku Astray! The Sengoku Astray is one of my favorite designs.

  111. The 1/48 x-wing is SO bloody awesome, i must have one.

  112. I think the Hi-Mock would be nice base for doing a custom. And of course another great pack for the G-Self. Keep them coming Bandai.

  113. how i want to win 🙂

  114. Look at the try build…try burning gundam. i should have tried. but the build series it quite awesome.

  115. SENGOKU!! 😀

  116. Great episode guys keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the new RE 100.

  117. G is for, gimme some gundam. U is for, u should give me some gundam. N is for, next time I hope I win some gundam. D is for, dang it, gimme some gundam. A is for, about time I won some gundam. M is for, Master Grade Gundam!

  118. Cant wait for the RG 00 raiser, but im hoping that they will release a RG 00 Quanta. Also hope that i can win the MG.

  119. really excited for that X1 Full Cloth but what does it mean with GBF ver? is it a customized ver or will it be the same as the original. cause I really really want the Tobia Aronax Version. been holding off in buying X1 cause I feel they’ll release the Full Cloth eventually.

    as always great show ladies and gents.

  120. GunplaTV épisodes make your days better !

  121. I can’t wait for the RG Gundam OO Raiser. I’m a huge fan of the OO gundams. I wish that they would release an RG Gundam Virtue. Thats my favouite Gundam of all time!!!!

  122. great episode! can’t wait for the DX review

  123. Oh Man! I really want that sengoku astray!

    another awesome episode guys. Keep up the good work.

    You guys rock!

  124. Another great show guys. I’ve always wondered, what kind of nippers do you use and recommend? There are many different types and range in prices, purposes, materials and sharpness. Maybe you can sort them out for their purpose and type and by its sharpness. As well, why are a lot of the nippers from mineshima on back ordered for the longest time or just never in stock?

    • I might not be remembering this correctly, but I believe he uses a Tamiya brand cutter. I doubt there are significant differences between cutters. I bought whichever one was available at my hobby store (a Testors one, I think) and it’s served me well for years now. It could probably use a good honing, and the spring mechanism has long since snapped apart, but that doesn’t stop it from snipping away plastic just fine.

      Have fun with your purchase.

  125. Nice video, guys!
    Keep that good’npla work!

    And, as aways, hope I win!

  126. The Star Wars kits need more Boba Fett.

  127. Love the episode guys, keep up the good work!

  128. I hope I win

  129. Another great episode. Got into gunpla from watching this show. Was thinking of buying Sengoku, but would be nice to win it. Also really liking the star wars kits

  130. Hi guys! Congratulation for the new episodes.
    Hope to win, it would be my first time on internet.

  131. I like watching the episodes while sharpening my knives…

  132. I want to win!!! =)

  133. – I need to know everything about Plavsky particules.

    – Beginning Plavsky particules dispersal.

    – I’ll do my best to win the championship.

    – Please set your gunpla.

    – Sengoku Astray Gundam, ikimasu !

  134. great episode as always guys. If you could see any of the gundam build fighters getting a perfect grade kit, which one would you choose?

  135. Loved how you guys made 3CPO get shot. Great models as always.

    Now I do enjoy my large swords, color red and big arms!
    So let’s cut up enemies Sengoku Jidiai style with the Sengoku Red Frame!

  136. I want an mg sengoku astray for my bday

  137. Sengoku!!!!!

  138. A new PG Char’s Zaku II would be great, the HG looks cool though.(Or a PG sazabi, imagine that!)

  139. I hope comment 143 is my lucky number!

  140. Germany loves Gunpla TV…… O.K. maybe just me but yeah Gunpla TV.
    Keep up the good work.

  141. Hey guys great show as always. Love your work especially the build specials 😀 can wait to watch every episode. When i build my gunpla I normally have the old episodes of Gunpla tv in the background starting from episode 1. Keep it up guys :D!!!!

  142. hey guys, awesome video as always.. kinda feel bad for 3PO tho, been abused the entire video haha

  143. Give me some LUCK ~ make me the winner XD

  144. Hope I win!

  145. gee i want one

  146. GUNDAMUUUUU!!!!

  147. looking good guys!

  148. I suppose the GBF on the Crossbone stands for Gundam Build Fighters. I wonder if that means it’s not just a regular Full Cloth Crossbone in 1/144 scale.

  149. RG riser my only RG i wanna get

  150. I hope to win that Sengoku Astray. I wanna try making it into the original Astray. What are your thoughts on Perfume (Japanese Electro pop trio?) will continue to aski till answered or chosen hehe.

  151. NILS NIELSON!! 😀

  152. the build burning is very fun kit, well balanced in a very affordable price

    he can do a single hand stand with not much problems, except tapping the table of course.

    lets see if the Try Burning can be as balanced as its predecessor

  153. this time is my ”time to shine” and win the prizes =)

  154. the mg sengoku look awesome i think it could become my first mg

  155. What would the Syd and Ryan Gundam look like?

  156. Build Fighters MG here we go.

    How you liking GBF Try so far?

  157. Nananananananana…..batman

    i want to win something please

    -christian bale

  158. good job as always guys. I like the look of the mega skiki and maybe in the further I can modify it even more.
    I hope I can get the Build gundam MK-II (by Iori Sei)

  159. As always, great episode, but it was just a little bit better because of the singing 😛

    Now… Do you think Bandai will release MG versions of the other 3 Celestial Being Mobile Suits for Gundam 00s 10th anniversary?


  161. Ohio Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Needless to say, but great show as always.

    When building any plastic model kit, I also like to watch the show, or something Gundam related. I don’t understand a lot of Japanese unfortunately so watching Gundam episodes is out of the question, as the only way for me to watch them on the internet is with Japanese dub.
    Any idea’s on where to get episodes with English dub?

    And dear Syd, the: Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderbolt is a reference to…. Wait for it……
    Thunder, thunder, thunder, ThunderCats!!! Hooooo

    Thanks for another great episode!

  162. Awesome vid Syd and Ryan, that MG Build Gundam Mk2 looks sick!

  163. RAGE ON!!!

  164. Is it possible to win kits after being chosen as the winner of the previous ones?

  165. I’ll be honest. Today I’m commenting just to win the prizes!
    What can I add….ehm…videos are good as usual…G no reconguista is a mess and ms are bad too…what else…the new girls are doing a great job!

  166. I…………………..WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL………..WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN…THOSE……………..MG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………. in my dreams.

  167. Nice episode as always guys. I wouldn’t mind winning the Sengoku. is my dream kit and I love mechs with swords.

  168. Another great vid guys! I don’t even care if I win or not – I just want my comment to be read on-air hahahah

  169. For every episode you don’t win there is another where you can win!

    Also Great show Syd and Ryan. The MG Gundam DX that is coming soon caught my attention. I’m not even a fan of the DX’s design but that Master Grade looks AMAZING!

  170. SIEG ZEON

  171. great show! man those geo crapers would go nicely with the S.H monster godzillas

  172. Hi-MOCK FTW!

    Have either of you guys seen G-reco? It seems as if no one likes it or its kits.

    • I remember someone said something similar in an earlier video, and it’s a shame people feel that way. The G-Rec designs are some of the best Gundam has ever had to offer. Lots of splitting away from the archetypal Gundam design aesthetics, which I suppose is the reason people don’t like them, but you know what they say, variety is the spice of life and status quo the starch…

  173. can’t wait to see more master grade kits

  174. Astray frames are some of my personal favorites. They need a Real Grade one.

  175. Another good epi guys. I know Gundam are cool and all, but is bandai ever going to reprint any of their Macross Frontier kits. Been waiting for like a year now, so i can only Hope.

  176. Great episode

  177. love this ep Syd n ryan 😉 hope to see more from u guys.

  178. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    I wouldn’t mind winning a MG kit =]
    thanks for showing us all the new cool kits.

  179. MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG MG….also, cool episode.

  180. Hey syd and Ryan,

    I’m new to gunpla and I was wondering if your ever going to do a review on shin musha mg, endless waltz heavyarms HG, and RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom HGUC?

  181. I really dislike the Gundam design form G Reconquista but the red arcane does look better, I also love building the more complex models but love the HG kits for the variety to GunPla. What is your favorite Gunpla or Gundam?

  182. can you bring Red Five from Kotobukiya to review on the show?

  183. Nice video as always, looking forward to you guys reviewing more Reconguista kits. Just built the G Arcane and it’s really good for an HG. Free things would be nice as always *wink*

  184. I really dislike the Gundam design form G Reconquista but the red arcane does look better, I also love building the more complex models but love the HG kits for the variety to GunPla. What is your favorite Gunpla or Gundam

  185. cannot wait until april for the rg oo raiser

  186. great show, great MG giveaway… to bad i won’t win any of them 🙁

  187. go astray~! i choose u~!

  188. Great Show

  189. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  190. can i please win one of those mg gundams, i’ve been watching your videos, entering comments, waiting patiently for the next video. can you guys help me out here

  191. BROTHER its been so long!

  192. Excellent video guys and I can’t wait for the rg oo raiser and the RE/100 gp-04

  193. Great episode guys. I enjoy the mega shiki bit. I can’t wait for more kits to come out.

  194. When do try burning gundam release in master grade

  195. Pewpew! Great stuff!

  196. Build fighters are the best.

  197. Build Fighters TRY FTW!!!!

  198. Very funny episode this week you guys never fail to entertain. Looking foward to the next one

  199. I was so excited about RG 00 Raiser that I preordered 3 of them (00 Gundam, 00 Raiser, and 00 Raiser Condenser Type).

    Not surprised to see HG Crossbone Full Cloth. Though now I get a strong feeling that X-0 Ghost, X-2. and X-3 will end up being P-Bandai releases.

    I’m on the fence on whether or not I will get the BB Lightning and the BB Star Winning. I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t and just wait for the inevitable MGs we’ll be seeing from Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try…maybe some RGs as well since they can reuse the RG Aile Strike for RG Build Strike, RG Gundam MK2 for RG Build Gundam MK2, RG Wing Zero EW for RG Wing Fenice & Fenice Rinascita, and RG Exia for RG Exia Dark Matter & Exia Amazing…

    The RE 1/100 GP04 is just lazy IMO. They should have given it the MG treatment.

    I hope the Transient Gundam comes out in MG. That 1 I’ll get.


  201. Cant wait for 00 Raiser and Transient gundam.

  202. GP04!

  203. Hi, I was wondering do u think that they will ever make a MG of the Age FX?

  204. So for ur diarama, would those robots b running amock? not a typo. cool episode as always guys. more mgs!!!!

  205. Sengoku Astray!!! DROOL!!! PLS PLS PLS LET ME WIN!!!

  206. Let’s wait for the Exia Dark Matter Release 🙂

  207. The comment about HG vs MG is a good point, I like alot MS that are not in MG form and thus I focus on HG’s as I like exploring the details and being more intimate with the designs of the kits. While I would like to deeper level MG’s give they just do not have the right designs for me. One day I may delve into MG more.

    Also the really funny thing a good number of kits are made from designs that were only on screen for maybe 3 seconds in some cases. Even if you do enjoy all Gundam series a good number of kits are hard to place in what scenes they appeared in. Rencista Fenice is a prime example along with a number of Unicorn grunts.

  208. Jesus Yamato pls let me win 😀

  209. Bengon/bengon/bengon BOTH MG Gundam bengon

  210. why i never win

  211. Does this mean there is a chance Toy Tengoku is returning?

  212. Mk2 build is a pretty sweet kit!

  213. Yah. Price giveaway are base on Gundam Build Fighters. So much better than try build. Sorry to anyone who think otherwise

  214. 3PO can be a recurring guest… you know, in case one of the winning comments is in Bachi.

  215. Love the show guys. Just getting back into Gunpla after many years absent. Been looking at that Sengoku MG for a while. Here’s to hoping I win =D

    Keep up the great content guys!

  216. Seeing that new RG reminds me to get more of those kits, they’re quite fun to make.

  217. great episode, keep it up.

  218. Good Episode, I’ve been curious about the Hi-Mock for a while now

  219. Syd,

    When are you going to show your master piece PG Unicorn with your crazzzzzy paint job???

  220. My wallet is crying. Well done bandai make my wallet become so thin because gonna buy that rg oo raiser

  221. MG Build Fighters! Yes! Please!

  222. the build gundam mk 2 was my first master grade! kind of cool to see the japanese box in this ep. my fiancee is really excited about the bb lightning gundam: she wants the whole bb team try fighters.

  223. Great episode guys, i hope you get lots of chocolate from your enemies, cant wait to see more

  224. WSAZABI! I love GBF! WSAZABI!

  225. yes MG Sangoku !yes pls

  226. DK, Donkey Kong!

  227. Loved the episode guys. You ROCK.

  228. i have the Sengoku Astray, so it would be nice to get the mark 2

  229. Great video

  230. MG

  231. the mg sengoku and build mk2 look pretty sweet

  232. Great show guys! Hope I can win the Build Gundam MK-II! XD

  233. hi mock is high detail for low runners and low cost

  234. I wanted the Hi-Mock ever since its first appearance in the finale of Gundam Build Fighters. Now that it exists, I’m liking how Bandai treated the Build Fighters grunt suits – cheap and versatile. Maybe I’ll pick up three or four.

    I also wanted the Sengoku Astray ever since its first appearance in Build Fighters. Here’s to hoping to win one!

  235. I watch every single episode! Anyway, looking forward to the RG 00 Raiser. Hope you guys make a build video of it! More power!

  236. Ryan is always a kid then he holds a finished kit from Syd 😀

  237. Nice video. That BB Lightning Gundam looks nice.

  238. Next time I’ll win for sure. Great episode guys.

  239. Hooray! More MG kits.

  240. Really cool this little tokyo diorama, not much use for gunpla but still cool 🙂

  241. Hi guys. How’s life treating you these days?

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    • Gunpla generally tend to not have too many panel lines, just enough to break up large swathes of color. You can scribe your own panel lines if you like.

      If you’re doing a panel wash, controlling the amount of paint flowing into the panel lines is usually pretty easy to do. Not so much with Gundam markers. The panel line ones tend to be too big for most panel lines anyway.

      As for painting the corners of armor, you actually can, and the effects are sometimes really cool. There’s a technique called dry-brushing that you might want to look up. Good luck with your experimentation and results.

      • For me so far, I haven’t yet felt the need to add more detail by scribing new panel lines (!)–I think I’ve got my hands full just trying to bring out the detail that is already there. My first build was a 1/100 MG and I tried the fine line gundam markers for panel lining. They weren’t horrible at that scale, but you’re right that they were a bit thick. I also found that sometimes they applied unevenly. I’m currently using a 0.03 copic multiliner and think it produces much better results, particularly on the 1/144 suits I’ve been practicing on.

        As for corners, I was talking more about lining the “inner” corners where it looks like separate physical pieces would meet on a full-scale MS, although it’s all molded as one piece in the model. A panel wash would work fine there, but not dry brushing I don’t think. I would expect dry brushing to work best for raised corners/edges, which sounds like what you mean.

        As for the regular gundam paint markers, I’ve only used them for minor touchups of gate marks after trimming, or as the source for paint for a few hand-painted details.

        Thanks for the comments. Also, is there a work-in-progress section on here where people get feedback on their builds as they go? I didn’t find anything like that after some poking around–just lots of shots of completed builds.

        • 1.) Ah, you see what I did there? I mistook “concave” for “convex” and my mind never corrected itself. Well then. Yes, panel washes would be alright there. If you’re worried about going overboard, you might want to tone down the color of the panel wash. If you’re using black, try gray. If you’re on a colored piece, try using a similar (lighter or darker) color.

          2.) I don’t know about here. I honestly haven’t delved too much into the build community here, either. The layout of the site doesn’t exactly facilitate community interaction, as far as I can see. A few groups, but no dedicated forum or the like. I’d like to get to know the HLJ community a bit more as well.

          There are some good gunpla/sci-fi/etc. hobby forums out there, though. I used to frequent Hobby Fanatics, but that’s a bit of a ghost town now. Gundam Eclipse seems to be active still, though.

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    • Dalong is always a good source. The site is in Korean, but its pictures are numerous and well-shot. It provides scans of manuals, runner pics, parts layouts for specific body parts, etc. For English-speaking reviews, there’s always the Youtube personalities.

      Prime92 has been around for a while. I’m not a fan, but the majority of Gunpla fans seem to enjoy her(?) videos.

      Rrobbert184 used to do video reviews (and still does picture-n-text ones here on Hobbylink.tv), but not anymore. His reviews of older kits, though, are still pretty good.

      Vegeta8259 hasn’t had a new video in months, but he also tends more towards the “hardcore” crowd. On his channel you’ll see resin kits, painting, putty-work, kitbashing, etc. Lots of good tutorial videos.

      I just took a look at TYPE V3’s review of the R-Gyagya, and that video seemed to be pretty well-done. You might want to check him out as well, see what you think.

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    • Hyper GunPal Syd-Chan!
      by kajnrig

      Episode 1 – A Chance Encounter…?

      Once upon a time, an aspiring GunPal named Syd-chan was running to school, buttered toast firmly clenched in his mouth. Today was the first day of the new semester at Hobby Link High School, and he couldn’t bear the humiliation of being late on the first day. All his focus was on making it on time. So it was that, as Syd-chan rounded the corner, he barreled straight into the unexpecting chest of Ryan-senpai.

      “Ah! Yabai!” Syd-chan cried out as his clumsy feet failed him and he tumbled toward the pavement. Then the oddest thing happened: he felt a strong, rugged hand grasp his flailing fingers and hold him steady until he regained his balance. Ryan-senpai’s fingers felt rough and calloused from all the hobby knife wounds he had suffered battling the hydrocarbon army known as the Gunpla.

      “Daijobu desu ka?” Ryan-senpai asked nonchalantly.

      Syd-chan blushed furiously and kept his gaze glued to the pavement. Ryan-senpai hadn’t let go of his hand! “A-a-a-a-arigatou, Ryan-senpai,” he stuttered, unsure of what to do now. A small crunch made him finally look up; Ryan-senpai was eating his toast! He watched, mortified, as his senpai chewed once, twice, then swallowed, then grasped the other corner of the toast and finally, mercifully, freed it from his mouth.

      “I believe this is yours?” Ryan-senpai asked, his voice mellifluous like a mesmerizing alto. “Thanks for breakfast.” He let go of Syd-chan’s hand.

      Syd-chan took back his toast with part terror, and part curiosity. Ryan-senpai had eaten one corner. If he ate that same corner, that would mean…

      “YOU’REVERYWELCOME!” he squeaked out as the implications dawned on him. Burning with embarrassment, Syd-chan quickly thanked his savior, bowed, and dashed the rest of the way to school.

      Oh, what a terrible start to the day!

      to be continued
      Hyper GunPal Syd-Chan!
      Episode 2 – The Gates of Destiny

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    • I’m not sure if they still do, but Bandai USA used to offer a one-time free parts replacement. You should contact them via email, and include in your email the model kit and part number(s).

      As for third parties, Bluefin (official US distributor for Bandai) also has a parts replacement policy, though I don’t know if it also covers purchasing extra parts/runners. There are/were some other third party companies that dabble/d in parts replacement, including HLJ, but that seems to have died down recently. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve developed a habit of simply building the piece I need from scratch.

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