Nov 12

Busy. Busy, busy, busy. With the year’s end approaching and things such as Gunpla Expo quickly upon us the Gunpla TV guys don’t have much time to spare these days but that didn’t stop Syd from building the HG Build Burning Gundam and he and Ryan getting in the studio to talk about it.


Kits featured in this video:

1/100 RE/100 Gundam Mk-III
1/144 HGBF High Mock
Legend BB Musha Victory
1/144 HG Montero (Crim Nike Custom)
1/144 HGBF Lightning Gundam
1/144 HGBC Lightning Back Weapon System
1/144 HGBF Build Burning Gundam


HGBF Build Burning Gundam-2

Gunpla TV


  1. Syd what would be a good first MG build for me?

    • If you’ve built gunpla before like hg kits then i would recommend a higher level mg since you already know what your doing. Like the nu ver. Ka if you want to get the full experience of how awesome mg kits are.

      • ver Ka as a first MG? Do you want him baptism through the Katoki decal hell?
        Go for Zaku 2.0 or RX-78 3.0 since they are both complex and simple at the same time. And both show the best thing MG offer.

  2. Keep up the good stuff guys.


  4. Hey Syd and Ryan, amazing show as always! I just got my Hi-Nu ver.ka and I’ll be doing it for a school project. Episode 159 would be a great for me when I get to the decal part of the kit. ( Oh no, I don’t have Mr. Mark Softer here in Montreal. 🙁 )
    That build burning Gundam looks quite out of the box. I just hoped that he gonna get more accessories. How’s the weather in Japan? It’s getting colder and colder here in Canada. Again, keep on the good work! GANBATTE KUDASAI! 😀

    • Hi, If you do not find mr. Mark softer i recommend you the “microscale micro sol” that does the same job :). It is made in the U.S.A. So probally it should be easier to find

  5. I’ll take that gouf home any day Ryan 😉

  6. i recently order a bunch of MG on hlj and my full armor unicorn came and i was not expecting a lot of runners and hopefully MG mkII 2.0 comes in stock

  7. “this is no zaku boy”

  8. More zeon suits, is there a theme going on? except “This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!”

  9. I wish the Build Burning was offered as a prize.

  10. for this episode you should have made a reference to the 1/60 scale kits

  11. That moving shoulder on the Build Burning is a great improvement. Hope the new kits will have that from now on.
    Anyways… boosters please!

  12. Great show guys. I’m still waiting for my Build Burning gundam and Grimiore to arrive from HLJ. For some reason the package made a detour to New York before coming to New Zealand…

  13. Build fighter parts look really cool, even though I’m not a huge fan of the Build Fighters series(s?). Great episode as always, you two are one of the only Gundam channels that regularly updates now

  14. I would like to win that hgbf Gouf
    cannot wait

  15. Great episode as usual guys. Im not a HG guy but the amount of effects parts in the build burning is very nice. Syd what are you most excited about getting to see at the expo? im really hoping they announce something about other wing suits in the RG line. Also getting a look at the PG unicorn will decide if i take the plunge into the PG line. Also i saw they will be doing an exclusive Full Armor parts set as well. Have a blast at the expo and keep up the awesome entertainment

  16. call 911 build burning gundam is burning

  17. I have to say that I had no intention of buying any PG kits just because of their massive sizes (with the exception of the HGUC Dendrobium and Neo Zeong), but after hearing news of the PG Unicorn being release (and thanks to HLJ for reopening preorders for the kit), that Unicorn will be my first PG.

  18. it be nice to the r35 gouf as my gouf, would rather have the gouf custom as my first one though, but hey its still a gouf, gotta love dem goufs

  19. Hey Syd and Ryan great video. There’s been a lot of debate on what Gundam the build burning Gundam is based off of, a lot of people say its based off of the god Gundam or the impulse and some say it isn’t based on any gundam, what do you guys think.

  20. I wish Bandai release a Mg Burning Gundam sometime in the future I will surely buy one and also Syd how excited are you to build the PG unicorn? I pre order mine already and cant wait to start building it. Hope you guy have a episode on how to build the PG unicorn.Great show as always keep up a good work guys

  21. Hopefully we see a few more MG’s announced at the hobby show coming up, just having the PG unicorn as all to look forward to would be boring.

  22. My kids love GBF!

  23. the build burning gundam is really hot. I really hope I win those kits, as I have been super-excited for build fighters and I am a sucker for mono-eye suits. SIEG ZEON!

  24. The Build Burning Gundam look quite amazing. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon.

  25. Burning Rider Kikuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  26. now that i see the burning gundam build , im thinking of getting it myself it looks pretty good great show by the way !

  27. I would love a SIEG ZEON

  28. Thanks for the tips with the decals on the Hi-Nu gundam, I still haven’t done them though. Episode 159 posted right after I finished painting and completing my Hi-Nu. I preordered the MG unicorn and I can’t wait to get it, no lights though i don’t particularly use them. I like more of a challenge in the gunpla so i usually get perfect grades. I would like to get more into customizing but don’t have a clue where to start. I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t just buy a bunch of MG and hope they fit, hence why I get the big ones. I looked at some of the build fighters but it looked like there all hg, which doesnt really seem like a challenge in the actual model building part. What would you suggest as far as customizing to add parts and what parts work best with mgs and/or pgs.

  29. Gundam Build Fighters always puts me in a creative mood and makes me want to paint and customize any new kit i get. i cant paint though since the weathers getting colder D:.

  30. Good episode, nice kits, greetings from Argentina

  31. Wow Dark Matter Booster Pack
    I really hope Build Fighter Try will be make new custom Gundam 00 maybe
    I want to see Gundam 00[T] ELS
    Yeah Akihabara is Heaven
    Build Burning Gundam will burn Everything in Akihabara Gundam Expo
    Be prepare

  32. Hey Syd and Ryan, what would you choose between a metal composite gundam or a pg gundam? Personally i would go for the pg because of the size. Hope i win dat gouf though.

  33. good episode dood keep the hype dood

  34. For the glory of the Blue Giant! Seig Zeon!!!!

  35. I don’t usually like musha stuff but that SD looks pretty darn good! Also G-Reco is really surprising me with the designs, I really like the Nike sponsored Montero.

  36. good episode dood keep the hype dood hope you keep this for a while

  37. Hey guys nice show like always, i’m depressed cuz my GF left me, so it will be cool if i win a kit from you.

  38. If by some chance i win the booster sets im gonna modd then onto my RG’s

  39. Another great episode guys! I think I’ll get the Build Burning after I build the RG Wing Zero EW.

  40. I would love 2 get any of those kits ive made almost 2 of every grade except pg and rg havent done any pgs yet want 2 though

  41. ” that’s no Zaku boy ” great show Syd and Ryan

  42. I was hoping you would show us the Zoid from last episode. Regardless great review on the Build Burning Gundam, I thought it was just going to be a generic Gundam with lots of effect parts.

  43. Loving the Build Burning’s Articulation

  44. im not into hg’s in the past… but now I LOVE THEM! Because of Build Fighters!!! 😀

  45. I really hope I win the gouf. Do you know where I can buy replacement/spare parts for my gunpla in case they get damaged so I don’t have to buy the entire kit just for 1 part cause I looked everywhere and can’t find any place in the US that does, let alone ebay or amazon.

  46. Oh man, so close to more PG Unicorn info!! Can’t wait guys.

    Awesome episode as always

  47. Built the R-35 Gouf last week, so much fun and got me looking for more Goufs to build. Hoping for a MG R-35 next year.

  48. Hey guys love the show, I just picked up my first RG, the Destiny. I can’t wait to get started. Cheers

  49. Great episode. Not really a fan of HG stuff (master grade guy) but the build burning gundam showed alot of unorthodox stuff for a HG which is cool.

    With the PG unicorn on the way do you think Bandai might consider a PG sinanju later on?

    Also off topic but what are your opinions on gundam seed/destiny and their lineup. Yes many people do dislike the anime cause it seems like a “wannabe” UC timelime but I feel it has the most variety in terms of gundams. Probably some of the best designs I’ve seen.

  50. Didnt “Gouf” this one up.

  51. i love gundam and build fighters and try and i love building gundam all togetter on gundam is to hard and i am getting saszbi ver ka soon

  52. Really like all of the effect parts that the Build Burning comes with. The HGBF series have been consistently good so far with a couple exceptions but I’m really looking forward to the R-GyaGya.

  53. Need that booster for my Dark Matter!

  54. That HG Buildburning gundam is very impresive! Cannot wait for the MG 🙂

    Also, any tricks on how to put Rubbing decals on uneven surfaces ? I have a lot of them for my MG wing gundam V.KA. and have no idea how to put the big ones on the wings has they are not flat surfaces.

    Thanks again for your hard work and have fun at the Gunpla expo !

  55. HEY! What if I win that Gouf R35 and wanted those rubber bands!?

  56. good job to syd and ryan to keep up with the gunpla and I love to wacth ur gunpla tv coz keep me on the track what is the latest gunpla. keep the hard work guys im really appreciate what u guys doing so far
    and i really love gundam last year I order PG OO raiser from
    maybe this year im gonna order PG Unicorn from HLJ 😛

  57. Nice episode guys, i’m so pumped for Build fighters gunpla and show. My favorite suit so far is the GM Cardigan

  58. How’s the Build Burning going to work under water?!

  59. My third consecutive week of being mentioned on the show? Feels good man. Let’s make it 4. I’ll be getting the HG Build Burning soon enough. I’d like to do a custom job where I paint it like the God Gundam. Poses galore. Also, I’d love to win that Gouf. Fingers crossed. Great episode guys.

  60. Thanks for the episode

    Very nice effect parts, i wish bandai released more effect parts that could be used with different suits.

  61. I am looking forward for those Star Wars Kits. The Stormtrooper is what I am looking out for. Most probably the people at Bandai may expand the Stormtrooper line! Hoping to win the Gouf R35!

  62. The hypest gundams on youtube.

  63. I love gunpla, i just wish i had more money so that i could buy all the models i need and practice on making some customs.

  64. cool i think that gouf r-35 its an awesome kit i hope i win

  65. Lots of spare time here!! I need some gunpla in my life!!

  66. Great episode as always guys.

  67. Great episode as always guys. I hope I win a gundam

  68. Please Bandai give us master grade build burning gundam!

  69. R 35 stands for Ral is 35

  70. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for another episode, love the updates and I can’t wait for X-Mas to come.
    Hope you guys are just as excited as me for the PG Unicorn, can’t wait to get it from HLJ.

  71. bandai should make a 1/60 PG Ball.

  72. Better not pick me, I don’t have any HGs for the accessory packs and would have to buy some from HLJ ;]

  73. Hope they make MG versions of the first GBF. Sieg Zeon! btw.

  74. December release, Gundam Wing Zero EW RG…cant wait…


  76. That r35 is amaaazing. even if I don’t win it I’ll order it from u guys haha

  77. What is your favorite Gundam series? for both of you

  78. Flame On!!!!

  79. Man the build burning gundam looks pretty cool ;O If it had some cool flaming cape or wings then i would probably get it but it looks and feels kind of plain =/

  80. Great episode like always can’t wait for the RE 1/100 Gundam MKIII.

  81. Looking forward to watching you guys in the next few weeks. The shows from the expo are always a blast to watch.

    Speaking of watching, any boss builds in the works? Was fun watching some of the other guys show off their skills a while back.

    Also, I’m glad to see you re-opened orders for the Unicorn & LED kit. I was so worried that I had slept in and missed the bus on that one. Pre-ordered my Christmas present a few moments ago.

    Enjoying the show as always and hope Mr. Random Number smiles on me.


  82. Ow the blue giant can this be mine i love build fighter ive watch the game whole how i wonder will iori sei appear in build fighter try or is domon kashu is sekai’s sensei

  83. Great video as always guys! And Syd get ready for November 22 because it’s Capitals vs Sabres!

  84. Great episode guys hope to win the gouf to customize

  85. Hey guys I love you.

  86. i love Gunpla ?

  87. I love how Burning Gundam was released right when it started to get cold. Great model but It would be perfect it would actually warm up and replaced my heater lol. Great show guys!

  88. Thanks for the in depth info on the build burning gundam I will pick one up for sure now

  89. Love the retro design of the new series! Great episode

  90. MONTERO!!!!!!!!

  91. How did I miss that you were giving away 2.0 gouf and zaku 2.. Oh well.. Excited for the Star Wars kits!! Just waiting on that to be released and I will ship my private warehouse.. Haha

  92. I find all the Build fighter models are allowing and encouraging people to do even more customs, it was my inspiration to final build the my Own Customs. Would love to get those boosters to build up my own collections, Good show as always Sid & Ryan.

  93. Awesome video guys as usual that burning gundam looks pretty cool, I’m going to get it and can’t wait to see the PG unicorn ,and any free stuff ill be glad to take

  94. Fairly new to the show. Good stuff. That gout would be awesome. Hook it up. And tell me when I can get a RG Gundam Alex

  95. Planning on giving my Build Burning Gundam a custom paint job, complete with colored effect parts. Love the show, keep up the great work.

  96. After seeing the Build Burning Gundam’s effect parts and the plethora of hands, I think I need it gracing my shelf. I’m just not sure if I should wait for the inevitable “full-package” or “plavisky fist(?)” version or get this one now.

  97. Gouf r35 stands for gouf ral 35 years old ( even though the character ral looks like hes 50!)hahahaha

  98. Nice point ” hunterkim ” and another great Eps. Less than 2 weeks tell the Gunplay Expo., PG Unicorn display ;).

  99. Getting pumped for that Lightning Gundam, though I was too late to jump on the first stock bandwagon, maybe in January…

  100. Great episode. Wonder when next year bandai will release the Build Burning Gundam in MG form and what gimmicks it has in store, but I’m even more exited for a MG of the G-Self and what it will offer.

  101. Given how high the standard of HG is now a days, get ready for them to have frames

  102. cool quick episode, that burning gundam model is the only reason I’m watching the second season of the show. I’m actually really looking forward to the gundam wing real grade series of kits. Thanks for a cool show, always get excited when I see the notification for new episodes!

  103. What happen to gundam Rg Wing Zero? is it release yet? any news about it?

  104. awesome episode, just right for me cause I’m really having second thoughts on getting the HG build burning gundam, this episode made me go for it although it would have to wait for the next month since my budget is enough for this months shipping…

  105. Hey syd and Ryan I just saw that read my comment on episode 159 and I have to say that made me really happy. I’m almost done with my mg gundam wing proto zero. It was so much fun building it and it is my first master grade. My hg legilis and hg after war double X are coming in soon and I can’t wait to build them. And I really want to get that build burning gundam it’s so awesome. Thank you both for doing all of this you guys rock. THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!!!!! TAKE CARE!!!!

  106. So much kit bashing opportunities with those backpacks!

  107. I can’t wait for next episode i hope ill see the PG Unicorn!!!

  108. wonder how they will do the mg build burning gundam

  109. Oh man! I want those 3 Boosters! Although another I wouldn’t mind another Gouf R35! And yes please for a MG Build Burning Gundam!

  110. nice built fighters kits wish i can win it

  111. I cannot wait for the gundam mk 3 is there any info on it yet, also keep up the good work guys.

  112. Great show as always :]
    I got 2 Build Burning Gundams. One for myself, and one to giveaway on a forum i spend waaaay too much time on, just to spread the love for modeling :]
    Hope we get the MG version of this guy as soon as possible, as much as i like him he looks weird in a sea of MGs xD

  113. Another great episode guys, congrats on 160 episodes! or 161 by the time this is read?

  114. Ryan,

    have you ever watched The Shield? If you’re in to crime dramas, and you haven’t seen The Shield, then you haven’t truly lived.

    I’m also excited to see what Gunpla Expo has to offer this year. Hoping for some really good surprises.

  115. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the HG Building Burnding Gundam kit?

  116. Oh boy, I do need something to practice some painting on :O

  117. would love to see a mg build burning gundam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Awesome build burning gundam and i really can’t wait for the PG Unicorn.

    Keep it up guys!!

  119. I wonder how Domon would adjust his battle cry with a burning foot instead of a hand…

  120. Can’t wait to get the build burning gundam. I really like the style of it.

  121. Great episode as always guys. I hope I’ll win next time!

  122. IM Spinning son im Spinnin!

  123. cant wait to see what bandai will surprise us with at the gundam expo

  124. Syd, does your Build Burning have the easy to remove shoulders ? Mine pop off at the 1st sign of movement in the arm, annoyes me beyong belief, since it`s such an amazing kit. Any way to fix it? I tried the superglue trick with no success. Tnx

  125. sweet stuff

  126. Ha! The burning jokes cracked me up. I kept thinking of Tobias’ audition for the fire sale in Arrested Development. Looks like a really cool HG kit and I will definitely be tempted by an MG.
    Also, thanks to TheIrishLizard for asking that question, and thanks to you guys for answering it. I had been wondering about those same kits. Decision made for me, 1080p Gundam with Cage, and OVA for the Sinanju.
    Super excited for all the upcoming Gunpla awesomeness over the next few months.
    As always, great episode, and thanks for the entertainment and info.

  127. Burn, Burn , you gunna Burn !!! 3x Nice quick ep. Banzai!!!

  128. Great as usual! Very cool effect parts for the burning, gouf please 😀

  129. I’ve been waiting for Bandai to give us weapon effect parts (besides beam sabres) for years; I hope the massive amount of Build Burning Gundam effect parts is the start of this!

    Also, do you think you’ll be able to get the PG Unicorn into customers hands before christmas? I’m intending on using FedEx for mine, but there’re only 12 days between release and christmas day itself. How quickly do you think you’ll be able to ship them?

  130. Hey guys, how soon do you think the Master Grade of the Gundam Build Fighters Try kits are going to come out? And do you think the first season Gundam Build Fighters Master Grade line is going to continue?

  131. Dat Gouf tho..

  132. sweet episode! can’t wait for you guys to review the PG Unicorn!

  133. I’ve been going through and collecting the BF Kits- So far, i’ve nabbed the Star Build Strike, Fenice, and Dark Matter. I’m really tempted by the Riniscata, though its hard to justify buying it since I already have the Fenice. Lets see, I need that, the Ms Sazabi, K9, Bearguy, Kampfer/Zaku Amazing, hell, the Exia Amazing, both of Maoh’s kits, *sigh*. I’ll never have enough money to get em all. Although, winning that R35 Gouf might help, *wink wink nudge nudge*. Love the work, keep it up!

  134. Gouf!!!!!!!!

  135. this Is no zaku boy

  136. Wow the HG burning gundam is really amazing, I hope they make a MG version!

  137. hi guys ! what’s your fav manga?

  138. Woot! great episode as always guys, always makes my day!


  140. It’s great to fall out of the Gundam hobby for a while, come back a year later to a bunch of new stuff…Just in time for Christmas and tax season…

  141. My focus is on building the HGBF line so I was excited to see the Burning Gundam get some new tech when it comes to design. Those shoulder joints look great.

  142. I’m a big fan of everything about Ramba Ral in this show. His signature blue Gouf failed miserably in the first Gundam 079 but he went down with honor. I’m glad they brought back the original actor as Ral in the Build Fighters series. Even funnier was that moment from the last episode where he mentioned what R35 stands for. 🙂 It was a huge lol moment for me. I love how funny the show is and how an older guy can pick out stuff from older series such as characters, suits etc etc.

  143. I hope i would win this time!

  144. Gundam Expo? Be sure to take pics or it did not happen xD
    P.S. I want that Gouf.

  145. Nice episode as usual guys! Will you be doing a livebuild for the PG unicorn? 😀

  146. Ral 35 looks nice can’t wait to see what other gunpla Gundam build fighter releases

  147. Gawd, if I had money, I’d get that Build Burning Gundam… So many poses!

    Also, your competition is evil, I like the idea of putting the booster packs on the everything, but at the same time, the Gouf not only looks amazing, but it also gives a lot of opportunities for jokes about Ral’s booty .-.

  148. The last two episodes dun Gouf’d. Couldn’t resist the bad pun.. Great episode as always. Hope the engineering of the Build Burning Gundam makes it to future HGs.

  149. I needs that all booster pack
    Build Burning Gundam will burning everything
    When we can see MG Build Burning Gundam

  150. Wow, I was actually impressed with the Burning Gundam as they went all out on a HG to retain the concept of it. It’s a close range Gundam which mainly uses martial art to fight its opponent.

    And btw, the Lightning Gundam is NOT based on the Zeta but rather on the old Re-GZ.

  151. Cant believe i won! I am so happy right now! 🙂 Thanks Ryan and Syd! Still waiting for Syd to contact me.

  152. The Build Burning literally is a Street Fighter Gundam, makes me want to get one even more.

  153. Backpack bonanza. The burning gundam is really nice. I think i will buy it as my next kit.

  154. Really loving the Build Burning Gundam looks like your getting a real fun kit for the price.

  155. Great episode, can’t wait for the next!

  156. Build burning gundam, the only thing that I like is that effect part, good on ya Bandai for giving that part as well. Good episode as always guys, by the way it been a while since we see any new customize kit from you guys. Cheers!!

  157. Hi Syd and Ryan, I love watching your show every week! It’s very helpful and gets me excited to build more kits.

  158. I like the build fighters series espacially the GBF Try ones they’re awesome.

  159. I wish Bandai would include more effect parts for their kits not just sabers but elaborate effect parts like how they include in their chogokin series.

  160. Cannot wait to see more of the Mk.III, really hoping that at the expo they will have it in color. Hoping to see if they announce anything else for the reborn line as well.

  161. The Build burning gundam looks pretty cool, just ordered the gundam fenice rinascita and can’t wait for it.

  162. That Mock is growing on me!

    Can’t say enough good thing about the BBG. Such a great kit, everyone needs it.

  163. I guess I’m getting a build burning gundam 😀 I love the new way the arms have a bit more movement. great show !

  164. Great show as always guys..appreciate ur effort on making my days as ‘m always checking for new episodes every weeks..cheers

  165. Not a fan of the series but i’d like an MG of that, I like the wrist articulation.

  166. yes syd.. can’t wait for MG Build Burning and if you love law and order try to watch SUITS and for ryan is Person of interest.. more porwer guys…

  167. Great job as always guys, looking forward to seeing the gimmicks behind the PG unicorn, cheers~

  168. build burning?? too much effect parts.

  169. I will definitly wake up on the 21. Nov. early to see all the news from the Gunpla Expo. So excited for the MG Build Burning Gundam. Hope we can get the Effect Parts in MG to.

  170. Would like to do a kit bash with the Build fighters Gouf. Looking forward to the Gundam Expo and seeing the PG Unicorn with the LEDs.

  171. I would love the MG Build Burning Gundam, but I’d love the Wing Gundam Fenice or Kshatriya in some 1/100 form first! Do you guys think its a long shot??

  172. Guys you know that PG Unicorn deserves a special episode number like 200. So till its release there should be 1.1 (or so) episodes per day.

  173. Psycho Gundam or Kshatriya RE next?

  174. i really want the gouf r35 o3o

  175. Loved the show guys, keep up the great work!

  176. awesome, R35 or 3 boosters 🙂

  177. What r your thoughts oh the boosters in general? Do you think they’re a good idea? a good investment? any thoughts about possible mg boosters?

  178. I wish Gundam build fighter try have more Zeon suit.

  179. I could really use those build boosters, another great episode.

  180. Looking forward to the RG Wing Gundam, I hope there will be a cool Bandai Premium exclusive 😮

  181. Please, the backpacks T-T

  182. hoping for the boosters!!

  183. great episode guys,i really want that gouf!

  184. More MG Build Fighter kits pleeeeeaaaase! Syd and Ryan, you guys should out the second season of Build Fighters. It’s amazing. PS: Have you seen Interstellar yet? That movie was so good.

  185. listen to ral and give me the gouf!

  186. nice… boosters giveaway … nice customizations are coming 😀

  187. wow that kit had so many parts that can be changed I may think about going into that series

  188. wow I may think about going into that series of build fighters

  189. PG Banshee noooooow!!!!

  190. that episode ruled i watched while building my beginning gundam. hope to see that gouf on my door step.

  191. Wow, the Build Burning Gundam is pretty cool! I am definitely excited for the Lightning Gundam…Must ship private warehouse soon…… mmmmmmmm…….

  192. I am enjoying the show (try fighters), but the build burning gundam doesn’t really do it for me. Needs more pew pew.

  193. Another cool episode guys. I like Try Fighters ok but watching an episode always puts me in a mood to start building myself. Is it the subliminal messaging or the marketing machine at work lol?

  194. Gundam Build Fighters was actually one of the first gundam anime to get me into the entire franchise. I tried the origonal MSG before it, then I watched GBF, and I found a new place for the origonal in my heart. I have loved gundam and gunpla ever since, you guys just add to the franchise even more! Thanks for a great show!

  195. Wow! The Build Burning’s articulation is awesome! Now time for some Hyakuretsukyaku poses!

  196. I hope there is a gunpla tv every week!

  197. i luv me some nice old bacpacks

  198. Bandai we need a RE100 Dark Gundam!

  199. Thanks for the awesome tutorials and reviews! I’m new to gunpla and it’s really helped me in my builds. Thanks again, I’m looking forward to building my first MG this year. 🙂

  200. I am crossing my fingers so hard that they are about to snap off. Please Bandai make a MG Build Burning Gundam.

  201. Hmm… The Build Burning certainly looks interesting. Alright, I might buy one, although I kinda like those Mock suits… Ah well, at least there’s a new episode out…


  202. That gundam seems interesting, want it on MG too

  203. Loving that you are putting the videos out a bit more frequently. Love my hlj fix

  204. The burn Gundam looked amazing and i wish they had it with blue flames so it looks like its been super heated!

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    I wonder.. will it have the same feature like in the series? (-combine with BBG-become BB Knuckle… )

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    Thanks for the good show. My girlfriend always complain about watching this show instead of spending time with her.
    one question, do you think Bandai will release ExS Gundam Deep striker since now they open up a new line up with the RE100 scale.

    btw, i love the Nightingale!

    have you heard of the ExS gundam deep striker model kit that made by ACE Hobby?? if so, what do u think of it?

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    Syd, what is your favorite gundam game?
    Ryan, what is your favorite brand of model to build?
    thanks for keeping the show going and I can`t wait for your coverage of the gundam expo.

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    Thanks for the great review and please let it be me that gets a prize ^^’

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    Also, I kind of like this format of the shorter episode. Makes it easier to sneak the episode in between my day to day activities.

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  277. I was working on a moddification list for the PG 00 Raiser. That is until I found out about the PG Unicorn Gundam. Now I have started a modification list for it and have it on pre order.

    Looking forward to doing a full paint job, custom panel lines, scale details, and possibly some resin work.

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    Love the episodes!

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    We finally got the z’gok but where’s our gouf?


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    On the Gunpla Expo please review on the new HGUC Full Armor Unicorn, that is 1 awesome kit!!!

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  298. I have to admit, I was on the fence about the Build Burning Gundam before this. Those effects parts and that extra bit of shoulder movement have put it squarely on my list of ‘Kits to Get’.

    I do have a question though… When it comes to general range of motion, which kits have you built (HG or otherwise) have had the greatest amount of movement? I’m an artist and I sometimes use my figures for reference. So far, my M1 Astray works great but I’m always down for building more kits.

    You know, for “Reference” purposes, of course. = )

  299. I actually have a hard time setting the decal on my 1/72 VF-1 Hikaru. So its actually letting the water dry first before applying the mark setter. Its too late for me now, unless i can order the waterslide decal alone. Just a quick note with Zaku’s:

    Gundam or no gundam, let’s hit them hard boys! sieg Zeon!!!

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    Anyway speaking of the Build Burning, I wonder if there’ll be a backpack unit for it in the future

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  312. Nice gimmick on the HG Build Burning. I hope they release MG version too. The shoulder’s new design is really awesome 😀

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    • Uh oh. Now I have to be the bearer of bad news. And on someone’s birthday! We were excited to do a live stream of the MG Astray Blue Frame D, however Bandai decided to ship that kit for release to coincide with the Star Wars kit releases and the Gunpla Expo. We will be packing up our camera gear in preparation for the Expo when that kit reaches us. Unfortunately, that means we can’t do a live stream of the build.

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    So many thing I can do with that Booster
    I think I want to collect all Build Fighter Series

  321. I laughed pretty hard when the comment that won the two units given away was read. I really liked the show and I want to grab the Build Burning gundam kit, but I know they will release more to it. So I’m waiting to see how they handle the extra equipment that the suit will get (giant mecha fist is only confirmed thing so far).

    great show again guys, GL to those who want to win and get the giveaway kits.

  322. here

  323. Good ep guys…not really a fan of the build burning gundam but you might have changed my mind about it. It looks really good.

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  326. Ive never won anything…

  327. Mr Random Generator.. please pick me..

    Currently making a MG Sazabi. Hope to get some advise from sid or ryan(if he can help) on what to take note on and what are the tricky part of building the MG Sazabi.

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  329. the Build Burning Gundam is an interesting build and it seems Bandai’s mechanical designs are getting better. I admit that the Gundam Build fighters series has grown on me.

  330. Great eps as always.. really looking forward to next HGBF line or maybe the MG one :p

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    and hope to win those hg kits

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  333. Do you have any suggestions of where to get replacement parts for people in the USA?
    I’m in the middle of building my RG Aile Strike when I dropped C7 (part of the head) and my wife’s kitten ran off with the part. I can’t find it, so I need to replace it.

  334. Would be amazing to win those kits! another great episode keep it up guys!!

  335. What is you guys favorite Perfect Grade model kit so far? I plan to buy a PG kit in the future like the upcoming PG Unicorn Gundam.

  336. Hi HLJ,

    This episode is great, and i love how the anime is inspired by the kits. Also i cant wait for the pg unicorn, specially when i saw the new promo advertisement of the PG unicorn. Cant wait for your review on the kit and more powerZZzz syd and ryan… Happy gunpla building guys

  337. Hi I’m new to this site. I’ve had watched a few of your episodes and figured that you guys show some pretty cool stuff, so I created an account with this site. Great episode. Can’t wait to she more episodes and those star wars kits as well.

  338. THE PG UNICORN GUNDAM IS AMAZING! Why has the preorder stopped in the site??

    • Hi there — “order stop” means we’ve taken as many preorders as we expect to be able to fill when the product comes in. However, we do expect extra stock around the time of release, so keep your eyes on the PG Unicorn’s item page then!

  339. Enjoyed the episode as always. thanks guys. I am not really a fan of the build fighters series but the burning gundam i think is a nice kit. However, i am still on the edge on buying the kit. i think i just need a little more push..

  340. I… don’t usually win but if I do…. 😉
    I’d be really thankful

  341. Dat effect parts! Really nice that they included both blue and orange ones with the Burning Gundam. Anyways I’m more of a big weapon guy than into melee combat Gundams.

  342. burning gundam not my thing. i prefer those with big and badass weapons and armour. Like the Sazabi. hope there are new kits that make me exited.

  343. Build burning Gundam is a great kit, I’m impressed with the joints this kit has. Although this kit lacks the weaponry I think this is a worthwhile kit. Recommended for those who like to pose their kits.

  344. hello syd and ryan, im a new subscriber of your youtube channel and i joined hobbylink tv cos you guys are the best out there in gunpla and im in love with the gunpla comunity thanks you guys,thanks you guys today i can make my gunpla look better thanks your tutorials and always keep me updated about gunpla!!thank you very much for all this reviews and tutorials and all these episodes! thanks guys you’re the best!!

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  346. Hope I’m not too late for the accessory pack kits.

  347. I’d just like to say thank you guys very much for having such a great website, with a great show. I started building Gunpla about a year ago and I was buying them all from evilBay. Until I found HLJ which sells things WAY cheaper for someone on a student budget. Thank you guys so, so much!

  348. Been spending time looking at all the photos and videos from of the new kits announced, damn, I think I’m going to have to buy a 2nd Unicorn PG, I’ve ordered the Full Armour kit elsewhere, and the LED kit but there are too many ways to set this monster up that I know I’ll have to build two of them!

    It’s been a fine show this year with lots of great looking stuff coming. I only buy PG, MG, RG and RE, (only he says) but there is so much good stuff to look forward to. Just need to find the time to build it all now!

    What are your thoughts on the newer RE kits. Are they so much bigger to justify the RE designation? It would have been good to see a size comparison with the nightingale or some other large kit to get a sense of it.

    Keep the good times rollin, gunpla has never been so popular and you guys are a big part of that.

  349. I love your show. Just saw the latest video about the PG Unicorn make me want to get the kit and LED set also.

  350. Awesome stuff guys. missed ep 159 and have gone back and watched it. great tips and ideas with reagrd to decals.

  351. Great episode guys, likewise I can’t wait until a MG build burning gundam comes out. Hopefully there will be some LED gimmics added for that.

  352. I want to see an RG star build strike 😡

  353. hey Ryan and Cid if I win the boxes I’d love to have you guys sign it. I just wanna say I’m super excited for the upcoming PG, I’d love to have a PG but I was never really partial to the most recent ones and I feel that the old ones are probably a little more primitive (not that a PG is ever primitive) but the unicorn is my favorite protagonist suit so what better fit? as for another upcoming kit I’m super excited for the build fighters EZ SR for it’s variations and color scheme of all grey, should be easy to paint. 😀 Keep up the great work you guys I’ll keep up with the show.

  354. i need these gunpla in my life.. great show as always keep it up

  355. After watching SID do the review on the Burning Gundam – and I’m not an HG fan myself (or a G Gundam fan)….but!…. I now have this “burning itch…..” to get that kit… I’m on a hiatus right now but boy oh boy the review just got me craving… i just bought (spontaneously) a Blaze Zaku and a Gouf Ignited out of HG curiosity (love the grunt suits)…. preparing for a diorama that will feature that flamed punch and kick combo of that Burning whats his name…. LOL… “fame on!”

  356. All i want for is a RG Gaia Gundam in a fabulous kit. and you guys are doing great

  357. doing great guyssss!!!!! hope i will win !!!!!

  358. BURNIIIING!! Good episode guys.. keep it up 🙂

  359. Hey Syd and Ryan, great video as always! What do you guys do when you want to decal up a 1/144 scale kit that doesn’t have it’s own waterslides?

  360. This hand of mine is BURNING RED! Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory! ERUPTING BURNING FINGER!

  361. just waiting for all 3 of the Trifighters to come out before getting the build burning

  362. I’m tempted to get the Lightning and build burning gundams. I’m getting the wing 0 custom for my Christmas present to myself, and I’m really looking forward to the mg Exia dark matter next year

  363. I own three burning build gundams was wondering how I send a picture of these as I have made burning star gundam so you can see the updated version of build burning gundam that I think Lori Sei would be proud of!

  364. Your PG-Unicorn vids brought me back to this episode (need…moarr….epss…….*zombiewalk*)

    Sidenote : those boosters would fit perfectly on my fingers whilst I figure out who gets what. The Amazing Thumb. Darkmatter Point Finger. Middlefinger MK II. Promise there’ll be pictures!

  365. New fan here. Absolutely loving your stuff, including those live-stream builds. Keep up the good work!

  366. Nice, Wishing the Build Burning Gundam will be included as the price, well the boosters are great, Mr. Ral will be a great addition to the collection.

  367. I’m really wondering if there going to do a RG Death scythe Hell?

  368. I hope bandai starts giving some of this new HG tech to some of the G-Reco kits as well it looks pretty good.

  369. So I was kinda wondering. Will we have another kit competition here?

  370. Hey Sid and Ryan, great episode once again. Has anyone thought about an MG SD Gundam?? I mean with the Burning Build Gundam potentially being the first MG for GBF Try series,what will happen with the winning Gundam fist add on for the Burning build?? What are your thoughts, scratch the option part altogether? Include it in the kit or release I think would the third MG SD Wining Gundam?? I say third counting the two Ryu bei Gundams from Sangokuden..

  371. Was wondering if you have or plan to do some tutorials on airbrushing or help matching the paint in the manuals for Gunpla. There are a lot of different paints I have found for Gunpla, but I can’t always find that correct shade of blue, red, grey, etc.

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