Jun 23

Back to your regular scheduled Gunpla TV programming in episode 151 where we show you the MG Turn X, give away the big kits from Episode 150, and Syd drinks what could be a potentially hazardous, years-old Final Fantasy beverage.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Battroid (Hikaru Ichijyo)
1/144 HGBF Gouf R35
1/144 HG MS-05 Zaku I (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HGUC Zssa (Unicorn Ver.)
1/100 MG Turn X Gundam

1-100 MG Turn X Gundam by Bandai -1


Gunpla TV


  1. Loving that Turn X 😀

  2. C’mon Mr Random Number Generator >.<

  3. Sieg zeon~!
    I like cloud more than sephiroth 😉
    Keep up the good job guys

  4. Ohh.. Congratulations for the winners last 150 episode. Hope this time I win. Yeah! Fingers crossed!

    • Don’t cross your fingers too hard. Apparently, “Hope is for the weak…” as Kratos says. And who are we to go against the mighty Kratos? LOL

      (God of War 3 reference while Kratos is guiding Pandora).

  5. I hope you didn’t get sick from that magic potion 😀

  6. Love your shows guys.

  7. Excellent show like always guys

  8. sinanju

  9. I wish I could atleast win the ReZel Or Sinaju, like those the both PRETTY PLEASE lol. Keep up the good work though!!

  10. Turn x looks amazing! Was the drink good??!…the world may never know.. Though, while I was visiting Japan a couple years ago, I had a kamen rider drink that looked similar. It was orgasmic.

  11. what a cliffhanger ending ! Fantastic can’t wait for the next episode also show us the Rezel ironman it looked pretty sweet

  12. Time my luck will win.haha damn that MG Turn X awesome

  13. Hello Syd, and Ryan!!
    Love the episode and please be okay from drinking that potion

  14. Congratulations on one hundred fifty-one episodes! And a merry one hundred fifty-one to follow!

  15. please let me win the rezel 😮

  16. hahahahaha SYDS FACE WAS EPIC omg that was the best part of the whole episode hope i win the rezel

  17. Nice guys, I guess we will find out next week if Syd survived the experiment or not. I’m hoping against the latter 🙂

  18. great episode as always guys!!
    i hope i win something this time 😀

  19. Ben said on June 23, 2014

    great eps

  20. yet again, another awesome episode guys. sob sob… didnt win the pg aile strike. hopefully, i’ll get one this week. haha. keep up the good work guys.

  21. Hey Syd, how many kitts do you plan on giving away? Now that there are new kits that have came out,are your favorite kits the same Syd, like the sword impulse? Ryan what are you going to build next?
    Keep up the good work and sharing the news about gunpla and other kits.

  22. Syd’s face in the end was really hilarious. Hope he’s alright though 😀 oh BTW show us that tifa figure ^^

  23. another great episode guys, good job!

  24. That turn X is amazing, if Syd isn’t there next episode then we know the potion wasnt good lol

  25. Cannot wait for Ryan to build the yamato

    Also waiting for gundam build fighter 2

    Turn x turn out really awesome that I want to get my hand on one.

  26. Did he deaded? The Turn X Gundam being asymmetric is really interesting.

  27. That turn X was pretty sick, Shining finger lolz

  28. another great episode guys, good job!!

  29. turn X looks amazing

  30. Man the Turnx looks amazing

  31. Wow that Turn X looks pretty big, and the right hand is cool

    thats right i started just last year and since then have watched all 151 of them 🙂

  33. Love that you guys are on a UC kick can’t wait for my Neo Zeong. SIEG ZEON!

  34. In memory of Syd Sked- 2014. Someone get the man a Phoenix Down.

  35. Another good episode guys. I always look forward to seeing you guys since I stay up so late where I’m at. When I see a new video from you guys it always make me happy.

  36. Lol was afraid syd wouldn’t drink the potion, and loved the ending btw xD. Oh and are u guys planning to watch all seven eps of gundam uc?

  37. I would love to have that ReZEL

  38. Crazy concept for that turn x gonna watch the anime now ☺

  39. Wow its the first time i leave a comente with only two digits.
    I think by the way Syd looks after drink the potion it doesn’t taste delicious.
    Rezel its one of my favorite grunt suits, actually mi first MG was a regular Rezel.

  40. Every episode should end with Syd “eating” increasingly outdated Japanese junk food.

  41. I was thinking how stupid it was to drink that old potion, then I thought I would do something that daft as well, cool EP as always guys. Love that VF-1A poster over Syds left shoulder , that was sick!!

  42. another great episode again guys!
    love that turn x cant wait to get one of those kits.

    congratulations to the winners hope i get to win next time : )

  43. R.I.P in peace Syd 19xx-2014. You will be missed.

    Anyway, looking forward to his replacement next week, hopefully he’s better than the last guy.

  44. Titanium ver Awesome.

  45. Boy Syd, that potion looked like it tasted gooood. Hope you didn’t make too much of a mess. That rizza would look good on my shelf next to my 1/60 wing gundam and 1/60 GPO1 Full burner.


  47. Cheers, syd for drinking the potion! If you managed to survived drink the squall potion next week hehe. Keep up the good work guys. Just love watching the show.

  48. Turn X. A beauty

  49. A potion stored for 6 years?! Syd you must have had a flashblack after drinking that…
    thanks again for another awesome episode!

  50. Sid and Rian, you two never fail to entertain me. Hope to see more of your antics. Sid lol. I hope you come back next week. Looks like that portion did a number on you.

  51. Not really feeling the love for the turn X
    Can anyone tell me why it can transform ?
    Is it because it looks cool or for dodging in coming attacks ?
    Maybe I will start watching the anime to find out why.
    Greets maarten

  52. I think Squall should have one that potion challenge, since he does have a gunblade and all….Still haven’t gotten my chili beanz.

  53. Awesome episode guys… So, if Sid dies after drinking that potion, can I have his position on GunplaTV? I would love to work at HLJ. And give me some of that Gunpla love. THANKS. 🙂

  54. Man that Turn-X Looks utterly amazing! Keep up the good work for our niche little hobby.

  55. Wow number 1 was super lucky

  56. Damn Turn X looks amazing !
    And btw why do you guys say “2 seconds” in your 150 video .. Some saying in japan tv making or … ? 😛

  57. Funniest episode I’ve seen in a while and please be ok after that potion and hoping on winning the rezel or the sinanju cuz that zebra unicorn was really cool but oh well:p

  58. LOL! that closing was realy funny! you should do it more! 😛

  59. Funniest episode I’ve seen in a while and really looking forward too next episode cuz i ready liked the look of that zebra unicorn

  60. what happen!!! what did taste like?? i gots to know!

  61. I’ve bought one titanium kit ever and I sadly messed it up. Was years ago though, but I couldn’t ever bring myself to order another. I’d do anything to get a professionally made one in the middle of my shelf with all my other sleeves HGs. Good luck to everyone though! And keep up the good work Syd & Ryan!

  62. Another great show. i would love some of that drink. Cheers to another 150 episodes LOL. How did it taste by the way?

  63. GunplaTV is my lifeline

  64. Looks like the potion had inverse effects and took health AWAY from Syd. Not good. Good luck running the show alone Ryan!
    All jokes aside, since it seems like you haven’t seen a lot of the anime, what have you seen, Syd, and what did you enjoy the most? I honestly have to say that Build Fighters may be my favorite, but only because it’s a fanboy’s (or fangirl’s) dream to see Mobile Suits from all different times fighting each other.

  65. Great episode guys! The MG Turn X looks really cool.

  66. another good episode.. would love to get a hold of that sinaju 🙂

  67. You guys are awesome as always, 151 episodes and you still have me laughing. I’m hoping for the mg rezel this time around, so come on lucky number ME! lol and you two should try watching gundam build fighters next since there’s multiple kits coming out from it and the second season has been confirmed.

  68. Still on the fence about the turn X. It just doesn’t look like a Gundam and I don’t know If I like that.

  69. How does the potion tasted? good episode btw 😀

  70. Great episode guys! Just got my loot from the massive clearance sale you guys had, and I’m super stoked about them. Here’s hoping to add a extra kit to the collection. ;P

    P.S How did the potion taste? hahaha

  71. Thanks!

  72. Thx for the episode on Turn X…Punching it LETS GO!

  73. (Shamelessly creates an account to win a prize) On a serious note, I like how you guys discuss the anime. Maybe I should start watching it soon. Hope Syd doesn’t get sick

  74. Turn X is so badass! I have never been lucky enough to win anything, but who knows? 😀

  75. now i wonder what turn x did in the anime. good ep btw.

  76. HI Syd and Ryan. great EP as always.The MG Turn X hand/finger look damn cool!The colour of the Zaku I (Gundam Thunderbolt)looks very very nice. Ryan looks like he likes the SINANJU alot 😀 what a cliffhanger ending …Syd hope you are ok hahaha


  77. turn x is strange, cool but strange
    never was a big fan of the turn A though

  78. I just finished the MG Turn X and it’s easily my favourite kit by a long shot. But try not to kill yourself with potions, Syd, how will you make it to episode 200 if you’re dead?

  79. that titanium finish sinanju would definitely look good on my char’s(frontal) suits shelf!!
    will Ryan drink the other potion?

  80. Poor Cid. Of course the Sephiroth one was going to taste bad, he’s out for blood. Well at least you didn’t die buddy. :3

  81. YAY Ep 151. Hope I get the ReZEL or Sinanju! How was the drink eh?

  82. great episode guys! I wasnt sure about the turn x at first but seeing it through video it actually looks really nice! I might just pick one up for myself. Keep up the good work =D

  83. The Sinanju or The Kshatriya would look good on my collection

  84. you guys made my day. great episode thanks for the great work

  85. the sinanju look awesome. How did the potion taste?

  86. The potion must be REALLY GOOD!!!! 🙂

  87. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    A perfect throw in for the end of the episode would have been the tag line used at the end of Mobile suit gundam episodes after the next episode preview, modified of course from, “who will survive?”, to “will Syd survive?”.

    oh, and can’t forget, 2 seconds.

  88. great episode as usual , cannot wait till the next!

  89. Hey Ryan and ghost Syd, if you two start building the Neo Zeongs you should totally dress them in hobbylink t-shirts and make them mascots, maybe even do a silly episode where they “replace” you. Don’t forget to record every little bit of the Neo Zeongs unboxing, me and many others would love to see your reaction to the sheer amount and size of parts.

  90. Hope you didn’t get to sick Canada needs you and ryan doesn’t know his stuff when it comes to gundam

  91. Mg turn x looks so good :O i hope i can win this time tough ^^

  92. The turn X looks like a really cool kit! 😀
    Hopefully my turn now to win!

  93. Love or what ever 😛 thanks to you i found my self a new hobby
    so Please Gunpla TV pimp my Gunpla!!! :3

  94. Nice episode guys. I just love the Turn A series mobile suit designs. They seem to have much more personality than many other suits in other series.

  95. that iron man rezel looked quite interesting did they show that on hobby link tv?

  96. HNNNGGGG, loved the MG Turn-X. Might have to pick up the R35 Gouf :D. Keep up the good work guys!!

  97. Wow, the turn X looks cool. esp with the special stand to dismantle it. Keep up the nice work guys. =)

  98. Syd likes Tifa eh? I guess that makes him a suspenders kind of guy!

    Either that or Syd likes the pair of lethal weapons she sports. Her fists will send you to Final Heaven.

    Great episode lads.

  99. Nice episode guys. the turn x looks cool and the mg rezel i like.

  100. Haha.. exactly what i always think, y do they always only create one of the strong suits such a sinanju. I really hope i can win a new lucky draw this week!

  101. Great episode guys! The MG Turn X looks really cool.

  102. Nice episode again!! Aww, please stupid generator, just pick my number! Please. I really hope i can get my hands on a free kit!


  104. awesome episode as all way’s might go and get my self a Turn X gundam. :3

  105. The turn x is a must have for me, definitely going to pick that one up soon. Also all of the beam technology in the universal century is based on minovsky particle stuff so that might clear some stuff up. Super looking forward to seeing both of your neo zeongs, will you guys be painting them on the show too?

  106. Hey guys, really appreciate the work you both have been putting into this show. 151 episodes is a handful to say the least, but keep on going! Also, what are those posters in the background and how can I get one?

  107. LOL…that look on his face after he took a sip of the potion… was it really that terrible? or was it already past the expiry date? Another nice video guys, looking forward to these every week.

  108. cool episode but i did not win to huge price for the episode 150 so sad more power guys

  109. wow… the Titanium sinanju looks awesome.. as well as the Rezel. Really generous of u guys to be giving away kits like these. =)

  110. gimme sinanju! xD

    anyway great episode.. and i wowed at the Turn X.. amazing~


  111. just Amazing!!!!!!!!! O_O

  112. Gotta get some of that!! Nice!

  113. Ever since I saw the yellowbird I’ve always wanted a Shinanju. And now that Syd’s gone I guess I could have his. 😛

  114. Awesome video guys, as always..
    The MG turn X looks really awesome.
    Please.. pick me Mr number generator XD

  115. Oh well… Sinanju… my favorite kit…. lets make this happen~!~! Made a MG Sinanju… thinking of painting it black and silver.. hope its cool.

  116. Been watching for awhile now, but this is my first time commenting. The episodes get better and better each time, keep up the good work.

  117. Loving that Turn X though!

  118. The Turn X looks amazing, love the show.

  119. Loved the turn X. Loved Syd’s expression even more

  120. welp. i guess im buyin a turn A too XD, need both~

  121. Turn X is definitely one of a kind.

  122. The thing with laser in space is that usually the distance between the objects as some insane distance. It takes a laser like a few seconds to reach the moon from earth. And with no real gravity, objects are in constant motion, in relation to another object.

    BTW can I have the rezel?

  123. would like to win just once 🙂

  124. Chug chug chug chug lol.

  125. great episode guys! I’d love to win that rezel
    wish me luck

  126. Great episode, keep watching more Gundam and thanks for doing the show.

  127. Great Episode !! Syd survived the experiment so that’s good !
    Hope to win some gundams 🙂

    • Ryan probably gave Syd Final Attack==Revive materia combination off camera so the HLJ crew knew whatever happened, Syd would be okay. We all know that Ryan is secretly a S-Class SOLDIER that ranks higher than Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis…It’s all in that facial expression Ryan always has…DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!! =D

  128. Congrats to the 3 winners from episode 150! would love to have that rezel in may display cab! 😀

  129. The quality on that MG Turn X looks awesome! Sadly I doubt I’ll give it a go as I don’t really fancy the unit itself :p

    And I really like the anime discussion parts, its like a mini anime episode discussion on the forum except it’s on Youtube instead.

  130. Love watching the show been watching since the beginning thanks to you guys i have gotten back into gunpla. i have even started to kit bash for the first time. can’t wait to get the gouf r35, like you sid its my favorite universal century ms. con grates on making ep 151. cant wait to see you two build the neo zeong.

  131. Yeap, gotta get a turn x.

  132. Hey guys, great show as always and that MG Turn X look awesome! How the potion taste like??

  133. Mr. randamo # generator pls be kind! >.< hahaha! Btw, great episode Sidd and Ryan. Since you've been on this anime-talk stuff here in the show, I would like to know your insights on the upcoming season of GBF and the new Gundam series that's coming up! As always more power and love from the PH!

  134. Great episode guys, but dang that cliffhanger at the end, I definitely got turnt up!

  135. Hey there syd.. the thing you asked about why the zeons didn’t mass produced the sinanju was probably ’cause they stole it.. and the suit’s is only as good as its pilot though.. at least that’s what I think 🙂 anyways nice ep and wish me luck winning mg rezel XD btw I’m still pissed at bandai for releasing mg banshee norn as an online exclusive

  136. Another great episode guys!
    RIP in peace Syd =(

  137. I’m wondering what color the potion drink actually has. Wanted to watch unicorn so badly as well, but my friends tell me I’ll get better watching experience if I finished the universal century timeline before watching it. I’m so torn right now. (>.<)

    • I actually watched gundam unicorn without watching any of the universal century gundams before it 🙂 just give it a go and if you don’t understand anything just search for it in wiki :p

  138. Hey guys, I know what you mean about the whole make a squadron of the strong prototypes and destroy all, but what makes them so strong, imo, is the pilots. Take Gundam Wing EW, you see a grunt Leo and op Gundam Altron duke it out.

  139. Awesome episode as always. I’ll be taking a shot of 151 in commemoration of episode 151. Keep up the good work!

  140. I feel so bad. I totally forgot about the potion, once I heard PG that’s what was all in my head. How did the potion taste?

  141. Hi Syd and Ryan. Great episode as usual. Btw Ryan, yes Audi has the “R”8 lol.
    can’t wait for the next episode, The Neo Zeong would be out by then!
    Keep up the great work guys! Hope Syd was okay after drinking that Potion. Also wanted to ask if Syd could show us his Iron Rezel. That looked awesome! Cheers

  142. loved the ep guys, hope syd makes a full recovery haha

  143. ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i love your custom gunpla,the iron man dude.I want thathg kits cuz I’m a hg collector.

  144. in the end did Syd survive? 😛 nonetheless great work and happy 151…can’t wait for the ext episode 🙂

  145. I hope you didn’t die, Syd ! é_è
    I was wondering where you can get the posters behind you? They’re cool and the Epyon one could really be a nice addition to my walls !
    Also, I was planning to build a Sinanju next month but I’m still hesitating between the HG one and the MG one. I already got an HG Unicorn so an HG would go well with it, but I still didn’t try the MG line… Are the details on the HG any good?
    Aaaand, thank you for these episodes, I love them !

    • Buy the MG Sinanju ova ver. totally worthit
      But you gotta put some work into the MG sinanju if you want it to look good though(stickers)

  146. Congrats on 151 gunpla just wouldn’t be gunpla without you

  147. For sure, the Turn X turned out eXciting (coz Turn A is Awesome) and I hope that they’d give the same treatment, giving chance, to the G-Self. The most hated MS nowadays.

    • Is G-Self that main one from G Reconquista or however you spell it? GOD!! That series is just Eureka 7 sequel/prequel with the Gundam name slapped on it. Definite skip for me; especially with Build Fighters Season 2 and Origins.

      I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking with Reconquista…putting it between Origins and Build Fighters which will probably do way better in terms of views, DVD/BluRay sales, and kit sales.

  148. I am Iron Man. NO… I am Iron Man. NO!!! REZEL is IRON MAN.

    Awesome show once again guys. Hopefully not to much longer to get more info on the upcoming new Zeta kit seen as the Shiz.

  149. Great Video Guys! MG Turn X looks amazing, Glad to see you giving away so much to the fans! Hope I could win the Sinanju !

  150. So what are the chances of bandai making a mg neo zeong? if they did i think that would be the day everyone has a gunplagasm.

  151. Great show as always, keep up the great work. 😀 as drinking potions includes swallowing, did syd swallow? (family friendly) haha. Hope that you guys can show us the runners of the big badass zeong when you guys receive it and hopefully a comparison between syd and ryan’s zeong. Great show but really, did syd swallow?

  152. Another great episode. 🙂

  153. Great episode guys, the turn x looks amazing!

  154. I guess we won’t have episode 152. RIP Syd

  155. Great show guys.
    I hope you didn’t got food poisoning Syd.
    It would be nice to win sinanju titanium.
    Keep up the good work guys

  156. Great job as always! I hope to win something soon

  157. Great Episode. I recently ordered and built the Titanium Sinanju and was a treat. It was however very difficult due to the ease of which you can damage the titanium coating.

  158. Great show as always!

  159. Well done on the turn x guys!

  160. Great work guys. Can’t wait for more. Winning that Rezel would be awesome!

  161. I expect to see Syd with long flowing silver hair in the next episode after that potion.

    • Maybe if Ryan drank the Cloud potion, he’ll grow some crazy blonde hair and magically be able to wield the Buster Sword (or Ultima Weapon), and then Syd and Ryan could have a Final Fantasy battle in the HLJ warehouse?

  162. Cant wait for my Zaku I Thunderbolt Ver. to arrive!

  163. Im glad that you fixed the shoulder pieces when you put the turn x pics on the site, it was OCD that got me there. Anyways, I wonder if the end of 151’s “bad taste barf” scene was legit or just an act.. seems like an act for sure, maybe?

    Great show once again, I like that you switched to talking about the anime instead of watching it, but maybe having 1-3 shots of reactions while watching would be cool if it doesnt add too much production time.

    Keep up the great work, c ya next time.

  164. Great episode as always!
    Too bad that “IronMan” won’t become a prize…
    Keep the good work!

  165. Great show.
    Pretty nice that the MG Turn X includes that stand, though for fans of the Turn A series, I’m sure Bandai will troll by releasing the Moonlight Butterfly effect piece as an online exclusive….something that has become very common lately which is annoying GunPla fans across all Gundam series.

    And if I happen to win a kit, then it’ll be a miracle indeed. Birthday miracle I suppose (*coughjune29cough*)

  166. Great episode guys! Hope I win something this time 😀

  167. Hi syd n ryan. love the turn X n great show as always 🙂 hope to win anything soon…

  168. the turn X is awesome ! especially the unsymmetrical features it got ! btw great show asa always guys n hope to win those prizes too..

  169. turns out its no longer a potion..GJ guys on 151 keep up the good works

  170. great episode as usual, cannot wait for the next ^^

  171. ok first things first are you okay now syd? how does it feel? anyway love yout shows as always and i want to win some prizes 🙂

  172. Hi guys! Loved the episode and the kits. I’m kind of new to gunpla, but I already love it. Is he alright after drinking the Sephiroth potion or do we have to wait untill next episode to find out? ;P The Sinanju was beautiful by the way. Nice work! Keep it up guys! I’ll be watching them all.

  173. Xin said on June 23, 2014

    MG Turn X is a great testament to Bandai solving incredible problems to give us all these amazing model kits. I’m even more amazed by this gunpla after you guys have reviewed it. Great job, guys!

  174. love the turn X and great show as always ! syd are you ok after drinking that thing? hope that i can win something this time…

  175. That acting at the end of the episode. Where you able to cast any additional spells afterwards?

  176. I agree with what you guys said with having us watching you two watch Gundam, but it is a good idea. I really hope the vomit scene was real. But that Sinanju, looks like a dream.

  177. So it still smelled good, but I get the distinct impression it didn’t taste good. You’re not going to drink the other 2 are you? Great job of course, just don’t die Syd…

  178. great episode as always! one of the things I look forward to every week (: your review has convinced me to get the MG Turn X!

  179. got to say im not a fan of the turn but i am a fan of you guys! seemless 😀

  180. REZEL!!! T_T

  181. Hi.. about the unicorn movie why they wouldnt produce so much shinanju.. maybe only that pilot could handle that MS. Its like riding a roller coaster and still manage to shoot on things.. haha that what i think.. pretty crazy. I like the unicorn movie. Too bad it only has few episode. One other thing.. is it possible to apply for work there.. at hobbylink.. hahaha nah just kidding.. (with all that gunpla around you) “drools”

  182. Howdy, for what was said about sinanju and the unicorn gundam…

    The sinanju stien (what the sinanju was before being stolen) was a prototype to be used for what the unicorn came…mostly testing stress test for the psycoframe technology that went into the unicorn.

    The unicorn itself is expensive, the intended use is to have it escorted by the jestas, find newtypes, once the jestas flush out a newtype then the unicorn goes in, thrashes the newtype (it has a 5 min time limit in destroy mode) and then the jestas resume mop up while the unicorn retreats or continues in unicorn mode, VERY expensive to mass produce even though 3 actual unicorn units exist.

    There was plans to mass produce the nu gundam in gundam msv, explanation for why that never happened, other than loosing the original was just cost, too expensive to mass produce despite lacking psycoframe technology and the fin funnels (I think, can’t remember).

    Also after the events of unicorn APPARENTLY all psycoframe technology was banned and the 2 last remaining unicorn units (no idea about phenex) were locked away, a bit of a shame really but then again we wouldn’t of had the victory, crossbone or the f91 being awesome now would we? (Because unicorn would most likely be thrashing them).

    • Thanks for the input.
      Hm.. I guess asking why they didn’t mass produce things like Unicorn, Sinanju, and Banshee is an obvious thing if you just think about it in terms of the series’s story and the amount of money and time it would’ve taken.

      I guess in a sense, it’s like asking why they didn’t mass produce an army of Strike Freedom and hell, clone Kira (aka Jesus Yamato)… Expensive & time consuming, the story would be ruined and nothing really to watch. It’s like using cheat codes with games. Sure it’s cool, but that excitement lasts for like 5 minutes. And then it gets boring.

  183. I love the show keep it coming guys your doing great. And if I win that would not be bad either.

  184. I know youre only a human guys but comon at least give us more substance here. I dont know why but i like the old eppisode of gunpla tv. Dont you want to build something. And there still alot of tutorial gunpla related that you can show us. Peace..

  185. That Turn X looks fantastic. Looks like a great kit to go with my Turn A.

  186. Aww man, The Turn X looks so gorgeous. Cannot wait to build it. Fun fact all the new mobile suits in Turn A gundam were actually designed by an American called Syd Mead who also worked on such films as Aliens, Blade Runner and Tron.


  188. Another great episode. Considering the ending, it was nice knowing ya.

    You guys should try to speed build the same model and see who’s faster.

  189. more! more! MORE!!!

  190. You guys make it very hard for me to save up money because you make the kits look so awesome and fun! But I do enjoy the kits, so well worth it :]
    Thanks for your episodes!

    today we lost a fellow gunpla builder
    and that was the beginning of sunset overdrive 😀

  192. Great show guys, the Turn X looks good 🙂

  193. Syd, How many Gunplas do you own?
    Nice episode btw

  194. Ray said on June 23, 2014

    Hey Syd and Rye…
    151 eps already…
    Keep it up guys…
    And Rye, when will you build something again???
    Syd, please give me your yellow sinanju please!!!
    I’m really a great fan of your yellow sinanju…

  195. hmmmm nice episode, hope i can win!

  196. aww now I want to get a turn x and probably that gouf as well. also the later episodes of Unicorn are awesome 😀

  197. ok reasons for not building more sinanju’s :

    1. Cost, those suits are made bij a company within the gundam universe, most of the time its anaheim industries. The sinanju or similar one off units are more like the prototype suits that are really powerfull but cost a ton to develop. The grunt suits are the “cheaper” mass produced suits ( all similar parts, uniform design etc. )

    2. Practical reasons, easy way to distinguish main characters and grunts. One of the few exceptions is V-gundam where most of the cast is piloting a V-gundam.

    3. Most of the one off suits are tailored to the person piloting them and may not be so suited for other pilots and their traits.

    On a different note, Turn X gundam splits into those parts and uses them like a meteor storm like attack.
    Ps. Let me win !
    Pps. Turn A is a really different compared to most gundam anime, same as Gundam Fighters ( the one with godgundam etc. ) i would recommened to watch Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket,Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory in that sequence, they are all really good.

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    OP Suits are difficult to mass produce and are usually damn expensive. The reason the Gundam wasn’t mass produced in the original MSG was because Gundarium was a bitch to obtain for the armor.

    2) Connection to Suits

    Full Frontal and Banagher are space psychics and their suits are customized for spice psychics to be controlled psychically.

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    Another thing is the psycho frame and a persons ability to pilot the suit. The psycho frame is incredibly taxing on ones body and mind. In order for one to pilot the Mobile Suit correctly they need to be either “turned into” a cyber NewType or be a actual NewType themselves in order to bring out the full potential of the suit. A normal pilot would be able to pilot the suit but not for very long it seemed by the evidence in episode 1 when Banagher first saw the Unicorn.

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    -The beam claw is literally a Shining Finger. The Turn X has all sorts of technologies from mobile suits from the Universal Century and other universes before the Turn A series.
    -As for the design, when Tomino was put in charge of the Turn A Gundam series he asked an American designer, Syd Mead (known for his work in Blade Runner), to do the design for the mobile suits.

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    As for Gundam anime, if you ever watch Gundam Build Fighter, please give use your thoughts. I personally think that it was really really good even though the show is aimed for kids. Much better than Gundam AGE, at least half of the first season (dropped the rest of the show as I found every episode boring).

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    • HLJ does sell paint, they just can’t send them overseas. try walmart, that’s where I got mine they even have clear coats.

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    Btw I have a suggestion for you Syd: this giveaway should be only for people who purchased something from HLJ within a week or so around the time when episode aired. That would be a good way to reward loyal customers … and to get rid of plenty of meaningless comments 😀 😀 😀

    Sieg Zeon!

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  366. Joe said on June 24, 2014

    Syd, having a collection of 520 kits (more on order and in my private warehouse with HLJ!), with a backlog of unbuilt Gunpla floating around 225-230 of those 520 kits, I can understand the nagging voice that tells you to downsize which is completely muffled by the loud screaming voices that want MORE KITS! and THINK OF THE MODS YOU COULD DO ON THAT ONE! I admire your ability to let go of those kits and curtail the addiction.

    My collection is completely cataloged in a spreadsheet by series, scale, grade, and release date. I also list their level of completion or any mods or kitbashes the kits were used for. Then I have a second spreadsheet of just my unbuilt and in-progress kits so I know what I have to choose from when I got to build my next kit. I used to have a third spreadsheet of all the kits I want… BUT I WANT THEM ALL! So it was a little redundant.

    I have recently started giving away some kits to friends to introduce them to the hobby or I trade them away for this or that. My addiction to Gunpla is so strong that I end up browsing through the HLJ store to find the kits I’ve given away or traded so I can re-buy them! My dream is to one day own one of every retail released kit from the very fist RX-78-2 of the original model kit line up through the ages to the newest MGs and HGs! But it’s so hard to keep up with Bandai releasing more and more every month!

    Oh well, Gunpla for life!

  367. Lol your face was hilarious! Also I was just concerned is guys, I could care less for the free stuff. Iv’e been watching all of the old vids. I’m pretty sure that you guys mention that upon episode 160 you would do something special. Well great episode and have a safe week.

  368. Great vid!!!! Love the look of the Turn X and can’t wait to order mine soon! Did you hear about the announcements for the HGUC ZII and the HG G-Self? What are your opinions on the two?

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  370. rob said on June 24, 2014

    never stop making vids! You guys should do a video showcasing your gundams in your homes!

  371. Nice job as always. Just wondering if you guys had thought of doing a tutorials section on the Hobbylink TV site that has all the Tutorial Video’s you have made for Gunpla TV. I know having the quicklinks would be very helpful as trying to look back and find them through 151 eps can be a bit of a pain, may help with people wanting more tutorial video’s that you have already made.

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  380. DNA said on June 24, 2014

    great episode guys!!!
    i can’t wait to have the turn x on my collection

  381. Dear Gunpla Tv,

    Being 16 and the president of my high school’s anime club, I spout enough about Gundam. But you guys have really been a good resource for me. I really want to get back into gunpla, Gunpla TV has done that! THANK YOU AND CONGRATS ON PASSING 150! And is it too late to ask for an RG Kshatriya? Really think that could be a possibility.

    Plus Marida had the most interesting back story in my eyes.

  382. Great show, guys! Finally got to watch it! Hahaha! I’m sorry if I had too many posts in the last episode. XD Congrats to the winners (it pays to be the first sometimes, eh?)!

  383. R.I.P Syd. Your tombstone shall say
    – cause of death extremely overdue FF potion. Committed to making wonderful gunpla videos and will be forever missed.

    – Banshee Rx2

  384. Really dug the Iron Man ReZel Syd made! I’ve been debating for a while now whether or not to pick up a Sinanju, but after seeing how great it looks with the titanium finish I kinda want one now. Great video, as always.

  385. Hey guys, long time viewer, first time commenter.

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