May 16

The Gunpla TV crew made the trek out to Shizuoka early yesterday morning. Does the Bullet Train count as a trek?

Bandai had been extremely quiet on what would be appearing at the show, and boy, were we surprised when we discovered a whole new Gundam Model Kit line there! Yes, Bandai is adding a new Plamo line to their already exhaustive catalogue–this one dubbed the RE/100 Line, which stands for Reborn One Hundred. This lineup appears to be Bandai’s way to give us the big mobile suits we have always wanted in 1/100 scale and yet keep costs down by doing away with the inner frame that is found in Master Grade kits. We will talk about this more in future episodes.

The other big surprise was the announcement of a MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka, to be released in August. After the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka and the Sazabi Ver. Ka, it’s no surprise that the Hi-Nu gets the Ver. Ka treatment, and was it ever a beauty!

The 86cm tall 1/144-scale Neo Zeong was also on display. The kit will come with a dedicated display base with a hefty chunk of acrylic pipe to keep this monster standing tall!

More new Gundam releases presented by Bandai included a brilliantly painted High Grade Zaku 1 (Gundam Thunderbolt version), the HGUC Schuzrum Galluss, and the HGUC Zssa Unicorn version.

Unpainted Gundam kits shown were the HGUC Rozen Zulu (Episode 7 version) and the HGUC 1/144 Zeta Plus Unicorn version.

Bandai also had some non-Gundam items to show off, including Domeru’s ship from “Space Battleship Yamato 2199,” enormous even in 1/1000 scale! And a new highly posable Scopedog sporting space-maneuvering equipment was on display as well.

Hasegawa also debuted some exciting Macross items, including a fully armed 1/48 VF-1J that can be painted up as either Max or Miria’s machine. Maschinen Krieger was also well-represented, with painted MK44s present and posed to show off their opening hatch and superb cockpit detail.

Be sure to check out the video for everything we saw at the Bandai booth, and click the links below to see all the Future Gunpla releases. And be sure to watch the whole video to see the other Mecha plamo releases that were shown at the Shizuoka Hobby Show.




  1. Hi guys is there any news about a new pg gundam I would love either a pg death scythe ew or a sinanju

  2. A Unicorn as a PG would be pretty cool. But for me it would be a 3 way tie between Freedom, GX 9900 and the Nu Gundam. DAM! That Neo Zeong is huge. To revert back to a kid “I WANT I WANT”!. I have a feeling it will be at least the same price as the PG Strike Freedom of 25,000 Yen or more. Hopefully I’m wrong because by the time shipping is included I might have to pay import duties and tax. Then we do I put the beast?

  3. I wish 1 day I’m able to go to Shizuoka Hobby Show….

  4. Shut up and take my money!

  5. I’m surprised you guys missed SD Phenex. Or didn’t cover it.

  6. So many awesome designs of gundams, robots,etc from so many gundam series. Hope to see more and more cool designs and new series starting soon. Hope to see more next year.

  7. Money is not a problem. I’m take it all.

  8. Hope someday I can go the Show.

  9. Kur0 said on May 16, 2014

    that Zgok RG….

  10. TQs for the video, people who cant attend the show, it is a must to watch this awesome video.. Cant wait for the new released product!!

  11. Wow! I can’t wait to get the Hi-Nu Ver. Ka!!

  12. I would die(in a good way) if they did a PG GX-9900 but the unicorn gundam will look amazing maybe if they did LEDs to make the psycho frame change from pink to green.

  13. Thanks Syd and Ryan for all the updates. You guys make a great roving reporting Gunpla Team! Three must have kits RG Zgok, HI-Nu MG ver KA, and of course Nightingale. Three new Char kits in 9 months forget 7-11 this is Gunpla Heaven! August seems a long way off now.
    Hope you guys had a good time at the show and thanks again for sharing all the new cool info.

  14. Syd FYI the diorama was Axis from Char’s Counter Attach with the Nu-Gundam pushing it back into space and the other suits trying to help, towards the end of the movie. Thought I would share.
    Thanks again

  15. Seeing the RG Z’gok makes me even more excited. And I’ll definitely be preordering that HG fenice rinascita!

  16. Ray said on May 16, 2014

    Wing Gundam Rinascita is soooo awesome…
    I’d really have to get my hands on that kit…
    And the Neo Zeong…Wow it’s huge…
    I knew it was gonna be huge but I don’t think it will be this awesome…
    It almost half of you Syd (a little exaggerating is cool right?)…
    And the Shinden II Ridgebacks from Ace Combat is totally cool…
    Man I hope I’d live in Japan…

  17. What do you guys think about the (katekyo hitman) reborn100 line? I don’t like that they won’t have inner frames but if it’s the only way to get a 1/100 nightingale (and maybe kshatriya?)…

  18. Can’t wait to see more from the RE/100 line and I’m also really looking forward to the RE/100 Gundam mkIII

  19. scid said on May 17, 2014

    cant wait for me to do preorder on hlj..much kit to have!!!

  20. Wow! One word to summarize this episode is “massive”… Lots of excellent kits to be had! Waiting for more news on MG treatments for gundams!

  21. Having included stands/display base in the box is always a plus!

  22. Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!,Oh My God!!, A new Zeta Variant. Gimmie, gimmie, gimme ( for a nominal, as yet undecided, fee of course )

  23. Noah said on May 17, 2014

    Wow, great video; thanks for the updates!

  24. so many new toys :O damn i think i am gonna have to empty my wallet again.

  25. Love the coverage HLJ! I would love to go to japan but for the time being just viewing these kits is good enough.

  26. I’m gna be blatant, is this video part of the ‘win gunpla’ competition? If so, here’s my comment.. 😛

  27. Damn it, I just bought a hi nu gundam, now they came out with a ver.ka. I wonder what the differences will be.

  28. So many new gundams

  29. i cant wait for bandai to release RG Zgok.. It looked awesome!!!!!!

  30. I was expecting more from bandai considering the release of uc ep 7.

  31. Hi guys,

    I was blogging and found NetCarddass Gundam Duel Company,

    My question is, what is NetCarddass Gundam Duel Company ?


  32. Hi Sid and Ryan I like the way you guys review the gundam kits
    My favourite episode is Episode 65 .My favourite kit is the gundam unicorn full armor ver.ka the amount of weapons and parts made it look so cool

  33. By the way is there gonna be a mega size gundam unicorn or a PG Gundam Unicorn?

  34. WizR said on May 22, 2014

    MG Z’gok is only 400 yen more expensive than the RG but would definitely go for the RG !

  35. domaru’s ship in 1/1000? ordered one so far, am buying three! I love the new ships in all sizes – ty Bandai!!! could you PLEASE consider new robotech ships in several sizes too, please? any of them would be bought in 2’s to 4’s by me! please? SDF-1, any zentraedi, even the original releases, I want ’em soooo much! ty again Bandai, your doing great with all these kits!!!

  36. Oh please tell me that is a GP-04 kit from Gundam 0083 that is to lower right of the MSN-04II Nightingale, and when it is to be released?

  37. Hi I love GUNDAM but never knew about gunpla until I found your channel and just really fell in love with it and gunpla Is also how I met my girlfriend thanks

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