Jan 19

Syd and Ryan find an excuse to continue their Star Wars talk from last week and show you some newer High Grade kits. We also introduce Plum’s Pla-act Sen series with some help from our friends.

1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan

1/144 HG Grimoire

Pla Act 03: Oda

Pla Act 01: Date

Featured Builds

Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HG Jahannam Type Space (Klim Nick)
Legend BB Musha Victory

1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan
1/144 HG Grimoire

Pla Act 01: Date
Pla Act 02: Sanada
Pla Act 02: Sanada Weapon Set Limited Edition
Pla Act 03: Oda
Pla Act 03EX: Oda Oniashige Set
Pla Act 04: Takeda

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  1. Lol soo many kits to cone so little time. Syd and ryan… make a realoty show about your job work. Love the master grade build! Now need to get my hands on that rg.

  2. Awesome as always!

  3. Omg I’m excited to see new stuff come. My collection is growing because of you guys.

  4. nice review
    Cannot wait for RG 00 raiser

  5. A big thanks to you guys for get me back into this!

  6. Thanks for the episode guys. Even though the seed/destiny anime isnt really liked, in my opinion this series has some of the best gundam designs. Destiny gundam being my all time favorite

    Any thoughts on this

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but speaking as someone who hasn’t seen the series, the SEED designs in general are kind of boring. For the longest time I couldn’t tell the difference between the Freedom/Destiny/Strike Destiny designs. (I still can’t, really.) That said, I’ve come to appreciate the basic Strike and the Zaku redesign. The side story designs – Astray, Stargazer, etc. – are generally good, too.

  7. I am hype for the new Star Wars film that is coming.

  8. Wow!

  9. geara zulu be praised!

  10. Thanks for the gundam. Can’t wait for the next RG kit to come out

  11. Pretty cool

  12. I hope I win!

  13. awesome video!! great work!!

    • what do you guys think about g reconquista?

      • Syd has said that he’s not a fan of G Rec the show, but he likes some of the mecha designs.

      • Although up until recently Reconguista made little sense plot wise, I’ve found myself enjoying it and for the most part I’m a fan of the mobile suit designs. While they represent my least favorite of the suit designs even the Recten and Recksnow have a certain old school charm, reminds of Robbie the Robot lol. I’m hoping Bandai gives us lots of MG kits – that’s my preferred scale – from this series.

  14. wassup wassup syd and ryan?! Great episode!

  15. Every time I watch an episode by you guys I love it even more. Keep up the amazing work!

  16. Love the episode guys, keep up the good work!

  17. Great show guys! Built my own GM Cardigan around a month ago, those shields were a pain to build but the amount of cool poses you can pull of is totally worth it

  18. Awesome video! The powered GM is looking really nice! what do you guys think about Build fighters try?

  19. The Gunplust is real.

  20. LOL, love the end of the video

  21. The grimoire looks unique.. unlike the other MS..

  22. Build Fighters ftw!! Gundam Reconguista in G….no idea what’s going on in that anime X[

  23. The end of the video had me cracking up. Great video like always!

  24. Hey guys, great episode as always. Just one question… Do you think they’ll do a MG version of the Powered GM Cardigan?

  25. Good episode, glad to see you guys are showing more HG kits.

  26. The Justice, Infinite or otherwise, is one of my favorite Gundams, so needless to say, I hope Lady Luck and that random # generator take that into consideration.

  27. the prizes, nice.

  28. Hope whoever gets that IJ has a good imagination cause that kit has a lot of potential


  30. Hope I win! Congrats to the winners really wished I won that strike rouge, btw if you were to win the giveaway how would info be transferred to get the model?

  31. Lets start some gunpla confessions, I’ll start.
    To this day, I have yet to finish any gundam series ever. I just like the designs.

    • You aren’t missing much; most Gundam series are either too dated or just bad.

      There is some good stuff like 8th MS Team & Unicorn is pretty good if you do manage to sit through MSG, Zeta and Char’s Counterattack – otherwise you’re bombarded with references from past evets in the Universal century. Build Fighters is probably the most honest gundam series (buy gunpla) and has some of the best fights in the franchise (Wing Gundam Fenice vs Build Strike is gold).

  32. Love the show Awesome pg unicorn

  33. The gm cardigan is one of my favorite suits. Great episode guys!

  34. Awesome as always, you guys rock

  35. Give me that Providence!

  36. I love those kits, I definitely need to get back to putting together kits, I cant wait to finish school so that I can have the time 🙂

  37. Glad to see the girls again! That last part had me rolling.

  38. LOL syd is such a tease

  39. As always, great video and keep up the good work. (^ω^)/

  40. Till the next episode! I can’t wait for the G Reco kits coming out, especially the G Lucifer and MacKnife.

  41. I enjoy everything you bring on the show! You guys rock!

  42. as always you guys were amazing

  43. Ohhhhh, is this my lucky day, please be so 🙂

  44. Great episode Guys ~! That Grimoire is going to mug someone be careful D:

  45. good reviews and that IJ looks amazing

  46. I really love the design of the Powered GM Cardigan. I want an MG of it. Great show as always, guys. Happy belated New Year and all that jazz!

  47. Hahaha I loved the surprise at the end! Great episode as always and great prizes to boot!

  48. i havent watched the anime much but i love the Reconguista designs. shame that i only bought the G-Self. great video as always guys!

  49. I’m starting to like the new upcoming models in February and March, please review some of the new model please!! Btw infinity justice ftw.

  50. Awesome show guys… Can’t wait for more build fighter kits i wonder if kijima’s and adou’s gunplay will be released

  51. You guys are awesome

  52. You guys are the best

  53. Wow those pink looks fabulous and so amazing and bling bling

  54. I love you guys and your builds

  55. I’m not really into the BF kits, although I like the anime, but somehow I want the cardigan, if only to paint it with some custom colors

  56. loved the ep. guys thought the girls made a great audition and should do the show more, great info on the star wars newspaper and the plum models. I am like u and dislike the last to gundam series but love build fighters. Can you build us a custom creation Gunpla would be cool.

  57. Please, Infinite Justice! Please be mine!

  58. I thought you said the Infinite Justice was your favorite Master Grade ever!? Why would you just give it away… to me?

  59. Awesome episode!!!!!! The like the Angel Wings of Wing Zero. I hope I’ll win it.

  60. I love how one of the girls nail polish matched her kit. Hey Syd and Ryan maybe you two could also match with your Gundams. That would be cute. LOL

  61. Great episode guys, Looking forward to the next one! Can’t wait for the RG 00 Raiser.

  62. Wow those pink looks fabulous, amazing review and happy new year

  63. can’t wait to see mg Grimoire. if there’s any..

  64. Great episode, I love you guys

  65. Liked the GM Powered Cardigan, never realised that it could be customised man. Hey Sid, thanks for showing it to me! Now wanting to get that GM along with the Wing Zero or Infinite Justice.

  66. Awesome episode! I really love HLJ so much. I probably would have never got into Gunpla if it wasn’t for you guys.

  67. If Bandai starts making more army building figures from different movies/series (i.e. Storm Trooper), I’m hoping they’ll make the Kerberos Squad from Jin-Roh.

  68. Another great show guys. Can wait for the next one. Now if I can get my hands on one of those free kits I would be a happy person. Till next time.

  69. I never get lucky to get a giveaway. It’s already new year now, I hope my luck will change. By the way… i’m from Indonesia. Do you know that the word “jahanam” in Indonesia means “bastard”? Hehehe

  70. Wow those beam and pink color are so fabulous and so amazing

  71. That wing Gundam would look real nice on my shelf 🙂 would love to see a RG ZZ Gundam

  72. great show guys. im currently building a severely battle damaged wing gundam ver ka

  73. Do you guys ever build dioramas? I’ve been debating on taking on the task but I still have a couple of kits to build from the holidays. Also, those are some sweet giveaways this week.

  74. Really digging the wing zero poster and keep up the good work you two!


  76. Great episode! keep up the good work

  77. MG Wing Zero !!!

  78. Yeeeah gunpla yeaaah!!!

  79. I’m glad you guys showed off those Pla Act kits, I now have a few kits I need to add into my warehouse soon! Mostly cause I’m a huge fan of the Sengoku Basara anime.

  80. Another Cool MG!

  81. Yay cameo guest stars!

  82. OOOOOOH I like that sanada

  83. me

  84. pick here

  85. Can’t wait for the new Star Wars film,
    the hype is real!

  86. Question for Syd and Ryan; If you could turn one kit into an actual suit that YOU get to pilot, what would you chose? (doesn’t have to be from Gundam)

    The MG Infinite Justice was my first MG ever about 3 years ago. I ended up re-buying it a week ago and built it again. Just as fun as the first time. Highly Recommend it.

  87. Cool episode! I like those samurai based kits.

  88. nice episode Syd and ryan. The G-reconguista kits are looking better and better with each new release. I also just built the Sword impulse and I made sure to make him look nice just for you syd. And it looks badass with a nice gunmetal frame and flatcoat ontop.

  89. G-Reconguista’s mecha design isn’t that bad I do’t know why people complain so much, a little change can’t hurt.

    • I think people react harshly because it’s not just one or two designs that are out there; EVERYTHING in there is abnormal in one way or another. The G-Self looks Gundam-y, but it doesn’t have the traditional V-fin. Other suits are too monotone. Others don’t have proper feet. The Grimoire looks pudgy. The transforming suits look awkward. Etc. etc. etc.

      Personally, I really dig almost all the designs. The Jahannam and Grimoire especially look suitably imposing and adorable, respectively. And the feetless ones remind me of ZoE’s orbital frames, which is never a bad thing.

  90. Hows the Vacay Syd? Glad to see you guys back

  91. Great Show as always guys

  92. Woot!2nd episode of the year

  93. Nice video guys and I’m hoping they don’t ruin the new Star Wars movie

  94. The Grimoire looks unique with the bubble parts. (all the curves in the right places). 😛
    Wouldn’t mind getting one if it comes out in MG 1/100.

  95. Glad to have you back Syd. Time to sober up 😉

  96. 1/144 HG Grimoire is the best kit of your EP followed closely by the Powered GM Cardigan.

  97. Syd what do you think of Bandai bringing the gundam mark 3 out into the 1/100 RE series and are you looking forward to it?

  98. Awesome stuff, I don’t like the g reco but I am warming to that Grimoire. I’m enjoying the show – keep it up guys!

  99. I Started watching Build Fighters Try and then realized there was a series before that haha. I’m happy Fumina switched to the SD Winning Gundam. I felt the Cardigan was to bland and boring for a main character’s Gunpla.

  100. Great video hope I win the providence

  101. Another great episode as always!

  102. Please… don’t party too hard.

  103. I like the look on those new pla act kits! Thinking about getting them.. Anyways awesome episode.. I remember you posted the picture of the powered GM cardigan on facebook the same time I was done with my GM.. Looking forward to next episode.. And hopefully I win the tsubasa!! Lol

  104. After building the Grimoire myself I’ve started calling it’s colour a “liquorice brown”. The Grimoire has taken itself to my top 3 MS designs in Gundam along with the Z’Gok and the Turn X.

  105. I want that Infinite Justice! 😀

  106. Great episode as always.
    If I won that MG Infinite Justice it could look good next to my MG Strike Freedom 😀

  107. awesome job as always! that Grimoire looks good!

  108. Thank you guys for being the best. I mean it. you guys rock for giving us all the previews and the tutorials.

  109. Great episode guys, crazy good giveaway this time around!I’d really like the 2 Wings 😛

  110. GIMMME <3


  112. I always followed Ryan words and wrote a comment in hobbylink.tv but i never won one, so i hope i could win this time.

  113. Yoooo awesome!

  114. Words cannot describe how excited I am for the new RE 100!

  115. Nice eps as usual.. Just waiting for your comment on painting the PG unicorn on the runners so tat i can start mine too.. Can’t wait for next eps.

  116. Give me.

  117. Ryan don`t bother watching the Reconquista series, it`s not worth ANYONE`s time.
    As for the Oda & Sanada kits, they look really good, but why are they so expensive ? They look like HG`s, what am I missing here…

    • Plum and other small players necessarily have to charge more to recoup their losses. These kits are also understandably more niche than your typical Bandai HGs, so they have more of a “collector’s item” quality to them.

  118. I gotta say, GM Cardigan is pretty cool.

  119. Syd & Ryan you guys are awesome more power to HLJ.

  120. Powered GM cardigan looks pretty cool.
    Cant wait to see episode 165
    Keep up the good work guys.

  121. Great video as always. Hope they make a rg build burning gundam.

  122. More MG’s!!!

  123. Lpl man it feels nice to have gunpla TV for 2 weaks in a row. Keep’em coming gius.

  124. Gyanko is the best waifu.

  125. Nice episode everyone 🙂 enjoyed the Star Wars newspaper bit as well, Powered GM Cardigan looks like a Thunderbolt type of Mobile Suit, wish Fumina would have kept that suit in the anime, it’s awesome! It would be cool if Bandai made a kit for Boba and Jango, those would be fun to have, cant wait for the next episode.

  126. Just wanted to leave you guys a comment saying how awsome you two are.

  127. Awesome episode as always.

  128. Great Video guys! Keep up the good work.

  129. MG Infinite!! Great episodes guys 😀

  130. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  131. nice

  132. great episode as always, thanks ryan and syd. i agree with syd , grimoire is really really cool. i need to build one of those kits. but while i’m waiting for grimoire winning one oh those give away will be really appreciated! 😉 😉 😉

  133. Love the last 20 second of this episode 😀

  134. welp im just gonna keep repeating myself till i get some kind of answer xD
    I got a question for Syd: Is there any way to de-color a colored effect part? (like a Gouf 2.0 heat-sword or the flames of the Build Burning Gundam)

    • Not sure if you’ll bother checking the comments for responses (you clearly didn’t last time), but to repeat:

      The Gouf 2.0 heat sword is molded in clear orange, so the short answer is “No, unless you’re willing to lose the transparency.” The long answer:

      Since the effect isn’t achieved via a special coating, the only way you can get rid of the effect is to paint over it. This will lose the transparency.

      Alternatively, you can create a silicone mold of the part and recast it using clear resin. Problems with this method include, among other things, the recast part sometimes being just a smidge smaller than the original (due to vulcanization effects during the casting process) which leads to fitment issues.

  135. Pla act series looks cool 🙂 btw nice episode as always

  136. Hey Ryan and Syd great video what are your thoughts on the new re 1/100 mk3 gundam?

  137. My wallet aches, Yet my satisfaction grows 🙂 Why do you do this to me Syd?

  138. All those MGs would look great next to the ones I already have and built. That Infinite Justice would go really well with my MG Strike Freedom [Full Burst Mode] though.

  139. give us more star wars

  140. man new year cant wait to see what bandai has in store for us 🙂

  141. sids secrete stash ftw

  142. Gunpla relieves stress 🙂

  143. Syd and Ryan, you are just awesome.
    Your fan in good old germany.

  144. Awesome Episode as Always! 🙂

  145. I’m interested to see how quickly Bandai will put out models of the new stuff once “The Force Awakens” is released.

  146. Great job guys, since i found the channel, i need more gunplas in my life 🙂

  147. Great episode guys

  148. Yup, only reason I look forward to Monday is this show. Just curious who is the fastest builder at your workplace?

  149. Bring on Bandai’s Millenium Falcon!!

  150. great episode

  151. Those Plum kits look great

  152. thanks for the episode guys great to see that you’re back on track

  153. Another great show 😉

  154. hey guys that was the best episode.. i hope the next episode will be the the greatest.. i realy love hlj muah muah so much!

    • syd when you want to show your pg unicorn with led because i cannot wait to see it finish…hope god bless you all hlj.

      • i hope next episode will reveal the finish unicorn gundam and hopefully with LED and very nice job syd and to all HLJ staf.

  155. Very glad you are back to posting regularly!!! Though I must ask, should I really invest in the PG Unicorn if I never plan to get the LED’s???? also it would be awesome if i could pick up one of the kits your giving out!!! I just put together the Full armor Unicorn and loved it!!

  156. Wow wing gundam

  157. Star Wars Hype is ON!

  158. Woah!!!! WING!!!!! BTW my name is also Ryan

  159. would love that infinite justice

  160. Just like last week I would love to win all of them to get something bigger than a 1/144 hguc in my collection. Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else!

  161. Another wicked episode , I am loving the stromtrooper kits and its gotten some mates of mine building kits for the first time. More awesome give a ways you guys rock 🙂

  162. Awesome job guys!

  163. syd where you hungover from being drunk all break?

  164. great episode~! hope to win those gundam as for coming lunar new year present !

  165. Wing gundam… Winning?

  166. Great work, I hope I can win….


  168. justoooooooooooose

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  170. Where can we get those sweet, sweet posters ?

  171. Love the grimoire, fingers crossed for an MG but given how G Reco is going I’m not too hopeful.

  172. Giveaways galore this episode. Those Plum Pla Act models look pretty nice, might have to give them a shot.

  173. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    I can’t stress enough how awesome it is of you boys and girls to make regular episodes this soon again. And knowing you are very busy right know is even more impressive! Respect!!!!

    Syd, I was wondering because you showed the Infinit Justice, did your top 5 of MG’s changed the last few years?

    And with all those Thunderbolt HG’s and other HG’s you’ve build over the years, what is your top 5 of HG’s?

    And I have to ask with all those cool posters, are you going to do a little contest for us to win some posters again?

    Thanks for another great show!

  174. Is that Shiraishi Mai of Nogizaka46? Japanese idols are just like Gundams. 1) They all look similar 2)There are too many of them. 3)But still, guys love them!

  175. Might have to buy the gm cardigan now just so I can have the extra parts. Also maybe I can win this time

  176. LOL nice omake clip at the end :)) would like to get the mg inf justice > <; I got surprised last year in my tumblr feed that HLJ liked my post about the Panzer IV platz kit for Girls Und Panzer. I followed HLJ immediately after!
    I wish you guys would feature figure and toy reviews again. Though regular gunplatv would be awesome.

  177. nice gm

  178. mg wing… win the wing!!!

  179. Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

  180. gotta get me that gm cardigan it looks cool!

  181. Did you guys see the new build burning gundam with the effect parts?!!!

  182. Great episode as always , guys !

    I’m loving the Grimoire because of its striking design and the customization possibilities !

    Thumbs up for the girls bringing a breath of fresh air to the show !
    (The outro was undeniably hilarious)

  183. Really like this show , loved how you break it up alittle by talking about other topic beside gunpla . Very interesting about the starwars newspaper .
    Also love the new reviewer as well… 🙂

  184. good job guys nice episode btw

  185. Man ! I wish I could win that Wing Zero. That would be amazing ! 🙂 P.S. Guys keep up the great videos.

  186. A lot of figures shown in this episode, loving this type of episodes where you show a bunch of stuff 🙂
    Greetings from France !

  187. This is my first time entering one of these, both the wing and justice are awesome!!

    I hope I get lucky

  188. Great work on showing so much fun kits! Love your work and keep it up.
    Loved the high powered as well with the shields.

    Love these giveaways too! Especially Wing Zero Custom as it’s one of my favorite designs for a gundam!

  189. good jobs guys. dont work too hard.

  190. Please God of gunpla let me get that infinite justice gundam, I love that gundam. I was going to get it from my local hobby store but they ran out. Oh God please!!!

    • You can always order it online from HLJ. It’s as easy as that. The price tag will be close to what you’d pay at your shop, if not cheaper.

  191. Syd, is there any chance that you will give away a PG kit, sir? :))

  192. Keep up the good work, guys!

  193. Love these two goofballs. Now please help me random number generator!

  194. I really like the style of the G Reco kits. I can’t wait to see some in MG form.

  195. i want to get that infinite justice..

  196. Hg are getting better and better

  197. Great video! Can’t wait for more build fighter try reviews! Luv the infinite justice btw! 🙂

  198. Eventually I’ll get the RG Wing Zero EW, and then I’ll probably make 90% of the parts white, I think that makes it look awesome ^^ kinda like the prototypes

  199. Great episode. I wanted to pick that Cardigan, now I want it even more. Because I know it’ll be fun(ny) building it. Pieces falling off all over and stuff like that. 🙂 Poor Jim… Anyway, I’ve had that chicken Wing in my stash for over a year now and it’s still waiting on it’s turn for the paint booth. Even got a good set of decals from Samuel just for him. For me, bad stickers just won’t do. I’m actually looking forward for the Providence myself. It would be much easier to take apart and paint it.

  200. Yeay!! A normal schedule of gunpla tv. So how is it on japan? Always good video from you and a big hug from indonesia.

  201. Every episode by you guys is better and better. Keep up the amazing work! more kits to add to my orders… 🙂

  202. Good review. So cool!! Looking for more from both of you this 2015.

  203. Great eposide as always guys..good to see SYd is doing a very hardwork on all the new kits..cant wait to see new star wars kit..just got my xwing fighter from u guys but maybe after I build my PG u guys

  204. Great giveaway this week. May the gods of luck be on my side.

  205. What a stellar collection, awesome episode!

  206. Much love from Northern Ireland, keep it up!

  207. I really like the grimoire. It kinda reminds me of a fat honeybee :D. Nice giveaway as usual! Hope I get one soon!

  208. Can anyone guess who is wearing the new shirt?

    Bandai should get the Halo license and make a bunch of Spartan Kits.

  209. Thank you for all the updates on the latest plamo products!

  210. I like the new girls. Very good descriptions of their models.
    But they are too serious! Relax girls. We are all friends here. No reason to be so “professional” like anchorwoman on tv.
    Have fun ok! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Hey, we’re having a good time, promise! 🙂 We’re still just getting a feel for the show.

  211. Wow always nice to see new stuff! Unfortunately there is not store for Gundams here in Mauritius, small island in Indian Ocean, but still thanks for all the previews and tutorials. And its nice to see chicks enjoying gunpla 😛

  212. waiting for RG Wing Zero to restock… and excited for the new gunpla kits from Build Fighter Trys!! CANT WAIT! 🙂

  213. EW Wing Gundam was the first gundam I was made aware of many years ago.

  214. As always guys nice episode. It’s nice to see other company’s kit once in a while. Keep up the good job.

  215. Great job as always guys. Interesting fact: ‘Jahanam’ is a Malay word for ‘bastard’.

  216. Great Episode always Syd and Ryan.Can’t help but to look at the GM Cardigan
    every few seconds,it just so protrude with shields spread opened.

    Syd and Ryan every time i see the new girls the first think that pop into my mind is “is syd and ryan going to retire soon?” So are you guy retiring soon?

    Love it when there’s inventory hahaha. would really love to win any of those,it would be great to start of the new since I’ve never won anything before hahaha

  217. Hah, I just bought an MG Infinite Justice. Wouldn’t mind another one to customize though.

  218. Spread the love.

  219. Don’t think I’ll be getting a “PLUM”-kit by anytime soon, nothing striking compared to Bandai’s gundplas.

  220. Nice! I’ve been wanting to get another Providence Gundam! I really liked that kit when I built it years ago!
    Either of those MGs would be nice too! ^^
    Plug my YouTube channel if I win! ZakuAurelius!
    That’s~ youtube.com/zakuaurelius

  221. wow… female plamo builders… want to see more.. of those 2 ladies…

  222. Awesome as always.

    Would love to see Infinite Justice stand next to my Strike Rouge MG.

  223. ah,the infinite justice. im more of a freedom fan though. never liked athrun too much

  224. Nice work as usual gents. That Providence Gundam needs a long over due MG treatment. Come on Bandai make it happen.

  225. Loving the increased variety in the kits presented while keeping the core Gundam focus.

  226. Great Episode! I’m looking forward for the review of the upcoming RE/100 mk III.

    It is good to see the “funny” side of the 2 female modelers. At first I thought they were the serious type.

  227. for me infinity justice is cool, like to see bandai make it into RG

  228. I love those two lady-builders.
    It is hard to introduce something at front of the camera first time.
    I want to see more girls in hl tv.

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    nonetheless great episode !

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  232. Great episode as always guys! Would love to have that wing zero cause it’s my favorite gundam. 🙂

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  237. I hope the new SW film lives up to all the hype.

  238. the grimoire looked really cool. sadly it wasn’t given JUSTICE in the anime.

  239. Why was I never chosen as the winner?

  240. I must admit the Grimoire is a nice looking kit, it actually like an RG of it. Please bandai

  241. So sad that I havent win even single of those give away kits

  242. i hope i win those MG ….

  243. Can’t wait for the new build fighter try model’s thanks Cid, Ryan, and the girls at hobbylink tv for great reviews.

  244. i loved the blooper at the end. hope you guys can keep up the regular episodes!

  245. Great show guys, you guys are da bomb and the highlight of my Monday mornings 🙂 cheers!

  246. Great work guys, always a blast to watch. Can’t wait for the MK 3 to come out, looks amazing. Keep up the good work.

  247. This show is like crack for me. As soon as the episode ends, I am itching for the next. I am picky about my kits, but I love to see what others are working on.

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    Greetings from Austria

    • Not to worry — we love doing the show! We’re still just getting a feel for things. Thanks for watching!

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  252. Want that INFINITE JUSTICE!! Also great episode, guys. Keep the Ladys, they are funny and amusing.

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    • With flat coating, for an unpainted kit, it removes the shine of the plastic, making it look realistic. But it does not damage any decals or stickers. However, do not over-spary on the kit as the coating might lump up on unwanted area.

      • Clear coats CAN damage a paintjob, though, if you’re using a type of clear coat that reacts chemically with whatever paint you’re using. Always do some research to make sure you don’t accidentally strip or crack your own paint job. A good way to test is to paint and clear-coat a piece of unused runner beforehand and check for any defects.

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    • The box art and manuals for the kits — and the images on the product page on hlj.com — show how nice they can look with a little paint job and some shading. I’ll look forward to it if you get one and get it painted! Be sure to post it up in the groups!

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    • He’s still doing reviews, just not in video format anymore, it seems. He regularly posts review blogs on here, covering a wider variety of kits/figures/etc. than just plain ol’ gunpla.

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    • I used Tamiya Gun Metal for the majority with Tamiya Light Gun Metal being used for select parts of the frame.

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    • A combination of all that and more. Styrene is all-around standard building material; sheets and rods in varying sizes and thicknesses will do you well. Putty is great for filling holes or sanding into shapes. Resin, along with silicon molds, are great for replicating parts once you’ve created them.

      The best route is to get an idea what you want to make, then roughly plan out what might get you to that finished product the fastest. Hope that helps.

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      Rust tends to develop on the panels themselves, not the space between them. If you want to achieve a rust effect, you’ll want to paint the panels in addition to giving a “rusty” panel wash. You might want to check out “salt chipping” for getting a nice rust effect.

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