Jan 13

After a busy December and a busy break where we were supposed to be recovering from the busy December, Syd and Ryan are back in the studio showing off some of the stuff they did while away from the office. They also take the time to talk movies, particularly the upcoming Star Wars. 2015 is gonna be a good year model-wise!



Kits featured in this video:

Star Wars: Revo Darth Vader
Star Wars: Revo Stormtrooper
– 1/12 Star Wars Stormtrooper
– 1/48 AT-ST
– 1/72 TIE Fighter
– 1/12 R2-D2 & R5-D4
1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D
1/144 HGBF Gundam Amazing Red Warrior
1/144 HGBC Red Weapon Parts
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam


Gunpla TV


  1. That Astray Blue Frame though! Awesome episode!! 😀

  2. You are finally back!!!!

  3. That Astray Blue Frame though! Awesome episode! 😀

  4. Mg strike!

  5. So…Gundam beam sword on Dark Vader?…Just saying.

  6. Happy 2015

  7. great episode!

  8. Man that blue frame my friend built at a meet and build a month ago. Those blades are nice looking up close!! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

  9. Man, both of those Strike MGs look awesome. Strike Noir is still my favorite though.

    To Sid and Ryan;

    1. Do you guys think that a RG unicorn/Sinanju would be possible for Bandai to do?
    2. Even if it is possible, do you think they would release it?


  11. loving the store troopers

  12. The PG unicorn looks great!
    Can’t wait for mine to arrive
    Keep up the good work

  13. Welcome back and happy 2015!
    If the Dragoon stand was included with the MG Blue Frame D, I would have already picked up the kit. Other than that, the Red Frame stands supreme.

  14. That MG Strike is absolutely beautiful and would be perfect for my upcoming birthday 😉

  15. what happen to the red blade liger – lion ver?

  16. Glad you guys are back~ I lobe seeing the new kits built every week

  17. LED Gundam Unicorn as Christmas Tree =D

  18. you’re back!!

  19. the blue astray d looks hectic! hav to save up and buy it

  20. I am in love with that Storm Trooper. I’m excited for the kits coming out this year. That MKIII is on my list. Great show as always guys, whoever wins that painted build by Syd will be a happy camper. (fingers crossed)

  21. Question for sid. Just built my unicorn and was wondering about panel lining. Should black or gray be used?

    • I know you’re asking Syd, but in case he doesn’t get to it:

      It depends on the color of the panel in question and the effect you want to achieve. For white/off-white/beige/etc. panels, most people tend to use some shade of gray; it accentuates the panel line and breaks up the panel without contrasting too sharply against the light backdrop. Black is usually only used if you want to get that high-contrast look.

      On darker panels, you obviously need darker panels to effectively show the panel lines, so black is used for those.

      But that, of course, is excluding the entire color spectrum one can use. Some people use similar colors for panel lining as the panels in question (ie dark green panel lining on green armor, dark red on pink armor, etc.). Others have used red/blue on white to great effect.

      For the Unicorn, panel lining the whites in blue would give it a cool effect (cool as in temperature) in Unicorn Mode. Some of the artwork for the novels looked like this, I believe. Doing it in red would mirror the psycho frame. Grays and blacks would also work just fine, as they’re the standard go-to for this sort of thing. It’s really up to you. Hope that helps.

    • Blackkkkk 🙂

  22. Hurray! good to have you guys back. I still cant decide if I like the strike rouge colour scheme…

  23. happy new year guys, how were your holidays? ?

  24. wow the Blue Frame looks so sick, i want it sooooo bad

  25. It’s going to be a great year for Gunpla and Star Wars! Oh, GIVE ME STRIKE! I love the Strike Gundams in all of their variations. Great episode as always guys! I wish you both well for the New Year, and welcome back!

  26. Great episode as always. Loved seeing Ryan nerd out about Star Wars.

  27. Welcome back guys! Happy new year 🙂

  28. MG Perfect Strike! The sword pack runners are a dead givaway. 🙂

  29. Love you guys 😀

  30. Happy New Years guys!

  31. Good to see this back, I miss watching this.

  32. That was a great video the blue frame looked cool

  33. Happy new year! Maybe this year I’ll win something!

  34. i require Geara zulu Master Grade :3 com on bandai dont let me down

  35. looking foreword to the new wing zero and would love to get the mg strike. 😀

  36. You guys are awesome. I hope i win one of the strikes. Either way i love you guys.

  37. I’m loving the Astray D ;). I think its overall look is even cooler than the Red Frame and first Blue Frame. Those Strike MGs going to the lucky winner (me pls) look great too.

    • The blue frames are cool, for me it’s the color variance of the blue frames that make me swoon. The Orange, white and blue make for a better look than red, black and white. Still I’d like to see Bandai ignore the Seed line this year and focus on anything else – grunt suits from Unicorn, Wing and OO would make me happy as a lark.

    • I like Red astray better because it has TWO samurai swords!! Samurai swords…. WOW! 🙂

  38. Kicking the new year off with an Amazing start! Amazing Red Warrior! Was a little weary of PG Unicorn, but after seeing Syd’s build and other post on the r/gunpla subreddit. I will most likely be getting one when they restock in March.
    Also hoping I can win that “Special” handjob from Syd! 😛

  39. The Blue Frame D is a little too busy but I do love all the gimmicks it has. I hope I win the giveaway though. I already have a Strike Rouge so I’ll probably give it to a friend who would really like it!

  40. Unicorn is a lot bigger than I thought…

  41. I am strikingly happy at the striking number of strikes you guys are giving out this week!

  42. Still very excited for the PG Unicorn.

    Blue frame is nice, I’d still like to see an updated MG Gold Frame.

  43. I was stoked when I received my PG Unicorn. It’s built now and I have to say it was really fun building it. I love the amount of work Bandai put into this. It’s now standing next to my PG Strike Freedom and they both make for a really snazzy display. All that’s left is to wait for my pre-order of the Full Armor Extension kit and then it’ll truly be a door stopper!

  44. That Wing Gundam Zero Honoo is gorgeous! It hasn’t shown up on Build Fighters Try yet, but I can’t wait! That’s going to look amazing on my shelf.

    You wanted comments on Star Wars and the Peter Jackson Tolkien movies. I quite enjoyed the LOtR movies, but I couldn’t get halfway through the first Hobbit film. The book was a childhood favorite and I just felt that instead of watching a lackluster adaptation with extra junk added (Legolas …) I could just read the book for the millionth time.
    As for Star Wars, I’m on board with everything I’ve seen and heard. The new Storm Troopers look great, the new animated series is quite good for what it is, and the fact that the extended universe stuff was retconned doesn’t bother me at all. It just means that the new stuff that will come out has more importance to the movie and more Star Wars is never bad.

    Phew! Sorry for the long-winded comment. Anyway, Happy New Year Syd and Ryan! Glad to have things are back to normal and can’t wait for another great episode.

  45. another great show. hope this time I can gets a MG XD

  46. Good job on the Stormtropper. I should get mine shipped. 🙂

  47. Welcome back..!!!! How i missed watching every week. Ayway goodjob with the pg unicorn.
    Omygosh 2 strikes. Winning any of the 2 is going to be a godsend. *breathes heavily*

  48. finally back! happy new year!

  49. I liked most of this episode. I’m not much for Star Wars stuff, so that was a little bit of a lull in the discussion for me – but I’m sure those kits and figures sell well, so I respect the marketing effort.

  50. When I was at the movies watching battle of the five armies. My friends and i were laughing and we almost got kicked out for laughing too much because how stupid the movie was

  51. I like the MG Aile Strike but I don’t want to mess up the paint job. So PLEASE the strike rouge, its pink I know but who cares?!….its still AWESOME!!!!

  52. awesome episode as always and also i would love to have the free mg 🙂

  53. I want all the kits!!!!

  54. Everything from Build Fighters Honoo looks great. Here’s hoping that Bandai releases more from that series (looking at you Double X Stream and God Gundam Kiwami)

  55. I just pre-orderd the gundam wing zero honoo… so fricken excited for that gunpla

  56. Hlj nummmber one baby!

  57. im still wating for my RG shining and god gundam to come out

  58. I’m loving the way the new G reconquista kits look.


    • That is what I want, the candy cane unicorn doesn’t really move me but that green psycho-frame do like.

    • Probably Yes to both and probably a Banshee variant. That is unless the sales of the Unicorn are terrible.

    • I want to see an opaque frame like deactivated unicorn but then the led’s can give the color with color variable LEDs. That would be amazing but the cost 😡

  60. am i the only one who thinks Aile strike sounds sort of funny? Like I think of “Ale” and …someone attacking you with it… or someone attacking your ale.

  61. Hey Syd how are you enjoying the NHL season so far? And who are you guys rooting for in the NFL?

  62. I LOVE!! The new amazing red warrior. I want one so bad. I love the new season of GBF Try. The PG Unicorn looks AMAZING. I can’t wait to get mine.

  63. Great start to 2015 with this months giveaway. I’m really looking forward to the RE/100 Gundam mkiii and the Dijeh.

  64. I need to get all the Star Wars. Do they have the holiday special Chewbaca family set

  65. Great episode as usual!

  66. Both of those Strikes look good. I am not sure if I will pick up the Blue Frame. A couple questions on painting as I am just starting out. Do you find it is better to paint on or off the runner and do you prefer to use a spray gun or spray can? Thanks.

    • 1.) Painting on the runner simplifies matters, but you’ll be left with ugly unpainted nubs when you snip the part off the runners. Undergating mitigates (sometimes eliminates) this problem, but undergating isn’t very often used. That’s what Syd was trying to show off with his painted Unicorn inner frame; the feet and legs, which weren’t undergated, had ugly bare plastic showing, whereas the joints were undergated and thus that same bare plastic doesn’t show on the finished build. If your kit is undergated, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, off the runner is often your go-to route. (Besides, if you’re doing panel lining and hand-painting specific parts on HG kits and the like, you’ll have to do so off the runner away.)

      2.) Spray guns offer better control, more even coating, and better bang for your buck in the long term. They are, however, a much more expensive initial investment. ($100+ for a spray gun/booth/pump/etc. versus $5 for a spray can.)

  67. I hope you all had a wonderful new year! I wonder what gunpla the RE 1/100 would release this year!

  68. MG Strike! Also dat Unicorn. So sexy

  69. Hello people

  70. Awesome episode as always Syd and Ryan. You guys should talk about more nerdy things in the videos. The talking about the Hobbit was quite entertaining. I have a long haul a head of me because I only got into Gunpla a about a half year ago and I got a lot of kits for Christmas. I have a lot of building to do and might post the results.

  71. Your unicorn gundam looks amazing. I wish I was that good at painting and detailing my gunpla.

  72. I hate Gundam Seed.
    I love Gunpla.

  73. Let’s hope for a great 2015 for gunpla!

    • foooyoo men! i will be grate full if i get the mg aile strike gundam build by professional gundam modelers like you syd for my second gundam collection hehehe.

  74. Glad you guys are back.. Got the PG Unicorn and the LED Set from you guys. Awesome packaging… Done professionally. Looking forward to my next purchase with you guys. Lets hope i get something i didn’t buy ^_^.

  75. I’m glad GunPla TV is back! We’ll see some great builds and releases this year 😀

  76. Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see the result of Syd’s PG.

  77. I have a 200 dollar gift card that vibrates every time I see that PG Unicorn.

  78. And now I do need to get that MG Kit… I was worried about all the fin but I think the swords are better.

  79. Happy new year guys!

  80. 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D, is one kit i definitely wanna buy now after seeing it with the duel sword set up, great video guys, and yes the hobbit movies could use some trimming, Also when did dragons not become enough of a threat to carry a movie.

  81. I love this episode since it featured Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper! 🙂

    looking forward to the next episodes… OH! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!

  82. Nice video guys good to have you back and I got the PG unicorn in its box sitting in the corner staring me down, saying (JUST BUILD ME ALLREADY)

  83. Great job on the Unicorn. And Happy New Year!

  84. Glad you guys are back. I thought I wasn’t a big Star Wars fan. But when I seen those kits, I started to geek out real hard.

  85. Lol i already have the ootri pls dont send me another one of i win

    On the topic of seed/destiny im curious on what your thoughts are. Despite the series not being like by many (even myself to a degree) im just in love with the gundam designs in the show(destiny gundam being my favorite) Perhaps because there are so many gundams in the series to choose from.

  86. me! blog 163 keep up the sweet gundams!

  87. Awesome video and great start to 2015! Can’t wait for all the models this year!

  88. Doop

  89. Great show guys! And Syd When do you think we will see a Mg build Burning Gundam from the GBF Try?

  90. Hello nice show you are doing. Watching about 6 months now and can only say I cant wait so see more.

    In this Episode I found the TIE-Fighter realy nice it got some realy good deteails.

  91. Can’t wait to build a hgbf wing hooh and hgbf amazing red warrior … I hope there are more awesome kits coming out build fighters try …. Kits are looking awesome

  92. Ermergerd more gundams plz

  93. happy new year

    good year for star wars fans, but hopefully an even better year for gundams!

  94. Great episode to start off 2015…
    I wish you both and all hlj staff for your well-being. 🙂

  95. happy new year and we all cant wait for new gundam kits this year 🙂

  96. Hi Syd and Rye…
    Happy new year…
    And happy for me coz Bandai made the RG Gundam Wing specially for me LOL…
    That blue frame D is like a Dragon…
    Syd, tell your yellow sinanju I say happy new year okay…

  97. happy New years guys hope you enjoyed the break cant wait for you guys to get back to the gunpla.i was curious what are some of the announced kits your most anticipating to build?

  98. it’s good to have you back

  99. at this rate im going to need to make space on my gundam shelves for some starwars kits, that or get more shelves

  100. Great to see you both back and really looking forward to the “review” of the powered GM

  101. Good to see a new Gunpla TV episode! Hopefully this will be another good year for Gunpla, looking forward to an MG Grimoire, I really love the design of that MS. Also, a free MG would be cool.

  102. I have been buying quite a bit of star wars stuff lately. good show.

  103. Happy New Year!
    that astray look awesome!

  104. Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve last seen an ep of Gunpla TV but I’m glad I decided to watch again. I’m excited to see how the PG Unicorn looks when your done Syd.

  105. Blue frame D looks amazing im so tempted!!

  106. I’m pretty pumped to see the mg kits that come with this new year.
    G-self is a given, but I really hope they make the Montero. Best designed suit in years.

  107. Syd,

    Isn’t it time to return to building a certain kitbash of your’s.

  108. Great episode, glad you guys are back hope i win one of those kits!!!

  109. Awesome episode, was waiting for you guys to come back from the holidays! Turn x was definitely the best mg of the year! I wonder if we’ll ever get the reborns gundam mg

  110. Great to see that you guys enjoyed your short break. Would you be able to show us what the mystery add on is for the Aile Strike next week before it’s shipped off? The surprise is killing me!

  111. Wow, the frame looks really nice on the Unicorn!!

  112. The left leg of the bandai stormtrooper is backwards !!!

  113. But I just finished my blue frame Bandi!! WHY MUST YOU TROLL ME WITH ANOTHER AWESOME BLUE FRAME WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  114. Entering for the surprise 😀

  115. Happy New Year guys! Looking forward to your episodes for this year especially until Dec when Star Wars movie comes out and it will probably be a Star Wars movie Gunpla TV special episode! Hope to win any of the Strike MGs!

  116. Yey! Happy New Year!

  117. Have a great 2015!

  118. Love the storm troopers aND Astray Blue D. Can’t wait to see that gorgeous Unicorn lit up.

  119. Glad to have you guys back, I’ve missed watching GunplaTV. I hate to be greedy, but I hope I manage to win both those fantastic MGs.

  120. A handjob from Syd and a bonus! Not to mention the Aile Strike!!! Who wouldn’t want that?

  121. Hi guys!! Happy new year!! It felt so long since the last episode. Me and my girl friend miss you guys so much. Anyway so glad you are back and can’t wait too see what bandai has in store for 2015

  122. Happy New Year Syd and Ryan! Looking towards an amazing year of new gunpla model kits

  123. Here’s to a another great GunplaTV year.
    Maybe Bandai will do a PG version Star Wars kit for Xmas 2015.

  124. Epic 2 strikes ftw love mg strike kits

  125. nice show like always guys, hope i win some gundam MG love :p

  126. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for another great episode, I can’t wait for you guys to review the upcoming 2015 kits.

  127. Nice show to kick off the new year. Bought the darth vader kit from Bandai as a gift for my father and got him into model kit building. Now he wants to purchase the rest of the bandai kits. Looking forward on getting the stormtrooper

  128. strike me ^^

  129. getting into star wars lately, but Bagend is where it’s at. Gandalf for life!

  130. Blue Frame D is awsomeeeee!!

  131. I’ve been off and on with the Strike Gundam. It has a cool look but then again it doesn’t. I don’t know what it is about that Gundam that keeps bringing me back to it.

  132. awesome

  133. Happy New Year everybody! Also can’t wait to get the Astray blue frame D to add to my collection.

  134. I keep buying so many kits but I dont have time to build all of them lol
    they’re getting stacked on my desk atm haha

  135. I’m never gonna pay to watch any of those Hobbit movies.

  136. WOHOHOHOHO STRIKE STRIKE I hope i get it, oh and happy new year THNX

  137. Man, I wish I had a PG Unicorn. It looks amazing without the armor.

  138. Good to see you guy back from break, been waiting you guys show for too long. Another good episode. Will Always support you guys!! SIEG HLJ!!!

  139. Such Amazing kits! 2015 is going to be awesome!

  140. OMG I need a new master grade!!! Oh and welcome back Syd and Ryan always nice to see you two.

  141. Happy new year to you both Syd and Ryan.

    So new year, maybe ill win SOMETHING this year!

    Looking forward to the double X.

  142. I love the Strike Rouge, it just looks so fast.

  143. Just pre-ordered the DX from yourselves. I can’t wait to build that kit.

  144. Happy New Years guys, heres to hopefully a good year of awesome Gunpla 🙂

  145. Happy New Year guys!
    May lots of good things come for all of us. I wish for more MGs (specially a MG G-Self).
    Cheers for a great year for Plamo 😀

  146. so pumped for 2015!

  147. that storm trooper is looking sexy.

  148. Hooyah!!

  149. Happy new years, cant wait for the kits of 2015, do you think bandai will release the Gn 9999 Transient Gundam anytime soon?, btw you just spoiled hobbits for me jajaja.

  150. Great vid, guys! Looking forward to watching your new vids!

  151. Happy 2015!! It would be nice if my first comment on hobbylink wins me a professionally made MG! Looking forward to more great Gunpla episodes! Keep up the good work!

  152. Yay, a new episode finally!

  153. I hope my local hobby store still has the MG Astray Blue by the time I can get it >.< . Looks amazing.

  154. Not a huge Strike fan, but a free kit is a free kit!
    And if I win you’re painted one, sorry Syd, but I’m gonna strip and repaint it cause I wanna change the colors! 😉

  155. winna winna gunpla dinner?

  156. Mg blue astray looks awesome, as always great work Ryan and Syd (Syd and Ryan) and HLJ crew. C:

  157. Mg ROUGE hahaha
    guys any word on MG Dark Matter Exia release date?
    Btw I’m going to get my own MG Banshee norm soon
    good episode and i hope there’ll be more normal release MGs this year rather than those p-bandai bull 🙂

  158. Thought Syd had painted the Unicorn red and black at first glance :’D
    Happy new year and here’s to a twin giveaway of twins~

  159. wow strike gundam I want that

  160. Nice! strike gundam I want that

  161. You sold me on the blue frame…just love that weapons pack !

  162. Hope you guys had a great new years and a great year to come. I would love to get either of those. Keep at it Cid and Ryan. Cid i cant wait to see the Finished baby of yours.

  163. Nice to see you guys back. Hope to see more awesome reviews on 2015

  164. Strike Gundam !!!……..

  165. First vid, of the new yr. 🙂

  166. Great discussion guys!

  167. That PG Unicorn de-amroured…looking fierce by itself!!

  168. I loved how the MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D looked from the preview pictures but after seeing a video on it I am going to have to buy it!

  169. Strike Gundam!

    I wonder if the PG unicorn can use a milky grey psycho frame with either red, green, or no LED but still looks good

    • I asked a similar thing prior to its release. Molding the psycho frame in colorless clear, with different LED sets released in different colors to achieve the pink/green/gold/blue effects might not have been a bad idea…

  170. That blue frame is looking dope

  171. Aile strike for me. And strike rouge for my wife… And we lived happily ever after…

  172. just built the blue frame it looks amazing with the blades put together.

  173. Happy New Year Guys! 🙂 red warrior to start the year. love GBFT model kits.

  174. They should already release the MG Red Dragon.

  175. That strike though… help a guy out… I’m broke and can’t buy it!

  176. I love that PG Unicorn so much!!

  177. I miss u guys…. and finally u back…. that PG unicorn looks awesome

  178. Welcome back! Nice start for 2015!

  179. Ohh! 2 MG’s to give away… what a nice start to the year!

  180. Yea baby!! PG Sinanju!!

  181. So glad you guys are back!
    I don’t mind all the new adaptations of movies. If they suck, they suck, and there’s no use getting bent out of shape over it. I can always hold onto that original, or whatever version I still love.
    That stormtrooper kit will make for some awesome crazy custom builds (and the internet will yell at you for killing their childhood).
    PG Unicorn was an awesome build (my first PG). The main rifle runner on mine had a lot of molding issues on the edges of the parts. Not a difficult fix. It looks sooo good up on the shelf, and seeing it light up is a total joy.
    Happy New Year guys! Looking forward to Gunpla TV’s 2015 season!

  182. mygundamguy

  183. Hey Ryan and Syd hope you guys had a great time over the break.

  184. Now we just wait for the PG Unicorn Banshee

  185. Yey!You are back! I like it!

  186. Nice review on the Astray

  187. Have been waiting for you to finish build MBF-P03D Gundam Astray Blue Frame D. Happy New Year.

  188. Astray Blue Frame D… Perfect!

  189. For some reason I’m just not that excited for any of the Star Wars models. I love the first three movies but I am just not amazed by the stuff model wise. I guess I’m just happy sticking to robots/mechs.

  190. I would die to get that surprise

  191. Welcome back guys and happy new year.
    First of all, I thank you for your awesome episodes. I just started this hobby last December of 2014 and this addiction is all thanks to you guys. GyaGyaGya
    With the new GBFT kits, I’ll be a happy newbie this year.
    And with all those new Star Wars Kits, the hype is ON! It’s ON!
    May the Force be with us ALL!

    PS: I hope they won’t ruin my childhood with the new movies.

  192. Hey Guys, Nice to see you back for 2015. You are completely correct the 3rd Hobbit was lame, they could have squeezed that book into 2 movies and it would have been long but real good. Ryan be careful about mentioning the Falcon going to start a “finish the Falcon” rant again from everyone, haha. Love to grab a Seed Kit.

  193. 2015 is going to be a lot of red. MG Build Burning, MG Wing Hoono, RG Red Warrior would be interesting. Most interested in the RE line, hoping to see some Mobile Armors and Ships.

  194. Perfection.

  195. Happy New Year!!!!!

  196. 2015 is looking like a great year for kits, really looking forward to the MG Double X

  197. I just built my first gundam!!! But IDD like to see a costom painted one by syd. That way I have an idea what a costom painted gudam should look like.

  198. Always a pleasure and informative watching gunpla tv. Can’t believe you’re giving away 2 of my favourite MG! Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that because of your show and my growing interest of gundams (built my first kit in 2014 which was the hgbf build strike w/ plavsky wings), HLJ became my goto place to shop and browse! lol Also, me and my gf are very happy on being able to get our PG unicorn w/ LED from you guys shipped all the way in Vancouver BC in reasonable time and costs. After watching many reviews and WIP videos (esp Syd’s), we can’t wait to build it as it is one of the coolest kit.

    Anyways, happy new year guys and keep up the great work!

  199. great job guys. hope I win something soon.

  200. Great to see you guys again and hope you had an awesome. I want to know what would be your guys’ gunpla predictions for this year.

  201. 2015 Live performance from Darth and the Troops!!

    tickets sold out….

  202. I already ordered one from HLJ. Can’t wait to get my hands on PG Unicorn!

  203. This year should be a pretty exciting year in gunpla. I’m hoping for a few MGs from Reconguista, but just about anything could be fun to build. Keep up the great work and hope to see lots of videos this year.

  204. Niiiiice

  205. Really looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming Gunpla, specifically the MG Dark Matter Exia.

  206. Great episode as always! Looking forward to the new year

  207. Strike 1! Strike 2!.. Strikes out to me!!!
    Good to see you guys again! Yay!

  208. Is the armor parts on the PG Unicorn undergated too?

  209. Nice episode as always

  210. OMG! I want that 🙂 Lets try, maybe i am lucky 🙂

  211. @ryan and @syd
    Nice episode guys. Any ETA on the livestream for the RE Mark III build?

    And on the topic of the movies. 2015 will be a year of butchering childhood memories with all the great 90’s hits getting the remakes.

  212. Aile Strike RM was my first MG. I’m glad it was cause it was a solid kit with exceptional balance. Wouldn’t mind getting another one though. 🙂

  213. I like Bandai’s version of Stormtrooper more then Revoltech’s. Great episode as always Sid and Ryan. I hope I win a strike 🙂

  214. Thanks for the 1st episode of the year! always enjoying the show.

    Yay for Gundam Double X! Going to get one and put beside the X.

  215. This giveaway is … striking?

  216. OMG the Aile Strike ver. RM!! I only have the earlier version.. 🙁

  217. Syd, are you going to pick up the Bandai exclusive PG Full Armor for your Unicorn? Got mine on pre-order with Gentei

  218. That blue frame looks cool. I thought the blades were a little much at first until I seen that you can turn them in to two swords very clever

  219. Getting ready to order my Amazing Red Warrior. It’ll go next to a strike gundam mg *cough cough, hint hint* >_> yay gundams 😀

  220. May the force be with 2015!!! Welcome back Ryan n Syd!

  221. welcome back guys! Great stuff as usual , cannot wait till the next!

  222. great episode to start the year off. Btw those MG’s look tasty 😉

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    • The Gouf 2.0 heat sword is molded in clear orange, so the short answer is “No, unless you’re willing to lose the transparency.” The long answer:

      Since the effect isn’t achieved via metallic coating a la the Titanium Finish/Pearl Finish/etc. special edition kits, you can’t just strip it down to the bare plastic. The only way you can get rid of the effect is to paint over it.

      Alternatively, you can create a silicone mold of the part and recast it using clear resin. Problems with this method include, among other things, the recast part often being just a smidge smaller than the original (due to vulcanization effects during the casting process) which leads to fitment issues.

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    • PS. The strike Rouge is my favorite *wink**wink*

    • Bandai’s always released more 1/144 kits than 1/100 kits simply because of the lesser complexity required in their engineering. Japanese consumers also tend to gravitate towards the smaller kits because of their generally more limited living spaces (or so that’s what I hear).

      Frankly, I’m still waiting on an MG Palace Athene. Chop chop, Bandai.

      • Oh believe me. I get why there re more 1/144 kits. That I get, but it just seems like there is such great possibility for these series to grow into the MG market as well. But, I guess I am just being greedy. I want all the kits to be in MG 1/100. Part of me feels guilty for really liking most of the bots from the Build fighters shows thus far, even some of the ones you only get to see for a few minutes.

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    • The TG3 is already available as a P-Bandai online exclusive, which means only Japanese customers can buy them, which means you have to go through a middleman, which means sometimes significant markups. Yay for you.


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    As for the movies…., in my opinion CG nowadays is less expensive then in the “old days”, so they tend to go overboard with it. It used to be actors that carried the movies along with a great script and a good director, but now it’s CG…
    I don’t care as much for movies like that, I believe that “Less is More”. A great story line always beats CG, but hey, that’s me…

    I still haven’t finished building my PG Unicorn, got the legs, waist and torso done (all painted, thanks to you Syd, did different colors on the back of the knees, vents of the skirt armor and ball joints on the hips), but so far it was a pretty sweet build. Just have the feeling it is missing something that other PG’s got. Maybe it’s the pistons in the feet, legs and arm pits…? Or maybe I’m spoiled. LOL

    Sorry to bring this up, but you brought it up on yourself Ryan….
    In episode 103 you stated that the Falcon would be done before the new Star Wars episode… Think you can hold your promise?
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    A little question for you my dear Syd.
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    Anyways, great having you back. Will continue supporting HLJ in 2015!!!

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    • In case Syd doesn’t get to it:

      What you want to do is clear-coat your kit after painting. Apply a layer of gloss coating to your kit after you’ve painted it; this seals the painting in so that anything you do above the gloss coat won’t affect it. It also helps the panel lining more easily follow the channels of the panel lines.

      Once you’ve gotten panel lining down the way you want it, apply another clear coat. You can use either gloss (shiny) or flat (not shiny) coats, depending on what you want.

      Hope that helps.

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  422. Welcome back Syd & Ryan I hope you guys had a great time with family over the holiays.

    Star Wars is all about the money. If Lucas had thoughts to the contrary, the insane profits from merchandise made them fly away at hyperspeed to a galaxy far far away.

    But at least with Disney at the helm you have a shot at a decent film, that frankly Lucas does not currently have the talent to produce.

    Despite all those digs at Marvel, Avengers is today’s Star Wars. Most people aren’t going there to watch the CGI, the’re there to watch 60+ year old characters to tell their stories for the first time on the big screen. Hello infinity war, I have been waiting my life for you!

    Also, can’t wait for that PG Unicorn. I was terrified of painting it, but it looks like that inner frame won’t be as big a nightmare as I thought.

    Thanks again guys, look forward to the next episode!

  423. Bandai’s truly improving their plastic. I build a PokePla Pikachu a while back for fun, and while it had no undergating, the way the parts were connected the nubs turned out almost unnoticeable if cut right, it was an impressive feat.

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    PS. Tell Bandai to build some more 1/100 Saviour gundams:D

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    I’m kinda curious about that surprise with the MG Strike but I’ll probably never know. 🙁

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  491. i finally had an account here… your blogs are awesome sir . keep posting vids its great to see such cool kits and other stuff 😀 … Hype!!

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    Looking forward to watching your show for 2015. Keep them coming.

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    • Do you have the MG kit and love it? If so then I suspect you’ll be ultra satisfied with an unlit PG kit. The kit still looks great. But if you know you can disassemble later to add the LED kit if you decide you have to have it. I believe Syd said the LED kit comes with instructions on how to do that.

      I’d say that if you really like the Unicorn, have the regular MG kit and love it, then you’ll be happy with an unlit PG Unicorn too.You could always direct some UV LEDs onto it later to make the inner frame glow on it’s own. 🙂

      • Thanks man! I just finished building the MG full armor unicorn Ver Ka. and I really like it but I get frustrated with The transformation because of the head for the most part but i really am interested in the pg… i think that the Unicorn is one of my favorite MS, and as such I have the destroy mode HG as well as the banshee Norn banshe HG. I may even get the regular MG of the Unicorn. as well as at least one more Sinanju.. custom pain it possibly haha.

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    • Probably the closest you’re going to get for a while yet is this scratch build by a guy named MatX. He essentially takes a PG Wing Zero and modifies it into a Deathscythe Hell.


      (If the link doesn’t show up, just google “MatX Hellraiser Deathscythe”.)

      Hope you enjoy it.

    • Bandai creates kits for a profit; unless those RG Wing kits sell like hotcakes or they do another WG anime (reboot or teardrop), Wing just isn’t relevant enough for bandai to invest in a series of Wing PGs.

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    – How many variations of the Astrays are there now? Red Frame, Blue Frame, Gold Frame, Civilian Astray are all the base versions I know of, but the Red Frame by itself has seen half a dozen releases with different backpacks/weapon packs/etc. Sheesh.

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    Guess what, my girlfriend bought me that Blud Frame D for my birthday, WOW!

    I notice that the fingers are not painted blue as shown in the box-art. Any suggestion on how to colour the fingers to make it box-art accurate?

    Thank you and looking forward for the next episode of Gunpla TV

    • Seems to me from some quick looks at official art that there is no “official” color for the fingers. Sometimes they’re all blue. Sometimes they’re all white. Sometimes only the knuckles are blue. Sometimes only the back of the fingers are white.

      Painting them blue is simple enough. White/gray primer, blue paint, clear coat, and you’re done. If you want to get fancy and only target certain areas for blue-ification, you’ll have to get really good at working with really small bits of masking tape. (Though from looking at dalong pictures, the fingers are already molded blue, so now I’m not sure what you’re talking about.)

      Good luck.

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  619. MG aile strike is just the best! It’s not to complicated, it has the classic gundam color, it isn’t falling a part when you shake it, it has a realy good articulation, it became a build strike on gundam build fighter, it has been painted by a pro! Syd. Winning that aile strike is just like climbing the himalaya by just one step. that gunpla will complete my life! Oh how I wish I could win anyway this has been a striking episode, cause you just strike my heart using that aile strike and strike rouge sorry this is ar putra from comment before i put my name wrong my real name is azaharu

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