Nov 4

With the big Gunpla releases for the year soon upon us we thought we’d try to put out some videos related to requests we have had from the viewers. Once such request is to talk about how to apply the water-slide decals on the fin funnels of the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

Syd takes you through his decal process for those in this video, which turned out to be quite lengthy.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka



Gunpla TV


  1. Looks good

    • I am not replying to anyone, I wanted to post. I am new to this. Just finished a nightmare build of my first MG-Sazabi Ver. KA. Have you seen the decals for Sazabi Ver. Ka? It’s going to take longer to decal than to build. Their talking like the fin funnels are hard-give me a break. SVK has over 150 decals. I don’t want to do it… I’d rather build something!

  2. You guys should watch the new Gundam. The main char gets kidnapped and kills his friends the try to save him. The best protagonist ever.

  3. cant wait to see the new pg also will you be building it live

  4. Gouf+Zaku=Gouku?

  5. Awsome 😀 this is like a tutorial for hi nu decal, thanks guys keep it up~~!

  6. Awesome episode guys, cant wait for the new unicorn to appear, will be my first PG

  7. If I win i will paint the kits as a kit bash to look like goku.
    GOuf + zaKU = GOKU

  8. I may not have won a kit, but if my comment made Syd and Ryan laugh then that’s just as good. But who knows, maybe this time? (especially this time because good god, those are two of my absolute favorite mobile suits.)

    Really appreciate the episode, I’ve been considering picking up the Hi Nu Ver Ka and don’t want to mess the decals up, especially the ones on the funnels.

  9. Great show as always guys. Rather than a breakfast show you could pull off a great late night show here in New Zealand.

  10. the hi nu frame is pretty cool, cant wait to see pg unicorn!! good stuff.

  11. Holy hell, thats a lot of time to spend on decals! Well worth it though, I’d hate to see someone ruin a nice chunk of a 90$ kit after messing up some decals. I can’t imagine messing up the last set of decals after finishing 11 beforehand- the lack of consistency would drive me insane.

  12. Sweet episode guys. Hopefully i can win something for christmas in the coming weeks!

  13. gotta go fast 😮

  14. send that goku my way so that it can go super saiyan…on second thought I would probably botch it.

  15. Hi guys, water decal newbie here, would it be a good idea to wet the surface of the kit before applying the decal?

  16. Thanks for the vid really helped me understand how to use the water decos

  17. All praise the Mono-Eye! Still waiting for the Gouf 2.0 to get back in stock xD

  18. Thanks for the tutorial guys… Can’t wait for the new PG…

  19. Hi Syd and Ryan! Great episode as usual.
    The waterdecal tutorial was awesome. I’ll be working on my Hi Nu very soon so it was spot on for me. good to know few of these tips you mentioned, like cutting away the clear bits and the order to apply the decals.
    Hope to see more of these tutorials in the future when ever you get a chance.
    Keep up the great work guys.

  20. That hi-nu.. no matter how many times i see it, it still looks super cool. Quick question for syd, have you ever built any custom parts like weapons or extra armor?

  21. Insert generalized comment, for the sole purpose of winning a kit here.

    P.S: 3 years is a long time, may you and the show last another 30 😛

  22. LOLOL, Zouf Gaku

  23. I really want to see more of the real grade line for the gundam wing

  24. Give me those Zakus!!!

  25. Nice 2 monoeyes! Sieg Zeon! 😀

  26. Hi Syd n Ryan ! Great episode as always 🙂 Thanks a bunch syd for the decal tutorial it really help me a lot !

  27. Hi Syd & Ryan ! Do you guys read mangas ? which one is your fav at the moment ?

  28. Mono-eyes for the win ! Zouf !

  29. Gotta get me that Gaku!!!


  30. Interesting… A kit bash, would be fun. Could go completely off on a tangent and make a 4 legged walker.

  31. Somewhere on the Internet is a Zaku X Gouf romance going on….

  32. OH PUHLEEZE let me be blessed with those 2.0 kits!
    If I win, give my YouTube channel a shoutout! Same name: ZakuAurelius

  33. i wish i get the two kits

  34. keep up the good work guise

  35. Great tutorial on the decals! Since I am a fan of the UC kits. I may not be able to do that. What I am looking forward to is your live stream on the Unicorn PG!!!! Waiting for my full set LED and Kit.

  36. Hi Nu! .. one of my favorite kit! ^^ Great tutorial guys!

  37. I really like your hobby knife C:

  38. great help syd i was worried about the hi nu decals n u just help

  39. This aint no zaku boy!

  40. nice tuts on applying the decals on the hinu there syd! and cant wait for your livestream on december!!! its PG unicorn!!!!!!

  41. Kinda wondering if there will be another one of those limited parts for people who bought the first production run of the PG Unicorn. Also how hard would it be to airbrush those instead?

  42. PICK ME PLS random generator-san.. Pick me please~!~!

    Good esp as aways guys. Really look forward for the PG unicorn and really wanna order the LED for the PG unicorn. Please have it avaliable. Thanks.

  43. Thanks for the guide on applying decals! Helps for the more tricky pieces. 🙂

  44. dam that gouf looks good!

  45. The Char’s Zaku has the Gundam 30th logo on it (which was part of the clear parts campaign) so if the winner is lucky they might be included , or they might have those clear parts left over if they bought the kit during the campaign.

    Gundam: The Origin is still a few months from official release, but could Bandai have a new version of the Zaku II to match the version Yoshikazu Yashuhiko drew Char and the Black Tri-Stars piloting during the battle of Loum. And maybe a Guncannon head and EFF emblem to recreate the captured and jerry-rigged Cannon Zaku.

  46. i want that ZOUF! ahahahaha

  47. I was able to put on water decals (small decorations) with almost no difficulty when I was a kid, but man, dry decals are really hard to get right. Since you basically only have 1 chance to set it in place, you’re pretty much screwed if you get it wrong.

  48. syd, thanks for showing how to apply decals. failed all times hope that i will get it right this time. 😉

  49. Nice episode. If I were to build this kit, I think I would go with airbrushing the funnels instead of the decals. Ryan you are very correct on films not having any soul anymore and worrying about visual quality. I have always wanted a gouf and wouldn’t mind winning.

  50. Thanks for the tuto Syd. Keep up the good work, never missed a show. I got a good plan for those two mg….rusting in a diorama…..

  51. it’s right, movie nowadays lacks in stories. hope that will change. nice episode as always guys. can’t wait for the next show.

  52. Thanks for the water decal tutorial syd and ryan.. it help me a lot on my mg sazabi.. but i did screw up some water slides on my sinanju T.T
    It is really hard to do.. can you give me a tip on how to do water decals on rounded edges? Tq
    btw sazabi was my first try
    And where’s rrobbert?

  53. I am Zouf, god of the natural Earth phenomenon called “lit-ning”.

  54. Hi Ryan & Syd,
    Thank you for another great video, the decals video was a real great help for me.
    I can’t wait for the live stream of the PG Unicorn Gundam. Do you think there will be a MG release bigger than the PG Unicorn this year?
    As always, I look forward to your next video.
    – Kelvin

  55. fingers crossed and hoping to win this time 😛

  56. Sweet video guys I just finished doing the decals on my hi-nu yesterday, I just went with the tips of the funnels and the caution markings, and I got some ideas for them kits so here’s hoping I win , oh and I can’t wait to see that big, beastly unicorn this month ill have a tissue on hand for when I start drooling

  57. Whatever that person does with that zaku and that gouf…THIS IS NO ZAKU BOY, NO ZAKU!

    Also the tips on the fin funnel decals was handy, many thanks!

  58. Great video guys.

    It would be great sometime if you could show tips or tricks to help for when mistakes happen… like for example if one of the water slide decals starts to lift off after drying.

    I depend on your insights and wisdoms as there aren’t too many gunpla builders here in Sweden.


  59. I want to build a Goku! Half Zaku and half Gouf!
    A Super Sayan Goku maybe…no idea how…

  60. nice episode and that a timely tutorial which I was planning putting decals on Nu Gundam funnels and weapons so that it will be finish and my sinanju is waiting for me. I’m gladly to have those MGs hehe. Good job and God Bless you both and the HLJ family.

  61. nice video tutorial. can you show some more customize technique plz.

  62. Now I can definitly get my Waterslides right, thanks Syd!
    Would be cool to win this to kits for Kitbashing (first try in this thematic.)

  63. Wow! i never knew that the Hi-Nu Ver.ka had a really hard water slide decals to put…because i don’t get one for myself yet!!! i really appreciate what Syd did on the show and tell us a trick of the decals!!!! And thank guy for a nice episode!!! can’t wait for episode 160….^^

  64. I feel like I’m prepared to do the water decals on my Sinanju now; thanks guys for the tutorial 🙂

  65. Thanks for the waterslide tip Syd. No kidding when you brought up the patience of model building. I’ve learned from my errors when applying them with rush work

  66. water decals!! DDD;

  67. It’s good to see a tutorial on Water Slides for a change. The things have always been a pain in my side and it’s great to see how to exactly apply the things. Anyway, Come on: Zaku and Gouf. Must be my lucky day

  68. Hi Ryan e Syd, thanks for the tutorial. The Hi-nu is one of my favorite design, sooner or later i will certainly build it and your advices will be definitely helpful =D

  69. Thanks for the decals tutorial.

  70. I really like the show keep it up Syd and Ryan.I know I sound selfish but if I win the Gouf and Zaku wich are my favourite suits il paint them in the colors of my country.Much love from Croatia.P.S. those would be my first gunpla.

  71. more!!!

  72. Awesome decal tutorial for the hi nu, along with a pretty interesting sonic kitbash!

  73. Spread the joy.

  74. Good luck everybody 😀

  75. Oh god I need my monoeyes.
    Cmon uncle me needs a new pair of zeon MS’s!
    Love the show guys Keep it up.
    Spread the love.

  76. mates i do hope you guys are still christians and still believe on the essence the yuletide season (not yet but its coming pretty fast). i will appreciate it if i can get my early gift from you guys hahaha! Cheers! 😀

  77. This had some pretty helpful tips for waterslides. The parts that you covered looked pretty good!
    Also, I always love Goufs and Zakus and it would be great to have those MGs, even if they’re incomplete.

  78. Nothing better than waking up on your day off and watching some gunpla tv 🙂
    Thanks for the water slide tutorial now i may try to decal up my RG strike freedom

  79. Hey guys, awesome episode as usual, but I have an urgent, important question! D:
    Christmas is getting very close you see, and shipping from Japan to Ireland can take a while, so I have to figure out what kits I’m getting pretty early. My question is, are there any large differences between the MG Unicorn OVA Ver. and the HD Colour version apart from the MS Cage? Also, which is better, the MG Sinanju Ver. KA or the OVA Ver.?

  80. Oh man, the work day cant go any faster whenever i see a new episode is up. Couldnt wait haha! Very nice to see the waterslide tuto! I’m building the Nu ver Ka and the decals dont look as complicated as the ones on this Hi Nu ver Ka. Great episode.
    I’m a big fan of the early Zeon mono eye units with the exception of the zaku I. love the Zaku II, Gouf, Dom, Gelgoog.

  81. Sup guys nice video that PG tho looks vary nice and ps sonic fast !!!

  82. two great kits with two great guys! let me win!!!!

  83. Watching this tutorial definitely motivated me to do water slides on my Shenlong MG, thanks a ton! Can’t wait to get a closer look at the Unicorn PG.

  84. Urge to buy MG Hi-Nu Ver. Ka. and RE Nightingale… RISING.

  85. those decals looks painful, maybe next time you guys can show how to airbrush such effects too.

  86. Time to make a GouKu MONO EYE!

  87. Great episode as always guys! I want to win those kits so bad!! And Syd since you have a Sabres Blitz would you consider doing a Canucks themed build?

  88. Awesome show! Nice decal demonstration. I think I’d try to make the prototype Gouf out of those 2 kits, or one of the MSV’s anyway.

  89. I’ve always gotten lead kits,but i’ve been trying to switch into the lesser known models, what is your favourite grunt?

  90. Thanks for answering my question guys, I got to agree with you, those movies do need a bit more soul. I really want to make that Goku or should it be Zauf or Goza hmm?

  91. Just placed a preorder for the PG Unicorn, now that it’s back up again. Waiting patiently for the LED set to come back (if at all). Also, Gouf is love, Gouf is life.

  92. a gouf and chars zaku seems nice!

  93. Great tutorial, Syd! I guess I have no more excuses to keep me from tackling water slide decals. I have a few MGs that are in need so of a few water slide decal treatment.
    As for the Marvel movies coming out. I guess I am more like Ryan as I am sort of ‘meh’ to them all. With a touch of Syd. If people keep telling me to go see it, it will just make me not watch it.

  94. Very nice guide! In regards to the giveaways, I wish Bandai would make an RG Gouf already (before I forget how to snap in the middle of a build)! Looking forward to the next episode!

  95. I am glad to see this since I’m a newer viewer and it is nice to learn about water-slides. I would love to get the MGs. Since I got the 3.0 Gundam MG, it would be cool to get those and do some battle damage effects to make up for the lack of parts.

  96. Great episode again. I haven’t done any decals on my kits yet because I’ve been afraid of messing up, but after watching this video helps understand what and what not to do.
    Also, what do you guys do with all the extra promotional posters ater? should give those away, too. I wouldn’t mind myself some nice big gundam posters

  97. I want to bash your kits!

  98. Hey Syd & Ryan, just wanted to say thanks for revealing that the HMM Blade Liger renewal exists!

    I would say Avengers and CA: Winter Soldier are both brilliant films in their own right. The latter being the best film in 2014 for me.

    But then again I’m a big fan of character driven narrative. It’s a bonus if there is a plot or if that plot is relevant.

  99. Great episode guys! (I totally watched it and I’m not leaving a comment first for the drawing.)

  100. that sonic marasai actually made me laugh out loud, best custom marasai I’ve ever seen.

  101. Love the show guys! Keep up the great work! I like how it’s 2 for 1 giveaway this episode, hope I win!!!!

  102. Holy ship!

    That was intense, I never thought that waterslide decals take real time to properly put them on the right spots, maybe I should start small and simple and not complex and intricate

    nonetheless, this episode was very informative for me 😀

  103. Awesome decal tutorial on this episode
    Cannot wait for RG wing gundam

  104. November 21st is going to be EPIC! Wish I was in japan so I could go to the Gunpla Expo on my birthday. Awesome job on the decals Syd. If I can win the Gouf and Zaku 2, I will be sure to show you the finished product on Gaijin Gunpla ha-ha

  105. Nice. Haven’t started my kit yet but good thing we have access to Mark Setter and Mark Softer here in Manila

  106. HUGE decals are scary haha.

  107. Syd, can’t wait till your review of the HG Build Burning Gundam!

  108. Nice Ep! Wow i imagine it will be quite intense to apply all the funnel decals successfully. 1 decal gone= gg for us not staying in jap.

  109. Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

  110. I’m going to be greedy but let’s see if my lucky streak continued 😉

  111. Thank You HLJ for all the time and effort of these videos.
    Just had my 10 months old son in induce coma for 9 days last month and if it wasn’t for these youtube video I for sure would have gone insane.
    Keep up the good work.

  112. Oh gods I want to kit bash what’s left of those 2 kits so much !

    Very instructive tutorial on the water decals. I’m looking forward to trying those myself. I still did not buy a kit with water decals yet.

    This made me think a a question. Any tricks on putting rub off decals on surfaces that are not flat ? I have a ton to put on my MG Wing and have no idea how I will manage that.

  113. You guys rock!

  114. MG 1/100 Zouf II 2.0

    Sounds legit.

  115. Very excited for the unicorn gundam. It will probably be my first PG kit thanks for the great videos.

  116. At work yesterday when my boss asked me what I was going to do for the work day I said live stream myself building a Perfect Grade, he was not drinking the koolaid. I envy your jobs, thanks for the great show!

  117. If I win those kits, I’m going to bash them into a GOKU! Great episode as always, and thank you for the water slide decal tutorial. Also looking forward to more PG Unicorn info!!!

  118. Hey guys great episode, Gouf + Zaku sounds interesting would like to give it a shot.

  119. What did ever happen with the mallard Syd? Haha I suppose it’ll turn up on one of the episodes as a giveaway! Anyway, I really like the idea of giving a viewer the two kits to kitbash!

  120. Really in-depth tutorial of the applying of water decals! This could really help a lot of people to get to the next level. Hoping to win the giveaway too!!

  121. Would Love to work with Gouf and Zaku and see what I can do with what I got.

  122. ya, had trouble with decals before, the softner really helps

  123. Man I’m already trying to figure out how one would put a gout and a zaku II together.

  124. This episode is really helpful! ^_^Thank you so much!

  125. Gunpla got me my new job! Lol I went into my interview for sales position and had to explain my hobbies. I smiled and showed them my phone full of pictures of all the gunpla I’ve built. THEY LOVED THEM!! They thought it was the coolest thing EVAR!! Lol I spent two hours in the interview room just explaining how I built them and how much time end effort I put in to my builds. At the end of the interview they told me that my cubicle will have twice as many wall shelfs so I can display my Gundams proudly. Needless to say that was great day!

  126. This episode made me actually apply the decals correctly, Thank you!

  127. Kit bashing those would be pretty fun. This is no Zaku boy…. ummmm wait maybe it is?

  128. Great tutorial! I will definitely be using many of these tips when applying decals on my Sazabi ver. Ka. It’s too bad that Mr. Mark Setter/Softer are difficult to find at a reasonable price here in the US/Canada, but I did find decal setter and solvent solutions by a company called Microscale. I don’t know how well they perform though, but I’ll find out when I practice applying decals on some HG kits.

  129. Another great episode guys. Keep it up. Also, Ryan, if you like crime and detective series, you should check out the Prey series by John Sanford. They’re really well done. Anyway, keep on keepin’ on.

  130. I feel like i’m the only one that was let down by the hi-nu

  131. Oh man, Char’s Zaku II + Gouf? I’d love to try my hands on a kitbash of these two boys.

  132. nice show as always and also nice tutorial


  133. Keep up the great work fellas, I must admit the decals for the funnels on the Hi Nu ver Ka look great, but I will probably just opt to paint them instead. Hope Syd does show a complete Hi Nu ver Ka with all the decals laid on.

  134. Great tutorial guys. Looking forward to that hi nu decaled and fully painted. Keep up the good work. 😀

  135. what are the chances of bandai releasing Gouf R35 in Master Grade scale?

  136. Great show as always guys and thanks syd for the awesome tutorial on the Hi Nu I can start my Hi Nu with a heads up

  137. Do you think that Bandai will release an MG Zaku II for Gundam the Origin?

  138. Astray Blue Frame D…
    soon… VERY SOON…!! :3

  139. Wow. This is amazing. Thank you so much for choosing me. I never thought that I would win!

  140. Nice Tutorial on the Hi Nu decals. Water slides always seem daunting when you first deal with them for sure especially on rounded surfaces. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see the PG Unicorn.

  141. Red, Blue combo? I want.

  142. I cant wait for PG Unicorn…

  143. Well for waterslides if you dont have mark setter you can just use vinegar (i use 1:1 ratio with water) in place of water. It works great both with Bandai and 3rd party decals (like Samuels). Works great even if the surface had been textured.

  144. Good show on the decal tutorial, hi nu ver ka decals were a pain.
    So help me make my mecha shiva and save me the costs of buying multiple zakus doing so.
    P.S Syd and Ryan 10/10 wood waifu

  145. I’ll accept freebies incomplete or not!

  146. Nice to see that you are still doing tutorials. Waterslides can be a real pain in the ass, escpecially the big ones. But if done correctly, they look awesome.

  147. Hey Syd and rayan great show today but i got a question. I’ve been building and collecting HG Gunpla for 6 years now and i have ben using nail clippers clean ones for my gunpla, do i need those gunpla nippers and sand paper to make them perfect? Also i hope i can win both those 2.0 MG babys that would be good for my first MG, even if their use MG and i can’t wait to see the next ep of gunpla TV.

  148. Cool episode. I’ve never done a kit bash but I wouldnt mind giving it a go if I had a couple of spare kits. 😛

  149. great info on water slides, I could use some kitbashstuffs 😀

  150. Water slides can be so time consuming, but it’s well worth it. I only found that out recently when I put my MG Shinanju together. As always great show guys.

  151. Would love to kit bash that Zaku II and Gouf. I just finished a MG Zaku II and Shin Matsunaga’s White Wolf Zaku II, and I love these kits.

  152. I seriously can’t wait for that PG Unicorn! It would go nicely with my MG Sinanju. Another great episode guys.

  153. Interesting.. thanks for the episode

  154. Love the Hi-Nu and really wanna buy 1 for a custom build to stand next to my Gouf Blitz type, would love to built a 2.0 model, keep up the great work guys, can’t wait to see the finished product

  155. Great tutorial guy and good episode, now i have more confident to apply my Hi Nu decal..Thank Guy looking forward to episode 1……6….0 !!!All Hail Syd and Brian

  156. Sup guys? I love it when u do tutorials! How bout that zoid @syd how ur not spraying it on the runners like @ryan and the nutcracker that well never see.( Cough cough just like the mallard )lol how bout building another space ship on the show when starwars kits r released. Once more hope I win the mg Zion kit bash starter kit. Later guys

  157. That is a lot of waterslide decals….damn.

    PS: Hope I win 🙂

  158. Oh how annoying water slides are. the worst is when you screw up and ruin one that you only have 1 of.

  159. Hey Syd and Ryan, do you guys plan on having any special guests on the show some time in the future? And nice episode like always.

  160. Watching Gunpla TV in between episodes of Zeta(I’m making my way through all of the UC in chronological order). I have to say I love the show, and it always keeps me up to date with this amazing hobby! Keep up the good work!

  161. Sieg Zeon ! 😀 a tutorial for airbrushing tamiya clear colors sounds nice 😀

  162. Zeon suits on giveaway! Sieg Zeon! Thanks for another tutorial.

  163. Great show again fellas. Love the tutorial, it really makes waterslides less intimidating to a noob like me. Also, after listening to the commenter on todays show, I wanted to share my reason for my current love for Gunpla.

    Two years ago this friday, my old house burned down. I was an avid collector of toys, comics, video games, etc, basically everything nerdy you could think of. I lost my entire collection. And I got to thinking, “man, three quarters of the things I collected were just sitting on the shelf, unappreciated.” They were basically opened, posed, and then never touched again. So I decided to come back to Gunpla. Because with Gunpla you don’t just get a display piece, you get the experience of the build. And even if the kit is destroyed, or lost, or sold, you still remember that build and the time you put into it. I still remember building kits in high school, and those experiences have stuck with me.

    Thanks guys for doing this for the community, your show is great and I look forward to many years of Gunpla TV!

  164. i love to win a zauf you guys should do a shirt giveaway 🙂

  165. A good episode and example of how to put on decals.
    I also wonder if I will ever win anything. Seems like others have this sceret that I dont know of.
    I mean that one guy won 2 things in one week. Seems fixed to me. Lol.

  166. Oh good I won something!

    I remember when I first found this show, I was looking for a let’s build for the PG Strike Freedom; which as you may have gleaned, is my favorite gundam! All i can really say is that my enthusiasm for gunpla has grown since that time and your show has to do something with that. i just can’t get enough of them. Ofc i’ve watched other similar shows, but it’s just not the same. 3 years ago I remember saving every bit I can from my competitively medium college allowance to buy gunpla, and when I do I’d make building it last as long as it possibly can, I squeeze every drop of fun I can from it. Nowadays while I can afford more, I have little time to actually build them :(. Watching every new episode as soon as i find them, watching a bit during lunch, watching the rest during breaks, your videos are all i got X_X

  167. Nice tutorial vid, I guess I have to be extra careful about those waterslides then. I got my own Hi nu ver ka after watching you guys’ vid about it and I must say, its a pretty awesome kit that fits my taste on Gunpla kits, and man, I love those proportions.

  168. Nice episode! This tutorial and tips was very useful, I’m waiting to see this kit complete.

  169. Nice episode! Haha another water slider tutorial video again! Will you two be organising another gundam competition again?
    Hope to win those kits too

  170. Good tutorial

  171. Argh…
    Hi Nu Ver. Ka…!!!

  172. Woo hoo! Zaku time! Sooooo much things coming out in december. I’m too excited. Lol.

  173. Great video guys! A live stream of the PG Unicorn would be awesome!

  174. D-cals D-cals 😛 lol

  175. I think I’m most excited about the new wind RG coming out, you guys think the GP 02 RG is ever coming out???

  176. now time to build my hi-nu.. thanks

  177. Thanks a lot for showing how to do put those decals on. I was wanting to put them on but I don’t want to mess them up so thanks again.

  178. That is one helpful tutorial – thanks a lot for that!
    I just got my hands on a Sazabi ver. Ka and building it right now. I am also planning to get a Hi-Nu ver. Ka next – but I will probably skip its water-slide decals as I will paint it with the original normal Nu color scheme as I find it a rather better color for any Nu Gundam.

    Hope you guys keep up the good work on sharing info about J-PlaMo and more power to HLJ!

  179. Awesome epic episode. Love your tutorials. To be honest I have been afraid to tackle these water slides as they will be my first attempt (I normally use dry transfers or just the Mg/Rg stickers) but after watching this I feel more confident. Thanks guys you rule!

  180. Thanks for the episode, i really apreciate the effort you put to make them.

    I miss Ardith and Robyn, say hello to them, hope to see them back in Toy Tengoku.

  181. I really should get a bottle of Micro sol or Mr Decal, after building the 55 Mazda 787b (next build of that car will be entirely airbrushed after those horrid green decals).

    I have never bought a Zaku or a Gouf, although my interest in them has grown…Would be great to have both rolled into one.

  182. Am I the only person who is not a fan of the fading color effects on those fin funnels? I feel that it just looks really bad compared to the rest of the model’s clear, streamlined design.

    That being said, those two MG kits could make for a really awesome mash-up. I hope I win!

  183. Great episode guys! I really want to start painting my kits so those two would be great practice for me. Can’t wait for the pg.

  184. Thanx for the wonderful tutorial Syd, overlaping decals are abut tricky to put on. Great show as always

  185. That was a great episode guys i hope you get that PG

  186. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  187. Hmm, the Unicorn comes out on the 13th eh? That’s six days after my birthday! And the New 3DS comes out in just under two weeks! Oh man, get hype much! So many things, so little money… .-.

  188. Thanks for the tutorial guys, it’s stuff like this that makes me and others better builders.

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