Oct 3

It’s been some time since the Gunpla TV guys were in the studio. They’re back for episode 157 after spending some time seeing some interesting things. They’ll discuss what they’ve been doing and show a little bit more of the RE/100 Nightingale.

New Bandai Star Wars kits!
– 1/72 X-Wing Starfighter
– Star Wars 1/12 Darth Vader
– Star Wars 1/12 Storm Trooper
– 1/72 Star Wars TIE Advanced x1

New Gunpla!
1/144 HG Gehennam Type Space (Production Type)
BB #396 Build Burning Gundam
1/144 HGBF R Gyagya
1/144 HG Optional Unit Space for Gundam G Self
1/144 RG Wing Gundam Zero EW

And the Perfect Grade Unicorn!
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
LED Unit for PG Unicorn Gundam

Kits featured in this video:
1/100 RE/100 MSN-04II Nightingale
1/144 HG Gundam G-Self
1/144 HGUC Z II


Gunpla TV


  1. I’m wondering if it’s possible to paint the frame of the PG unicorn green without affecting the LED gimmick?

    • I would say no I don’t think it’s possible since the frame will probably be injected clear red and to paint clear red to any green it won’t be clear anymore even if you use clear green paint it will look brown but I guaranty that there will be a set of green plastic psyco frame made by ether P-Bandai or some chines knockoff company within a few months of release.

    • I would have to get both the LED’s and the model at the same time. Love the show guys keep it up, highlight of my week.

    • Well what you could do is test the paint on an HGUC unicorn and a flash light to see if it would work or not.

    • Wow looks like this big PG unicorn is going to be have so much gimmick parts that can show a clear red frame with in the unicorn and also be really bright if put in the red LED in the unicorn maybe. And I’m also wandering if they might release that gundam unicorn that has crystal around the blue or green frame from gundam unicorn episode 7

    • Hey guy love the show . I have never bought a PG kit but I think that the unicorn would be a perfect pick for me when I have the money .keep up the good work can’t wait to see the next episode.

  2. Loving the vids guys, not really enthused about the pg unicorn but to each their own. till the next vid!

  3. Nice video and great job as aways!

    Hope, my friends, never dies!

  4. Yes! Another RG! I love you Bandai! 🙂

  5. Syd and Ryan (Ryan and Syd?), great video once more. I had a lot of fun watching the announcements at the All-Japan Model Show, and the clarification of the big news in today’s episode has me even more hyped up for the PG Unicorn. Definitely gonna be putting in my preorder for it on HLJ, as soon as I have the money. What with the yen being so weak right now, I’m definitely gonna nab the LEDs too. I got a red lightning base along with my MG Unicorn for the very same reason. The Unicorn is going right on top of my list of kits to build, to hell with my backlog. (7 unbuilt kits in my closet, plus 2 half-finished projects, and now I’m adding a PG to that)

    On the Star Wars topic, what do you think of the chances Bandai makes a Millennium Falcon?

    Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m excited to see more Gunpla on GunplaTV!

  6. I’m really happy about the Unicorn, I was thinking about the MG Unicorn now with the PG coming I going to get it. I also want the poster looks cool. The RG Wings, I can’t wait for them I was thinking about replacing my HG Wings perfect timing.

  7. Im been planing to buy my first PG kit and the PG Unicorn is PERFECT!!!!! and I’m going to buy both the leds and the unicorn

  8. Whew… almost was in a panic when you said “Ryan is leaving” just to find out he’s just going on vacation. Having two of you on the show has made it much more entertaining. Sort of like getting two in one box…lol

    To answer Syd’s field pole for the PG Unicorn. I’m all in for the LED. My last PG came from you guys and now I’m looking forward to my next one. Hope the exchange rate says in the USD favor long enough to order it.

    Keep up the good work guys. Love the show as always.

  9. I had no doubts about ordering both when I got the HLJ email saying they were announced, just take my money! I’m going to have the best Christmas unicorn in town. do you think you will show the built G-Self on Gunpla TV, and do you think you will live stream the PG Unicorn? Great episode as always, Syd and Ryan (Ryan and Syd)!

    • No I don’t think they will do a live stream, a pg takes wayyy too long, but they might do several episodes building one part at a time like the strike freedom

  10. ahh i cant wait too see the PG Unicorn.
    and i dont know what too think of the Gundam G…its….strange…somehow ^^
    but i´m curious of a MG version from this kit.
    so in german : Haltet die ohren steif und viel spass im urlaub

    so far doggy

  11. Why do you guys keep saying the R-Gyagya is “base off the Gyan”? I mean, yeah it has all the weapons/trappings/etc off the Gyan from Gunpla Build Fighters, but the mobile suit itself is an AMX-104 R-Jarja. Which I relent is base off the YMS-15 Gyan, but still! I’m hoping we’ll get a REAL (ZZ version) of the R-Jarja and maybe one day a Hamma Hamma.

    Do you guys hate ZZ or something? You better not. I’ll never forgive you!

    • I don’t think anyone “Hates” the ZZ, but it was by far the worst kit I have ever built (1998 HG) and Bandai doesn’t seem to be showing it any love.

  12. i love poop

  13. Hi Syd and Ryan! Great Episode again! Loved the PG poster and I already ordered mine from Hobbylink Japan(Gundam+ LED). Keep videos and gundams coming!

  14. Good episode as always, Ryan and Syd. I decided I’d hold off on the LEDs on the Unicorn. I’d need to see more to be sold first. I’m all on board for the kit itself though. Also, Frame Arms for days!!!

  15. When I heard about the LEDs kit, that discouraged me from buying the unicorn… but that might change once they show the real thing.
    I want bumblebee or the frame arms kit!
    nice episode!

    • oh and I forgot to mention, arn’t a 1/72 tie fighter or xwing is a little kit that would fit on the palm of your hand?

  16. Bandai, I love ya, but I’ll be damned if I fork up the money for the LED’s. The first thing I’ll do once I see pictures of the LED system/units is devise a way to make my own. Even if its slightly more ghetto than the Bandai version. Even if it doesn’t do the fancy systematic light-up feature. Even if it doesn’t have that glow/fade effect.
    Damnit Bandai, this is the last time you’re getting any of my money.

  17. Awesome details about the unicorn

  18. I think I’m going to get the PG Unicorn first and then maybe I’ll get the LEDs. I am kind of upset because I just finished putting together the Master Grade kit I ordered from you guys.

  19. Definitely gotta see the effects before deciding on the LEDs.

    Also hoping the PG Unicorn itself doesn’t suffer from short stocky legs syndrome from most earlier PGs as well.

    BTW, is there gong to be a modeling competition this year?

  20. Great video as always guys!

  21. LEDs are a bit to pricey for me but still cool to see

  22. Syd who’re you rooting for in the NHL this season??

  23. I’m going to hold off on the LEDs (this certain set is really expensive). Great look at the Nightingale though. That thing is a beast.

  24. Great episode guys, All this talk of the Unicorn ensures that November cannot come faster enough, despite personally feeling luke warm on the kit. As for the separate LED set. I’m happy that its not a online exclusive sold only in Japan. If I was to buy the Unicorn I would buy the LED set with it as I am assuming that it is easier to add all the LED’s during the building process. Being teased with LED’s while building the Unicorn would make me frustrated.

  25. I am going all in First PG and will be first time using LEDs on a model kit! Sorta glad I never picked up MG unicorn at this point.

    • Me too, thats why I waited.

      • Now the real question will be should I pick up a 2nd one in the future to display the unicorn mode…with our luck they will release a full armor set in some fashion that I will want also. I really hope we see a PG Banshee as well down the road.

  26. I’ll definitely get both

  27. instant pre-order. I absolutely can’t wait for the PG Unicorn to come out. i really hope the destroy mode looks great before i decide on the getting the LED’s (im sure it will look amazing without them though)

  28. I cant wait to get the unicorn, im not really sold on the leds yet i probably need to see a picture of it with the leds , but im getting the unicorn are you taking preorders yet?

  29. I’ll be getting the leds later, mainly because of the price, but i’m getting them, that’s for sure :p

    I’m also coming around on the whole RE/100, wasn’t a big fan of it due to the lack of the inner frame and detail but the nightingale seems pretty massive compared to the resin kits.

  30. WOO! PG unicorn will, in my opinion, be the ultimate Gunpla kit.
    Love the episodes guys.

  31. It was a 100% no brainer no matter what price it was going to be…lol I am actually thinking on getting TWO Unicorn Gundams. One to full go crazy and make it a real display piece with the LED’s and one that I can pose and play around with! 😀 Keep up the amazing work guys!! My Metal Frame Destiny is still the jewel of my collection but i think PG Unicorn will give it a real run for its money!

    • Hey,

      I was actually considering maybe getting a Metal Build Exia / Freedom. How does Metal Build compare to PGs? Which one do you think has more value? (Since they are relatively closely priced)

  32. I’ve never built a PG but the unicorn would be huge and I don’t even know where I’d put it, but If I were to buy it for sure, I’d probably buy just the kit first, then see how the LED kit works with it, then if I liked it then buy the LED kit because regardless of LEDs or not, I’m sure it’ll look awesome anyways.
    Also, I want them hoihoi sans. I remember watching the anime shorts years ago and thought it’d be pretty damn cool not having to worry about bugs, though they leave spiders alone, and I hate spiders.

  33. Great episode as always. I will wait till Nov 21 before making a decision on the LED set. Can’t wait for Christmas! 🙂

  34. It wasn’t featured in this episode, but I am looking forward to the new MG Astray Blue Frame with that big backpack.

    I think one of the reasons (other than to make more $)that Bandai will sell the LED separate from the PG Unicorn is to keep the cost of the kit down for those who don’t care about LEDs.

  35. Hi

  36. I fell I’ll never win, but you can’t win if you don’t try. Also a RE Dark Gundam would be fantastic

  37. Awesome show guys! I’m so excited for the pg unicorn. Not sure if I’ll get the l.e.d. pack with it. It all depends on home much holiday money I can rake up haha

  38. Pre-ordered the PG Unicorn with LEDs as soon as they went up on the site can’t wait for December to roll around

  39. For the question: I’m undecided on the LEDs. Personally, I feel like paying 100$ is way too much… I could potentially get 2 MG or 3 RG for that price! Definitively getting the Unicorn PG though 🙂

    Great show as always!

    Syd, do another top 5 MG/ RG/ HG video please!

  40. I’m definitely getting the pg unicorn and the led set. It’s just gonna make the whole kit look more awesome than it already is. (If I happen to get picked for a kit, please give it to someone else. I’d just rather build my own kits :p)

  41. YAY A NEW EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! Extremely excited for what the PG Unicorn has in store. The only thing that puts me off from getting it IMMEDIATELY upon release is if or when they will release it with the green psycho frame (I tend to prefer the green over the red).

  42. I’m definitely picking up the PG Unicorn but as for the LEDs I’m going to wait on reviews to see exactly how they look and if they work properly.

  43. If I had 20k yen to spare for a PG Unicorn, I’d probably save it and wait until I get another 10k yen to get it with the LED set, assuming that the LED set is as amazing as the description on the flyer sounds.

  44. hey syd and Ryan, just wanted to say that i don’t want the Unicorn PG, ha-ha jk though I’m not to sure about the led units though because of price but I’ll have to wait till the kit comes out. great show as always.

    P.s. dat frame arms

  45. I’m going to get the PG Unicorn. As for the LED set I am going to wait and see if its worth the price.

  46. PG unicorn should be awesome which I hope it will be. Still waiting to see which kit to get as a PG and I would get this as a kit and wait on the LED’s for now as I would want to see if its worth investing another $100 for a upgrade for that kit. Makes me think at some point we may see another add on for full armor version which would be insane as a PG.

  47. great ep guys as always, not sure if i’ll get the led’s for the unicorn pg at first but may later on as it will be my first pg kit. really looking forward to the mk III as well. cant wait for the next ep.

  48. Just when I was about to complete my MG wing kits, geezzz… RG it is too I guess.

  49. Great show, I’m really keen for the PG Unicorn but I’ll wait to see how the LEDs look will look before I decide on pre-ordering that. I never use the LEDs on my PG Zaku II or my MG Exia so I’m not sure if I’d use them on this. Plus I’d imagine it’d chew through batteries like no tomorrow.

  50. When I heard the separate LEDs system and it’s price I decided to wait and see what it has to offer or how it’s installed in the kit once it’s out.
    As someone with electronic engineer friends and have some knowledge myself, one could buy the components and slap a system for less than half that price…

  51. Really I’ve considered picking up the PG Unicorn but the LED set has me hesitant. I’ve considered making my own LED’s to see if that would be any cheaper.

    I was laughing so hard with Ryan complaining about Transformers.

  52. I’m in my mom’s car. Vroom Vroom.

  53. Thanks for another great show you guys! I am so stoke for the RG Wing Zero EW.
    As for the PG unicorn, I would probably get just the Unicorn first and then see online reviews on LEDs before buying it. You guys did raise a good point about how bandai is going to string the LED system. My hunch is since bandai is going have some fancy light up sequence, the LEDs will be in a parallel circuit (major in electrical engineering). I would like to see you guys do a live stream of this PG in the future. CHEERS!

  54. Great episode as always gentlemen. I am very interested in the LED pack and am going to do my best to pick up the whole PG enchilada when it hits the shelves!

    Keep up the good work!

  55. How often does Bandai announe new kits? And how far in advance is it typically? I had plans to build the Black Tri Stars from Gundam Unicorn, and was really bummed out to find that a Master Grade of the Jesta Cannon has yet to be made. I’m hoping it will be among the MG’s released in 2015, and it would be awesome to get another 3.0 too (I would kill for a 3.0 of Char’s Zaku, and it would surprise me if that’s not the next in the 3.0 line.)

    As for the Unicorn question you posed: I don’t have much interest in Perfect Grades, so the news didn’t really impact me. However, when I started to hear about some of what we can expect from the kit, I started to get interested. That said, I can’t see myself laying down 100 dollars on LEDs, even if the expansion comes with 30 of them, and even if they have some pretty cool settings.

    Hope I can get one of those sweet posters, and that Frame Arms looks great, but if the random number generator lands on me for the first two kits, please give it another go for some other lucky commentor. Like Ryan, Transformers makes me want to “stab myself in the face,” and I don’t know whatever that second thing was but ehhhhhhHHhhhh. It’s great to see both of you back in the studio, and I can’t wait for the next episode!

  56. I hope you enjoyed more then just the booth babes, glad to see New PG’s coming out, can’t wait for banshee PG to com out, and nice work on the Nightingale, To answer your question I think i would buy both if and when they do a Banshee Norn PG with LEDs, because it’s my favorite.

  57. Good video as always, to be honest… I’m just excited for the RG gundam wing zero custom. I really hope bandai releases a custom nataku.

  58. Hey guys great vid as always about the pg unicorn and the leds I am undecided because I have the same thoughts you brought up if it is difficult to put in the leds after you put it together or if it will be easy that will determine if I get both or wait on the leds and the weakness of the yen vs dollar is good for me getting alot of gunpla for christmas from hlj 🙂

  59. cant wait for the release of the pg unicorn on nov.21!!! and cant wait for the unboxing from you guys!!! ill definitely get the pg unicorn gundam!

  60. Cannot wait for RG wing gundam zero.
    That PG unicorn is the beast

  61. I’m more excited for the RG Wing kits than the PG Unicorn. When i get around to actually purchasing the PG unicorn, i’m definitely going to build it with the LEDs. My only concerns are how hollow the kit is going to be without the LEDs and also how heavy the kit is going to be with the LEDs+Batteries included.

  62. Excited for the PG Unicorn!!

    Going for the LED set day 1 for sure 😀

  63. well, I will get both the PG Unicorn and the LED system, then wait for Syd’s review video before I build the kit.

    P/S: what so funny about the two kits in a box???

    • two kits one box is a reference to the two girls one cup video that has been past around the internet for years it is a very disturbing video that should not be watched if you are curious stop being it’s messed up and spare your mind it can’t be unseen

  64. Really excited for the pg unicorn, will be my first PG since the disappointing WZC. At first $100 for LEDs seemed expensive but now that you’ve explained the gimmicks, it doesn’t seem so bad. No diy programming or shoddy wiring. Definitely getting both.

  65. Great stuff, guys!!! Really stoke to hear about the RG Wing Zero Custom and the frame that will be used for the rest of the endless waltz gundams. Next Year will be Gundam Wing 20th anniversary, is bandai planning to make Sandrock Kai Custom, Heavyarms Kai Custom and Nataku custom into Master Grade. Makes sense since, Wing Zero custom and Deathscythe Hell custom are already in MG.

  66. Man that unicorn pg is going to punch a hole into my wallet. Especially with the leds being sold separately. I like the idea that the leds are sold separately to bump down the price of the kit itself, but man there must be some magic psychoframw dust that powers the lights themselves. Oh well. We’ll find out everything a day after my birthday for the details.

  67. I’m prefer the PG Unicorn and the LED both, because building a PG is time consuming with excitement so if I build it with the LED it multiply the fun when I can finish that part and see it glow at the same time 😀 It’s gonna be amazing

  68. hey guys,
    id hit both TBH, alrdy got them on pre order from HLJ ftw
    end rant

  69. I’ve never built a PG and am considering the Unicorn. I’d probably get the LEDs after if at all depending on what I think of the kit.

    Also that Nightingale looks wicked. I’d love to pick me up to give my Sazabi a huuug. Maybe they can even… share stickers.

  70. Nice kits and can’t wait for the release of the PG unicorn. All the gimmicks of the Unicorn sounds deadly.

  71. I own one PG at the moment (the normal Zaku II) and i turn on the LED light maybe once a year. I like the Unicorn but if i pick up the PG i dont think ill be getting the LED lights at all 😛
    also: please ,o please could i get the HoiHoi-San? xD (im actually considering buying a 1/1 Hoi-Hoi San Mini kit just to try something new but the one you got there is not available any more [also shes super cute ^^ ] )
    ow yea and one last question: How long do you think we will have to wait for the MG Build Burning Gundam? From what iv seen the HG looks amazing and the MG could be even better.

  72. To answer your question Syd, I would purchase both the PG Unicorn and the LED Unit at the same time due to amount of time going to be wasted on the PG itself, as I would put the LED units into it while building the PG, and it also saves time when purchasing both at the same rather than one at a time. (If, of course you have the money to pay them at different time.)

  73. I’ve never built a PG but dammit I want that Unicorn!

  74. I think I’ll wait for the LED parts of the Unicorn. I wanna know exactly how will that be because I don’t think Bandai ever do something like this before.
    also I hope I’ll win one of the kits ^_^

  75. definitely both. i’m sure unicorn gonna look awesome without those LEDs but it will look astonishing with the LEDs on

  76. I didn’t even think I would win with all those comments in the last episode.

  77. I love the PG line. I’m buying them all. Nearly there too. When I heard I ordered it as soon as it was live on HLJ. But I was unsure on the LED’s due to I very rarely use the LED’s on my PG and MG’s now. But I decided to buy them because it would look amazing when there turned on. Thankfuly I did because it’s Order Stop now. What 8 hours later. CRAZY FAST. Thanks guys for a great episode.

  78. Excellent show this time guys,in explaining the nightingale more I was some what apprehensive about it due to the shear size and lack of pose ability. For the question about the PG RX-0 Unicorn I would have to say that because I was so excited to hear that it was real I will be getting both the led units and kit. Could the 3rd form be the one depicted in Episode 7? As preparation I ordered the PG Zeta today from HlJ’S site. Wing EW version in Real Grade is one great looking suit, it will be exciting to see the DeathScythe in Real grade for too. Keep up the good work with GunPla TV.


  80. I’ve been excited about the PG Unicorn ever since the rumors have been around, and I was quite excited to see how they’d approach the transformation gimmick on such a large scale, I’ve been all in since I saw the first announcement about it, and I’m excited to see if they come up with some clever little P-Bandai release for it.

  81. Will get the PG first ,want to see the difference ,then decide what to do with the LED`s.
    I`m way way more excited about the RG Wings that will be coming 😛

  82. I will most likely be acquiring the pg unicorn for the holiday season assuming it lives up to the hype. But >100$ for some LEDs Bandai you crazy I will wait to see what the LED kit has in it since for 100$ those had better not just be 30 LEDs and some wire with a small controller box. 30 LEDs is about 9$ last time I checked and wire would be about 3$ so unless that kit has alternate parts to mount the lights in the frame the control box had better be amaze balls or I’ll just make my own.

  83. i’d definitely buy the pg and the led sets !

  84. why are there no MG’s on december… T.T

  85. I’m actually buying just the LED kit and not the Unicorn. Kidding. I instantly thought yes, LEDs, yes. It’s a PG Unicorn. You gotta go all the way.

    Preordered the Unicorn and LEDs (from HLJ of course) along with the RG Wing. I’m not a big Wing fan, but I am an RG junkie so I’m looking forward to that one as well. Wanted to order that Metal Damashii Hi-Nu, but the preorder closed in about 5 seconds.

    Ryan; have a safe, fun and relaxing trip. Thanks for another great episode guys!

  86. got to save money from now to get that PG..

  87. Great show anyway for me i think i wait for the led’s after i buy the pg because the kit itself will take alot of doe out of me but in the end i’ll buy both because i always wanted a unicorn that can light up

  88. I will probably just get the PG unicorn at first because it will be my first PG model ever if the LED’s get a good review I may pick them up and also the LED’s are they going to be premium bandai or limited in anyway? Also great episode as usual guys

  89. I am definitely getting the pg Unicorn, however the led set, i might just have to pass. Unless it seems to actually worth the 100+ dollars then i might reconsider. But for now, its the PG ALL THE WAY!!!

  90. To answer the question on the PG and LEDs, I was gonna respond with something for it anyways. Haha!

    For myself, I really thought that when the “3rd form” was mentioned, it was OBVIOUSLY (for me at least) the form where Unicorns Destroy Mode goes from red to green glow. So I thought of 2 things: Either the Psycho frame in the unit will be made that u can choose 1 of 2 frames to move to in the transformation to give it a green or red glow. OR, the LED system will switch between red and green.

    One problem with the later is, if the LED changes the color of the glow, what color is the psycho frame originally for the NON-LED guys?

    All is too unknown, but I LOVE the unicorn design and transformation, its my 2nd favorite gundam outside of 00-Raiser, tied with Exia. So I cannot think of myself NOT getting the LEDs unless there are major issues with the “system” that controls them. Cause like it was said on the show, if 1 connection is bad, then its R.I.P nice LEDs.

    On the rest of the show, I really enjoyed this one. I hope I win a poster since its unicorn related, but even a kit or having my comment read is rewarding enough! 😀

    Good stuff guys, keep it up and take care.

  91. OMG~ that is a ‘REAL’ PG !
    And the RG WING ZERO~ thats my TARGET!~ I cant wait for it now!
    wow ~ FA? Is it nice?

  92. H3y Sid and Ryan!

    I was totally surprised to see how the pg unicorn is going to work but if I could miraculously afford the ki, I would totally get the led sysr3m with it on day 1. Juw4 seems like something they’d only offee during the I ini4ial release.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that I win something this time

  93. The fact that the LEDs are sold separately with the PG Unicorn could mean that you can fit the LEDs at a later time. But really, I will get both the kit and the LEDs together to get a full and complete experience.

  94. Great work at the games show guys, I cant wait to assemble Vader! Syd to answer your question, I didn’t even take the time to look at the price before ordering both the Unicorn and its LED kit, I am simply placing my faith in Bandai. As for the RG Wing Zero, it looks neat, but am I the only person who prefers the look from the show as opposed to the Endless Waltz OVA?

    • nah, you aren’t the only one who favors the tv series zero.
      i know how you feel though, since it always seems that its either the wing gundam or the ew wing zero custom thats getting all the gunpla love. unfortunately, the wing zero from the tv series is the middle child of the wing family; it doesn’t get the status and importance the first one does, and it doesn’t get the attention and affection the last one does, either. i think that’s why we don’t get to see many models for it

  95. I’ve been watching your show just recently but that PG Unicorn poster/pamphlet really made me decide to register… well as for the question… I’ll buy/preorder both in full package cause it really feels like it’s not “PERFECT” if you buy it separately, Perfect Grades are all Pricey and deciding to buy it means your ready for the big expense, the only thing that’s holding you for buying the whole package is that your short on the budget, although Bandai got us there when they decided to sell the LED separately rather than one whole package with a reasonably higher price tag but I can kind of understand their decision since not everyone would be interested to buy a very expensive model kit like that so cutting the cost by separating the LED was a good decision and they could(if they haven’t already) increase the price of the LED units at the same time…

  96. Most probably gonna get just the kit, if i could, instead of both. LEDs pricing is too high, besides, the option of designing own LED sequence might be better/worse, idk.

  97. was pretty mad when found out that the LED was separate from the PG unicorn , but knowing now the function that it has im excited to see it in action first before i order it .

  98. It is coming!!!
    When I thought of the PG Unicorn, I was thinking that there would be some cool mechanic with a lot of LEDs inside, but I did not expect 30.
    I’ll probably buy just the kit and not the LEDs at the start, but I may get the LED set later when I think the Unicorn needs an revamp.

  99. Bandai has to really mess up to make me not want the PG Unicorn. DAT PG goodness.
    The LEDs well… i first need to see how they’re actually constructed and connected. If its like those pg/mg LEDs we have now with their icky battery connections and a whopping 60 battery count, NOPE.
    A batbox with wires puts me in a yes/no.
    Now if its a proper kit with wires, connectors and a (USB)rechargeable lithium battery at the core, BAM! insta-buy.

    No Ryan the next couple of weeks? ahhhw.. Enjoy your days off with your family!

  100. im really excited on that rg wing.. thats all.. by the way that bumblebee and frame arts looks cool.. great episode syd and ryan…

  101. I’d take both the PG Unicorn and the LEDs in one go if money is no problem, but I can see why Bandai would keep it separate (P-Bandai?) to drive the price down. It might also give way to the modders to implement their own ideas on LEDs.

    I’d agree with Ryan on how it would be to have PG Unicorn with the fading LEDs on your desktop seeing as how my gaming mouse does it as well. Since it’ll come with a stand, it might be cool to put it in a nice pose with a nice diorama hiding the stand and mod the LEDs so its connected to the power socket so it won’t ever run out of power.

    That and the name change to “Gehennam” might be because “Jahannam” kinda means “Damned” in Malay. Still sound the same though. And as a bonus, if you take away “B” in “P-Bandai” it’ll be “P-andai” or “Pandai”, which means smart or genius 😛

    Here’s hoping to get that pamphlet/poster. Enjoy your trip Ryan and to both of you great show.

  102. I think if it easy to add the LED after finish building Unicorn. I might get only unicorn first. I don’t want to take it apart.

  103. I’ll probably wait for both. Unless $500 dolars falls into my lap. Then I’m all in.

  104. I like that the LED is an option. On one hand without the LEDs, the price of the model is amazing.

    However, I would probably have to go with the LEDs in the hopes that it looks amazing! (Also, hoping that the green psycho-frame becomes an option!)

  105. 4:05 the Gyagya is actually modelled on the Jaja from Gundam ZZ but the colour scheme and weapons do give it an overall appearance of a Gyan.

    • Which is the first thing that is mentioned when the R Gyagya first appears in episode 3.

      Looking at the B-Club variations of the Gyan, I’m slightly disappointed that they didn’t attempt to make an HG Krieger or High Mobility type.

  106. Hi Syd and Ryan, cool show as always. I am on the fence right now for the PG Unicorn. I have yet to purchase a PG before and it is a lot of money for me. To be honest, I am waiting to see what it is all about when you guys build it and review it. If I do decide to get the PG Unicorn, I am definitely getting the LED kit. I love things that light up!

  107. I first learned about the PG announcement from you guys! Although my excitement was somewhat marred by thoughts of the “can i afford this” variety; I was practically salivating when Syd came to the part about the LEDs. I mean 30 LEDs…. every major piece of exposed psycho frame must have its own LED lighting it up then? Isn’t that the dream of every unicorn fan? I know I’ve been imagining something like that ever since I saw that custom build of the unicorn that transforms to destroy mode automatically.

    If I do buy the kit I would probably get the LED set too. But that could change come november and we see what exactly we’re getting.

  108. If the full kit reveal is enough to sell me on it, then I’ll definitely get the LEDs to go along with it. All or nothing! I just can’t wait to see what the full kit looks like come November.


  110. PG unicorn will be my ffirst pg

  111. So many kits coming out at the end of the year. There goes my bonus and bank account.

  112. I don’t buy PGs because I want my hobby to be a simple funny hobby!
    I don’t want to spend so much money on one single kit. Maybe in the future, if a finally get a real job I will celebrate that day with a Pg!
    It’s better to buy 10 hg than a single PG! IMHO. 😉

    • This will be my first PG and I understand your thinking of how getting 10 HGs VS paying x amount of money for one kit seems practical. I primarily build HGUC myself with a few MGs in my collection but it is sometimes fun to try something different from your normal routine. I was looking into getting a PG zaku or Mk2 this year but with this announcement I’m all in for the Unicorn.

  113. I’ve already pre-ordered the PG Unicorn and the LED set from you guys. I know the LED set is a bit expensive, but when it comes to Perfect Grades you either go big or go home!

  114. Nightningale is HUGE…. but looks flat……. and tat giant thing in the middle. looks weird…. PG unicorn……………… LOVE THE IDEA. definitely going to get it.
    Nice eps as always. Thanks again for all the reviews

  115. Pg unicorn is not for me, banshee is

  116. I only want hoi-hoi san, if i win anything else, please either give me hoi-hoi san or give my prize to someone else.


  117. 100+ dollars on LEDs? It’s already hard enough to save up for a pg.WHY BANDAI! WHY?. sigh guess i’l have to pass the leds.

  118. I hope the PG turns out better than the MG. That was really a messy build and it falls apart every time I look at it…

  119. For the question Syd asked, I would prefer the normal release without the LED units because having LED’s on kits doesn’t appeal to me and also it is more budget friendly. ^_^ I wish I could win those DMK Bumblebees.

  120. I was gonna get pg unicorn but since leds.. Im gonna wait haha
    Still need to build my pg wing zero custom, Sazabi and Hi-nu ver ka
    but anyways I want that girl gundam haha

  121. I have been waiting for the next PG ever since buying the newest 3 PGs. Definitely buying Unicorn with LED after owning the PG Raiser and the little things it can do.

  122. totally getting both pg unicorn and led set but that girl gundam tho *heavybreathing*

  123. Totally forgot about your question: I would wait for the first reviews before buying the LEDs. As Ryan already mentioned, there are often problems with LED sets. Let’s see if Bandai does better.

  124. I’m gonna be broke on December. I ordered the PG Unicorn & the LEDs

  125. Have a safe and happy vacation Ryan!

    As for Syd’s non-official poll. I would be waiting to see how the LED kit goes with other people before getting one myself. But definitely going to be getting the PG Unicorn if it my wallet lets me and if I finish my PG 00 in time…

  126. My oh my here comes the wallet basher… i hope with the re 100 line there’ll be the time they introduce the 1/100 Psycho Gundam.

  127. I was thinking of getting a perfect grade and I think the PG Unicorn would be exactly what I need but I think I’ll just get the Unicorn and not the LED units.

  128. Great Video Guys, if I were to get the Pg unicorn I would probably build the led Units myself instead. much cheaper and same effect.

  129. Super pumped to see what the PG Unicorn can do. If I could afford it I would only pre-order the PG itself, I’d hold off until I see what the LED set is and can do. For someone like me who is studying electronics, I would wire in some of my own and it wouldn’t be too hard to program a sequence either, for a fraction of the price.

  130. Will need to wait for reviews before getting the LED set for the PG Unicorn.

  131. Awesome episode guys! When I heard the news of the PG unicorn and the LED-set I definitely wanted to buy them together. I only hope that the LED set will still be available when I get around buying the unicorn, Because I doubt Bandai will keep making the LED set for a long time or maybe re-release the LED set like once every year or so. Will take a while before I can afford the Unicorn, I still have a PG strike waiting for me in private warehouse.

  132. Hoping for that frame arms kit. RG wing I’m looking out of course. PG Unicorn? Nah! I’m broke!!

  133. I will wait until you guy have a review of the PG Unicorn..firt before i will get one. It so excited to heard Bandai have a new Pg & RG. BTW, good show guys..cant wait for next show

  134. I will wait until you guy have a review of the PG Unicorn..firt before i will get one. It so excited to heard Bandai have a new Pg & RG. BTW, good show guys..cant wait for next episode.

  135. I’m in for the LED. With other kits, I’ve found it best to put the lighting in at the time of the build, and given the complexity of a PG, I don’t want to be disassembling it at a later time to add the lighting.

  136. Great show.

  137. No rush to get a PG, still have to start building MGs again. RG has been consuming funds. The RG Wing Zero made PG seem more distant anyhow.

  138. Got both the PG Unicorn and the led kit.

  139. great episode guys! hope to win the frame arms looks cool!

  140. I’m going for both the unicorn and the led unit. Merry Christmas to me!

  141. sweet plamo…

  142. Even if i have the money to buy both the pg unicorn and the led unit i’d still wait for reviews or built pg unicorns with the led unit before deciding if i want to get the pg unicorn with the led unit or the unicorn only because that’s a lot of money for just a led unit but i don’t really look forward to the pg unicorn cause i got no money no more. Hahaha. Great episode as always guys. Keep it up.

  143. hi syd / ryan,

    nice show as always … it’s an awesome news for the new RG line I’ve always loved the wing series in fact I have the MG EW series almost complete just need the Epyon & the Proto Zero … now RG is next on my list …

    wish came true … PG unicorn … I’ll get the PG unicorn cause it will be my first PG & get the LED if they are available … nice Bandai can’t wait to get my hands on it …

  144. Will wait on Unicorn. But will get both LED and gundam together if decided.

    Syd, do you having rough idea about shipping cost for Unicorn to Canada?

  145. Hoi Hoi-san and Pest-san? Loved that series.

    BTW, I was in shock when I heard “Ryan will be leaving”…but oh, there’s a second half of the sentence I didn’t hear.

  146. Come on Ryan how can you not love that super integral scene with Marky Mark drinking a bud light. That scene sir was a cinematic masterpiece.

  147. Thanks for these videos. Excited about the PG Unicorn! 😀

  148. I was on the fence on ordering the optional LED Unit Set at first, but decided to order the LED Unit Set, come on how can you not get the PG Unicorn and not the LEDs. Great show Syd and Ryan.

  149. We can all assume the PG unicorn will be awesome but I’ll be waiting to see it hands on first on gunplaTv before I buy it.
    Man, that first RE100 is huge and i still dont know what to think about it. Maybe too plain and just a big HG which I dont bother with. Hopefully the next one will (MKIII) will let us see better what this new line has to offer.
    I’m also pretty excited about the Starwars models! I’ll finally get to build a detailed X-wing model.

  150. So excited about the RG Wing kits! Very interested in the PG Unicorn. Might be my first PG! Thanks for keeping us all informed!

  151. rg wing gundam….my life is complete!….for gundams anyways! looking forward to all that detail..*drool*

  152. I would love to Get the PG Unicorn. But it is really out of my price range. Ideally I would get both, but I would need to win the lottery.

    The Nightingale, I’m not a fan. I much prefer the Sazabi Ver Ka

  153. PG Unicorn, LED set, RG Wing Zero EW, HGBF Gyagya, P-Bandai MG Tallgeese III, Samurai Darth Vader… Bandai is making this a very expensive December for me. And Takara isn’t helping either with MP Ultra Magnus. Decisions, decisions.

    As for the question about the LEDs, “if you got it, flaunt it.” Bandai is giving us an option to light up the entire suit, so you might as well show it off.

  154. I was thinking of picking up the Unicorn PG kit but not sure about the LED yet. I haven’t worked with LED’s before so I probably don’t feel as much urge as those who have. I love to see the new transformation mechanics as the MG Ver.Ka version wasn’t that elegant.

    Also, separating the sales of these was a great way to reduce the price for those who only want the main kit.

  155. I really am looking forward to the PG Unicorn. Personally I would get the gundam and LED set at the same time.

  156. gundam g-self and the pg unicorn coming soon wow

  157. gonna buy both from the beginning for completeness cuz i want my strobe light unicorn

  158. Hello Syd and Ryan great show as always, sad that there will be a break, but at least you told us this time and we know when to expect the next show. Really excited about all the new Gunpla coming in Dec, I almost jumped out the window when I found out the RG Wing Zero was coming!!! Being a fan of GW and it can only mean the rest of EW will follow somehow with the silhoulete and all. Now PG Unicorn, I was really excited to see it was actually coming like you guys said on a show i thought it was a dying myth… Doesn’t mean I wanted to get it. when I saw the announcement I thought finally… but wasn’t sure to buy or not, but then I saw 30 LEDs! I just wanted to throw my wallet at Bandai!!! Price wise I thought it was fair for a PG with so many LEDs so I’ll be picking those up and making other ppl pay for my Xmas present LOL!!!

  159. PG related: i would way, not buy the kit yet, because like the strike (strike rouge+sky grasper) maybe it will be released like a whole set (kit+LED)
    kit wise: i would like to try something aside Bandai, maybe i would win and see 😀
    great episode like always

  160. PG Unicorn looks super awesome =O I’m really up for buying it, but I’m tempted to actually learn how to make and install a custom LED array instead of paying the additional cost for the expensive official LED set.

    Also, really up for possibly winning one of those model kits, but if I get Bumblebee, I’m definitely going to customise it, because Hasbro saturating the market with annoying quantities of Bumblebee figures makes me want to go with something different.

    If I don’t get any of them, I’m hoping I win something else later, because my wallet hurts every time I buy anything myself >.<

  161. great show as always but damn thats one big cup piece

  162. Hey Syd and Ryan. Great vid as always! :3
    Concerning the PG Unicorn, I think you would be mad not to buy the LED kit at the same time! I bet its going to look BADASS. I plan to pick both up myself when it comes out. IT will be my first PG if i do get it :3
    Keep up the good work

  163. As cool as PG unicorn looks, I was still holding onto the dream that the announcement would be for MG Kshatriya.

  164. Atlast RG wing gundam! And PG unicorn! Great vid!

  165. Hi guys! Great work and always up to date with new information! For me I will go with both the kit and the LED unit because I never build before something with wires and I never build a PG before! I think I have the best opportunity ever! Keep up the good work guys.

  166. I think its much better if you get the LED set together with the PG Unicorn, even though a person who is knowledgeable with LED and electricity as such can do it without the LED set. It is “perfectly” made for the plamo itself and its minus the headache of figuring out how to replicate the said effects. besides assuming that its inside the frames, would’t it be less the hassle if you built it with the LED in one sequence instead of dis-assembling it again after you decided to get it afterwards?


  167. Good luck everybody on winning

    as for the question im going for the PG and maybe the LED depending on how it looks

  168. Awesome episode as always!

    Personally ill be getting the PG Unicorn too! But might skip the LED set because I’m not a huge fan of NT-D mode. But its great that it will come with all the weapons including the gattling gun! Cant wait for december!

  169. i wonder if the other hoi hoi kit is the combat-san or the pest-x either way great episode and the pg looks to be awesome

  170. In response to your question… I curled up into a ball and cried a little when I saw the price. I can barely afford a cheap MG D:

  171. Great show as always. Super excited for the PG Unicorn. I’ll be getting both the MS and the LED pack on day 1. I’ve yet to build a PG, and was looking for a good excuse to jump in. I believe I found it.

  172. Order stopped already? Lucky that i ordered my unicorn on the first day.

  173. nice Nightingale it’s like a HG that becomes bigger… awesome prices as always hope to win soon.. but not the girl one.. because it is not allowed here in Dubai. more power guys

  174. I definitely wanted to buy the LED set and the PG Unicorn. I need to go all out on it, it’s gonna be my first PG. And I’ve ordered both already through HLJ ofcourse. Awesome show as always guys, cant wait for december. 😛

  175. NIce episode! I’m considering to buy my first PG and will be Unicorn. About the question, I wanna see how will be the LED system and how work it to see if worth the price.

  176. Can’t wait for the PG unicorn, oh and BTW, Gimmie one of these boys, thanks. :p

  177. Hey guys, was really excited to hear about the PG Unicorn. I’m going to try my best to pick it up. I’m not too sure if I will be able to get the LED kit. I am hoping that the kit can be added in after the Unicorn is built because it would be something I would pick up later. Thanks again for the great work on the show and keeping us informed and giving us a first hand point of view from the expos that you went to. Always awesome to have a reliable news source. Keep up the great work you two. I enjoy every episode.

  178. I was going all in from the get go, PG Unicorn with LED Unit, but you sold out so fast I only managed to get the Unicorn. Hopefully you’ll get more stock in before it’s release so I can have a second chance at grabbing the LED Unit!

  179. With a PG I’d hold off on the LED’s until I’d dry fitted the model and sanded down the nubs (from the sprue) Once i’ve seen how big it is and how i’d fit it in the room I’d make a decision on if i want it glaring at me imposingly with menacing LED’s.

  180. My thoughts on the pg unicorn+led set?

    As much as I want the pg unicorn I have too large a backlog despite easily being able to afford both, so…I won’t be getting both at launch, but after some time when I knocked at least…what 20 kits THEN I’ll grab both, by then maybe a pg banshee or phenex will be around.

    What’s sad though is the pg unicorn would most likely be my last ever kit, I’m running out of room and most likely pg unicorn will have to take a seat ontop of a 2ft tall transformer (also lying down because he’s transformed) just to conserve space, I hope by this time I master air brushing or I somehow have more space to consider more kits.

    You can have all the money but it’s no good without space, so short answer, pg unicorn and light set together YES, but will be a long way down the track.

    Also I agree with Ryan on transformers…but its g1 nostalgia influencing my opinion ha!

  181. I think this is a solid contender for my first pg!

  182. The gaps in the nightengale are a little disappointing, but I guess it’s not supposed to be MG quality. Totally excited about the PG unicorn. I have to buy both the LEDs and the PG, as long as I can tweak it to take a non-battery power source (like USB). I have a few PGs, and my favorite one is the GP01, which I wired up to USB so that it can stay lit all the time.

  183. As Ive said many times before. This PG is a waste. The market is over saturated with Unicorn Gundam and there are many more deserving Gundam to be a PG. Plus having to buy the LED set separate for over $100? LOL way to bleed your fans dry Bandai! Bravo! I will only get this when its in the bargain bin and I have nothing else better to build. SO disappointed in Bandai!

  184. I really want to see that PG Unicorn, i would definitely go with the LEDs from the start as it would be awesome on my desk!!!!

  185. I would not buy the led kit system until I get a better idea of what it entails as far as effecting the gundam. The frame arm also looks very cool.

  186. very very nice show, you guys made me Gunpla addict:) hope to win the bumblebee
    pg unicorn: i will buy the pg unicorn first and the led later, or will have second thought

  187. Gotta say the pg was a surprise and even more shocking is the amount of LED.not deciding about the LED yet gonna see how it goes in first. As always nice episode guys.

  188. for the pg unicorn gundam and led expansion set, it would really depend on how the led set comes out. 100 US dollars for the kit is pretty expensive just for leds if im just getting lights but if ur telling me i get something like a add on frame set with this really intricate system for the lights that light up two different colors it would be more considerable. for the gundam itself it would be fine even without the leds but really considering it all depends on how they set up the led setup

    P.S. bumblebee kitbash awesome idea

  189. I wonder if third form is just the full armor form from the OVA with the green psychoframe?

  190. I would get the LED’s to go with the model, have to get the full effect. Love the show guys, keep up the good work. =)

  191. Love your vids, for your question i would buy both the pg unicorn and the led set at the same time

  192. Already preordered both the LEDs and the kit. I don’t want to take chances in case the LEDs need to be inserted while assembling the frame.
    I am thinking that perhaps the reason the LED system is so expensive is perhaps it comes with additional pieces to build the Full Armor just like the Booster for the MG Build Strike came with a lot of goodies.
    Btw I would really like to get the Bumblebee.

  193. I really like the unicorn gundam, so I am very excited about the new PG version of it. I don’t really think I will get the LEDs, though, just because of the price. Aside from that, I am actually quite liking the new RE/100 line. It reminds me a lot of the 1/100 HGs from the 90s, where they were like large HGs with MG-esc hands. My favorite of that line is the Epyon.

  194. I will not buy the LED set.

  195. Hi Syd and Ryan! Haven’t commented in a long time… just caught up on the last two months of Gunpla TV… just started my first PG build and was excited to see that a new one was on the way. I just recently got a new job and its opened up a better budget, that said I finally put in my first HLJ order… the PG Unicorn with the LED set… looking forward to Christmas and building this. thanks.

  196. I have ordered the pg unicorn and led kit together. Cant really miss a new pg as its the first one to be released since i got into gunpla , happy christmas to me 🙂

  197. another great ep! keep it up!

  198. I was really excited to see the show come back! I have missed it.

    As far as Syd’s question goes, after some consideration I decided that when I do get the pg unicorn, I will get the LED system at the same time. I’ve never built a pg before and the unicorn plus its LEDs is bound to be a magical experience and turn out wonderfully. I hope I can wrangle the two items for Christmas somehow.

    Great episode, you two. Ryan, I hope you have a safe and happy trip.

  199. Great show you guys ! My answer for the pg unicorn led set is that I would get it seperately ,its a bit expensive to buy both at once , I also have to finish painting a 1991 rx-78 GP01-FB and a MG sinanju stein before I plan to buy the PG Unicorn

  200. If the kit allows you to insert the LEDs with the kit already assembled(which it should for battery replacement), then I would purchase them separately. If not, Then I would refrain from buying the Led Kit, and buy some third party LEDs online, and use a resin casting kit to recast the psycho frame so that I can recreate the bluish green psycho frame(I don’t really like the red). That in turn can give me the look I want, as well as having a battery free LED system.

  201. If i get the PG Unicorn I’d like both but would probably just get the kit. Getting the DMK would be a nice suprise.

  202. I will probably not buy the LED. Rust-Oleum sells glow in the dark spray paint that I really want to try. If I get a PG Unicorn I will probably paint the Psycoframe glow in the dark green.

    • I believe in the Hobby show video when Syd was first reading the poster it mentioned something about the frame already having a coating that glows under black light… course the frame is red so if you want green you would have to go with the paint…. what is the name of the paint? I would like to try it myself, though not on my PG.

  203. Question Syd and Ryan,

    I’m catching up on all my GunplaTv episodes and I just finished with episode 142 where you guys mentioned at the end that you were giving away your extra kits featured in the episodes, I will be more than happy to help you clear some extra room 🙂 I have a empty display case that has extra room for model kits.

    On a side note, I feel bad that they didn’t let you guys play COD, was it because you are not Japanese???? hope it wasn’t descrimination but Xbox $vXs anyways (PSN Nation)

  204. Unicorn LED thing; I’d wait a bit and get both at the same time, paint it up and close it properly. I doubt you’d want a painted kit messed up because of LEDs you’d install later on. I’d go with full aftermarket waterslides too to add it that complete overall look. It may seem like a lot of money at first but to the true PG lovers out there it’s a dream come true to finally get a Unicorn in a 1/60 scale. But… I just bought me a Nightingale and a Hi-Nu combo so I doubt I’ll go down the PG road this year simply because I’m running out of box space.

  205. The PG Unicorn is gonna look real good, and dang that bumblebee, really would like to see how that thing goes together 0w0.

  206. I would buy the unicorn and wire up the LEDs myself instead of buying the LED kit for 100 dollars.

  207. Syd what is your opinion on which master grade would be a good first mg build for me?

  208. Well Syd, I would get the PG and the LED’s so I would have the full affect of the Unicorn Gundam glowing in my room with pure awesomeness. I am definitely going to buy it when I can afford it.
    P.S.: Can’t wait for the RG Wing Gundam Zero!

  209. I’m kinda a wait and see person. I want to know exactly how the LED system is going to work first. That being said I’m leaning towards no on the LEDs. I can’t see paying that much for something I’d probably only turn on once or twice.

  210. Another good episode. I’ll hold off on the PG Unicorn/LEDs til after the reviews. Don’t want to buy a PG brick. Nice choice of non-gundam giveaways for this week.

  211. Amazing You gave me a pg unicorner with two gatling shields! oh god! im going to need a stand! great show guys. going to miss you ryan. hope i win the frame arms.

  212. I would wait on the LED unit for the PG unicorn, because I got a great friend who is finishing up on LED modding my HG unicorn! I’ll just ask him to LED mod my PG when it comes around! XD

  213. Hi guys, would love to get the Frame Arms and the poster!

    A question: When will Gunpla TV get a new opening? The current opening for some reason drives me up the wall, its what I hear in the asylum (jk), so I mute the video. It’s also about a hundred and ten episodes old now, right? You are my only hope.

    Second, who is the cameraman? Is it still Luke, and why don’t we see him?

    Third, about the PG Unicorn: Damn it Bandai!!! Testing my resistance, are you? You won’t get a ten yen piece from me! (hand starts twitching, then creeps towards the buy button…)

    Give me the poster and a model, please! Ryan, please come back soon, Syd might regress to his previous hosting skills, which have gotten much less awkward since the first episodes. Love your show, nerd herdingly good!

  214. Hey, guys. Love watching your show, and I really enjoy the builds you did for MG Hi-Nu Ver. Ka, and Nightingale. Question, though… Why was the pre-order for PG Unicorn only up for 18 hours? I went to log in to put it on pre-order, and it was already on order stop?! Not cool. BUT, I do have the aforementioned Hi-Nu on the way, so that’s a big plus. Question: Have you guys ever thought about doing a section on other product, such as Masterpiece Transformers? 2 words, Ultra Magnus!!!

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy the show, please keep up the great work, and I maybe some day, I could win one of the kit giveaways???

  215. Hey syd and Ryan!nice show as always!speaking of PG I was just wondering what PG would be go to start with 00 riser or the gundam astray red frame and about the PG unicorn I would wait on both and see how the kit looks with both lights and with out them give me free gunpla please!? :3 your friend FreedomDestinystrikeGundamCRCostom

  216. I am really excited for the RG Wing Zero Custom! I can finally replace my old HG Wing Zero Custom that I built before I knew about tools like cutters and files for nub marks. 2015 will be the year of RG Endless Waltz!
    Another great episode, as always guys. Have a good time in South Africa with your family, Ryan. I wish you have safe travels.

  217. I probably would buy both the pg unicorn and the LED set as soon as possible, because i want a unicorn that glows like Miami, also what mobile suit would you like to see get the PG treatment.

  218. All in! How can you say no to a mecha desk lamp? 😉

  219. So excited for the new RG, and can not wait for the PG Unicorn. Keep it up guys your doing a great job.

  220. Can’t wait for the PG Unicorn…but they still cost so much!

  221. PG is a must…but I can wait for the LADs…my wallet might die if I dont

  222. OMG i can’t wait for the PG Unicorn but i’ve been waiting for it sience the series came out anyway love the episode… Greetings from Argentina!

  223. Great episode, I can’t wait to see that PG Unicorn!

  224. They didnt mention anything about LEDs being limited edition. So i guess i won’t get both PG Unicorn and LEDs at the same time. Good questions by the way. Also, great episode as always 😉

  225. It was good to have another long episode. Does anybody feel that they should have done a MG Jegan by now? or an MG Double X? On the subject of the PG Unicorn, I’m planning on getting the Unicorn but I’m going to have to hold off on the LED kit at least for a while.

  226. I can’t wait to get my hands on the PG Unicorn!! I would definitely get both the led and the kit but you need more stock!!

  227. MY FIRST PG WILL BE THIS BEAST!! not the leds tho~

  228. I would like to wait to see how articulate the knee join is before ordering both the PG kits and the LED set. The MG is quite disappointed.

    Hahaha, I just thought that the third mode gonna be a real Unicorn, like what Bandai did with the SD lol.

  229. I’ll wait to see how the both the PG Unicorn and LED lights connect and interact with each other.

    Any pros and cons on spray painting vs painting by hand?

  230. Really enjoy every episode of Hobby Tv. It keeps me up to date with the latest gundam models and a preview of whats to come. I would probably buy the pg unicorn together with the led because it would look beautiful and impressive on my desk.

  231. Being a big Gundam fan and and even bigger Star Wars fan the news that Bandai is bringing out Star Wars kits is the best news I’ve heard all year. Glad to see the kits looking even better then I expected so far. Now I’m hoping they’ll get to releasing the Imperial Shuttle as a kit as it’s by far my favourite vehicle in all of Star Wars.

  232. At first I wasn’t really interested in the PG Unicorn but the looking at builds of the MG makes me really want to get the PG. Plus it’ll be my first PG so I’m kind of really looking forward to it.
    On a second note, I’ve been looking for the DMK Bumblebee for so long now! Didn’t get it in time from HLJ so fingers crossed! Great episode by the way guys.

  233. I’m all in on the PG Unicorn + LED set.

    Doesn’t matter I’ve still got all my other (12) PG kits sitting under my desk waiting to be built….! Backed up behind dozens of MG kits….

    So little time, so many Gundam!

  234. Preordered both on HLJ because hoping then I throw money to Bandai their make an PG Banshee!

  235. let me tell you about my feelings Syd and Ryan; it would defy the laws of this universe for me to buy the PG unicorn without buying the led system for it at the same time, as well. that is what sells this kit for me!

    to be completely honest, if Bandai had decided to release the PG unicorn model kit by itself and that was it, i would most likely have taken a pass on it. to me, the unicorn gundam is interesting, but its never really been enough to make me want a model of it. (personally, i’m a much bigger fan of of the banshee, anyhow)

    however, with those leds, it a whoooole nother matter!
    what’s that you say, Bandai? you’re telling me i can have a PG unicorn where the whole psycho frame illuminates?! and you’ll include the camera eye in the setup? and it can freakn undulate? whats not to like!!

    ohhh… i almost forgot; the combined cost of it all will drive the unicorn straight to the top of the most expensive PG list…

    well, guess who’s got two thumbs and could care less; yep, yours truly! now shut up and take my money, Bandai!

  236. I put down an order for the PG Unicorn same day it hit your front page, I’ve not ordered the LED kit though. While the LED kit sounds pretty cool I wouldn’t use it beyond taking pictures/a video upon completing the Unicorn, to me it’s not worth 9,600 yen.

  237. I am definitely going to get the LED set for the PG Unicorn. Because it would feel incomplete if it doesn’t have that flare to it. I mean I got like 9 MG Unicorn type units (Banshee, Phenex, Unicorn and Destroy modes). And seeing them not lighted up makes me sad. However, I just hope that the LED construction isn’t too complicated, as that would be a huge downer spending all that for the LED and not getting it to work. Hoping to see what the mysterious “3rd Form” would be.

    PS. Im already calling it, P-Bandai PG Banshee, Phenex, and green LED’s.

  238. Thanks for the show Sid and Ryan!

    In regards to the PG Unicorn, I would get the MS first before the LED because I like to wait and see how it plays out from reviewers. Plus I think Unicorn stands out enough as it is

  239. LEDs for the pg unicorn seem like a nice touch but i don’t think I’ll get it since it might be a hassle to constantly take off the head to turn it on and off

  240. I preordered both the PG Unicorn and the LED set. Being able to have a glowing psychoframe without messing around blacklights or trying to insert smd LEDs into the MG is going to be well worth the expense.

  241. I don’t plan to pick up the LED at all, I don’t think it’s worth any trouble at all

  242. Definately getting the Unicorn as my first PG. At this point however I care less about the leds than I do about getting the clear parts in green; as an addon pack, or pg unicorn ver.awekened as a seperate kit altogether (inevitable pg banshee ahoy!).

    What you talked about the clear resin does intrigue me though and I’m looking forward to seeing how it actually works. If bandai actually makes it easy to install the leds afterwards I will definately be getting them sometime.

  243. Dear Syd and Ryan,
    I am a gunpla fan in the U.S. living in bixby, Oklahoma, and I see your site has very low prices,however,shipping still counts but even with shipping added it is still below retail,but my biggest concern is how much it would cost for the currency conversion from US dollars to the Japanese yen, via PayPal, thank you for the wonderful show I have watched 90% of your videos and love them all, also the kit in question is definitely that sexy new pg unicorn, I must find a way to make LED units because that destroy mode will look so good in the dark, thanks again
    Guys, keep on keeping on!

  244. Great Episode, can’t wait for my pre-ordered PG Unicorn. very much excited with the Kit. More Power Syd and Ryan, Can’t wait for the review of the PG unicorn once this kit comes out. Hope you’ll have a live video of the unboxing and building of the Kit.

  245. hey syd and ryan, why not buy the pg assemble it just after purchasing the LED system? is that bumblebee a kit and not an action figure (now imagining how to paint it if i were to win it). that would be awesome

  246. Great work guys. As i recall that this PG unicorn might be sitting at a mid-range price tag of the PG line, however this is IMO just for a “incomplete” or “half-complete” kit (without the led), which probably makes this unicorn the most expensive PG ever where the “perfect” really stand out. That’s why if i’m going to get this kit, the led is a MUST.

  247. Nice video guys as usual ,I’m defiantly getting the pg unicorn,but I’m going to wait till I see it before I commit to the LEDS ,but who I am kidding I can’t have a PG without LEDS

  248. I’m super pumped for the pg unicorn with or without the LEDS and all the Star Wars stuff is a must buy and I’m going to get the new blue frame D ,but the PG unicorn has just killed everything on my Christmas list to make room for it,and it will be Christmas so mine aswell get the LEDS ,and what’s a Christmas without lights ,and a PG without lights is just lame so I guess it’s balls deep for me

  249. Great Video guys definitely would go for the pg unicorn and the LEDs together, I feel the led feature is what makes it stand out much more in a display.

  250. the answer is: I want both. my god I love the Unicorn. also I want to win!

  251. Hello Syd and Ryan, to talk about PG unicorn make me excited. I’m a fan of unicorn gundam and I just bought an MG OVA version it is a really good kit and now I want to build a PG version of it. And about the LED of the PG unicorn I think I want to see it first and how it look like and how awsome it is before I go with this 2 together, because it is quite pricey!!!!!

  252. PG Unicorn… bye wallet. I’ll have to sell my house to afford all this gunpla.

  253. Keep up the good work lads

  254. Great show. So excited about the new PG Unicorn. For sure, I will pickup this PG right away, but not sure about the LED set. I think I will decide after Nov 21th with more information.

  255. Awesome Episode Syd and Ryan, The PG Unicorn excitement is killing me!. I’m getting both the LED and unit on the first day of release. Can’t wait what gimmicks will the PG Unicorn have. HLJ Rocks!

  256. suprised that pg unicorn is already on order stop

  257. xcant wait for rg wing and will you guys be at the gunpla expo

  258. i’m getting the pg unicorn,but i think gonna wait on the LED kit because even though i think it good for kit it’s a little to much. so i’m gonna see how looks like before getting it.

  259. i preodre both the pg unicorn and the led set

  260. Hey syd and Ryan!nice show as always!speaking of PG I was just wondering what PG would be good to start with 00 riser or the gundam astray red frame?and about the PG unicorn I would wait on both and see how the kit would look with both the LEDs and with out.keep up the good work me get free gunpla?:3 your friend FreedomDestinystrikeGundamCRCustom

  261. the MK-II Titans is still my first choice for a PG project. i really like the design of it and the incredible internal frame details. it kinda seems as time went by, the PGs got flashier in overall design but less and less intricate in the frame aspect. i do think the PG Strike and 00 Raiser have a good balance but Titans colors pushed it ahead 😉 i agree that it will be really interesting on how they achieve the internal frame, psychoframe and exterior panels combination for the PG Unicorn. and if i do get it, i’ll definitely get the LEDs and do the build in one shot. don’t think BanDai would be so bold as to release the LEDs without making sure it works good. they’ve had quite a few slip ups with the releases this year that they can’t afford to tarnish the PG line…

  262. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    Great episode. I will definitely try to get both together, of if my significant other vetos the PG, I will at least get the LED set. I am worried that the LED set will go the route of the Clear Armour and weapon sets released with the PG RX-78-2 and PG Zaku II. Those kits were discontinued after one run and you cannot get them anymore. The Zaku II weapons it was quite cool because it came with a light-up heat hawk.

  263. The new pg unicorn sounds really amazing im excited to get it and im really looking forward for the new led system im definentley going to get it on realease.

  264. Syd, the way you described how it would light up, with the sequence and impromptu sound effects, was a great pitch! I wanna get both the pg unicorn and led set at the same time (and from the same online store, preferably).

  265. With regards to the LED set on the PG unicorn. I think alot of us will have to get the kit first then with the help of GunplaTV and other sources judge and see for ourselves if its worth it. Because let’s face it, 100 bucks for an LED which you will not even turn on most of the time has to be justified very carefully specially with people with shallow pockets (myself included). So if i were to decide lets see if that LED is really worth BANDAI’s asking price.

  266. Need a mini Christmas tree for my desk, so had to order both the Unicorn and LEDs. A MG Hi-Nu and a PG Unicorn, wow, what a year for Gunpla fans!

  267. So it’s difficult waiting for new episodes when you start from episode 1 in March 2014, and can immediately move on to the next, but since I’ve caught up to ‘broadcast date’ in August, I check for new episodes on Thursday and again on Friday, but nothing there, until Monday. Am I missing something about the timezone calculations from Japan to -7GMT? Anyway, I found Gunpla TV when I decided to get back into it, since my last build somewhere around 2001-ish, when searching for a large kitbash community. On LED systems, I personally don’t buy a prefab kit, but light a 5mm LED and run fiber-optic strands to the places I want lit.

  268. Good episode! I’ll probably hold off on the LED set, at least until I see how it looks.

  269. eh why not both LED set and the Unicorn? amirite?

  270. Im still new to gunpla but My first kit was the NU gundam ver ka. I loved it. I have 6 kits now 2 real grades 1 hgbf 3 mg. I really want a PG kit but from what I have seen the ones I like are too expensive and the cheep ones, in my eyes the MG version looks better. So This PG Unicorn will be the winning Kit for me 😀

  271. To answer the question: I’m still waiting until we can see more and get more details. But I love the Unicorn so I’m sure I’ll at least be buying the kit. If the LED set really looks worth the money then I’ll go in for it, too.

  272. I definitely going to get both the PG and its LED… It’s gonna be epic and amazingly awesome.. Keep up the good work guys..

  273. If I were to get the PG Unicorn, I would go all out and get any accessories that would exist outside the kit. Unfortunately I don’t have the money for Unicorn, so for now I will settle for an entry at the PG Unicorn poster (and the Kotobukia combo)!

    PS: I wonder how many (limited edition/P-Bandai Online) variants of the Unicorn will come out. Will the Full Armor come out as an expansion, or as a full stand-alone kit?

  274. I still have a PG Astray and 3 MG’s on backlog but I’m definitely gonna get the RG Wing Zero and PG Unicorn! Probably won’t get the led set though.

  275. Hi syd and ryan. Great episodes as always. Always waiting for the next episode to be release. To answer Syd’s poll, I knew I would want to get both the PG Unicorn and the LED. To me, if I’m going to spend on a kit, might as well get everything. Is the same thing I did when I got the Sazabi. Got the kit together with the twin gattling guns and metal parts upgrade.

  276. Hey guys, great show. I See I am going to be broke here pretty soon. Gotta get the Hi-Nu and the PG Unicorn…… Talk about LED madness. I’m drooling.

  277. Wow Hoi Hoi san! that takes me back I liked those episodes so much that make search for the manga to see what was it about, funny as hell hope they re-release those kits again would love to built them .If anyone is curious it was a episode 20 when Cyd slapped Traviss(Funny behind the scenes episode) and episode 35 when the kit was built … I’m such a freaking nerd (-_-;;)

  278. Wow.. i can’t believe PG unicorn is already ‘Order-Stopped’ on HLJ.com. Very disappointed. 🙁 🙁

  279. I would wait for an led + model unit… thats my opinion and i really want that girly model it’s kidda cute….:)

  280. Hey guys I really feel Ryan on the Transformers 4 matter… The action was just okayy and the story was horrible. My girlfriend almost fell asleep in the theater lol

  281. When I saw the PG Unicorn news I was so so stoked. Totally getting it from hlj for the holidays!

  282. I can’t BELIEVE they actually made a PG Unicorn! Like SERIOUSLY??!! 0_0 I never thought it would actually happen because it would be an LED nightmare!…and I was right about the last part!

    If I ever do get it, I may get the two seperately.

  283. need images for the pg unicorn!!! i cant wait~

  284. ohh!!im excited about the new releases of gundam this coming holiday season maybe ill buy the PG unicorn as a present for myself..hiihihi..,especially the wing zero EW now i will have the 3 wing gundam in 1/144 scale.About the PG unicorn i think the LED was overpriced at first but when you explained the things that it will do maybe its worth the price…but still expensive…lol
    and good luck to your show…

  285. Wow, I remember those kits from way back when.

    Personally I would go all in for the PG Unicorn, LED and all but I have to check my budget first. Lol

  286. Ok, here we go again, I WANT THAT FRAME ARMS first and foremost, Ooooh the plans I have for such things. Now that we have that out of the way… I’m curious about the whole PG psychoframe however I can not afford a PG at this time because I recently became a papa of a hefty baby boy nicknamed ‘Tank’ by his grandpa. But I will say if they give a Hi-Nu Gundam in PG the same treatment, that I could not resist getting it with full LED systems because well…Hi-Nu. Now then if you will excuse me I will get back to repairs on my Nu-Z Gundam.

  287. Hi Syd and Rye…
    Looking at Nightingale articulation making me think that the kit is a 1/100 scale of a SD grade 😀 …
    By the way, do you think Bandai will release RG for all the gundam from wing series including Tallgeese and Epyon???
    Oh… I’m really looking forward to get my hands on those kits once they’re release…

  288. Love hobbylink tv, been watching it since 2010.

  289. Need pics and more inform before I pick up the LED for the PG Unicorn.

  290. For the PG Unicorn, I would buy both the model kit and the LED hands down. Bandai sure does know how to get my money. I also had question about the G-Shock Mobile Suit Gundam Collaboration Watch and whether or not you guys had them in stock? I was too late for the pre order and now I can’t find it anywhere. 🙁

  291. Hey Syd and Ryan! Great show as always! I got my PG Unicorn AND the LED set ordered from HLJ and I can’t wait for December. It’ll be an even better Christmas than when I got Sazabi Ver Ka!!! Cheers!!!

  292. Hi Syd and Ryan. I am all in too with the led kit, it will be the most I spent on a kit, but I don’t care. Its the perfect time of year to be messing with leds. So the kit coming out around Christmas and the LEDs are gonna be green for camera and eyes and red everywhere else, like Christmas lights. Loving the frame arms.

  293. Great job as always guys
    The “Gehennam” is Jahanam or a sinner =P
    I will buy the Unicorn PG without the led set…coz i think the 29pcs led is totally new design…not like the old design like the coins they use on the gunpla head 🙂 and not all of us gunpla builder can afford almost 300usd pay at once 🙁

  294. Go Unicorn!!! Hype too much

  295. Hiya Sid and Ryan as of right now I’m just planning on getting the Unicorn and will be picking up the leds later on down the road. awesome vid as always and can’t wait for Nov. 21st to finally see the PG Unicorn in all of it’s glory.

  296. If I do get the PG Unicorn, I don’t plan on buying the LED set. It’s just too expensive for something that I’ll only end up using a handful of times.

  297. I think I would wait for the LED, but I’m super excited about the PG!
    Great show as always 🙂

  298. If i were to get the PG unicorn i’d follow the go for broke strategy, in other words i’d go all out and get both :D. Also what do u guys think of build gundam fighters try? love or hate the teasers we’ve been given?

  299. Guys your right Xbox bombed and good video as all was i really want the frame arms shout out to Dgurren gaming

  300. Thought about it holding it off till they release the how the LED is like…. But a PG unicorn with light just so much more awesome, I had to get both =) btw great show

  301. definitely need more info before jumping on the PG, the MG full armour burnt me on unicorns, that kit was bad but the LEDs are sounding so cool ill probably have to have it

  302. The PG Unicorn sounds nice, but it can wait for a while as I have bit of a backlog. But for the LED units I don’t think I will if and when I get the PG. It sounds like it will look good. But for the amount of effort to put it in. I don’t think I would turn it on much.

    My PG wing Zero, I have only turned on once or twice. Still I may get in when the time comes.

    Still great show, and see you guys in a few weeks.

  303. The PG Unicorn sounds nice, but it can wait for a while as I have bit of a backlog. But for the LED units I don’t think I will if and when I get the PG. It sounds like it will look good. But for the amount of effort to put it in. I don’t think I would turn it on much. Still great show, and see you guys in a few weeks.

  304. To answer the question: I’m still waiting until we can see more and get more details.
    Can you make a live stream for the new Bandai Star Wars kits (X-Wing and Darth Vader)?


  305. Keep up the awesome work!! Totally would love it if I could win the frame arms kit!!

  306. Pg Unicorn! Wonder how 30 led going to work. I can barely get 1 to work well on my 00 kits…

  307. I am so hype for the PG Unicorn. To answer the question: I think I’m gonna wait on the LED unit. Its going to look amazing even without the light up frame, and knowing bandai all the batteries will cost loads and die out if I leave it on. Great episode!

  308. about the led for the PG, I think Im gonna get it for my birthday next year, but. if hlj has a combination of the Unicorn and the led for a much less price i would definitely go for that (ehem combination) haha 🙂

  309. Another great episode and I’m totally excited about the PG unicorn.

    I would probably get both the PG and the LED kit together at the same time.
    When building a PG unicorn, you gotta go all out man!

  310. I wonder when theyre going to release pictures of the pg Unicorn. I am sooo hyped right now!

  311. Looking forward to Bandai’s star wars releases. looks like i might have to “neglect” gundam kits for awhile.

  312. hi would really want to get my hand on the PG unnicorn gundam

  313. I will be buying both the light kit and the pg together.. SO EXCITED FOR A PG UNICORN its def my favorite. I hope i can get my hands on a poster!

  314. This Christmas we will have the pg of the unicorn, then the next year or two years from now we will have the pg of Sinanju? Regards and as always great show

  315. I’m gonna wait and see images of the PG Unicorn then I’ll decide on whether im gonna get it or not. Hope Bandai will release MG version of the G-self ASAP, im not really into HG kits. Anyways, keep up the good job guys!

  316. Hopefully Bandai would release waterslides for the RE line..I wont be decalling my Nightingale with those stickes

  317. This episode is interesting . . . for me If i will bought the PG Unicorn, I will wait for somebody to try put on the leds first and speculate about how it should be . . . like looking on others experience first than jumping the cliff and be patient to building it. I think if someone bought PG first than the led lights is not a good deal, I mean if buying the PG you should consider the led lights also . . . and it glow in your desk ( like Ryan said) . . . By the way . . . How would you react about the new series G-Reco? I personally no negative reaction because its different from other Gundam series I ever watch. (My first long comment) Thanks for this episode and next time again!!!

  318. The first time when I saw the news about The PG is on Syd facebook page..immediately I go to my pc and put a preorder onto hlj.com..and YES syd I’ve not doubt about this PG plus this would be my first PG and I’m glad since hlj already stop order..Thank god I order it first

  319. Wooo, PG Unicorn is real! But that LED kit is waaay too expensive. Unless it has some amazing features, I’m just going to end up lighting it up on my own.

  320. I really like the PG Unicorn and would like to make it my first one! However I’m going to hold off on that for now, mostly because of the LED. The kits I have seen that have LEDs look really good with them but look kinda lacking without them. So I feel like the PG requires that kit, which is a bit too much for me to cough up right before the holidays 🙂 Unicorn is my favorite gundam but hopefully there’s a PG Sinanju coming so I can sit it right next to my mini fig, HG and MG!

    Thanks guys for another great Gunpla.tv!

  321. can`t wait for the PG unicorn gundam

  322. woah PG unicorn and the nightingale looks too damn goooooooooood

  323. I have to admit I saw the PG Unicorn separate lights and thought “Man… I am all in.”. I would rather get it all in one shot rather than wait. And I would love to get that sweet Frame Arms.

  324. My big question about the PG Unicorn before buying it with the LED kit is how it’s gonna work into the frame and how it’s gonna connect. It’ll probably be answered in November but seeing the wiring layout before buying would save me the trouble of figuring out is spending 120 on lights is a good idea or just to make the setup myself.

  325. In re: to the unicorn question… I was actually more interested in the PG before hearing about the led’s. The cost of the PG itself sounded great. But knowing that there’s a separate led kit (that i definitely want) is keeping me from buying the PG on it’s own. I want to pick up the whole package, but the bump in cost is too much to handle. Especially during the holidays.
    Keep up the good work, guys!

  326. I wish I lived in Japan, or anywhere near a convention center. Maybe someday!

  327. I would like to buy a PG unicorn, but i don’t have the money to buy both the LED or PG Unicorn because i don’t have a job yet, so i will wait till next year or later. Also i really wish that i could win one of those awesome Gunpla from last week. I have been waiting 3 week to see if i would win but i did not 🙁 but there is always next time. 🙂 well Syd and Ryan keep up the awesome job and keep given more free gunpla. 🙂

  328. the whole appeal of the kit for me is the LED feature for the whole frame that no other PG has. definitely voting for getting the PG unicorn and the LED kit at the same time. btw, they should do heavyarms kai or nataku for the next RG with the new zero frame. deathscythe-hell custom and sandrock custom already have their MG counterpart… anyway, great job guys! wish i could’ve attended all those events.

  329. Nice video guys I really enjoy watching you guys and hearing about all the new stuff coming out and for the pg unicorn I am going to get it but probably won’t get the LEDS, I mean 200 for the kit and then another 120 plus shipping is way to much for me ,if it was like 250 for all it then I would do it,but around 350 when you count shipping that’s crazy expensive

  330. PG UNICORN QUESTION. i plan on waiting for the LED’s i fell it makes a tad bit more sense just thank god it is not an exclusive
    AND i Have a couple things to say
    1. i have built my MG Hi-nu gundam ver.ka to go along with my NU.ver.ka and they are quite the pair

  331. Oh man when you guys posted about the PG Unicorn Gundam My girlfriend was so excited its her favorite and the model that started her love for Gunpla, and Gundam. Really hope they keeping going and have a Sinanju and Banshee Perfect grades. I am not really excited about the separate led kit. It rather sucks that i am paying an extra 100 USD for it to be complete. But I already LED mod My High Grade kits and Master grades. I am really happy its not going to be a limited run.

  332. I am all in for both the PG Unicorn and the LED set! In fact I’m already planning to get two PG Unicorns because I have a distinct feeling that a Premium Bandai Exclusive Green LED set with green Psyco Frame will be a release… and I’ll have to get that.

  333. Oh my, I’m going to have to convince my wife, that I have to have a PG Unicorn, wonder if the transformation is similar to the bust that automatically changes to destroy mode and back…But manually?

    I’d probably get the LED set with the kit, easier to add it all together while building, rather than take it apart again.

    My jaw almost hit the floor when you said Ryan was leaving, and then he mentioned for two weeks.

  334. Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!! Sorry, thought I had a few days to think about that PG Unicorn, and pre-sale sold out in less than 24 hours!! In any case, I will be purchasing the PG Unicorn, with the LED kit as soon as it comes available again. I hope there will be more pre-sale available before the actual release, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Good episode (a little painful, as I mentioned), I’m really looking forward to months of painting/customization on this PG kit. I’ve got the Freedom PG to work on too, but that’s a long custom process. I’m planning to stay close to vanilla on the Unicorn, just add extra detail wherever I can. I’m excited to see how this resin components system spreads the light around. Currently I’m experimenting with UV LEDs with a clear UV reactive paint on the psycho frame parts of my chrome Phenex (yes, i said chrome. I stripped the gold plating off of the entire kit. UV blue and chrome/black chrome, that’s where it’s at!).

    Anyway, awesome kit, awesome show, till next episode.

    • We do expect to be able to take more preorders for the Unicorn and LEDs! Keep an eye on the product pages, and our social media for announcements. 🙂

      • Thanks for the response! I now have a PG Unicorn on pre-order, but the LED kit is still on order stop. I keep checking back a few times a day. I’m sure it will eventually become available.
        Also, was holding off on pre-ordering 3 RG Wing Zeros until I knew I could get the PG, and now they are on order stop. Curses! I’ll keep watching those as well.
        Thanks again!

  335. Awesome review and speculations for tge PG Unicorn! Looking forward for the live stream when you get the PG. Thanks Guys!

  336. Nice episode to watch as you guys give some details about the PG Unicorn and the Nightingale. I have always been considering of getting a MG Unicorn. But now, I guess it’s the PG Unicorn then. I was thinking of buying the LED later, but our local reseller did a package pre-order and you can save a few buck by buying the set. So, I just went ahead and pre-order the set 😀

  337. to answer your question i am not going to buy both at once that would make the purchase close to 300 usd but i am interested see more it would be cool to see another grunt pg in the future.

    also i enjoyed the show. ryan man be careful dont get sick over seas. , i also soon have my nephew over who will be building his first gunpla he pick the wing gundam hg.

  338. I think I’ll wait to see the LEDs before I decide if I want them

  339. That G-Self looks like such a fun build. Can’t wait until mine arrives. 😉

  340. To answer your question I will buy both the PG Unicorn Gundam and the LED system. I’ll put it in my bedroom so I can see it glowing whenever I want to sleep.

    By the way… how to turn on/off the LEDs? Do we need to open the back panel first, take out the LEDs, turn it on/off and then put it back like I did with my Nu Gundam ver. Ka?? If so, it’s very inefficient 🙁

    What did bandai think when they design the Nu Gundam ver. Ka? They should make a turn on/off switch hidden on the back of the Nu Gundam so I just can easily turn it on/off without having to use so much effort.

    Anyway…. I really like your shows. Keep it up guys!! Do you have any job opening there? I really want to work there because all the people seems nice and very friendly 🙂

    Don’t forget to send me the poster. If you have old Gundam poster that you don’t plan to use it anymore you can give it to me. I don’t have any gundam poster and I would like some to decorate one of my room. Hehehe

  341. I already preordered my pg unicorn and led. I am excited to see how the led lights work into the build. Thirty lights sounds exciting. I can’t wait.

  342. Another great and informative episode! Looking forward to the PG Unicorn, will definitely get one hopefully in time for Christmas. What other PG Gundams would you guys like to see made? I’m crossing my fingers for a PG Sinanju or Sazabi!

  343. Regarding the PG unicorn, I’m going to wait until I see what it looks like and see some detail photos before I decide if I want to buy one. (it’ll be my 1st PG if I do.) As far as the LED’s are concerned, I won’t be getting them since I’m an aircraft electrician so I’ll be using my skills to equip the kit with LED’s myself, and it will be cheaper in doing so. With that being said, I hope lady luck is on my side and maybe my comment will be chosen as one of the winners. by the way Ryan and Cid, any word if whether Bandai will be issuing more kits from the Advance of Zeta manga? Those gundams are some of my favorites. Can’t beat the colors of those Gundams!

  344. I saw the LED set and thought “Man, I’m either getting both or neither…”

    Not sure which one it is yet. We’ll see what my finances look like in December.

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  346. Thanks for the episode guys, nice laughs.

    I was kinda dissapointed with the Tokyo game show since it fel like they could have showed more stuff, but overall it was good.

    As to answer the questions about the new PG:

    Im doubting to buy the PG since this sepparated LED set was clearly stated by bandai. I understand that putting them up together would make the price rise too much for mos people, and dividing it makes bandai sure that people at least buy the standalone PG.

    another thing to note would be:
    – What would the distribution model would be? regular retailers like HLJ or bandai pro shop?

    Thats my mind set right now undecided until more info is revealed.

  347. Uwaa~ Those are pretty sick giveaways!

    Regarding Syd’s question; when I first found out about PG Unicorn, as well as the separate LED set,I was amazed and mad at the same time. Amazed because Bandai could actually pull off something like a 30 led unit ensemble, and mad, because Bandai would yet again suck my funds dry >_<. So I decided that I would get the PG first, and see what the LED units can do when they come out.I hope they turn out to be awesome ( as the PG Unicorn would eventually be my first PG).

    Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers~

    PS: Don't forget to check out Gundam Build Fighters Try!

  348. I would like to win these strike freedoms 🙂

  349. regarding the question given: i’m gonna get the unicorn first without the LED’s as i wont be fixing it right when i get it as i’ll have the new astray blue frame and RG wing to occupy my gunpla addiction first =p

  350. I decided to get both LED and PG unicorn right away because considering the 00 riser is around $350 if I remember correctly, Unicorn with full body LED for around $300 is not too bad. the only thin I’m concern is Bandai will release the full armor with green psycho frame later. If that come out I hope they have the full armor part with green psycho frame sold separately so the early adopter wont feel betrayed.

  351. Oh please I want the poster too 🙂

  352. Good show as always.

  353. With the announcement of RG WZC, I am getting a feel of Bandai doing MG WZC 2.0 too. Just Hoping ^_^

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  355. If by any chance i can by the Pg Unicorn, I won’t buy the led unit at the same time. Maybe later on! Hoping I can still install it!! The show was awesome, thanks guys!!!

  356. I feel strangely guilty being happier to see non-gundam kits in the giveaway… Whilst watching Gunpla TV.

  357. I’m 15 and the unicorn gundam will be my first pg.
    love the show

  358. I’m all in for both the PG Unicorn and the LED set!!

    Also that RG Wing. I have been waiting for so long for the Wing series to come to the RG line and now my prayers have been answered!

    PS: Whether I win anything or not isn’t important. I win simply by watching you guys. Keep it up and more power to you! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

  359. Hello my two favorite Monday morning men.
    Awesome, you guys read my comment on the episode! Also a bit strange to hear my name…. But what a nice surprise!!! I had a big setback on the MG I’m working on at the moment when I heard you guys read my comment. And guess what happened…? It made my day. Sun started to shine, even though it was midnight, birds started singing and all misfortune was forgotten.
    But on a serious note, my first and alas my last PG was the Red Frame. The next one I always thought would be the Strike, but now… I was hoping and guessing for a long time the PG Unicorn would be the next in line. Even before I heard the rumors starting in March. I love the design of the Unicorn, but couldn’t come to terms with the weak articulation and thought a PG version would overcome this. And as you translated the poster for us, it became clear it would!
    Now I wanted to put the PG Unicorn up for preorder together with the LED’s. But what do you know…? Order stop.
    Of course I could always preorder somewhere else, but for Gundam, HLJ is the place to be! So I will wait for orders come up again due to people placing preorders and don’t cash them so to say like on the MG H-Nu. They also had a order stop, but as soon as it got on sale, there was some stock. But far more important than all of that, Ryan, I have to agree with you on the account of Transformers 4 not being a good movie, to say it nice… And on the second account, Megan Fox…!!!!, I also concur 😉
    I’ll be sending you an PM as soon as I get some pictures up on the faded airbrushed Fin Funnels

    • As you read this, you’ll be back as I assume. How was your time in Africa Ryan? Hope you enjoyed spending time with your family. Did you bring them some Gunpla as a present? Or some other Japanese gifts?

  360. I think I would buy the PG Unicorn first, and then a few months later pick up the LEDs. I would LOVE to have the LEDs set up, and they would be an amazing display, but an extra hundred bucks plus the ~150 for the PG is no small amount to drop all at once. But boy, would that look good on my shelf. Great show as always, keep up the good work!

  361. Hi Syd and Ryan, I was skeptical about the Nightingale and how it would look, but seeing the live stream and this episode after is completed, I must say that I love it. Keep up the good work guys…OH and Syd, LED lights are just a few steps away from you, it would’ve been nice to see the Nightingale light up (us in USA don’t have the LEDs accessible).

    On a side note, I finally caught up from episode 102 all the way to this one, because I got a new job and I was not able to stream videos before, but now I can and I love it!!! I won’t miss my HLJ TV fix no more.

  362. Wow looks like this big PG unicorn is going to be have so much gimmick parts that can show a clear red frame with in the unicorn and also be really bright if put in the red LED in the unicorn maybe. And I’m also wandering if they might release that gundam unicorn that has crystal around the blue or green frame from gundam unicorn episode 7

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    PG…I’m not really into large kits but those things you said may about the Unicorn made me think about it.

  364. Hi Syd and Ryan, you’re great as always. I think i’ve read somewhere Syd saying that g-self looks feminine (not 100 % sure about this, pardon me if i’m wrong), but I think it look great. About PG, if i have to choose i’ll buy only the model and skip the LEDs.

  365. Hoi Hoi san is 1 to 1 scale where the PG Unicorn is only like 60 scale. More scale for your buck with Hoi Hoi. I like that they have the LEDs seperate as I’ll appreciate the cheaper price-point of the main kit without them.

  366. For the PG Unicorn.. I would most likely wait and see what the LED’s look like, and how they perform on the actual kit before dishing out any additional money. Other than that great show guys!

  367. cant wait for wing 😀

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    Has for the question:
    I’m waiting to see the LED package first, if they work well, I’m getting them for sure! If they don’t I’ll try and build a system myself 🙂

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    Anyway, great show as always guys, please don’t change 😀

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    Cant wait to get my pg unicorn…grrrrr

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  372. on the pg, i think im would wait n see how it turns out first

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  374. I’m still undecided on the Pg Unicorn, if it looks amazing out of the box with the led lights then I would have to have both, and amazing show guys!

  375. I’m partial to the Unicorn so I would definitely see if I could implement my own fancy LED system. 10,000 yen is too steep for 30 LEDs and some programming to get them to light up differently.


  377. Want to see those new reconguista suits so bad!

    About the PG unicorn, I myself am not a fan of the unicorn, so for your question I would say neither. Now it it were a suit I wanted, that happened to light up with this LED kit, because of the price, I think I would pass on the LEDs.

  378. Unfortunately my finances don’t allow me to purchase any PG’s at this point in time, but I would definitely get the LEDs if I could. I am very excited about the rg wing zero custom, I don’t have much room for too many mgs and I wanted to get a good looking version of the custom, so this will be perfect. Great show as always

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  388. I’m definitely planning on picking up both the PG Unicorn and the LED set. With that light-up sequence, how could I not? And Ryan was totally right–I’ll use it as my desk lamp at night! 😛

  389. Really excited to see what this PG Unicorn is going to look like specially with the LED kit. Will it be enough to convince me to get it even though I already built the Uniforn Full Armor Ver Ka.

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  391. I want to start off by saying that I’m not really into PGs, I prefer having a large selection of kits in a common scale. That being said however, I am very tempted to get the PG Unicorn, primarily because of the LED gimmick. I can’t afford it right now, but assuming I do get it someday I will definitely be getting the LED set.

  392. Looking forward to the PG Unicorn, when I get it, I’ll definitely get the LEDs as well. Great episode as always!

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  396. So excited for Unicorn! Me and three friends all preordered both the MS and LED kit!! My thoughts would be a lot of people will get both. How can you not!! Its going to look amazing!!!!!

  397. I would buy PG Unicorn without the LED, because I will never turn on/use them!

  398. Hopefully I’m not too late great show guys I’m super looking coward to that new rg and I’m would be psyched if that came out with a tallgeese or epyon!!!!!

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  401. Considering how awesome the Unicorn was in the anime and as a master grade kit (post Ver.Ka), I am wanting to pick up the PG. It would be my first PG ever. However I am probably hold off on the LEDs because of how expensive they are, and I probably won’t appreciate them enough. That being said, if after some time they are still available I guess I would eventually pick them up and install them regardless if I have to disassemble my Unicorn.

  402. I’ll only get the PG Unicorn by itself. The LED gimmick is something you would only turn on once then never turn it on ever again. Really glad Bandai didn’t put it all in gigantic package making it the price high.

  403. draw dropped at the PG unicorn and foaming at the mouth, another great episode guys!

  404. I wouldn’t buy the LED system for the unicorn. I tend to play with gimmicks like that only once or twice, so not really worth paying $100.

    Great show again guys. I would love to win the Hoi Hoi models

  405. Can someone tell me just what G system they release weird gunpla kits?

  406. Probably the only person in Belize that is into Gundam Model Kits 🙁 Great show as always!

  407. I’m getting really excited for this kit. I wonder if the “Third Mode” has something to do with a green psycho-frame, or with those final minutes from episode 7.Also, anyone think we’re gonna get Katoki level decals for this kit? I find that prospect both exciting and terrifying…

  408. The nightingale looks pretty silly with the tube thingies in the joints :p

  409. The first time i heard about the PG RX-0 i was all in. Then i hear about a kit with 30 LEDs to light it up, if i carried cash i would have thrown it at the computer… DAMMIT.. TAKE MY MONEY.

    As i restarted my Gunpla collection focusing on MG Char suits(Zaku II, Gelgoog, and Hyaku Shiki), I find myself wondering if i can justify the Nightengale.

  410. oh.. gotta save up money for PG uni…..

  411. ‘I think I’ll wait for the next PG’
    *10 years later*
    ‘Beargguy PG released’

  412. Hey Syd and Ryan great video as usual, if I ever got the pg unicorn I would wait to get the LED because its way too much to spend at one time for a kit

  413. I love this show so much. It’s the highlight of my week most definitely. Hope I get the PG Unicorn for Christmas. >.<

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    I love this channel, please continue to post new videos!

    Thank you very much!

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  418. Great show and I can’t wait for the PG Unicorn Gundam.

  419. I will buy both PG Unicorn and the LED Unit. Thanks!

  420. I can’t help but wondering how many variations of the unicorn PG will Bandai release. Although not my favorite, and wasn’t planned, I ended with 5 MG’s of the variations (2 unicorns, 2 Banshee and 1 Phenex). Since it doesn’t take much more R&D and tooling time. I’m pretty sure we’ll see Banshee in the future. Wondering if I should wait for the Banshee….

  421. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Thank you for making all the videos!

    I think I will buy only the PG Unicorn Gundam.
    The LED is too expensive for me!

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  425. Yes I definitely Plan on getting both the pg unicorn and the led set. it would feel incomplete with out both to me

  426. Hey guys love the show and love the models I wish I had the money to get as much as you guys do.
    Spread the joy.

  427. Man i would love to see a PG banshee to combat the PG unicorn with some orange LED’s

    • I would love to do what you guys do. If i had time to do things like the PG Unicorn Gundam and all the HG’s you guys do i would be in heaven!

  428. I’ll get the pg unicorn later on but i do want to see how the LEDs work and i hope i win that transformer

  429. I would love to see if they have it in combo packaged with LED and Unicorn together. I probably get the Unicorn first then LED later to see what others review. Besides this, Just learned there will be a full armour parts ! Will it be sold at Hobby Link? Please let us know Syd! If yes I would love to get all in one for sure !

  430. I’m getting the unicorn unit with the LED. by the way, I have a question. would you recommend that unicorn draw the panel lines?

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