Aug 25

In this episode of Gunpla TV we give out the Neo Zeong carry bags to those who posted pictures of the themselves with the monster kit on our Facebook page and we take a look at a new entry into Bandai’s Plamo lineup, Nobunaga the Fool!

The Fool Nobunaga by Bandai

Kits featured in this video:

The Fool (Nobunaga) by Bandai


Gunpla TV


  1. 1st! Am I suppose to win a price?

  2. 2nd! am i stand a chance to win this price? hmm.. but still, great show syd and ryan. keep it up!!

  3. Syd and Ryan
    Have you guys watch kamen rider and what is you’re favorite series ?

    That Nobunaga kits is awesome

  4. Senpai please notice me.

  5. I liked the mecha design of Nobunaga the Fool. I hope that Bandai puts out a kit of Caesar’s mecha.

  6. Great show guys !
    I can’t wait for the two new gundam series ~!
    The Suit design intrigues me

  7. Hey Syd and Ryan! Been watching for about 4 months now and I absolutely love the work you do. Keep it up guys, new episodes brighten my week. Also, I believe on that Kamen Rider MG it has a muscle flex gimmick in its biceps. At least the Fang Joker one did. ANYWAY. Until next time, don’t forget to be awesome.

  8. Nice episode, love the design of the new anime,…
    Keep it up people, you’re doing great 🙂

  9. !!! YES NEW EPISODE!!!

  10. Great episode as always guys! Missed seeing your videos pop up in my sub box. are you excited for Gundam Build Fighters Try? I really liked the first season and am excited for season 2, Especially after the new trailer Gundam.Info posted on youtube. Keep up the awesome work.

  11. Partsforming: The Episode

  12. please do live stream RE/100 nightingale.

  13. That’s an interesting mech! Looks like it is too easy to break partsforming. Great episode anyways guys!

  14. Might give some of the other Bandai kits a try. I’d like to give my hand in some painting anyway.

  15. I’ve been interested in the scope dog kits, I’ll have to order one when they come back in stock.

  16. Always love to see some non-gundam kits get some attention. As much as I love gundam, I’ve almost hit the limit of owning all kits I like from the series and have started branching out into other mech series. Great episode!

  17. Thanks for the history lesson Syd. I now know a little about Nobunaga.

  18. Might have to try non-gundam kits now too.

  19. Nice to see non-gundam kits!

  20. I enjoy when you guys show new kits that are none gundam from time to time it makes show feel more open, but how does the quality feel compared to gundam and other bandai models?

  21. I’d love a livestream of the RE/100 Nightengale kit 😀

  22. can you combine 00 raiser and 00 seven sword/g in hg or mg

  23. Can’t wait for the live stream! U guys are awesome! Keep it up!

  24. I can see your point ,here Imax 3d is 8usd normal and ~ 6,5 on cheap tuesdays
    So the new Reconguista in G is kiddy , GBF:Try as well….Guess my dream of a good new Gundam series won`t happen any time soon 🙁

    Great ep as always

  25. Good stuff as always guys. Atleast Ramba Ral is in the new GBF so it has to still be good!

  26. Nice episode. Looking forward to gbf try!

  27. Have you guys watched Aldnoah.Zero? Watching it is similar to the first time I saw Gundam!

    I hope they make kits, do you guys have any info on that?

  28. great episode guys! never really got into Kamen Rider to be honest, I was always a fan of Power Rangers rather than Kamen Riders…

  29. Man, not a fan of the massive sticker sheet they give you for the fool! Ah well, guess thats what the paintbrush is for. Will you guys be getting your hands on the HGBF Riniscata? Love the work, keep it up!

  30. That Fool be looking Fantastic! Fantastic video Syd and Ryan! Fantastic luck to everybody for the fantastic contest!

  31. Hi Sid and Ryan

    I’ve Seen you feature the Yamato on the show once And was wowdering what soak and brand it was.

    Also I really hope to win that MG Heat Meta .

    Good Luck everyone

  32. Hey Syd and Ryan, great show as always. I wanted to know if you had any clues for the big December release yet. What with the Hi-Nu being released in August, that leaves the end of the year kit to fill some big shoes. I know there there have been rumors of a PG Unicorn, thoughts? Thanks for the show and I hope to hear your replies.

    -Star Shatterer

  33. good to see some more non gundam kits getting some attention, tho personally i don’t find them as interesting!

  34. Cannot wait for the upcoming build fighters try

  35. Good intro to new kits as aways. Didnt get my birthday present from you guys previously… lets hope i get a belated one ^_^
    thanks for all the hard work

  36. Once you starch you can never go back. That is also true, in a way. By the by, that Nobunaga guy looks interesting. Nothing moved me the way Gunpla did but this guy has that moving funk.

  37. At last, a new episode.!!! Great job as always.

  38. The fool is an excellent kit for that kind of price. GJ as always. Thanx

  39. Another great video. That Nobunaga kit looks really impressive, thanks for showing it. Sometimes I get so caught up with Gundam I forget there are other interesting kits.

    Speaking of which I had no idea there were Kamen Rider kits. Do they still make kits for Double or OOOs?

  40. That Kamen Rider Double would look pretty nice next to my other Figure-rise Kamen Rider kits.

  41. i hope they can make new kits from the nobunaga series. great episode as always

  42. Hey Syd & Ryan,

    What is your take from the Chara Hobby Show, and Bandai not showing off a December MG or a November RG? The RG line has always had their big release in November, and the MG line has only skipped the December kit once, back in 2010 for the release of the PG Strike Freedom.

    Do you think this means that Bandai does have a big PG release to announce for the end of the year or they’re skipping that big december kit all together?

    Best Regards,

    P.S. I really want that Bruitish Dog to finish out my 1/20 Votoms collection.

  43. Epic Episode!! I actually won something! It’s so true once you start Gunpla, you can’t stop. I’ve got 2 more PG kits it my private warehouse, and another monster kit the 1/144 Dendrobium. I got no clue where it will go, I just wanted it. A bummer not many people entered the Neo Zeong. But understandable. Because by the time I added up cost, shipping and paint. The cost came to just under $500 NZ. If I do win any of these kits, please redraw.

  44. Another good episode for the viewer,good job Syd & Ryan. Cant wait the episode coming out. Very looking for it.

  45. I need a victory

  46. Nice kit….it remembers me somehow cloud of FFVII on his motorbike

  47. Am I the lucky winner?

  48. the fool, interesting kit. i was like “nooooooooo!” when syd broke that part… thanks for the slight anxiety attack lol keep it up guys, i love what you guys do!

  49. I pitty the fool!

  50. …Wheres my stuff?

  51. I’m really impressed with the Fool. Think I’m gonna get one. And I will be more careful than Syd. 😉

  52. Give me free stuff please

  53. It’s been a while since we last saw a MG Figure-rise kit, I wished Bandai would release more in the line.

  54. Great videos as always!
    Hope to win something ^^

  55. Another great episode guys… Btw, I want that Kamen Rider huhu2…

  56. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Nice episode!

    I just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to work on Godzilla here in London (really proud to have a credit on that one:)). And when I came to Japan in the summer to see my girlfriend I saw it on opening day and managed to get one of those cups! I also got a cup with no handle (not a glass) that had Godzilla embossed on it.

    I am really glad you like the movie and I loved it too! You never know how people will react, when you are working on it.

    I love the design of Gundam and really enjoy building the Model kits. I have a clear MG RX-78 2 3.0 that I got from the Art of Gundam Exhibition in Osaka (highly recommended), so that is my next project 🙂

    Catch ya later


  57. Fool being a fool.

  58. Hopefully I’m gonna be watching the live stream in school. Who even cares about final year. I have Hobbylink Tv.

  59. is it my turn to win yet???

  60. Nice giveaway, I would love to win this time 😀

  61. great show as always and i think i got an idea on what mecha series kit that i will collect excluding gundam kits im also amazed on its armor that can transform into a vehicle and honestly i haven’t yet watched that anime

  62. Hi Syd and Ryan, when do you think the next rg is coming out and what do think it is going to be?

  63. The nobunaga looks too complex. It kinda feels too overwhelming to see the details.

  64. Hello to my two favorite oddly characters on those blue Mondays.

    Firstly how great of you guys giving us folks on the Q/A&Help group some love! We do our best to spread our knowledge around the world.
    Thank you for giving us a blog where we can do such a thing.

    Second, I hope to God, or the great entity (don’t want to offend someone), that the MG Hi-Nu will make it in time so I can get a glimpse of it as I ordered it from HLJ two and a half months ago… I’m so curious!
    And I will keep an eye out on the FaceBook page so I can finally watch the live stream live… LOL

    Should Mr Random Number Generator pick me, please let him pick again. Those kits are not my cup of tea. By the way, what an odd name. Is Random his first name? And Generator his family name.
    Anyway, how good of you to keep him on the staff of HLJ, even if he does disappoints so many people each week. LOL

  65. I pity the fool

  66. Hi syd and Ryan. Nice show as always..I’m having a great time since I watch gunpla tv. Had been ordering few kits from hlj and my question is could you show some of the railway kits. I’ve been browsing into hlj catalog and wanting to order some but cant really know which kits is just a model or the ones that can move. I’m thinking of building a diorama full if them and put some of my gunpla kits inside my hobby room. Thanks again for the wonderful video guys..cheers

  67. biggity-bam, sock full of quarters!

  68. I hope Bandai will do more Not-Gundam plastic kits! I don’t understand why all the best robots of the 80’s are only in “Soul of Chogokin” form.
    I will be the happiest old-guy on Earth if Bandai give me a Daitarn3 plastic kit! Or a MazingaZ plastic Kit! Etc.

    If You met Bandai president in the future, please, tell him to start a new line of plastic kits. They can call it “Robopla”. Each one on a different historical robot of Japanese animation of the past.


  69. i saw the nabunaga the fool kit last month and wondered to buy it or not but when isaw it in this episode ill definitely buy it…goodluck to you guys..

  70. the nobunaga looks like a great kit .hoping that maybe i could find it at my local store if not i will buy it from

  71. Will it be a Gundam Hi-Nu V, on the livestream?

    Nobunaga looks interesting, now I’m going to have to watch the anime, and see what that thing can do.

  72. Good episode! Am looking forward to the Hi-Nu.

  73. love that scopedog

  74. great episode guys. good to see other mech series in these episodes…but always focus on that gunpla….a question for you! is the fool considered a high grade model? or would it be more master grade with its sorta-inner frame?

  75. The Fool seems like it would require quite abit of work to make it look accurate. Anyway Good work guys!

  76. Nice episode Syd and Ryan. I’m still looking forward for the livestream of Hi Nu Gundam so that I can differentiate it between the Nu Gundam that I have. Happy Heroes Day here in our country!!!

  77. The Nobunaga kits just doesn’t appeal to me. It will be awesome if y’all would make like some kind of cinematic opening, showing Syd sharpening his knives. Aiming for that Votoms kit.

  78. pretty cool kit guys, I might have to start looking at some of these non gundam style kits.

  79. sweet kits.

  80. hey syd and ryan wht do u think of the new astray blue frame d coming out soon

  81. hey syd and ryan wht do u think of the new astray blue frame d coming out soon?

  82. Good Episode and keep up the good job guys 🙂 Well it isn’t a bad thing to try and test my luck too 🙂

  83. The fool kits remind me alot of the Kotobukiya frame arms kits.

  84. hey syd and ryan, i was thinking about getting the mg astray blue frame 2nd revise and saw some stuff for the new astray blue frame coming out. what do you think about the current blue frame and the blue frame to be released. btw great episode as always.

  85. Really excited for the new ver. KA

  86. I want Bandai to announce more 3.0’s so badly!!!

  87. Awesome stuff as always guys

  88. Great episode guys I hope you will continue to show some more non Gundam kits. While I do love Gundam I have become a bit burned on building nothing but Gundam kits. So I was glad to see you guys demonstrate that sweet Nobunga the fool! kit. Also sure hope I get that bulldog kit! So cool!

  89. Great episode as always, also when are we getting some new info on the next RG kit. Thanks guys!

  90. Balliiiin!

  91. Awesome choices for prizes! Cool history lesson! And I’m going to check out that new anime.

  92. Nice, looking forward to the Hi Nu build. I have seen some sites showing the Ka Hi Nu with a added Armor set and am wondering if that was a Bandai Exclusive addon you can buy or not and if not are you guys planning on carrying it. Funny you should have a Nobunaga kit being that I just finished watching the series recently. Great show as always.

  93. What is the schedule like for restocking of the Votoms/Scopedog kits?

  94. Great episode!!! so want one of those kits!!! Ryan when are you bringing the falcon!!!!

  95. ouch, broken peg… i pity the fool… how could you syd? reminds me i need parts replacement and i have no idea where and how to get them since i’m in the US.

  96. Have you guys ever done and evangelion kit? If you havent, you should.

  97. Somebody sent me a creepy message on this site 0_0

  98. Great show. was hoping for that one piece kit when u said bandai none gundam kits. oh well hope i win this week. u guys r way cool. and so is space dandy u should do a spot on some of there stuff. shame live builds going to be at 3 AM. if u did a 10am to 1pm jap time. it would work for where i am. later guys.

  99. Scopedog… Love to win that one, come on random .org.

    So when you guys are not being such internet stars what’s your day like? I’ve been watching the show forever and love when you include a bit more life of HLJ in the episodes.

    Just starting a Full Armor ver Ka and agree with your assesment. It should have been named Fully Armed Unicorn, so many weapons.

    Looking forward to the next episode, keep up the great work.

  100. Absolutely love the show. Been watching for a while, and I just built my MG Turn X. Even taking the time to put on all of the dry-transfers, which I’ve never done before. It turned out great, and I can’t wait to order a Turn A and have them duel. Anyway, love the show, and keep up the great work!

  101. 3 Thumbs Up for this episode, great review for this kit. Can’t wait for the next one specially when the new Hi Nu Ver ka is released. Surely that is going to be a great review. Yoku dekimashita!

  102. Don’t break the kits Ryan!let box go and stand in a corner till we say it’s OK LOL great show guys

  103. The Fool looked like Batman on its bike (and Ryan breaks everything he touches).

  104. Hope this time can win something!

  105. Geez I hope I win

  106. Those picture from the people who bought the Neo Zeong were great.

  107. Great episode as always! Do you ship kits here in the Philippines? I’d like to order some RGs. :3

  108. Great show as always, the Nobunaga looked interesting, but definitely needs a paint job. Could always go for a free model kit (hint hint).

  109. Awwww man can’t wait for my MG Hi Nu in a couple weeks first ver ka kit I’m getting

  110. That Nobunaga kit looks interesting. Bad luck about breaking it on camera Syd. We’ve all been there and you have my condolences.

    Those MG Figurerise kits look nice, though I’ve never built one. This is a damn shame since I’m a Kamen Rider fan.

    Totally unrelated to Plamo, but have you guys considered an HLJ app for iOS and Android? Personally, I’d love for one to exist for quick mobile reference.

  111. Awwww yeah! Kamen Rider in the house. You guys rock. Hope I can win this one.

  112. I need to get some new kits, I’m so bored when i get home from work

  113. Nobunaga looking fly, Your trying to make me buy it…

    Would love some Kits too! 🙂

  114. great show as always 🙂 will you guys talk more about other non gundam kits from this episode forward?

  115. good job guys as always guys 😀
    but why did u do the review of nobunaga after no more sales of this kit =P
    and ,nice idea of no gunpla prizes, but should at least give 1 gunpla as a prize 🙁

  116. Any new titanium finish to be release?

    I love the recently one 🙂

  117. Thank for showing me a good episode!!! and WOW it was a good kit Nobunaga the fool!!!! is there any other kits that relate with that anime??? i love this kit!!!!!! i will get it one day!! ^^

  118. Great episode you guys, that nobunaga kit looks quite nifty
    Heres hoping i get myself a free Brutish Dog

  119. hey guys great show,im curious have you ever built a medabot(medarot) kit? they look nice but ive never tried them

  120. Good luck on the MG livestream ! hopefully I will be able to watch it live 🙂

  121. The Fool looks so cool, but it’s either put on a bunch of stickers which are probably pretty terrible, or do a bunch of detail painting, which will probably turn out equally terrible. Neither one is something I feel like doing, so I guess I’ll skip it.

  122. Fun show. Its good to know that breaking the kits can be done on air too ^^. The Nobunaga the fool is not my kind of kit but that Brutis dog definitely is.

  123. i would buy more kits from hlj if it was not for the shipping fees to us fedex saver on the ver. ka. sazabi was close $40 U.S.

  124. this time i wont miss the stream!!!

  125. Great Episode Guys, Nobunaga the Fool started really good but really dissipated towards the end. It started as a cult hit and then diminished into a really bad cesspool of horrible plotlines and references to history. The director really lets his viewers down as he tries to execute an ending which tries to be original and isn’t and descends into a chaos much like the Starship Ocean 2 anime. So my advice is love the kits but stay away from the anime.

  126. Another great episode guys keep up the good work!!

  127. Great episode, I was flat coating a kit and then the spray ran out, it started to spray the coat and now there are spots on the kit. Is the kit ruined or should I buy another of the same flat coat of the same brand to finish it off?

  128. Great Episode Syd and Ryan. The kamen Rider giveaway reminds me to post my Kamen Rider Kabuto i recently built… I’ll do that eventually right? I’ll also be looking forward to seeing how the Hi Nu looks as well, thus i’ll be awaiting the next episode with anticipation.

  129. hey cool ep
    the fool looks pretty cool i think i might try it out

  130. Bla please be me

  131. hi guys!
    great episode again. The fool looks cool but it’s kind of fiddly and scary to move and the stickers are kind of a turn off.

    I might try this kit when I get good at painting.

  132. i am sorry but i hate the way Reconguista in G looks. just doesn’t look like gundam to me

  133. Woa! MG kit for kamen rider. I have never known about their existent.

  134. I’m excited about The Origin and Build Fighters Try. Reconguista… well, I like some of the grunt suits they’ve shown.

  135. It’s my birthday! Yay! So to celebrate, I’ve decided to build my first Zeon mobile suit, it is non other than Char’s Zaku from my favourite line, the real grade. I also have the water slide decals to add a bit of class, thanks HLJ, and thanks Syd and Ryan, I still remember your useful decal tutorial from way back.. 😀

  136. Today is the day.

  137. Great Show!!!! the Nobunaga anime admitedly looks interesting with the East against West setup. Of course the model looks good too.

  138. Worst…toys…ever… Hope I don’t win. I still love you guys though!

  139. Another fantastic episode as always. Keep up the good work, guys. Can’t wait for the stream!

  140. I love it, it looks awesome. you guys are the best. cant wait for the next video you release and the next live stream, I hope I win the give away. I was wondering what are your guys absolute favorite Gundam models, and you got any tips on how to make Gundam models shine really well besides adding matt spray?

  141. oh yes! Give me it. keep up the great work you guys!

  142. Great episode! have you guys ever done an Evangelion or Eureka Seven kit before? Was looking at picking up one of those, wanted to know if you had any experience with them.

  143. Interesting piece, don’t know it have that many gimmick bla bla bla….
    Been customer of HLJ since 1999 I think I should win some stuff:P scope Dog would be nice 🙂

  144. great episode like always. really love the Nobunaga kit

  145. Love the show guys, keep up the good work.

  146. Hey Syd and Ryan will you be doing a live stream for the re-100 MSN-04 II Nightingale also i hope i when the scopedog

  147. Hi gunplatv! Great episode about THE FOOL’s model kit and showcases its gimmick! I am an anime fan of it really and I am very excited to watch another live streaming build thing and this time it’s an MG! I hope you will do this more often in the near future. More power Syd and Ryan!

  148. Appreciate the history lessons to the models, thanks!

  149. Cool episode guys! You guys are the best!!!

  150. Really good episode guys, you always make my day with news, reviews and geeky jokes. I’ve been a fan of Japan culture and anime for a loooong time, (I’m 34) but I just recently started this hobby and stumbled upon your site. So needless to say, after watching one episode I just continued watching the rest of your shows all the way back to the first one. I cried blood from staring at computer screen :P, but every minute of watching your show was worth it.

  151. Wow, that kit looks so interesting

  152. Man I’d love too win the Scopedog kit. I haven’t bought one yet but I’d love too have one.

  153. I’m stoked for the live stream! It’s on the hi nu right. Just ordered it with the h.w.s, it’s a bit expensive but I feel it’s worth it. Lol what’s the best way to support you guys?

  154. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Can you make a review of the Morito Tsugumori (Knights of Sidonia) kit?


  155. just watched this episode haha,if that is a MG kit that would be epic, EXCITED to see the MG Hi Nu Ver Ka woooooo!

  156. Great show as always recently I have been in a nostalgia ride and I would like to see some macross kits

  157. Cool kit but transformation is quite cumbersome, involves a lot of swapping even small parts. It reminds of robotech

  158. It’s okay if I don’t win, I already have the Brutish Dog. It’s an awesome kit.

  159. Great episode as always so syd when will the live stream at?

  160. Another great episode as always was interesting to hear a little on Japanese history and the figure looked pretty cool as well

  161. Interesting episode, looking forward to the Hi Nu ver. Ka livestream, preoredered my kit just today as a birthsday present, love the colours.

  162. Another great episode guys,looking forward to the next one and the next one Ad infinitum!

  163. Great show guys! Thanks.
    I love the Kamen rider figure…..

  164. looking forward to the release of MG hi nu gundam and the live stream. Keep up the good work!

  165. Another great episode. doesn’t nobunaga look weird on his bike? hahaha….

  166. Awesome show today hope to see more gunpla

  167. another awesome ep GunplaTV…..keep more video Gunpla Ep…i give a try free kits again around many many time..i lost count hahah

  168. I’d like to see those Ma.K Danboard Kits. I hope Ryan build those for us 😀

  169. Nice episode! By the way, what do you guys think of the upcoming HG releases in the next few months, like the ZII, Wing Gundam Fenice Renascita, and the Crossbone Gundam? More episodes to come!

  170. The Scopedog mech looks great; would love to win that!!

  171. I winced when you snapped off that peg on the shoulders. How often do you accidentally break the kits you make? Luckily I’ve only broken one piece and it was luckily a part that got covered, so it stayed in place fine.

  172. Interesting kits, though I do think the bike looks a little small, but then again it is made up of its armor. Can’t wait for the hi nu

  173. He couldn’t be bothered putting a shirt on for the photo? 😛

  174. i just watch this episode even tough i downloaded 2 days ago (lol, i forgot). for the one that designed the nobunaga definitely not stupid, with that complicated gimmick 2 thumbs up. Please head my day with KR W 🙂

  175. I love your show!! I am able to learn and admire the gunpla you guys build.

  176. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    Nice Work! The Fool was a refreshing break from the usual awesomeness that is Gundam. Nobunaga seems to be very reliant on it armor to be able to do anything perhaps the anime will show how it[the armor] performs in “reality”. I’ve taken the time to look back at the first episodes of GunplaTV and realize how much I missed the original opening, it was very eye-catching.

    Anyway, I was able to watch the livestream until I fell asleep since it was 2 in the morning, I missed a little more than half the torso as well because I didn’t pay attention to my alarm the couple first times. only saw until the backpack unit was in its early stages (without the fin funnels).

    Great episode and Live stream and I hope you guys will be able to do more awesome episodes and events for us,

    From all your fans

    We appreciate your hard work

    Thank you

  177. syd and ryan you guys sure are lucky building the hi-nu ver ka! just done watching the live event

  178. New Gunpla fan here. Been watching the Nobunaga series on Crunchyroll and the kit looks great! Keep up the good work.

  179. give me gunpla!

  180. The wait for the next rg is killing me. On the other hand those are the best prizes you guys have ever put up!

  181. I was rewatching old Gunpla TV episodes, and it was mentioned that a top coat on stickers would cause a silvering effect, unless done in a gloss. I’m wanting to add decals and a bit of paint to my kit, and feel a flat coat would help get the look I want, however after hearing that I’m a little worried. Is this the case only for normal stickers (I’m assuming it wouldn’t be the case for water slides or hard transfers) or is there any general advice on how to add decals and a flat top coat without messing the whole thing up?

    For the record, I’m looking into the RX-78 3.0, Gouf Custom (and Gouf 2.0), and Zaku 2.0 kits, and I’m not 100% on what type of decals come with that.

  182. First great as always, and thanks for getting me to build gunpla. I’m only on my second kit and I want to buy more haha. Well I’ hope I’m one of the lucky ones to win a kit from you guys. Thanks Syd and Ryan keep up the great work.

  183. Hi Syd and Ryan. Thanks for another great show. I have got a question which is more likely to be a Scott/Brian question but hope you can answer or pass on. I love Girls und Panzer. I understood that Platz and Fine Mold both released a bunch of tank kits from the anime. But they seem to have missed out on the Rabbit team M3 Lee medium tank. Any idea please?



  184. Great show, my Nobunaga its on my private warehouse but Im excited to build it

  185. Another great episode guys!

  186. Ryan cant wait too see the finished Seapig!!!

  187. The Nobunaga the Fool Kit and Anime look promising. I’m more used to building MG Gundams, how does it compare in terms of articulation and detail?

    Love watching the show, the part where you snapped of a piece of the kit was classic.

  188. Great show guys! Lots of great info as always, and nice to see some non-gundam kits.

  189. Great episode like always, nice to see some other kits.

  190. great to see you guys back from your break and fantabulous episode as always. I myself own a valvrave and the fool, they’re both spectacular!! I would love it so much if I were to get another non-gundam kit. by the way if you want to see the anime I suggest that you do, but the ending was kind of a let down. hope you enjoy it.(:


  192. ANOTHER BLAST EPISODE… more power to you guys…

  193. Insert Shameless bid to win prizes here. 😉

    I did enjoy the Hi Nu build BTW.. at least until i had to go to sleep.

  194. Hi guys.. Cheers from Chile 😀
    We love figures and here we have a group so we can help each other on building gundams and make contest to pick the best custom and all of that.
    I hope you can update episodes more often. cheers guys and i hope i can win a prize 😛

  195. Once again great. Fantastic. I was wondering, what is the next RG kit being released or what you might presume? As in Rg I mean a totally new Gundam, so not a re release of the same Gundam with different colours or something like that.

  196. Loving the show, love to see more Girls und Panzer kits though 😀
    obv love free stuff too 😉

  197. what happened to the hi nu?

  198. I like how we have to do math to comment.

  199. Great show guys. What’s your take on Gundam Build Fighters Try is it just a sequel to sell gunpla or do you guys think were getting both a good series and great kits from it?


  201. Really hope I can win something lol, keep up the great work dudes!

  202. I wanna win something so bad 🙁 , you guys should do another Zoids give away lol

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