Aug 11

In this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan talks about a pig (?), and Syd shows the HG Airmaster and introduces everyone to the biggest thing in Japan right now, Youkai Watch! They also talk movies and many other things to pretend to be busy and not do real work.

Youkai Watch 01- Jibanyan by Bandai-11

Kits featured in this video:

1/20 S.A.F.S. Snake-Eye Reconnaissance Type Sea Pig
1/144 HGUC YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
1/144 HGBF Gundam Amazing Exia
1/144 HGAW Gundam Airmaster
Youkai Watch 01: Jibanyan

Check out the Youkai Watch kits here!


Gunpla TV


  1. Hi guys.
    As always, love the show. Thanks for giving us the addiction that is Gunpla. The best drug ever! And I’ve just got my fix!!! LOL
    Keep up the great show

  2. Oh man! I love the Epyon! If there was a time I could win, I wish it’d be now!

  3. oh my god! Is Delta gundam, it’s my favorite, i want that

  4. hey guys great show so far keep up the good work looking forward to seeing mroe new gunpla tv episode would love to win those prizes espically that delta gundam :O

  5. weeeeeeee~~~~ giveaway, weeee~~!!

    Anyway, I have a question, where could I buy the “commander antennae” for MG Sinanju? or Could you guys show me how to scratch-build a “commander antennae” for my MG Sinanju Stein? Thanks.

    The last, keep up great works, guys. Love the show!

    • You can use milliput to skuplt one. Its a clay like epoxy. If you do use it keep your tools and hands wet and maybe a toothpick to form it off of.

    • Hi.
      HLJ did have a parts shop where you could order a sprue with the part you’d need but as far as I can tell, they gave up on doing so. They do offer new parts for some broken in transport or such but up to 10 days of the kit arrival. I think I got that mostly right.

  6. great episode as usual, cannot wait till the next episode!!!

  7. Cannot wait for episode 155 and I hope I win the hguc rezel. I been ordering kits from hobbylink japan because it is a best place to purchase kits

  8. I love these episodes. Please never stahp!

  9. I hop the deep striker will get a modle kit release

  10. yus.

  11. I can’t wait till the next episode. And I would love the Epyon, keep up the great work guys.

  12. I LIKE GOOOOOOOLLD. But seriously, great episode guys. I’m so pumped for the Amazing Exia. Also, hope to have a chance at winning one of those kits. Thanks as always for posting these great videos. 😀

  13. Cool, those kitty is very cute

  14. Haha “busy”.nice as always.hoping to win this time.

  15. well the Jibanyan looks pretty interesting and actually seems like a nice little mini valentine gift so I should remember it exists months from there. Also I can already see what would happen if someone tried to mix it with the bear guy 3

  16. Haha, great show again guys… pokemon mk2 was a surprise for me, but the kit Ryan showed was pretty legit. I hope someone (maybe me) gets lucky enough to win one of the kits there, I love all of those and apparently don’t own any of them.

    Keep up the great episodes guys, I enjoy them every week.

  17. Absolutely love gunpla tv! You guys inspire me every week to continue with such a great hobby. I have currently 2 RGs and 3 MGs and I’m ordering a MG Turn X in a few days, I can’t wait. Keep up the good work!

  18. I can’t wait to see you guys at next year comic con i don’t know you guys or going or not but it would be awesome to meet you guys

  19. love the show keep up all the good work guys

  20. Great show guys, so since you might be coming to Comic-Con next year, have you already made list of snacks and food to grab while you are here, that you may have had in Canada?

    Looking forward to seeing the completed Sea Pig.

  21. Impressive stuff as always guys, so any thoughts on the new recognista in g series from the trailers so far?

  22. Great show guys! Love the transforming Gundams, hope I win the Epyon!

  23. Heya guys 😛 I`m SO jealous about those Godzilla cups …We don`t have them here in Bulgaria . But the movie ,what can I say – me and my cinema buddy saw the movie a total of 7 or 8 times. And I got goosebumps every time when he roared . 😛

  24. If Syd and Ryan attends next years SDCC, I wonder if Syd is gonna drink as much Slurpee’s as he can while he’s in the US.

  25. You know with all these “meisters” around they really don’t compare to the “enlightenment” of Wangmaster. Truly brilliant. On the side note Im feeling tempted to tick mak K off the bucket list of model kits I need to try.

  26. Great episode as always! Can’t wait for you guys to show the MG Hi-Nu and RE/100 Nightingale soon.

  27. nice episode as always.

    would like to win that delta gundam as i can put side by side with my delta plus and delta kai

  28. Give me some love and a gundam too 🙂
    great show like always you guys

  29. Gambateh! Still in high spirit to win some prices.. I do believe.

  30. Woop woop! Hi Nu Ver Ka when you guys get back? Too great. Interesting episode forsure with those Yokai kits. Anyone of those kits would be great to win!

  31. wonder if and when the Youkai Watch fever will get to the US… let’s wait and see. yay, transformable grunt suits for the giveaway! i’ve finally decided on my favorite grunt suit and it’s the Jesta Cannon! that suit really just screams special ops. the Delta is so shiny though O_O holy crap!

  32. I always look forward to another episode of yours like a routine. Another awesome one and the Air master looks amazing. I’m so glad Bandai continues to give props to their less popular series like Gundam X. Cheers!

  33. Those Pokémon and Yokai Watch kits look like they’re a bunch of fun to build. Planning on picking up a pikachu in the near future.

    Well, here’s hoping I catch my lucky break this week good luck everyone!

  34. Great show as always guys. Hoping the luck of the Epyon flows freely my way. Would look good next to my MG Heavyarms and Sandrock.

  35. Thank for showing the Youkai watch kit, hope I win. THX again

  36. I thought that PokePlamo was too far… then Youkai plamo happened. Have a great break guys.

  37. I’d love to get any of these kits…. but I’ve won once before so not sure if I’m allowed to win again, so yeah…. good ep guys and if you can let me know if I can or can’t win anything so I don’t take up space.

  38. I highly doubt that ghost cat thing will ever be as popular as pokemon. Great episode like always.

  39. Allright…pulling down the lever on this thing!

  40. Great episode as usual. Do you guys think the MG Hi-Nu will be the kit of the year?

  41. Pretty excited for that hi-nu livestream. Great episode and goodluck to everyone!

  42. Love the delta its so shiny I remember the episode it was originally shown in was the first episode of gunpla tv I watched.

  43. Catpla ftw

  44. Hmm Delta or Epyon? Gimme gimme! Great episode, love the youkai nyan models! I’m a fan of real grades too, certainly most bang for the buck.

  45. Great episode as usual, I’ve been watching Gundam Wing and have just bought the Tallgeese so fingers crossed for the Epyon.

  46. great episode guys. good luck to everyone!!!

  47. gday guys,
    those lil youkai’s look interesting might have to check out the show,
    anywho back to gunpla any idea when there will be an announcement on the december big release kit?

  48. That Airmaster is nice, but I’d rather hold out for the Ashtaron or Airmaster Burst.

    2 seconds

  49. hawt epyon

  50. happy bday to me…where is my gift

  51. Glad to see you guys still give Ma.K some love. I’m looking forward to more live streams. Thanks again and enjoy your holiday!

  52. I have a request for a future show. I just recently bought a GODHAND SPN-120 cutter/nipper from hlj on back order. There is so much HYPE around these cutters, would you guys be able to review or give your thoughts on these. I know these cutters are hard to come by and I’m not sure if my order will ever get processed but maybe you aready own one or know somebody that does. Thank You.

  53. Hey Syd and Ryan, could you please show us the big model display?

    The Meijin from the Amazing Exia is actually the third, he and the second were titled meijin because of their super bulding and piloting skills in honor of the original. Speaking of the original, like Syd he is nice enough to show how to properly build and add details to your gunpla.
    Nice godzilla, Japanese merchandise is a lot better than here in the netherlands. :'(
    Bring on the Hi-Nu live stream, I love watching them while eating breakfast. 😛

    Enjoy your hollydays!

  54. hmmmm… interesting. I might order an Youkai Watch Kit. Great episode, as always. 🙂

  55. Can’t wait to see Hi-Nu Ver.Ka

  56. Thanks for the eps again… Pls make more eps pls.. At least once a week every month will be sweet!!! Only hope to get more eps. Thanks.

  57. Good job guys, as always cool episode! Those youkai watch kit are are really quick to assemble 😀

  58. Finally the Rosen Zulu has the right colours. I reallay don’t know how Bandai could screw this up in first place.
    Airmaster looks nics. On my wishlist.

  59. I love episodes where you build kits. I hope we could see more in the future. Though I assume you’ll only do that to easy build kits. 🙂

  60. Those kitties just look ADORABLE!!

  61. Hi guy´s
    I just recent order the air master gundam and a new panel line pen
    im gald to see that Air master final got a kit. good luck to ever one on wining may the luckyst person win

  62. Do you guys think you could ever look at the Power Loader from POWERDOLLS by P.M. Office A on Gunpla TV? There’s no real English reviews on it and it looks like an interesting kit.

  63. I am hoping for the Unicorn kit. Trying to get them all but I am on a budget.

  64. why cinemas in here aren’t like those in japan..

  65. It is now the time for the Wangocalypse.

  66. Syd and Ryan mentioned they may be going to Comicon in San Diego next year. Since Syd is Canadian, what about Fan Expo in Toronto? Any plans for HLJ to be there?

  67. delta so bling bling would look nice next to my unicorn phenex

  68. pick me

  69. Omg mg epyon!

  70. good episode makes me want to built a Youkai Watch Kit

  71. I wanna see lines of orderly old people buying toys at my Toys R Us

  72. Great show as always! Although i wasn’t impressed by youkai watch at first, seeing the build actually makes me want them all!

  73. Gundams. Transform! *Optimus prime voice*

  74. good episode,that delta would be amazing with my collection

  75. So much Gunpla, such little money… You guys are making me feel poor ;_;

  76. Great episode guys! I had no idea about Youkai Watch, looks like a cute fusion of Medarot and Pokemon. Not a fan of the Epyon, but that Delta looks awesome.

  77. Great video as always. That Youkai cat look really nice.
    Hope I can win the giveaway~~~ 🙂

  78. Hey guys I’ve watched every single gunpla TV episode.
    You have given lots of tips for me to use while building.

  79. great episode

  80. Woaw is that komajiro holding a smartphone XDDD?
    but anyway great video (lol ryan and his price comment about the yokai watch and iwatch :v) as always and i hope i’ll win something 🙂

  81. great show

  82. Great show as always. HG Amazing exia is gonna be my next kit.
    Nice transformable mobile suits. I hope to win one.
    Good luck everybody.

  83. I think it would be awesome if Youkai Watch became popular here in the UK. This is the first time i have come across it.
    Great video and enjoy your holiday!

    NYAN~ ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

  84. Im feeling lucky maybe i can win something this time!

  85. On the subject of transforming kits, what is your experience with the Zeta Plus Unicorn Ver. recall? Do you have both versions to compare?

    Also, a ReZEL or Delta Gundam would be nice! :]

  86. The Youkai Watch builds look adorable. I’d love for the games to come to the US.
    I’m a new fan but I love the videos so far. Thanks for taking the time to show this stuff to all of us. 😀

  87. Great show as always, but i can’t wait to se the Mg Hi NU….Also, do you guys know which kit will be the next rg ? I hope it’s something from Gundam wing( maybe the Epyon xD). And talking about gundam wing, i hope i win that Epyon!

  88. Nice episode. It’s always nice to see you guys build something in the show.

  89. Ryan just reminded me that I have a glass Ikea cabinet in my room that is likely to fall if any big earthquake happens here in California. I gotta nail it to the wall ASAP.

  90. I really want to win something in my life

  91. Chicken Chicken Bok Bok. Go Gunpla Tv. Great job once again. I hope you do more talks about the Gunpla Build Fighter’s series as I have just finished watching it. Especially the Star Build Gundam. Also where would the cheapest place to purchased gunpla and gunpla merchandise? Would you recommend any Gunpla kits? Also will you ever give away Gunpla Markers on Gunpla Tv because I seriously need some panel lining on my kits. They look so naked with just the decals and no lining.

    • HLJ?! I’ve been looking for the cheapest place myself and though some do offer discounts up to 35% (that and most of their stuff, if not all, is on backorder so waiting for a few months is a pretty common thing) and the shipping is more or less about the same they lack in one thing, Private Warehouse feature! And this is one thing that just makes HLJ that much better. It’s easy, it’s transparent, it’s free and you can combine your stuff to be shipped any way you like. And they hold your stuff for up to two months. It became irreplaceable place to shop for me. And that’s said from a serious builder.

  92. I love gold!! LoL but seriously, great episode as always guys.

  93. Hi syd and ryan great episode as always ! i think i’m gonna get myself that cute youkai 🙂

  94. That youkai nyan is really cute ! i think i’m gonna get one !

  95. Hi syd and ryan will there be any gunpla expos in europe ? i really want to get myself a limited expo kit someday… Great show as always !

  96. OMG i’m really going to get myself that youkai nyan ! thanks for introducing it ! awesome show as always syd and ryan !

  97. Those Yukai Watch kits are so cute! If I was a Japanese kid I will probably go mad very young.
    But…is it possible in Japan to make an anime that is a perfect copy of the Pokemon? Is there a law in Japan to avoid plagiarism like that?

  98. Great episode as always. I hope I win something this time!

  99. Gunpla : Once you start, you can never go back !

  100. this is a comment, let mee winnn!! Lol, great episode guys, wish there are more updates on gunpla? Arent you gona build that amazing exia? Kinda interested to see how it holds up.

  101. Big money big money big money no whammie!

  102. Great Episode as always. First day of holidays and i get a new episode of Gunpla T.V. Thanks guys

  103. Nice episode, folks!
    Good luck and good fight to each and everyone!

  104. hi

  105. hi syd and ryan,
    great show as always. i fisrt came upon your show 2 years ago when i was searching for gunpla building tutorials, ever since then i watched all the episode of gunpla tv. i learned all of my gunpla building skills watching your tutorials. tnx guys for making gunpla tv 🙂

  106. Ooooo hope i win

  107. Great episode as always. The Airmaster looks great, I hope Bandai releases the Leopard as well. Btw, the Christmas episode you guys did last year was a fun one with the Sazabi and Nu Gundam. You guys should do more episodes like that.

  108. In the states there is almost a cup with a small little toy on top of the cup fir every kids movie or pg13 movies that are aimed at kids. Also i’d love that delta (bling bling) XD. But I would also except the epyon. If I dont win, the people that do congrats!

  109. Oh, I would like dat Epyon

  110. yey thanks! 😀

  111. Delta’s bling over the Epyon.

    On the epiosde – we got the airmaster now its time for Leopard D.
    And about the yokais. None detected here in Poland.

  112. Hi Syd & Ryan,
    Enjoy the long holidays guys well earn rest and downtime.
    Looking forward for the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka live stream.

  113. Love the show. Nice Godzilla cup there Syd, I am bit jealous because we don’t get that good stuff over here at the UK!! I am not incredibly huge in Gunpla, but I have built many, the MG Epyon would look good on my shelf!!!

  114. Hi Guys! I always enjoy your episodes and I always want to continue or start building one of my kits right after watching. I was wondering if HLJ would also be attending the dutch comic con coming next year? I believe it’s the first one here and I would seriously LOVE IT if Bandai would make this one of the countries elligable for the GBWC. Keep up the good work!

  115. Hey Syd and Ryan! Hope I can bling my shelf out with a delta or have epyon against all other wing kits. We’re all maesters here. Lol.

  116. great episode. i really hope to go to sdcc next year.

  117. Episode 154? wow!.. How time flies,you guys are the only thing on Youtube that I look forward too and I’m 38,keep it up guys 🙂

  118. Speaking of rg’s we need an rg NT-1 Alex, ’nuff said

  119. That airmaster looks amazing even the is amazing

  120. Hey I was wondering if there is any hint yet of what the December gunpla kit will be?

  121. if this comments get picked, can you guys say hello to my sons Josh and Jacob? Thanks.

  122. the assault of the transforming Mobile Suits. Are heavily armed kits up next? Cause I wanna dodge those too. Be cool if I could snag that MG GX.

  123. Rollout?

  124. Hey guys! Keep up the good work ! Looking forward to the Hi-Nu ver.Ka and I hope to win one of the kits.

  125. konichiwa…may lady luck come my way and win those awesome prices…and i also like to say that im also a fan of rg kits theyre small but very detailed..

  126. Hey guys, would love that sick Epyon. Good Luck everyone!

  127. I wish to win the Epyon . It would be the best birthday gift for my gundam fan friend who dont build gunpla and he love the wing the most guess what is his favorite MS in that show 😀
    if I won anything else just keep it … gave it to a sick child or something .
    hummm if I dont win I WILL BURN YOU ALL A LIVE :3 XD JK
    cool cat btw X3

  128. That cat-ghost thing looks funny. 😀 But meh, to each their own. Boss builds still going? I don’t remember seeing something new from those guys for a long time.

  129. Thanks for showing the cute cat kits for kids! They always like to build kits, so finding new ones suitable for them is great.

  130. We are Federation Hooligans!!

  131. hey guy!Grate show again! cant wait for the next show and seeing more gunpla!! byw what gundam would you guy like to see in the PG scale?

  132. i have no idea what yokai watch is but it has cats so it’s already better than pokemon xD

  133. hi.

  134. Youkai Watch seems like an interesting thing. I wonder if the 3DS games will come to America.

    I also just wanted to say, Thanks a lot guys. I got into this hobby during winter break of the previous school year and in looking up tutorials, gunplatv immediately jumped out at me and has been helpful not only for modeling tips, but for keeping up with the latest plamo from Japan. I’m really looking forward to getting that Rozen Zulu since the last Rozen Zulu required a fair bit of painting to look right.

    I also had a quick question. I’ve been saving up some spare cash for a PG, and wondered what PG you’d recommend. I’ve been considering just about all of them for various reasons and wondered if you had any advice on the matter.

    Keep up the good work, guys, I hope to see Gunplatv coming out for many years to come.

  135. Nice video guys, I hope Mr. numgen pick me for Delta :3

  136. Just got a Base Jabber from HLJ for my cannon jesta, and it came with those sweet HG custom campaign packs. Have you guys played around with the custom joints at all?

  137. Youkai Watch hasn’t yet come to the states, but I think it’s only a matter of time. Us ‘mericans always have the itch to collect things, especially kids.
    Now that you’re coming to SDCC next year, you should push to go to NYCC as well. It would be awesome to meet you guys. As always, though, thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to episode 155!

  138. awesome giveaway as usual. here’s hoping to win one 😀

  139. rozen Zulu episode 7 version is better than the last one because of the color scheme

  140. Great episode. Currently waiting for an SD gundam haul from hlj (about 8 kits) and my RG z’gok (can’t wait to build it).

    I would love that Epyon!

  141. MG MG MG ! MINE !!!!!!

  142. good luck everyone!

  143. Great items to giveaway!!!! ppl give partsformers a bad rep, but personally i really like them, better to transform with separate parts than to have a shaky transformation

  144. I want that hg!! jajaja greetings from Argentina!!

  145. cheers from the Philippines

  146. Great show… can’t wait for the hi nu gundam ver ka live show. Keep up the good work.

  147. I like how there’s a theme to the giveaways, epyon is by far the coolest transformation though, twin headed dragon and all that.

  148. All the transformations!

  149. I concur! Godzilla was fantastic! I remember watch the older movies and this new one remained very true to the original material, not like the Hollywood crap-zilla from a while back. The youkai watch also seems like agreat way to get kids into Gunpla.

    Epyon! This takes me back to watching Gundam Wing in high school!

  150. Thanks for another great show, its really awesome being able to watch your show all the time. Keep up the good work!

  151. boo on..i keep try till to win free kits..good luck all again

  152. Are 100 yen stores like dollar stores in the US? Anyways I am so jealous of Syd’s cup.

  153. well now i want to get a youkai kit…:D especially bushinyan

  154. I hope I win! Great episode as always guys! 😉

  155. Nice episode, and looking forward for the Hi Nu Ver. Ka !!!

  156. I’ve always been a fan of transforming kits. Specifically the Wing Zero (non-angel wings ver).

    Delta (shiny or plus), Zeta, Epyon, Wing, Arios, any transformer is for me. But it has to fly.

    P.S. Is there a good Re-Gz kit?

  157. Hi syd and Ryan. Nice video as always..I wish I could win the RG Freedom.only that one missing from my RG line..but well not my lucky day. Cant wait for the release of the Hi Nu Ver Ka..hopefully can clear all my private warehouse ^0^

  158. Do you guys really lack that much storage room? It feels kinda sad that Sid had to part ways with all of those gunplas.

  159. Cool episode guys.

    Those Youkai Watch kits remind me of the Keroro Gunsou line of kits, very fun and easy to build.

    By the way have you seen the new product aimed at americans by bandai named “Sprukits”?

  160. Hey Syd and Ryan. Love the show. I love getting to see the tips you guys give, along with getting in depth looks at the kits before buying them. Keep up the awesome work!

    I’d love to win that Epyon! I was really impressed with the kit, but haven’t gotten around to picking one up, yet, sadly.

  161. i wonder whats the next big release coming this month, i need some new kits to build.

  162. another great ep! can’t wait for the live stream

  163. Wooooaaahhh! I want atleast one of these kits!

    I Started to watch youkai watch so far so good.

  164. it sucks i leave in 3 weeks so i wont be able to watch gunpla tv for ages, nor will i be able to order any new kits.

  165. Transforming kits are some of my favorites. Also a big fan of Youkai Watch, bought a bunch of kits from Hlj. Another great episode as always.

  166. I hope I win the Epyon *cross fingers*..

  167. I like Gundam! 😉

  168. Those cats are kind of adorable. Haven’t even heard of them here in the states, let alone seen the kits. Might have to check them out on hlj, though.

    What kit are you looking forward to most through the holiday season?

  169. Huge Gundam Wing fan. Hope I win that Epyon. Great show guys!

  170. I wish that the delta would receive a RG

  171. Great episode as always, would be great to win the Delta, I already have the Delta Plus and the resemblance to the Hyaku Shiki is uncanny.

  172. Great job guys! It’s always a treat to watch your videos.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rezel Master Race
    Rezel is life
    Rezel is love

    Starting a movement guys.

  173. Great episode as always! I’m glad you guys liked the new Godzilla. If I drank, I’d raise a drink to the Big G. On a different note, I love that you’re trying to keep a theme with the giveaways now.

  174. I’m working on Bushinyan right now. It’s so cute >.<

  175. Would love an Epyon!

  176. Thats really a kits bonanza in this giveaway. I just hope i win something this time.

  177. Hi Syd and Ryan. I wasn’t expecting another episode coming out this soon. Enjoy it as always^^. After seeing what will be the next giveaway, I really wish that there will be another transformable RG kit coming out in near future! Although it might need to wait for quite a long time.

  178. great show, hope to win one of those amazin kits

  179. Hi guys!
    nice episode as always. that delta looks awesome and i hope to win it.
    anyway, the other day i built a 1/100 MG Delta Plus and thought that the parts that attach the arms to the body weren’t the greatest. do other transforming model kits have the same (or similar) parts, or is it just the Delta Plus?

  180. Ohhh Delta Gundam so shiny. Love the themes for the kit giveaways so far.

  181. wow hi there
    nice episode, already read about the airmaster on syd’s blog
    Man I wanna win that epyon xD

    on another note, finished the snapfit on my deathscythe hell, and was about to try my first modification before painting.
    Do you guys have any tips regardless panel scribing on curvy parts?
    what tools should I use?

  182. Hmm 2pm JST will work out at 6am UTC for me, so it will be early rise or a late night…

  183. I like those cute pokemon-like kits.

  184. Hey guys, congrates to your 154 episode on gunpla tv. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see episode 155 and see who wins the epyon

  185. Nice Video like always, i hope to win this time keep up the nice work 🙂

  186. Nice Video like always, i hope to win this time keep up the nice work

  187. M said on August 12, 2014

    Nice video just got into Gunpla, building some hgs to get ready for my unicorn FA

  188. Love HobbyLink TV and Gai-Gun has been great Syd!

  189. Bring the Gouf R35 on!

  190. Here be a comment.

  191. Omg that shiny gold Delta! Hopefully I win one of those awesome Gunpla kits! Also nice show as always 😀

  192. I’m starting to feel like my name is never gunna get called (chewbaca noise)!!!!

  193. epyon is <3

  194. Geez I sure hope I win……

  195. Good episode.Hey sid have u ever play league of legends?

  196. Cool video hope to get a gundam! :]

  197. hope i get one of them and good luck to everybody in the chance of winning one of these.

  198. Great show as always. How long until yokai watch comes to the states? Keep up the good work.

  199. nice Video guys love your channel. Iv been watch u guys ever since episode 50 never miss a videos like all was keep making gunpla videos . lol and i hope i win

  200. Those Yokai models are too cute! They only have a couple of them on amazon, hopefully they’ll get more soon. Also I never had a transforming Gundam before. It wold be awesome to have one on my shelf. :3

  201. Its cool you are doing transforming units i just finished the HG wing zero proto and good luck to everyone!!

  202. Awesome Vid guys! Do you think they will ever remake the MG ZZ Gundam in a 2.0 or 3.0?

  203. Thanks for the info on Youkai Watch, I’ve heard of it but I never paid attention to it. Great video like always guys and I hope I get to go to next year’s Comic Con and possibly meet you guys.

  204. That Delta looks superb. Also really loving the Epyon! Great episode, guys! Keep it up!

  205. Hey guys Luv the show. Watching Gunpla Tv was one of the things that got me back into building Gundam. Thanx! Hope you choose me for MG Epyon.

  206. Love the design of the air master, also the delta is the pimp gundam! 😀

  207. Truly love the show guys. Keep it up. Any word on rrobbert184? He hasn’t posted any reviews in a while.

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  209. Great episode guys, glad to see you showing more then just the standard models types, My question to you is which transforming mobile suit is your favorite, mine is Epyon.

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    • dangit, stupid typo. i tried to delete this post because of a typo and re-post a corrected comment, but i couldn’t figure out how to delete it and ended up with a double comment instead. my apologies syd and ryan, please disregard this post if picked for your gunpla giveaways

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