May 26

Back from Shizuoka but we can’t stop talking about what we saw there. Syd and Ryan give a recap of the cool stuff they saw at the most recent model show and their thoughts on what it means for the immediate future of the hobby. As well, Syd shows more of the build for the RG Exia.

Click here for the Bandai show report and here for the Shizuoka 2014 episode of Gunpla TV. Or click here for all the Future Gundam releases.

RG GN-001 Gundam Exia-5

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 RG GN-001 Gundam Exia

Gunpla TV


  1. Hey guys great video as always. I got the RG Exia myself and love it.

  2. Hope I win this time. Been wanting to get a MG delta plus gundam

    Cannot wait for Bandai for the new released

  3. hey guys, great episode as always. why do you think bandai hasnt released any MGs of the 00 line that aren’t piloted by Setsuna? (other than the GN-X) do you think they will release more? or maybe for the RG line? I would love to see some lockon suits or allelujah

  4. earl said on May 26, 2014

    Oh please can I win this one

  5. aLex said on May 26, 2014

    Wow. I am excited for the new RE 100 and Hi Nu ver ka and also.. I hope I win these cool prizes! Give me an authograph on those boxes if I win. Thabks you!

  6. I really hope the rest of the 00 kits get some needed RG love, because they are definitely lacking in the MG love. roll low numbers!

  7. Great episode! I’d love to win that Delta Plus MG XD

  8. Another great episode!!! Currently working on my wing gundam custom!!

  9. AW..Try again to win this time..

  10. I pray to the gods of to pick me, please, please, pretty please?

    Real talk tho, great episode as always and I’m excited to see what the next PG is going to be.

    • I second that. Also, I prayed god to make bandai release MG “Double X” and “V2 Assault Buster”

  11. Another great episode Ryan and Syd!!! Waiting on another package from you guys to arrive in a couple of days!

  12. Another great show guys. Looking forward to the new re100 line. Ive always wanted a Nightengale but never had the desire(skill) for a resin kit.

  13. been a while since the last episode. must be nice to attend the plamo show. I wish i could be there.

  14. Lucky 13 🙂

    Where can I get me some of those cool Gundam posters I see behind you on the show?

  15. Jojo said on May 26, 2014

    Give me a hlj t-shirt!

  16. Great episode as always. Can’t wait to see what else is planned for the re 100 line

  17. Thx for the rg exia tutorial guys 🙂
    Exia for life 😉

  18. Cant wait for the ‘re 100’ scale to roll out especially mk 3, btw for the december line, could it be possible for a sazabi ver ka titanium finish?? Kinda hoping for that one. Great episode as always guys and keep them rg exia coming. lol.
    ……………….. Oh yeah hope i win this give away. 😛

  19. Great episode as always! hope I can be the winner this time around.

  20. oh my god!!! is delta plus! i always want to have a mg delta plus, i wish i can win. 🙂

  21. Great episode. the rg exia looks awesome. hope i can win!

  22. Will said on May 26, 2014

    Dude, we also watched UC episode 7 outside Japan in theaters. Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines. Also US had one. I think.

  23. I want to see more MG 3.0’s sooooo badly!!

  24. Do you guy think that they will do any rg model kit from gundam wing like the Wing Zero or the Epyon? By the way, loved the episode guys, hope i can win the delta+ and the cybaster.

    • I would love to see a RG Wing Zero EW(/Custom), or even just an HG re-release of some sort.

  25. Good episode, guys!
    I’ve been wondering the same thing about the 3.0 kits for a while now. For some reason it didn’t dawn on me that the hobby show was missing the MG build fighters, though. I think they really have their hands full with the build fighters lines, the thunderbolt line, the HG All Gundam Project, the RE-100, and whatever else they would regularly release (RG, etc.), so I don’t really blame them for neglecting a few things. That said, I wait with baited breath for the announcement of the big December release, and whatever may come in the future (and what Kotobukiya has in store).

  26. Awesome recap as usual guys, looking forward to the new one!

  27. the RG Exia is so beautiful!!! also,
    i wanna win i wanna win i wanna win i wanna win i wanna win.
    i dont wanna spam so i wrote it 5 times here, lol

  28. the RG Exia is so beautiful!!! i hope i win 🙂

  29. Hi guys I would totally love those kits ive been on and off about getting the delta plus gundam and also do think bandai could possibly release a pg aegis gundam cause that would be a gundam that I would preorder and also what pg kits would you like see

  30. Sick gundams wish I had one or any

  31. Great show as always.! I got an rg exia and I wish I had waited for this episode to air so that I wouldn’t have lost so many parts! I really want to do this kit justice and buy a second one. to get it right. My biggest mistake was not using tweezers. Cid, your epicness just skyrocketed for being able to build it without a pair on camera.

  32. great episode guys. thanks for the tips on the exia. i just got my rg exia and i cant wait to finish my homework so that i can start building my exia. hope i win too.

  33. Good episode, especially with the recap from the big event. What did you think of the gunpla competitions that went on?

  34. great episode again. I will always watch it, plz win this time.

  35. Great episode! The more I see this the more I want to get an rg exia. Do you think that they might make an rg from the g gundam series? Might be see those suites with a newer inner frame maybe

  36. Wish to see more kits from the 00 line! 00 is the first series that I saw about Gundam, and I failed in love with Gundam right after that show.

  37. I’m new to the site and if I would win a kit, that would make my week! Great Episode, looking forward to all the RG kits to come!

  38. watching this episode while getting the decals on my sazabi ver ka. i use the same method as u guys putting the thing on my RG exia head. any idea how can i make the water slide decal stay as sometime hold onto the kit, my finger accidentally pressing down to the part with the decal and it stick onto my finger. another great episode as always!!

  39. Hi, great show, the exia is looking awsome, i hope bandai makes hi-Nu RG, ah and i want to win the delta pelease

  40. hi syd n ryan you guys are awesome !

  41. Wow!! Finally 149 is here… Love it to the max and good job dude! Looking forward for more new release..

  42. Mike said on May 26, 2014

    Wonder if you’ll ship to Alaska if I win 😀

  43. Hope I win!

    What’s your favorite zaku? I personally love the
    orange MG blaze zaku phantom!

  44. Fantastic!!!!! Ryan and syd, thanks for the show. Transformable gunpla is the best!!!

  45. Thanks for the last video and this one as well. Hope I win these kits!

  46. Great episode. Syd since ur done with exia r we going to c the mallard make a come back? Ryan build something! Lol. jk. not really. Hope I win the giant chicken. Peace baby

  47. Nice info on the RG-Exia, should help a bunch. Keep up the Good work 😀

  48. Joe said on May 26, 2014

    Great episode. I enjoy watching Syd build. He has such a calm demeanor when on camera. I bet he throws things when he’s building at home and something breaks or gets lost, though. HAHA Just kidding.

  49. Nice tip on RG Exia and how to not break it!
    Man I really need to visit Japan.

  50. Thanks for the shizuoka coverage guys. Hope I can go there someday and also hoping to win that delta plus!!!

  51. Another awesome episode, double 0 is my favourite series, it would sweet to win that kit, cheers loving your work.

  52. Ok.. Ok here I go…..Here’s my original comment.. Ahem…… Boy I sure do hope I win those kits!

  53. It doesn’t just feel awesome to have a comment read on the show, but it really makes a guy feel special when he’s had his comment read on the show 3 times in the last like, 5 episodes lol.

  54. Finished my RG Exia a few days ago, and I’m loving it! Saw the pic’s and video from the Hobby Show, and I’m extremely excited for the upcoming kits! Keep up the fantastic work guys!

  55. When watching gunpla tv, It is the most relax time in my stressful life!! Ps I love Transformable felt plus..

  56. I can’t wait for the new line. Maybe we will get a Xi Gundam or Penelope. As for the next RG, I want to see a Double X, Unicorn, or maybe a ZZ. Hope that random number generator picks me. That Delta Plus is looking mighty fine.

  57. I hope I win.

  58. DELTA PLUS!!!!

  59. I just saw UC episode 7 and it had a interesting ending…. I still love UC and look forward to more HGUCs though!


    lol but seriously guys great video i just finished my first mg: gundam wing zero custom and i LOVE it. I really put a ton of effort in to this kit. I sanded down every single nub mark so you wont find a single one anywhere on the model. the amount of effort was definitely worth it because the entire thing just looks so clean.

  61. Hey guys nice show, hope to win those kits, they look awesome. Cheers

  62. I hope I win this!!!

  63. Awesome show again, you guys do a great job! I hope I can win sometime!

  64. The things I would do to get an RG Nu Gundam…

  65. Hope I win those kits! Thanks for another great episode.

  66. When will the Hi-Nu Ver. Ka be available for preorder?

  67. Im not winning this for sure… 😐

  68. Dam… i got a few awesome kits on my eye… but i just cant order them xD
    I got 3 HG’s and 2 MG’s waiting to be built xD i just cant expand by backlog even more xD

  69. They are giving away one of my all time favorite suits! I hope I win.

  70. Hello Guys, another great show. I was wondering how many big model show events they have in Japan yearly where they debut new kits. You are right about the Build Fighters that it is odd that considering the success of that series they have not pushed out a few more MG kits, especially kits like the Kampfer Amazing or Dark Matter Exia. Again keep up the good work.

  71. Just got home from Anime North (Toronto, CA). A good episode to ease back to reality 🙂

  72. I would love another mg delta plus and display it in Mobile suit form, since the one I have is in wave rider atm lol.

  73. Hi Syd and Ryn…

    I saw some posting on facebook that Gundam and kamen rider combine..
    What your opinion about that…

    Well i hope i can attend shizuoka event next time.. and i pray that i can win this week draw.. =D

  74. MUSE said on May 26, 2014

    I hope I win this time!!! Good show btw.

  75. Good episode guys. I hope I win

  76. WXG said on May 26, 2014

    great episode once again. hope i win this time

  77. Nice episode guys, the next rg I want to see is the rg 00 raiser,
    quick question do you think that they will release the 1/400 gundam collectors Ptolomius? private sellers overprice that kit way too much

  78. My first rg is going to be the exia also, SO EXCITED!!!!!

  79. Awesome episode once again guys!Gunpla arent available where I live so I really hope to win this one!

  80. Woah! So stoked that my comment was read this episode! I was however disappointed to hear the PG Unicorn was just a sort of rumor..oh well. Thanks!

  81. wow. just love the RG’s

  82. Hey guys great show. To bad there wasn’t any new’s on a new PG model any who i was wondering if you could shows some of those Nobunaga the Fool kits on the show. They looked pretty awesome well keep p the good work gent’s and hope i win those kits..

  83. Hi guys,

    I wish bandai make RG sinanju or Rg Sazabi, lol..


  84. real grades are so sexy

  85. You guys are awesome keep up the good work. I still go back from time to time to look at the old videos.

  86. if they do RG Gundam Unicorn i will definitely get it.

  87. give me gunpla!

  88. Great episode keep up the good work!!!

  89. Upan said on May 26, 2014

    The new RE/100 grade kits looks cool, maybe it will make a Deep Striker at the future.

  90. Hey Syd and Ryan, I love this show, it was so great to get back into gunpla seriously after building and playing with them as toys as a kid when Wing was on in America, and Gunpla TV and G Build Fighters got me excited about it again! It’s a great hobby to have when I can afford to order a few every couple months.
    I was really excited to see that Build Fighters is going to continue, and seeing there would be a Wing Fenice Rinascita kit! (Fen-eech-ay Reena-seeta for Syd if he wanted to know how to pronounce it)

    Anyways, thanks for all the tips and tutorials, hope you guys have a great week!

  91. Delta Plus!!!~~~ (^_^)V


  93. I was quite puzzled why you guys didn’t mention anything about the PG Unicorn, so it was just speculation that exploded in the interwebs as the show progressed..

    dem didn’t win the 00R cause I wanted that one badly

  94. There is really some good prize for this give away! I hope I can win!

  95. Delta plus for the win!!!

  96. Wow I didn’t know how awesome it would be to get my comment read out loud.

  97. Good episode, was hoping for BANDAI to show more from the RE100 line esp. on the new blue joints since that is supposed to be the new engineering breakthrough for this line, not holding my breath though because i believe BANDAI’s main purpose with RE100 is to fight the bootlegs. I want that MG DELTA PLUS please 🙂

  98. ryan does a really good job looking excited during the give away part and for the 3.0’s maybe they decided to leave that behind until they push the re 100 line more.

  99. Syd, what are the chances of Bandai releasing an RG 00 Quanta? Great episode, BTW.

  100. Great episode as always——— fun to see de new episodes evry tim when whil wi facepan gundam eny more =)

  101. Great episode. Hopefully there will be another 3.0. Maybe Chars Zaku.

  102. RG Exia is turning out to look better and better. Another great episode from you guys as usual! Thank you for your time to do these shows!

  103. K41x said on May 26, 2014

    Another great episode guys, finished my Sandrock EW I bought from you guys and loving the heat shotels adding flair to my once empty shelves.

    Keep it up!

  104. MG Delta plus! wow.. it’s been in my wishlish for a very long time now :v

    btw, great show as always!

  105. I wish that there was an mg delta kai, but delta plus is smexy anyways. GLGL guys!

  106. Well goodluck guys

  107. again a fine episode. nice prices ! and the rg exia its so dreamy next astrea pls ! 😀

  108. woooooooooowhoooo love this episode more power guys

  109. come on!!! give me at least one… i just hurt my finger by cutting exia plates

  110. I won!!! yey!

  111. Great episode Guys!!!… I am Gundam…. – setsuna f seiei

  112. throwing my hat into the ring because DELTA PLUS

  113. I am not very interested in the currently announced RE-100 kits, but I am interested in the potential. Hopefully we see some more awesome obscurity in the future.

    Delta Plus please!

  114. I want Delta plus please! But great to watch gunpla tv again.

  115. Awesome video as usual! Really love the recap on the Shizuoka Hobby show. Good for many who can’t go to the event. Recently finished my RG Exia kit, not bad for my first RG kit! Really loving RG kits, hope Bandai releases more of them in the future.

  116. Wow! I really won that one!thank you HLJ!

  117. Great video! I’m not all that excited for the re 1/100 kits but that may change depending on what models they come out with. (not terribly a fan of the nightingale) I just got my MG Quanta from you guys and its such an amazing Kit so far! Keep up the videos and be sure to send me a Gundam my way 🙂

  118. idar said on May 26, 2014

    RG exia look great….

    hope i can get that Delta plus

  119. I love yo shows mah bros

  120. I want that one

  121. Saibastard is best OG.

  122. Awesome show! Thanks for the look at Shizuoka! I can’t wait for those new Yamato kits!! 🙂

  123. I love delta plus and and that birdie I WANT TO WIN IN BADLY

    SYD IF YOU could make your own gundam movie what series would it be from and what would happen in the movie?

  124. Preorders! we need Preorders and we need them NAOW Great ep. guys HI NU VER KA. PREORDER!

  125. RG Exia is awesome! Can’t wait to build it.

  126. Great Episode as aways, love the news about the RE 1/100 this means they might be making more big kits that will never make the MG line, really really hoping they will do the kyshatrya !!

  127. Exia looks kool

  128. Informative as always. Great giveaways. They would make an awesome addition to my collection.

  129. Oh my gawd, dat Delta Plus though… It would look SOOOOOO good next to my MG Zeta Plus C1. Slightly off topic, but I wonder if Bandai will make the HGUC Zeta Plus A1 a transformer or a parts-fromer. More than probably a parts-former, but it would be amazing if it transformed like the No Grade 1/144 Zeta Plus C1 from 1988.

  130. That Re 1/100 scale is a great idea ! The custom kits of that line will be amazing ,especially the Kshatriya ones ,yes, I know it`ll come out in that line.
    Ryan ,when are you going to build another kit on the show ? It`s about time ,don`t you think ? 😛
    PS: Great show as always guys!

  131. I want to win!!

  132. Great Episode as always Guys!! I’m relatively new to Gunpla, on my 3rd MG kit. Just wondering what was your guys’ first MG kit that you built. Keep up the good work!!

  133. I’m looking forward to the Hi-Nu Ver. Ka for sure, its bulky proportions are really growing on me. Also that Delta Plus looks great, one of my favorite suits from the UC series and looks great on a stand.

  134. GIVE IT TO ME!!!

  135. The Exia really looks like a fun build. Could be my first RG-kit.

  136. The Exia looks really solid. Hope I win that delta plus :<

  137. Great show as always. I think the reason why they didn’t show the neo zeong in full detail from the first day is because maybe they prepaired it in the same day as with the release day of gundam unicorn episode 7. Anyway great show as always and the exia looks cool. Hope i could win this time. Keep up the good work guys. ^_^

  138. rg exia is looking great, syd. thanks guys for another awesome episode.

  139. Love the episode and the new kits, keep up the good works guys!

  140. woot new episode, good as always

  141. I would love the delta plus! Hopefully in lucky enough!

  142. gimme a gundam!!!

  143. Hey guys,another awesome episode!!The finished exia is cool and I really hope u can win those prizes!!

  144. I* sry for the error

  145. Not really a fan of Gundam 00, which is a shame because the mecha design is pretty good. The RG Exia looks cool!

    MG MSN001A1 Delta Plus is an awesome give-away. Ive LITERALLY just started it myself – excited!

  146. hopefully they’ll announce ZAKU char custom 3.0 when ORIGIN aired because my RX78-2 3.0 needs a partner 🙂

  147. i want that delta plus!!!

  148. Looking gooood!

  149. Yet another great episode! Do you guys think that bandai will release a RG Dynames or Virtue or even Kyrios for that matter?

  150. MG Delta plus nice! awesome!

  151. mg delta plus!

  152. Gee willikers

  153. ahhhh Delta Plus! hope I win =)

  154. Ryan, have you ever considered showing off your model collection? We’ve only seen a few kits of yours on the show but many of Syd’s thanks to his blog.

  155. Just had a look at the Gundam printers, wow, wouldn’t mind having one of those! Maybe I’ll attempt a custom paint job on mine. 😛

  156. I have been waiting anxiously for this episode to confirm the rumors of PG unicorn. Would be awesome if this kit really came out.

  157. I really like new RE/100 line. It allows to concentrate more on customizing and painting.

  158. Gotta win dat Delta Plus!

  159. love the show guys , not only news but tips, ideas comps, shows , upcoming and everything , nice to see your giving back to . good luck to whoever wins

  160. Alex said on May 26, 2014

    Great episode guys. RG Exia looks awesome still saving up for MG Exia Ignition. Soooo wanting to watch Gundam UC 7, hope I can win the Delta Plus/Super Robot War kit. Just asking have u guys did a diorama video, if not will you be able to do a video????

  161. Love the new releases upcoming. and I hope I win that Delta Plus. 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts in giving us news about all the new kits.

  162. ivan said on May 26, 2014

    Cant wait for the turn x and that delta plus looks sexy!

  163. If Bandai were planning a PG Unicorn release, you’d think that Shizuoka would have been the ideal time to announce it given that UC episode 7 premiered that same weekend. Having seen the episode, I’d put down a pre-order without question.

  164. My Gundam kit was HG Gundam AGE-2 Normal. I’m concern about Gundam AGE. Why AGE was so ignored until there were no any model in RG, PG and even in Gundam Build Fighters anime? Can you share with me any info regarding to this?

  165. Yeah right. Like I’m going to have any chance of winning such cool kits.

    I would love to see a RG Double Zeta kit.

  166. Exia’s just too sexy m8

  167. Too bad no PG Unicorn at Shizuoka. You’d think it was perfect time to announce one coupled with the released of the last Unicorn movie.

  168. My only complaint about the Char’s Canon Printer is that it does NOT print three times faster than the normal version. Great episode as always, and I look forward to the next!

    -Star Shatterer

  169. lovely kits to win this time, maybe i’ll win this time 🙂

  170. i’d like to win that Delta plus! 😀

  171. Hey sid and ryan.. how r you doin.. i love this show hope you guys do as well.. i have request can you guys make 2 episode a week, so that we can share more about gunpla.. thanks btw and have a nice day..

  172. I was disappointed in not seeing a MG Build Fighter suit too at the Shizuoka show…
    Hopefully they haven’t forgotten about them, because I’d really like to see the MG Gundam X Maoh with all it’s clear parts!

  173. Cant wait to get my rg exia! So excited! I love that delta plus! :3

  174. Wow, very cool kits ! Me want !

  175. have you watch gundam unicorn episode 7 yet

  176. Great episode! Exia looks great!

  177. Will there be a RG Virtue? Will there be a RG Nadleeh embedded within? Stay tuned to find out

  178. Yes the delta flyer and cybuster, both are favorites of mine, I need to win this, oh model gods please have mercy.

    And omg that massive HG kit only goes for about 20k yen ? thats not less than I expected

  179. I WANNA WIN !!!!!!!! 😀

  180. Can’t wait till you add a Nightingale preorder to site. Must get it for my B-day. On the side note. Great work with the big fingers on the RG Exia Syd.

  181. great episode guys, thanks for the help with the exia

  182. Hi Ryan and Syd. thank you for another episode. i didn’t win the giveaways again i hope this time will be me!!!!

  183. OMG I want that Delta

  184. Boom

  185. 1/~300 fingers crossed

  186. God, I hope I win.

  187. Aoex said on May 26, 2014

    Its always fun to watch you guys (Syd and Ryan), specially this part of every episodes when two of you make echoes of each other:

    Syd : Hello Guys it is Episode XX today
    Ryan : Episode XX!
    Syd : Yeah Episode XX!

    By the way, cool prices. Hoping that MG Delta Plus fly towards me soon xD Hope to see more videos (and episodes)..cheers!

  188. cool episode guys
    hope to win those kits

  189. Another great ep gents. Keep it up. RG Exia is looking good but I’m looking forward to the Z’Gok. And I would love to win that Delta Plus.

  190. cool episode guys…plss pick me haha ^_^ delta be mine baby

  191. Ray said on May 26, 2014

    General Grievous is not that bulky…
    He’s skinnier than turn x…

  192. Great episode of Gunpla TV as always. if theres one thing Ic an sum up from the the recent Siz hobby show its that you can never tell what bandai is thinking of next.

  193. cannot wait for the Nightingale when it comes out also will u be building the Neo Zeong?

  194. gary said on May 26, 2014

    soooo, when are we going to see a MG Kshatriya ;P

  195. heru said on May 26, 2014

    i think they will release the zaku 3.0 before or after gundam the origin airing in 2015..
    i want that 00 raiser!! 😀

  196. Oh yeah great episode as always!

  197. I want the freebies too 🙂 and thank you guys for the great episodes.

  198. Man, I would love to win!!

  199. *insert witty comment here*

  200. Love the newest episode, keep it up guys

  201. bill said on May 26, 2014

    Wow id love to win the Delta Plus! Transformable suits are always fun to tinker around with.

  202. Noel said on May 26, 2014

    Great tips on the Exia, I remembered building my MG Exia and having problem on those blue strips.

    Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  203. Awesome I’d love a Delta Plus. The color scheme I have in mind for this guy; Gray suit with red digital camo.

  204. Awesome episode as normal. Should probably start building my RG Exia now.

  205. RG Exia looks very fiddly with the small pieces. I liked building the MG. I think Syd should have a go at it.

  206. Awesome RG Exia, hope to see it full assemble. Hope to see more RG kits and complex Kits like MG or perfect grade kits. Hope Bandai make more cool looking kits with detail design. Question for both hosts, if you had a MG kit (anyone), how would you customize it to your liking?

  207. When the Neo Zeong gets out, Is there a chance to see you guys build it in the show?

    Love to have my hands of that delta..

  208. YJ said on May 26, 2014


  209. we need the PG unicorn!

  210. Wing said on May 26, 2014

    Hope to win, that delta plus looks sharp

  211. scid said on May 26, 2014

    I hope I win time lol

  212. Awesome video as always 😀
    I’m also dying when assembling that head part, it’s really small.. but I really love with the result.
    I hope bandai will release another RG kit from OO series soon 🙂

  213. So many kits, so little time.

  214. Ben said on May 26, 2014


  215. Come for gunpla, stay for the free kits

  216. may random number generator bestow me the kit this week!

  217. Nice giveaway! the RG Exia looks great! 🙂

  218. Almighty random number, please grant my only desire to own the Delta Plus!

  219. awesome episode as always cant wait to see what you guys have for us next time oh and i hope the rp for december is going to be the unicorn because its one of my top 3 favorite gundams

  220. Okay, time to win…..

  221. you’re about to reach the 150th episode, so what will be the competition for the 150th episode special?

  222. Great prizes this week hope to win

  223. Please put more SD line in GunplaTV, i do love SD line.
    too bad not GBF line not there yet… 🙂

  224. Awesome episode as always , guys ! I really enjoyed seeing how challenging and rewarding can building RG Kits be !
    I would be so happy to win my favourite Super Robot Taisen suit … Neppuuu ! Shippuuu ! Cybusteeer ! 🙂

  225. jeel said on May 26, 2014

    God of randomness choose me 🙂

  226. Comment for the raffle.

  227. awesome episode guys! hopefully the RG Exia gets restocked quickly. It’s been on re-stock status for almost a month now 🙁

  228. Comment

  229. another great episode! hope bandai is going to make more real grade 00 series

  230. I really hope I cam win this. Delta plus is awesome especially in the transformation and super robot war model kit, hope it will be mine!!!

  231. After the Shizuoka Hobby Show I’m glad I put off buying the old MG Hi Nu. Looking forward to the version KA!

  232. Well there’s still october september november for 3.0 right?

  233. nice as always.hoping something special with the 150th.

  234. this one is gonna be a really hard one to paint. Very small. Love the show guys. never missed one.

  235. awesome episode.hope to build RG exia of my favorite gundam

  236. RG Godziila!

  237. Great show as always. The RG Exia is looking excellent. Keep on doing what you do.
    Been waiting for the MG Delta plus to come up for the giveaway since mine has a busted shoulder joint from getting Gundam Marker eraser on the ABS.

  238. Man i wish i could win something…

  239. yeah the exia rg was fun to build. also maybe a RG Wing Gundam ? 😀

  240. That RG Exia looks great. I guess it’s going to be my first RG kit.

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    Haha. I think the market is over saturated with the unicorn gundam. We don’t need a PG version do we?
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