Apr 21

In Gunpla TV Episode 147 we take an in-depth look at the YF-19 Transformable Valkyrie as Ryan changes the Valkyrie into its Gerwalk Mode. Syd gets to play with a figure too as he unboxes the monstrous Robot Damashii Kshatriya.

1-60 Macross Plus Transformable YF-19 with Fast Pack-1

Kits featured in this episode:

BB Sengoku Astray Gundam
1/144 HGBF Crossbone Gundam Maoh
1/144 HGCC Turn A Gundam
BB Full Armor Unicorn Gundam
1/144 HGUC Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
1/100 Metal Gear RAY
1/60 Macross Plus Transformable YF-19 with Fast Pack
Robot Damashi (Side MS) Kshatriya

Gunpla TV


  1. Awesome, Can’t wait for the RG exia
    When the king come the loyal knight will stand in fear LOL
    Monkey see Monkey dO
    Can you do an unboxing of the HG turn A gundam Syd ?
    when they come they come good in

  2. Would love to do a custom paint job on reborns!

  3. Exia ! Exia ! Can`t wait to get my hands on it..and hopefully on a RG 00 7 Sword in the future ..one can only hope

  4. Finally, RG Exia, can’t wait for it

  5. sorry guys, I won’t be able to build anything new for a while, getting the Full Armor Unicorn Ver.Ka Master Grade in a day or so! Very excited. Also, no slurpees? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Although when I visited Japan, I ended up trying so many different drinks I wasn’t bothered.

  6. FYI there is such thing as a VF-19, and they have action figures of those too. the general shape is the same, but there are some minor differences.

    I think the feet on the YF-19 aren’t fully transformed.

    On the previous version on the action figure, you needed to pull the feet from the shins. I would imagine it being the same with this one.

    This would let you pose it in more of a bird stance.

    • Yeah, the “Y” just means “prototype”. (“X” is “experimental” and Y comes after X, so…) So it’s a prototype of the VF-19. VF-19A looks just like the prototype. The Macross 7 ones are a bit different.

  7. Great Episode. It must suck to not have slurpees in Japan.

  8. Can’t wait for the video on the RG Exia. That video will decide for me wether or not I should buy it.

  9. Can’t wait for exia maybe u guys will still get an early copy anything possible keep yo fingers crossed

  10. Syd when you go back to visit Canada, your slurpie is on me! Good episode guys.

  11. Ay yo Syd! Do you recommend getting rid of seam lines on kits you aren’t going to paint but that are going to be topcoated?

  12. Valverave! Wow, 7/11 with neither slurpee nor gulp that’s depressing ’cause that’s the only thing I buy when I walk inside of a 7/11 convenience store.

  13. pick me!

  14. great show guys haha, i have a question for syd what episode did you guys do the cutting of the hand of the full armor gundam? i think its the full armor, cause i want to do it with my sinanju ova thanks guys.

  15. Once again a good ep of gunpla tv,can’t wait to see the RG EXIA.

  16. That YF-19 looks pretty awesome! Looking forward to seeing battroid mode.

  17. Can’t wait to see what you guys do for ep. 150 keep up the good work.

  18. Are we ever going to get a Bandai MG Kshatriya?

  19. Anyone else freaking out over the new Gouf from Build Fighters coming out in a few months?

  20. Nice action figure! I have quite a few of the ones released here in the US (basically gundam wing and G gundam). Hope to win!

  21. that Kshatriya look awsome!

  22. I guess Japan loses out on slurpees but gains it back with their fascinating convenience store food.

    And I’m loving the BB FA Unicorn with its adorably hilarious proportions compared to its regular HG/MG form.

  23. Can’t wait to see the Exia!!

  24. Seven… Eleven… without… Slurpees? MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING! WHAT IS AIR?! WHAT IS AIR?!?!

  25. hi and hello..i can not wait for HGBF Gouf R35 ,and have you Syd and ryan hear the news on they making the Gundam build fighter season2 or not pls info more and any any gundam build figher review by you guys and hear your idea of the anime , hope it soon..ps i will try my luck again the win free plamo

  26. Thx for the vid….can i comment more than 1 time?

  27. That Valvrave though …

  28. Can’t wait for EXIA!!! Btw Syd are you going to do a review on MG Exia Ignition Mode?

  29. Hi Syd and Ryan,I have a hard time cutting nubmarks its always either I scratch the part because of maybe the knife is slanted or not cutting the nubmarks because of lack of force because I’m scared to damage the part .
    so I rewatched your old episodes(1-30 the tutorial ones?), and I noticed how syd cuts the nubmarks so easy with a hobby knife. will you please make another tutorial for removing nubmarks . 😀

  30. I can’t wait to get my BB Senshi Sengoku Astray!

  31. I must say those ratchet joints sometimes gives me quite a scare when moving them, (same feeling from moving my Play Arts Kai Vergil) but they do help in posing, and from the sound of it looks like its gonna be stiff for a long time

  32. Great stuff as always fellas!

  33. Looks like its happy hour for decals on that yf-19. Man I have a slurpee everyday, don’t know wut I’d do without slurpee’s, or gundam, or fairy tail anime.

  34. OMG I love those two kits for the draw this time!

  35. A 7-11 with no Slurpees or taquitos is a 7-11 not worth walking into.

  36. Great episode guys.

  37. Hi Syd and Ryan (Ryan and Syd), great show as always. I can understand that 7-11 isn’t the same without slurpees, but there are many parts of Japanese combinis that I miss back here in the states, especially those ingenous ketchup/mustard packets for the “American Dogs”. It’s one of the many things I miss about Japanese food including ramen, yakitori, and matsuya. Anyways, I am really looking forward to the RG Exia, as I’m sure most everyone else here is. Keep up the good work!

  38. I as just thinking about doing something with a 1.5 Gundam. Reborns would be just as cool. And can’t wait to see that RG Exia. Been looking forward to that kit for a while.

  39. Can’t wait for the RG Exia whenever you guys are previewing it. Great Episode as usual!!!

  40. Hey Cid and Ryan,

    Great episode and I hope to keep seeing some more. So a couple of days ago I was building the full armor Gundam Thunderbolt version,and while I was cutting of the V-fin crest from the runners being as careful as I possibly could, I must have put too much pressure into the cut and the tiny peace went flying and ricocheted around the room. Needless to say, I can NP longer find the part. Has this ever happened to you? Also do you know of any parts replacement services available to US residents? Really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  41. Yes! RG Exia at last!

  42. Hi Syd & Ryan,
    Thanks for all the hard work and constant updates with latest releases. Your videos make every purchase so much more worthwhile.
    I can’t wait for the RG Exia and other upcoming release this year including all those builder parts! Please do a video of the builder parts and how creative they can be in the hands of experts like yourselves.
    – Kelvin

  43. Common Random number generator, I need that clear head piece of the reborns and I really want the red valvrave. 🙂

  44. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    So we’re already 4 months into the year(soon to be 5), and there have already been some pretty nice MG kits released and announced, but what do you think will be the “big kit” this year? That one standout MG that will make everyone go nuts for. I know I would go absolutely nuts if Bandai decided to shock the world and Drop a Xi Gundam or Gundam Mark 5 out of the blue.

  45. not your best show,there’s no kit that build in the show.Syd, do you have any plan to make the list again about the best MG? my question still the same, do you think bandai will make the RG ver. Ka? because from the new RG list, they just same old gundam. because i’m hoping new feature from RG. And Ryan Syd, I vote 1 for Turn A gundam to be build in the next episode.

  46. I hope you guys show the Crossbone Maoh built next time. I really like how badass the kit looks like. The HG Turn A is making me a lot more excited for the MG Turn X, too.

  47. wtb slurpee

  48. I am LOOOKING forward to having more RG Gundams, they are so nice and real! good ep147!keep watching you guys!nice show!

  49. Sweet, now I don’t have to search every 711 when I go to Japan. Thanks for the info!

  50. i am going to have kids soon, and i was kinda worry whether can still doing gunpla or not. Thanks for the heads up.
    Hope to see RG exia next week.

  51. great episode ryan and syd 🙂 how’s your kit bash doing syd? would love to see it in your next gunpla tv episode 🙂 godspeed and keep gunpla!

  52. Mmmm that Kshatriya is looking pretty epic. Too bad the HG is so expensive.

  53. I am excited for your coverage on the Shizuoka hobby show.

    Would like to see a ZSSA HGUC that isn’t a CAD render. Keep up the great work guys.

  54. RG EXIA HERE I COME!!! 😀 BTW great episode guys but why didn’t you guys upload a video last week? I was waiting for you guys all day.

  55. Cool episode! 😀 I’m looking forward to your RG Exia review.

  56. Great Episode! RG exia is cool!

  57. Man i woud LOVE to work on that Ray but my skill level isnt even cloese to tackle some thing like this :/ Mabie in the future :]
    Also thanks for the info bout the 7-Eleven gundam models, im having a trip to Japan in about a month and ill try to get myself as many exclusive gundam kits as possible ^^ (my main objective is to find the pink Beargguy ^^)
    If i ever get anywhere close to Sano ill make sure to pop into HLJ ^^

  58. I broke my Gundam Nu ver. ka. hand armor piece, the small ‘U’ shape on both hands! so frustrated.

  59. Breat episode. I love the turn A gundam!!

  60. Cant wait for the RG Exia and that Turn a looks so nice cant wait to finally get it and make a custom.

  61. Hello World

  62. hope you do an awesome review on the rg exia, its popularity is probably because the gundam is quite unique unlike the 00 which compared to my other gundams has a lot of simarlities, like the body piece which I have seen on the strike and astray gundam

  63. Sadly, there’s no MG release for this month and I haven’t heard about new a new MG for next month as well. This is sad, but hey! I’m happy for RG fans as RG Exia’s around the corner.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this episode more than the other because of the automatic peace sign, which I do also have even though I’m not in Japan; the YF-19 vs Kshatriya battle and lastly, the slurpee talk. I’ve been there for a week this last February and I saw a slurpee like machine, but I doubt that it’s called that way.

  64. Awesome Kshatriya! I’ve always wondered; what’s the quality like on Robot Damashii when compared to MG?

  65. hi syd and ryan..i was wondering.. what now that the rg exia is comming can we get the extra accessories/add-on of the kit? i mean the cloak of the exia repair and all those battle damage parts or bandai will make a new kit with new parts? do you have any news about it?? tnx… by the way im from the philippines.. MABUHAY SA INYONG LAHAT GUNPLA TV!!!

    • Hey, Kababayan. Have you tried ordering on hlj? Just want to asked how much the shipping and customs cost? I’m I bit hesitant to order in hlj because of that. Can you enlighten me?

  66. heya Syd and Ryan. good episode as always. there’s this one thing tho.. I was scared so much by the way you are moving the kshatriya’s wing.. sounds fragile.. anyway, thanks for the EP.. looking forward to RG Exia!

  67. Gotta get that valvrave!

  68. I must say as a vf-19 diamond force Valkyrie owner (got it in your recent macross sale btw), it is a little bit painful to see you transform the Valkyrie without retracting the landing gear c’mon guys first step, first step

    • Yeah, it was all a bit painful. The not-quite-fighter-mode at the start of the video, the not-fully-transformed arms, and the Gerwalk pose without the legs swung far enough forward… And yes, the landing gear! I’m sure Ryan will get the hang of it, though.

  69. Hi guys. I would like to ask if the crossbones are out of stock as i heard it is going down pretty fast…
    Hope you two will continue gunpla tv forever, HOBBYLINK JAPAN, FTW!!!
    Come on, i hope i will win this time…

  70. Looking forward to Shizuoka Hobby Show, hoping for some MG surprises, maybe another 3.0 on the horizon. Or maybe some 00 MGs… but we know that wont happen.

    Great show as usual, thanks for the competition.

  71. Cannot wait for the RG Exia to be on the show. Now it’s time to roll the dice for that 7 Eleven Gundam. Great show as always guys!

  72. To the person asking about painting the rubber part on the PG Wing Zero Custom’s waist. That piece is VERY soft and flexible. I would definitely not wanting to paint it over.

    If you paint a complete coat over that part, the moment you twist the waist, the paint will crack.

    If you are just going to drybrush a bit of paint on the edges to dirty it up though, then it should be fine.

  73. cant wait on the shizz expo coverage guys!

  74. So whats it gonna take for me to get that RG Zaku poster behind you?

    Also for painting on rubber/rubber coated material. It will always crack and flake off. I used Aquaflow paint (which is a flexible acrylic paint for airbrush) which lasted a long time but it will all depend on the movement you do afterwards.

  75. Can’t wait for that Exia update guys Exia is my favorite gundam from double oh. Hope to also win the reborns and that valrave always intersting to get new kits other then gundam.

  76. That Metal Gear Rey looks awesome! Another nice show guys~

  77. “Metal… Gear…?”

    Awesome, I can’t wait to get my hands on that Metal Gear Ray kit, thanks for showing it off a bit! And That YF19 looks pretty sweet too! As excited as I am to see the Exia, I look forward to seeing the rest of the transformation of that beauty as well! Keep up the good work guys

  78. like every episode u post

  79. I managed to get me a nu gundam in 7-11 colors (imported of course, cheaper than ebay prices!) and I like what it tries to do, but after the nu gundam ver ka it feels old…I had to paint some of the vents in orange just so it looks as good as its promo pics.

    That and I wish these had water slides, no matter how much and what top coat you use stickers come off sooner or later…unless someone *looks around* has any tips or tricks to make stickers stick…better?

    Also news flash HG UNICORN GUNDAM 7-11 VERSION, I SAW IT COMING, BUT IM HAVING A HARD TIME PICTURING STICKER PLACEMENT AND COLOR CHANGES (would of been better on the full armor, green gattling guns anyone?)

  80. I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter

  81. Can’t wait to see the rg exia.

  82. Great episode guys. However i won’t cook while watching because I just burned my food.

  83. Thank god, I’ve been waiting for me HLTV fix! 😛

  84. review the rg exia

  85. I’d love to see more turn A kits in actual grades, mainly the Kapool/Capule though. That little circle is one of my favorite designs.

  86. Just asking, how do you give the metallic effects on the kit?

  87. Nice video guys! cant wait to see the rg exia!

  88. Glad to see Ryans “tool time” to make a return. you know after Ryan mentioned tool time a few episodes ago, I felt a bizarre desire to Photoshop Syd and Ryan over Wilson and Tim………I still haven’t done it. but lets just stop here before things get out of hand. OH SNAP WE JUST WENT FULL CIRCLE!!!! What have I done…

  89. Hey guys, great show like always. I would really love to see that Metal Gear Ray put together as well as more Zoids! I know that they are hard to get but it still doesn’t stop me from hoping to see a Liger Zero with the Panzer unit on the show! Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the next episode.

  90. I hope more Build Fighter Kits see a MG release. Would love to have one big Crossbone Maoh!

  91. Hey Syd and Ryan! You can’t go wrong with the Neo Zeong!!! I can’t wait to see it on your show when it finally comes out.

  92. Will you be showing an assembled Turn A Gundam on the show? Awesome episode as always and that Kyshatria looks like a beast.

  93. Great show guys! can’t wait for the rg exia!!

  94. im still in it to win it

    and when it comes to painting the RG frame only use a thin or one coat of paint because of how the armor parts contact to it. Or only paint the parts that are showing/you want to display

  95. Great episode. It’s pretty impressive that the Kshatriya can stand up on his own with all four funnel pods up like that! My experience with Robot Damashi is limited though. I much rather prefer to build my Gundams.

  96. Kinda disappointed HGCC Turn A didn’t get one of the main highlights. Come on guys! How could you skip reviewing the only gundam which could do the laundry!!

  97. Comment for the contest.

  98. Great episode guys! Man, that Robot Damashi Kshatriya looks awesome! I also can’t wait to get my hands on the Cross Maoh and Turn-A kits.

  99. Good morning Syd and Ryan….that what i said….!!!! another good episode, can’t wait to see the next episode about battle royal mode of the kit that you show. have a nice morning i said…^^

  100. “That’s what she said.”: It never gets old.

  101. I love the Valvrave Hito 😀

  102. I fell in love with the exia sine the first episode of 00, cant wait for the real grade !!!!

  103. Why does the YF-19 have to be so expensive! DX

  104. Can’t wait for rg Exia!!!!

  105. Great episode guys! The Robot Damashii Kshatriya looks fantastic! Definitely going to have to save up and get one! For now I’m just waiting on the RG Exia, should be a great kit!

  106. Awesome, the FA Unicorn SD, do you know how much paint it needs for those weapons? also how are the sd sazabi, nu, and kshatriya?

    • not to mention, i really really want a reborns gundam, but even more so a Valvrave Hito!? whaaat? have you guys done a review for that?

  107. You guys really had me at “That’s what she said!”, man the face on Ryan! Anyways, I hope you guys can do a tutorial on how to do a simple LED modification on kits. I would like to do one on an RG Exia soon. Thanks and more power!

  108. The NZ-666 looks great, do you think the damaahi kit is better or equal to the HG and MG version

  109. Awesome Episode

  110. Ryan Good job on the transform nice to hear the confidence in your voice. Hearing the clicks on that lets me know that is a solid YF unit. I do enjoy Valvrave and would love that kit. Do you guys know if the joints are compatible with any Gundams?

  111. who would win in a fight? wing zero tv version or wing zero proto ew?

  112. The guys back at damashi definitely know how to make those kits, was surprised when the clicking in place hold things on the “wings” where shown. Give props to those guys.

    Show was excellent, always look forward to a new episode, keep up the great work.

    PS. I love the Valvrave mech design and show, maybe I’ll have a chance to win this kit. 😀 And Reborns gundam was always interesting to me, one of the 2 or 3 kits from 00 that I want but haven’t gotten yet.

  113. slurpees are fun until about 40% into it.

  114. Love the show, has there been any new on any new Zoids model kits coming out? They need to make some more of the fliers like the Raynos!

  115. can’t wait to see the RG exia…:)

  116. Wow what a great surprise! Thanks, keep up the great work. 🙂

  117. The last time you played with a model kit. You was in the warehouse.
    It was a RG Gundam MK-II(A.E.U.G)

  118. LOL at the first scene. I like your humour guys. The RD Kshatriya looks pretty amazing.

  119. Have you ever watched snakes on a plane?

  120. Dear Syd and Rye…
    I’m curious on how Rye was transforming (if not torturing) YF-19 before you guys decided to censor the process…
    Could you maybe give us a little sneak peak???

    And a little question for Syd…
    A couple of weeks ago I tried to spray paint my gunpla using spray can…
    But I seemed to have done it wrong because the result was rough on the surface just like the skin of an orange fruit…
    Can you give me any advice on how to repair it???

  121. Good job guys. Nice episode as usual. Can’t wait for the exia. It’s quite amazing that Bandai make an RG for Exia which is small and slim in comparison to other suit.

  122. Thanks guys for showing Metal Gear Ray, looks awesome. Tbh it would look s**t with just a top coat, this bad boy is gonna need some paint and form all the promo art I think it’s time I figured out how to do pearlescent paint jobs.
    Don’t worry Ryan it wasn’t painful at all for the transformation, I just skipped through it lol.

  123. After Z Gok, please give Reborns with RG treatment!!

  124. hahahah when you guys did the pose i died of laughter, this episode was awesome u guys rock.

  125. Great episode guys, loved the Robot Damashi (Side MS) Kshatriya and the 1/144 HGBF Crossbone Gundam Maoh haha!!

  126. Hello guys. I mis you guys. Cant you make gunpla tv twive a week please … 🙂

  127. Now i want that Kshatria, my wife says we dont have money for that…..thats what she said. 😛

  128. Nooo, Random number Generator you failed me.. Why, No. 158. my post was 157.. so close but yet so far.. Brain Freeze

  129. Nice video, hope to win 😀
    btw what are your thoughts on the strike freedom full burst mode gold plated parts, the review was kind of bad overall but I personally liked it to a certain extent, hope to hear from you. 😀

  130. cant wait for the RG Exia to be reviewed by you guys!

  131. The Japanese don’t know the greatness of slurpees

  132. Please consider me for the free models. You can’t complain about something that is free. Any models I can add to my collection is great.

  133. I feel so left out not knowing what 7Eleven is… (._.)

  134. The Kshatriya has always been such a cool design. I feel if Bandai is going to jump into things like an HGUC Neo Zeong, they should do awesome things like MG Kshatriya or MG Nightengale. Anyway, great episode! Excited to see if i won the contest! Love Valverave!

  135. I’m too excited about the RG Exia!

  136. Good Lord that Kshatryia is amazing, by the way hope i can win Valvrave 1 😀

  137. 😀

  138. Oh man, you just put up two hella of beast kits in the comp!

    And btw, the sd version of full armor unicorn actually looked good for a size that small.

  139. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Great show, love the hobby, has helped immensely with my manual dexterity.

  140. Awesome!!!, V Sign, You guy mean Selfie !!!

  141. Ahh another classic episode, great job. I love the reborns gundam so if I am the winner I would be quite happy. Keep up the good work

  142. What is this madness! No slurpee at 7-11

  143. Looking forward to see the yf-19 transformation complete. Always loved that design it makes me ponder getting that piece. Another great episode, look forward to some new builds. Come on RG Exia!!

  144. Gundam 00 was the first gundam series i watched, i think it’s my turn to be chosen

  145. Shouldn’t the Kshatriya be referred to as a “her” since its piloted by Marida Cruz?

    • Does an airplane change it’s “sex” when a female’s driving it? Or a horse for that matter? ‘Triya’s a big and bulky, well armored, well armed fat suit painted like something resembling the army green theme that more than says about it’s “sex” in it’s robotic world than compared with, say, a Nobell Gundam for that matter that looks more like a work from Hajime Sorayama’s sexy robot girl or looking like something you may see in Sailor Moon series.

  146. oh my that satchtria looks so beast!

  147. give me valrave

  148. Great episode! cant wait to see next weeks episode.

  149. Hey guys love the show. Do you think bandai will make a MG Leo and any of its variants?

  150. Is it just me or should more gundams have turn a style moustaches. Who else would love to see a MG Neo Zeong.

    The problem with the PG Wing Custom and painting the rubbery parts can be solved with lacquer paints, as per Youtuber with a callsign vegeta8259 while he was building his MG Wing Custom that shares that rubber material with the PG and the video URL at a time when he starts talking about painting the rubber parts can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1UV33T-Ymlk#t=512
    It’s a good video showing what a good paintjob does to a kit and the level of the upgrade it delivers. But to be 100% sure that you won’t melt away the parts do try it on a sprue first. I do hope that helps.


    • Just watched the link as well out of interest. Conclusion ( Which he admits himself ) He lucked in. With a light dusting of post shade the laquer had no effect on the rubber parts. I have been modelling for around 30 years and have not found a suitable solution yet. The issue is that when actually coating the rubber part laquer and waterbased with dry but not stick. The paints when dry, dry hard with no flex in the paint so as soon as you apply any stress or bend to the part it will crack and flake off. Oil based paints stay softer for longer but ultimately also dry hard and will flake off. they only thing that might work would be a flexable rubberised paint. A kind of latex or fabric paint that when dry will still flex and bend without cracking. The downside is that there probably wont be a clear in those ranges of paints so you will have to put up with whatever finish you end up with, with the paint itself.

      Where I live it’s incredible difficult to get these type of paints to try so I hope you have better access. I have the MG Version 1.0 Zeta and the folding V-fins are rubber to allow flex during transformation. I’m using the fixed plastic V-fins that can in the kit but you have to remove them to change form. So I’m still looking for a workable solution to get the rubber bits to work without paint flake.

      Sorry for the long reply but I hope this helps you or other reading and maybe Ryan and Syd can read it on GUNDAM TV 148.

  152. The Kshatriya looks great! Hey Syd, any news of the new real grades?

  153. Nice show, can’t wait your first look at Exia.

  154. Can’t wait to see the RG Exia! I wonder if someone can do a Dark Matter customization on the RG Exia…
    I guess all that’s left for the Sengoku Astray now is PG.

  155. I wish there was a MG or RG Khsantriya ! Would be awesome to make that beast. A Ver KA would be icing on the cake ^^

  156. Can’t wait for Gundam Unicorn episode 7.
    Is the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) worth the buy?

  157. Syd I’m sadden to hear of the lack of Slurpee available to you folk on your side of the world. It sounds more like hell than heaven at your 7-11’s. I will raise my Slurpee with a sad heart and pour some out for my Homies on the east side!
    It’s cool that you read all these and glad you find some humor in our banter. On a serious note- Syd what would your favorite RG kit be to date. Just curious.
    Thanks for the great show again

  158. Hey Ryan and Syd! I wanted to know what your opinion is on Gundam Build Fighters custom built kits featured in Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby magazines. Examples – God Gundam Kiwami and Zeta Gundam Honoo.
    Keep up the great work.

  159. I’d like to see a neo Zeong pg XD but seriously I want the neo Zeong hg soon

  160. Great show! That Kshatriya is awesome! I hope you guys might review some of the Yamato 2199 kits sometime! 🙂

  161. great episode guys! and do you guys know when rg exia will be released?

  162. what does the gerwalk mode do?

  163. great show.

  164. Hey great episode. Still looking forward to RG Exia.

  165. That RB Kshatriya looks amazing! I’m glad the fin funnel binders have accommodating ratchet joints to ensure weight wouldn’t be a huge issue. Also loving that custom action base as almost the majority of Robot Damashii don’t come with one. Another great episode guys!

  166. Not having slurpee in Japan is really surprising. I figured they’d have some weird flavors for it like kitkat does.

  167. hi guys, I hope to win the valkyrie, because I love macross, the Kshatriya Robot Damashi seems amazing
    I can not wait for next week
    thanks for the episode

  168. Kshatriya is awesome. But why didn’t you guys showed us nice feature it has in its “wings”? Part with funnels should open in the outside, I think it’s pretty cool

  169. Love the show guys! Keep nerd culture alive! Hahaha

  170. DUUUUUUDDDE that valvrave doe really want it 😀

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    Super bummed you mentioned there will be no advanced look at the Exia RG. Other than that, kudos to you guys for sending out free kits to those interested enough to include feedback to the episodes. Someday I would like to end up with one, especially the Reborns model presented.

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  338. It’s very simple to find out any topic on web as compared to books, as
    I found this post at this web site.
    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “return
    the favor”.I am attempting to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its ok
    to use a few of your ideas!\

  339. Alex said on May 17, 2014

    Yo Guys awesome video!!!! Want the Valvrave and da Reborns XD. By the way teach us some diorama techniques

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    pd: sid & ryan i m your fan if i win please autograph the boxesi will

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