Mar 11

In episode 143 we go back to the gorgeous MG Unicorn 3 Phenex with Syd talking about how to ‘adjust’ a portion of the frame to make it stronger and we take a look at the now assembled MG Sengoku Astray. And we announce the lucky guy who gets some free kits.

MG Sengoku Astray Gundam-2

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGAC Wing Gundam Zero
1/144 HG MS-06 Zaku II (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/144 HG MS-06R Psycho Zaku (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)
1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Fenix)
1/100 MG Sengoku Astray Gundam

Gunpla TV


  1. plis sent me a gundam

    • no me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loving the Phenex and Sengoku, going to build Psycho Zaku next. Great episode guys!!

  3. I can’t wait to build my own Pheniex today xP and thanks for the episode
    keep up the good work guys ><

  4. you guys are awesome! thanks for the tip on the mg unicorns my banshee drives me crazy with the waist!!

  5. man thanks guys for the helpful tip for the unicorn kits, when I do get my mg phenex I’ll be sure to try it out

  6. i love the Phenex, can you send me one haha…i also like those kits that you give it away.

  7. Hope i Win

  8. Fingers crossed c’mon random number generator….

  9. I want to believe 🙂

  10. Fan as always! True indeed, thanks for this awesome work and helpers!!
    Show us the wall of boxes or stack 😉
    Respect to you and your company, without hlj and your show gunpla wouldn’t be the same.

  11. I love the both the Phenex and the Sengoku. Working on an HG Sengoku soon and hope to get the paint the same kind of red/black satin look from the show. And hey two partial gundam kits for free equals one kit bash!

  12. duel looks awesome loving the show and hope i win something eventually 😀 talk about the rg exia??

  13. Those kits would be a great addition to my collection…which is currently at two. Keep making vids

  14. Hi guys keep up the good work!!!

  15. I love you guys! I hope I win the Extreme Gundam and the Duel Gundam this week! and don’t worry Syd, I believe that one day you’ll get all those kits done and they will be that much more awesome and satisfying!!

  16. Awesome video guys keep them coming, also if you could only build one gunpla per year what would it be?( this goes for everyone)

  17. Wow, another great show guys..
    Nice tip for the Unicorn’s hip joint, but i’m probably gonna use putty instead of cement.
    Hope I win this time.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. one lucky winner is going to get two kits. Oh no, the possibility is even lower now 🙁


  20. Great video, really looking forward to building those Thunderbolt Zaku’s. Also how about I trade you those two kits you are giving away for the Zaku poster behind you?! *wink wink*

  21. great episode like usual. really good tip on the unicorn, i know what imma do with my evening haha XD

  22. i think i start to love sengokou Astray…hahaha

  23. My Newtype intuition tells me I’m gonna get it!

    That, or I’ll have to Brightslap that RNG.

  24. Hi… I really like the show….

  25. love the gold on the unicorn and i would love a gundam with a guitar

  26. Aiya! I need a New Gunpla Build or built, which ever works 8D

  27. Wow I really want a extreme gundam. You guys must be really nice or really running out of space storing all these models!

  28. Man the sengoku astray looks great! Can’t w8 till i get my hands on one!

  29. Great episode again guys. Love it.

  30. watch me not win 🙂

  31. The sengoku actually looks pretty cool. I hope they make more MGs from buildfighters

  32. too bad the Phenex is discontinued….

  33. I wanted to start on a new custom kit and I wonder which is better had paint or spray paint? By the way thanks for giving out kits.

  34. IF ONLY

  35. Gonna keep posting for these drawings until you run out of stuff for me to not win.

  36. they should have made the handles on the sengoku astray’s swords long enough for a two handed grip. It is a samurai after all.

    PS- how about sending me a few gundam kits

  37. I would love to get those spare kits!! Ive been wanting to get into the painting and customizing scene, and these would be perfect.

  38. Dang, that Extreme would be great for some part swapping. Question, when it comes to the weapon campaign parts, when did you get them? I put in an order for 3 HG Kits a coupe days ago, and it just shipped today. Therefore, would the parts not be added? And are the parts given out per order with at least one HG Kit in it, or is it per HG kit? Thanks!

  39. Thanks for the tip with the fenex. What’s the difference between the HFAC and the previous 1/144 Wing Zero?

    P.S. The random number generator is too real.

  40. Hey Ryan and Syd ur show is a inspiration every week. Have u seen space dandy? The show had a really awesome robot on this week that looked like a extreme gun cannon. And I was woundering if there was anything u know about there being any kits? Again love ur show keep it up.

  41. nice video guys! Im not a big fan of the sengoku but it looks nice. hope i win some gunplas this time! greetings from argentina!

  42. Any luck that you guys could do a side by side comparison with all previously and currently released Unicorns?

  43. Great show. I look forward to it every week

  44. Looking good guys but is there any reason why the Unicorn 03 Phenix keeps going into “discontinued” on HLJ rather than “Backordered”/”Out of Stock”

    • Maybe that is because bandai plan to limit production for it? Considering the price tag and its finish, id say thats the likely reason.

  45. I hope to win this week, thanks guys!

  46. awsomeness-ness~

  47. Awesome video again, keep up the good work! Always looking forward to watch a new episode. Great tip for the MG Unicorn. Hope I win!

  48. whelp I’m undecided on getting the phoenix or the s. astray .

  49. I know someone else requested a side by side comparison with the unicorns in the comments already but I would like to second that opinion; I’d like to see a comparison with the banshees as well if you guys ever get the chance.

  50. OMG The Dual <3 Random Number God…Please Pick me!!! <3

  51. Thanks for the tips!

  52. wow..i can not gunpla event nice .you guys awesome.
    i want to try my lucky

  53. Man, you guys have the best jobs in the world.
    I’ve wanted to build Gunpla for years, but I’ve never managed to get the funds to actually buy the kits.
    In all honesty, I had misunderstood your competition, thinking that ALL the kits would go to one person, and so the odds would be astronomical, but this?
    This is a dream come true to me, even if I don’t win :p

  54. I was actually planing on getting an MG Duel Gundam. It would be a miracle if I won it XD

  55. MG Sengoku Astray = beast samurai
    I believe in awesomeness creation
    April 2014 of RG gundam exia here I come baby

  56. I like the Sengoku,hope I win the Gunpla!.

  57. Comon guys free stuff and you think we needed that? YESS PLEASE…

  58. the phenex does look beautiful. removing nubs from the kit is gonna be a hell of a job to do.

  59. This is pretty awesome, I enjoy Ryan and Sid’s synergy on the show lol.

  60. OH gosh so excited when you guys announce the winner….looking forward until next episode….thank for the tip on the phenex…

  61. Thanks for the vid…and im giving this contest a shot..C’mon big gundam..

  62. Love the phenex, why is it discontinued?

  63. the legs on the unicorn model are on backwards lol

  64. Dayuuum, those free gunplas are awesome. Would be great if I got them lol

  65. I love the Duel Gundam!

  66. nice episode

  67. Nice kits! Im looking to get that sengoku astray and probably the PG red frame. Love those katanas!

  68. You guys are so nice in giving theses kits away Thanks in advance if I win. 🙂

  69. What?! MG Duel Gundam for free? Imma win this!
    RG Exia, so excited :3
    Keep posting cool vids ryan and syd!

  70. The more and more I see the Phenix, the more it looks good, as well I would love to win that Duel Gundam 😀

  71. there is no god

  72. What extra parts? oO

  73. Wish i had a Gunpla shop in my town.
    Can you find a way to fold the box? Some people “care” for those kind of thing. The art on it.

  74. Count me in for free gundams.

  75. Keep up the good work guys love the show.

  76. Awsome job guys!Cant wait for next week. I wonder what Bandai has planed for the new RG.

  77. Good to see that HG Wing. Think it mostly comes from the recent blu-ray release of Wing, so they are pushing for some Wing releases, such as the Proto, and the Fenice definitely didn’t hurt the call for a new HG Wing. I just hope they release some new Tallgeese and Epyon. Love the Blu Duel and the Extreme, just puttin it out there 😛

  78. Awesome video!!!! Love the Sengoku Astray!!

  79. Cool video, love the gundam model bro!!

  80. 03:52am? Now’s as good a time as any to watch Gunpla TV!
    Great episode as always, now to just fill the time until the next one.
    What better way to do that than by building gunpla! 🙂

  81. wow i love your show and i hope that i will get some stuff . All you guys say and comment are great for newbies like me.
    I got into GUNPLA after watching Built fighters.Hope to hear from you guys and thanks for the great vids.

  82. Can’t wait for more!

  83. Definitely enjoying the show every time I watch. Hoping to win the two kits and thanks Syd for the generosity!

  84. Another great video, thanks guys.

  85. Great show, wish you guys were able to these even more often! 😀

  86. Hey guys, great Gunpla TV episode, I was excited about getting the MG Sengoku Astray, and after watching Syd’s review of it, I’ve decide to go grab it. Hope I can win the free gunplas too!

  87. Congrats to the 1st winner of the gunpla giveaway! Hopefully I’m next! If not maybe in the future? Cheers to HLJ and keep it up!

  88. Great show as always! Do you know anything about a new pg? Lol god gundam was looking to be a stow away.

  89. Great show as all always keep up the good videos. I’m still catching up on your older videos, just got to episode 1000, and I’m watching the ones as they come out. Hopefully I get these Gundam since I’m new to this hobby and I want to get a room full of gunpla as soon as possible.

  90. We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine….

  91. i am not a seed fan except for the metal build destiny(just got this beast 2 months ago) right now i am looking forward to the Gundam UC ep 7 on May ,just love uc so bad!!
    BTW do you have any suggestion on painting Psycho Frame into clear red or metalic red?

    • Most experience builders that i saw were using fluorescent red/green on (clear green/red + white) back.

  92. Wow that psycho zaku is awesome!!

  93. That Phenex is so shiny! I wish plated kits weren’t so expensive though, wanted to get a 1/100 amatsu but I’d rather try painting it.

  94. Looking at the Sengoku Astray, I feel like it needs to be painted to make it look good since it looks too “plasticy”.


  96. Keep up the great work guys!

  97. Here is another giveaway, I hope I can win those 2 kit especially extreme gundam…. thank Syd and Ryan to do this giveaway…

  98. that next kit will be mine!

  99. I have been a fan of building gunpla for a couple month now and your show gunpla tv have gave me more inspiration for building more gunpla kits.My next gunpla kit i will be working on is the hg gundam f91 and paint it like the the f91 from build frighters ep 22.

  100. The neo zeong is going to be crazy, such a huge kit. I’ll be excited if it hold the hg sinanju like thought.

  101. Goodluck everyone

  102. Good job as always guys. You guys would be dueling me an extreme favor if you give me those gundams.

  103. hope i win <3

  104. Great video guys 😀
    *Fingers crossed*

  105. You guys are awesome i would really love to win one.

  106. nice review as always, keep up the good work guys

  107. Let’s try to get this one over 1,000 comments this time.

  108. OMG thought I would have buy in Japan to try to get these custom bits.

  109. Hi! If ever I’ll be the lucky winner, please put your autographs on those boxes! Thanks!!! ^_^

  110. Wow Sengoku looks pretty cool. Man I really wanted the Wing Proto Zero mg =( been trying to get that but oh well xD

  111. That MG Sengoku looks sweet! But I am still on the fence if I should pick it or not..I already have the MG Red Frame Astray in the collection but I’m really thinking that I could pose the Sengoku with three swords, one borrowed from red frame and imitate Roronoa Zoro from One Piece ^^

  112. I was away on holiday I hope I can make it with my comment those kits look amaizing I also want that falcon

  113. Hmmm, I’ve been thinking of whether or not I should pickup the MG Sengoku Astray and this helps bring me closer to my decision. Keep up the good work guys!

  114. Just got the Sengoku Astray and man that’s a lot of extra parts.

  115. would really loved to get that duel gundam..

  116. keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  117. The way the sen was holding the blades was hilarious!

  118. Nice episode Syd n Ryan… Kinda afraid to put in cement in my Unicorn kits. Although with other non UC kits I may try. Like the ones you guys are gonna give away! 😉

  119. Haha shots fired at Ryan towards the end of the episode

  120. I cannot wait to build the MG Sengoku Astray!

  121. random generator, generate my number

  122. loved that MG Sengoku Astray since i’ve always been a fan of the Astray Red Frame…It’s like an Astray just “Super Ninjafied”…

  123. Looking forward to getting an MG Sengoku Astray. Great show Ryan and Syd!

  124. That’s a crazy give away duel here I come Thank u

  125. Hey guys, big fan of the show, hope I can win this weak kits, if not I`ll keep posting comments till I win xD. Greetings from Perú.

  126. Love your show! Love how you guys show Gunpla building is a hobby for people who are married as well 😀 I have my cutters ready, send me those Gundams!

  127. Gonna build that Zaku next!!! 😀

  128. another blast episode…. why not putting a hot chicks on the show hehehehe….. more power to you guys cant wait for the next week episode…..

  129. I didn’t realize that the mg sangoku astray was out that’s good to know

  130. cool looking phenix mane, looking forward to the new episode. you guys gonna be looking at exia? thing is baller. hoping i win those models.

  131. Here’s hoping I win the next gundam drawing!!! Always a pleasure watching GunplaTV.

  132. wow!!! I would really like two blue kits!! the extreme gundam could be amazing in a kit bash. Hope I win the gunpla!!! oh and love how syd sniffs the cement then goes “sashiburi~” haha that made my day!! Any ways keep up the good work guys!

  133. today is taco tuesday

  134. Such giveaway, very gunpla, much wow =)

  135. Awesome show once again guys. Would there be any chance we might get to see another episode of Boss Builds? Keep up the good work!

  136. I hope to win this time! thank you very much for your generosity!

  137. Gundam Unicorn is my favorite series

  138. Will the yellowbird be up for the grabs? 🙂

    Thanks for the review on the astray gundam. Been look for a review. Will look for a written scoring based review from Syd. 🙂

  139. Awesome thing you guys are doing. Without your show, I’d probably would never have become the builder I am today. 🙂

    Keep it up!

  140. awesome show as usual guys

  141. i love the show!

  142. Tu said on March 11, 2014

    Nice Miyamoto Musashi reference Syd!!!

  143. WOW! Such generosity! Much love!

  144. Just wanted to say thanks for the great videos. Been watching since episode 3 and thanks to you guys ive been able to do more things and make my gundam models look even better. Who knows maybe my luck will change and ill win one of your guys gundams lol

  145. Thanks for the tip on the MG unicorns, I’m building my first one right now and it’s just ripe for modifications!

  146. Gunpla Rock!!!!!!

  147. Awesome show as always guys.

    I love the new MG Sengoku Astray. I have the NG Red Frame didn’t really feel the need to get the MG Red Frame as well, But I might have to bite the bullet and get this new kit. I wonder how it would look with a Black Frame and Dark Blue Armour?

  148. I love Gunpla!

  149. The New MG Astray looks great! I’m loving the build fighters series. And I’m interested in seeing the parts that come with the HGs.

  150. I WANT ONE!! PleaSE!!

  151. This is such a cool contest guys, keep up the good work!

  152. Awesome show as always Syd and Ryan. I hope to get one of those free gunplas.

  153. the sengoku astray is really cool! cant wait to buy one for my self! plus seeing the phenex with all its gold glory makes me more excited!! :3

  154. So sad both gundams that giveaway this week are not my favorite, but if I’m lucky,I still want to get those. Wonder there is an EX-S giveaway or not.

  155. Free Gunpla sign me up !! Great show guys keep up the good work. An question to you Syd. Do you think Bandai has moved on from the PG line at all or they might just reissue the older kits? Like the Blue Astray.

  156. I hope I win! Btw, the sengoku is really nice. I hope they will have a titanium finish of it so it will have that shiny red frame just like in the anime.

  157. Want those Duel Gundam *_*

  158. Don’t see why the God Gundam shouldn’t be included!

  159. Thank you, HLJ and Syd, for providing all the useful Gunpla building tutorials!

  160. Boom!!!

  161. Great episode as always. I’m excited to hear that the Sengoku Astray is as awesome as I thought it would be. I have place on my shelf waiting for it.

  162. I’m a bit confused on what you guys were saying about that new HGUC kit. It sounded like you kept saying Neo Zeon, but from the size questioning about the kit, I can only Assume you guys were trying to say Neue Ziel. I’ve been wanting to see a 1/144th Neue Ziel ever since they released the 1/144 Dendrobrium Orchis/Stamen kit.

    One does not Simply try to take another man’s Falcon.

  163. Nice show as always Syd and Ryan still wondering about that PG blue frame is at a japan exclusive or not? thanks for the show and keep up the most excellent work.

  164. Great episode! Love the tips for the Unicorn MGs.. please send more kits to Rrobbert184 for more reviews! Do you think you can send in some zoid kits as well! I’d like to have Ryan’s Iron Kong 😀

  165. Definitely loving the Unicorn phenex! and can’t wait to touch sids creations!

  166. Urgh, hate the blings. Never like any of the titanium/extra finish kits.

  167. I really like watching the show, I’ve built 3 master grades so far and I’d like to build more, HLJ is the only site I’d order Japanese models from

  168. I love the show but please talk something other than gundam kits,
    it was nice when you had more variety on the show, it´s not that I don’t like gundams but it’s boring to look always the same…

  169. Woah, just finished watching the episode and the comments are already at 160+! Congrats to the winner of the first two kits, hope I’ll also win next time. Hi, Syd and Ryan! More power and always continue to be awesome like the kits you build. I wanna also ask if HLJ Big Boss, Scott’s Lexus LFA also included in the kits you’re giving away even it was built on the Boss Builds?

  170. already follow you guys for 2 years! buys a lot stuff on HLJ!
    hope u guys can spend more time with family and kids other than us!

  171. already at 170+… Holy.. what happened to boss builds? Any guess on the upcoming gunpla project? Syd mumbled something about orgin gundam during the gunpla expo video.. Haha

  172. Feels like you guys have one of the most amazazing jobs on earth. Im almost new at watching ur episodes but so far so great. Keep it up.

  173. Great show! I just recently started an interest in Gunplas. My kids and I watch Gundam Build Fighters and we enjoy it. Now I have the Fenice and my daughter has Beargguy 3.0. I am sooo tempted to get that Sengoku Astray MG but I have to pace myself or I will go broke soon! 😉

  174. Another great episode!
    Now…give me them gundams please =D

  175. Hobbylink should make more build videos. =D
    Perhaps an RC build for once. I love model kits, be it tamiya cars, gundams. Recently got into RC. Perhaps a tamiya TT-01E build??
    Looking forward to future videos from hobbylink.

  176. I want the duel so much!!

  177. still think the original red astray frame is better.
    good ep, great job.

  178. Hope I win 😮

  179. I really want to get those gundams!!!

  180. I’ll win this one. I want free gunplas.

  181. I wish building gundams could be a job

  182. this episode frustrated me. i hold my breath went Syd announced the winner, hiks it’s not my name. but anyway, now you give the solution for the minus in the kit specially for the phenex. two thumbs up, for showed directly the parts that need to be glue it. but for the astray, I don’t like that bulky knees. it just like the astray wants to kneel down, but the shield I love it :). SYD, I REALLY WAITING FOR YOUR SCRATCH BUILD FOR THE FUTURE.

  183. Guys, do you have any info on Gundam Decals availability in the future? I’m still waiting for some I ordered in October/November and it seems like they are destined to be marked as discontinued. But I hope they will be eventually shipped 😀

    Greetings from Prague and keep up the good work!

  184. I almost win the last time..(sigh) i saw them picking my number but its all just a dream.. hahaha. Gundam for me gundam for you gundam for everyone!!! Muhahaha

  185. Sweet, MG duel gundam assault shroud, awesome kit, hope I’m lucky enough to get it.

  186. That’s really cool to be doing this and I have to say that the Duel Gundam is my favorite out of the suits that ZAFT got.

  187. Have either bought the console version of Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost? If so what do you think about it.

  188. This episode just convinced me to pick up the sengoku astray gundam.


  190. Great episode as always… Hope i win ^^

  191. would it be possible if u guys open up some PG boxes and show us the content inside or even better, review it 😀

  192. this is the wining comment 😀

    also…. dragon tatas

    (godzilla may 16t. go watch! NOW!(in may of course) BUT NOW!!)

  193. Let the dream come true

  194. I don’t think the MG unicorns are really worth it. I mean after you construct the first one you’ve practically made all of them but with a new color. Are the Gundam Seed kits that way too?

  195. Glad to see that you are continuing to find new home for the build kits 🙂
    I was one of the happy customers that i got all 6 gunpla customize parts (A,B,C,D,E,F) and the possibility are out of this world in terms of customizing.

  196. Nice episode! I look on HLJ to find Unicorn Phenex, but it is discontinued. Why?

  197. Good job guys!! Hoping for the best for everyone 🙂

  198. Lol 800+ comments …I though there would be at least 3x more. Why don`t you show the selection process ,won`t it be more interesting that way ?

  199. would love to win that Duel Assault Shroud

  200. Kudos guys! Great show as always.

  201. Glad to have the show back! I enjoy watching you guys every week. Excellent tip on the MG, by the way, I’ll have to keep that in mind…

  202. Great Episode Guys, Send MY a GUNDAM!!!

  203. Sweet jesus! The episode only just came out!
    This list is longer then my ..

    Thats what she said

  204. it is very helpful to show us more tutorial about the kits and more kits in the future. Hope i can win this one.

  205. More tutorials like how to make the kits look alot more better would be good to have on the show. ;D

  206. Great episode guys, Damn that phenex looks awesome 😀

  207. Nice Episode 🙂

  208. Sure I’ll take them. Thanks

  209. Hope I get the free gunpla!

  210. I am gonna get it through some insane RNG!!! PLEASE!

  211. Sign the manuals! I just realized how much I like the music you have for the intro and outro.

  212. Thanks for giving that tip for the Phenex! Much to my wallet’s dismay, I actually bought one but haven’t built it yet as I’m still preoccupied with my 00 Raiser. Anyways, thanks for doing what you guys are doing and cheers for next week.

  213. Great! Hoping for win! 😀

  214. Good Job guys! Keep it up.

  215. Niten Ichiryū Kenjutsu FTW!

  216. let me win plzzzzz
    *pray gunpla god*.. m(_ _)m

  217. one of these days… one of these days.. I will be lucky. 🙂

  218. Thanks for the competition, guys.

    I’ve followed your advice for the Unicorn’s skirt, Syd. It worked very well, it can now stand up without a problem and pull of a few poses.

  219. great episode once again!

  220. i have found a bug with logging in to hobbylinktv. when you log in first time using google chrome, word press will showup asking you to sign in again. so you will have to go back to the login page in hobbylink tv and log in again to sign in. and another bug is changing the your profile pic. it wont allow you to change picture, but over all the site works well..

  221. That duel gundam looks pretty sick.

  222. FTW

  223. OJ said on March 11, 2014

    Thanks again guys looking forward to the *small* parcel turning up. OK, let’s make it 2 for 2!

  224. Man, that Psycho Zaku is sweet! Thanks guys!

  225. hello guys, ill be extremely grateful beyond any measure to receive the kits, ive always loved the duel gundam ever since I first saw seed, and with that extreme gundam I can hopefully a leos custom.

    also there have been some overall issues with accounts setup/logging in password recovery ever after the “migration”

  226. Pick me pick me pick me you generous random generator, 😀 thank you

  227. Sengoku Astray Gundam extra arms look so cheap … It’s a MG ….

  228. hi syd and ryan
    great show as always
    hahah thank god thers a good funny modeling show like urs
    nice to know plenty of people like this hobby

  229. I like these episodes with some tutorials or tips. Tutorials and other building tips bring so much more into this show.

  230. Hey Syd and Ryan Awesome show as always and keep up the good work! 🙂
    I wish everyone in the lottery and good luck.
    You will always have an Irish fan from Ireland 😀

  231. ..hahaha,nice show bros,damn that wing proto,nice to have one of those but assault shroud isn’t bad i guess :),keep it up guys,

  232. Never really like those ‘extra coating’ kits, prefer to do them myself. With nub marks, undergate and stuff. Aint nobody got time for that. That psycho zaku. lol. So… ‘insert free giveaway joke here’ i got nothing. T.T

  233. wow I think your website’s gonna crash again sooner or later… anyway hope I’ll win these free kits 😀

  234. Wow 800+ comments. Chances are lower then 0.15% chance of getting it!
    Good luck to everyone. That Duel Assault Shroud looks really good!

  235. Hey! I just registered an account for hlj hopeing to buy some kits from you guys! Anyway I love the assault shroud but instead I chose nu gundam way back a year’s ago when I was in a gundam event. I enjoyed the nu but Im also desperating to try out the duel too. I will be overly grateful if I won the kits, even if they are already built!

  236. RNG gods, please help a poor gunpla fan out ;_;

  237. Gotta say the gold finish does look nice, but I like the way the Banshee looks more. Anyone else waiting for a MG Dark/Devil Gundam and Nobel from G Gundam?

  238. Hmm When you present the price for this episode MG Duel, wow I got an idea to modify the kit. This will keep me going even though I have financial crisis right not 🙂

  239. That MG Duel could face off against my MG Sword Impulse.

  240. What are the odds, same guy gets all the kits.

    Also I m a Vegetarian.

  241. Damn, those zakus have so many plates..

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