Feb 24

In this episode of Gunpla TV we look at the Gold Coated MG Unicorn 3 Phenex where Syd shows how much he’s accomplished so far. We also talk about the newest kits up on hlj.com as well as taking a peak inside the box of the MG Sengoku Astray.

MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Fenix-1

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Fenix (Phenex)
– 1/100 MG Sengoku Astray Gundam
– 1/144 HGBF GM Sniper K9
– 1/144 HGBC K9 Dog Pack
– 1/144 HGBF Qubeley Papillon


Gunpla TV


  1. I am a teacher at Winthrop and the main tutor for our model building club i’ve always loved gundam and i love your shows. But i have come to the decision of lowering our budget since most of it was coming out of my already low teacher’s salary. It would mean alot to me and my 15 students if “The” Gunpla TV sent us spare parts or anything to help. Regardless i will always love this artistic community, Thanks.

  2. Great episode. I LOVE GOLD!!!

  3. Thx for the efforts u guys out into this show, best wishes for u and me

  4. Damn that gold is sexy! Sengoku astray is damn cool as well. Must haves!!

  5. Great job on the reviews guy as I really enjoyed how it was short and to the point. This just gets me pumped up to go and start building gunpla. I have always been a fan of the transforming MS so the Zero has a special place in my heart. Keep and the good work and I can’t wait for thr next episode!

  6. Nice way to get coments up =) plis send me one

  7. always love the show once i got the notification on my email that the show got a new episode i quickly run to my desktop to watch (not on my phone) coz i wanted to watch it on HD big screen…. love the sengoko cant wait to get one….. more power to the show and god bless you

  8. Whew,..~ Epicc,.. O,o!!!

  9. cK said on March 2, 2014

    I would like to pick up the Unicorn Phenex

  10. That quebeley papillon looks a million times cooler in the anime. the stock model kit is so ugly. totally have to paint it with some shiny :D

    I love the quality content you guys produce. Learned many things. Keep it up.

  11. Spare parts would do me very nicely 😛 ! never have a chance or actually the gut to disassemble any of my kits to make a new one, always wanted to do so though.

  12. i know this is out of place but just a quick question. Why do some of your stocks went from feb/mar restock to backordered and then out of stock suddenly. ive placed an order for almost 2 months and still waiting for them. is it the same for any online store ? any suggestion ?

  13. great show
    but which one had better plastic, mg phenex or hguc delta?

  14. Love your stuff so much, guys. I watch it while I study for engineering tests 😛
    A tip: As an audio engineer (in my free time), I have noticed that Ryan’s voice comes through fine with a sub plugged in, but Syd’s voice often has a higher bass response which makes him hard to hear sometimes while a sub woofer is plugged in. This is because Ryan is sitting in a corner in every episode, which creates a bass buildup, aka “bass trap.”
    Just lettin’ you guys know!
    Thanks again.

  15. Good show. Like the gold on the Phenix. Leaving a comment hoping to get a model kit lol.

  16. too shiny to my taste… but i love the giveaway idea!

  17. Can I have that wing proto zero? :^)

  18. That 1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Fenix (Phenex) looks awesome but for the price I’m just not convinced

  19. That blue frame on the unicorn is cool *_* !
    I wonder if the gold need lots of touch-ups after cutting the nubs…

  20. Another great episode guys. Keep up the good work

  21. Send me a gundam!

  22. I really like the phenex’s design and the back pack, but I gotta be honest all the gold finish does for me is irritates my eyes, so I was wondering if I were to pick up this kit would a flat coat dumb it down enough for me to actually be able to place my eyes on this thing?

  23. Sweet show big fan

  24. Love this show!

  25. when they’re going to announce the winner ?

  26. Saw the video on Youtube… Just ordered 2 Banshee Head Display Head for my collection!!!! Great video and waiting for more to come. 🙂

  27. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I enjoy watching gunpla tv. And I could certainly add the wing gundam to my collection. Thanks and never stop entertaining us all.

  28. I’ve always wanted to get into making nicer gunpla (that is using markers and such) but i’ve been worried about screwing up a kit, having a kit almost pre-built seems like a perfect oppertunity to polish up my skills!

  29. Eee wow, I would like to get some free parts. Lovin the gold on that unicorn. Wonder what would be the ideal way to cover up those nubs though…?

  30. That’s a huge announcement, I thought that Syd or Ryan keeps the gundam with and I was envy. I hope I will get one, really great show.

  31. Loved Gunpla ever sense I could remember

  32. i would really love to see the phenix gundam with full decals on! can u guys please do a video showing it?

  33. Hey guys, Loving the videos just like to know whats happening with your kit bash project.

  34. You guys are lucky!

  35. Gunpla I need more gunpla! Lol

  36. Plan on starting my first MG soon here. Happens to be one of the same giveaways on this episode,Sandrock EW. The extra parts would come in handy, since I will more than likely make a grave error. If the foul-up luckily does not occur, it would be most excellent to paint the extra kit similar to the OVA. Btw, stoked on seeing an Exia RG intro in an upcoming episode.

  37. The fourth wall has been broken…

  38. I hope after rg exia they make not only make 00raiser and Qan[T]but also Dynames, Virtue with nadleeh and Kyrios

  39. Keep up the good work guys. Been following your show for a year and a half now, you guys keep me up to date on gunpla.

  40. Free Gundam!!

  41. Just built my first 1/100 scale Gundam last weekend and now I’m hooked! Will be looking forward to watching more of your shows.

  42. I understand what you guys mean regarding the nubs on such gold effect … I had the same problem with the exia trans am but well as Syd mentioned, it looks great anyway when you look globally at it, thanks for the show guys and keep going on !

  43. I Love HobbyLink Japan!!!

  44. Great news, I would like one of the kits

  45. I hope I am lucky

  46. Cool unit. I had to make a mini movie out of it. Check it out

  47. These are awesome. Love to win it.

  48. Good review, would be nice to get one of those two giveaway.

  49. The Unicorn Phenex looks awesome! But I have a feeling that its hard to build.

  50. Hello i love show it helps me learn about product on bandai kits I run a anime store in usa I’m just starting out would mean a lot to us to donate some stuff like models built I’m just starting out it son and pop bussiness

  51. I would love to have those gundams!!!!! you guys rock!

  52. leo said on March 7, 2014

    I would love to have them!

  53. Anyone know why Phenex is marked as discontinued on HLJ?

  54. Ted said on March 7, 2014

    Good job guys on the latest Gunpla Tv episode and great reviews on those new kits!


  56. I don’t know why I can’t find my comment (I think comment number 110). but anyway I will write again.Thanks for all of your shows, it saved me from buying the kit randomly and show me the plus and minus of the kits. specially about this Phenex. that shiny gold gundam block my mine from the first time, but after this review my mind is clear that even the image of the kit is really good, but there still uncool side of this kit. please, bring the solution for the minus of the kit with the things(material) that we can find from HLJ ( like coating or repaint, etc.)because sometimes I’m lost in the kits problem(the join not to good etc.)and with this way you can make promotion for your others product, not only the kit. thank 100 million for the tips and shows

  57. Great show Ryan and Syd! Have you guys tried customizing your gunpla using the builder parts from Bandai? I’m contemplating on using the vernier parts 01 on my MG Sinanju but have some reservations about it. I’ve seen a few reviews that actually use it on their gunpla and most of the videos out there are like unboxing reviews.

  58. Great episode. I agree with you guys on the Sengoku Astray box art. That was a beautiful box, hahaha. Great idea with the giveaway also.

  59. HLJ is doing a give back to the community, great job!!!

  60. I still wanna know the part thts been to coated

  61. I love the show, although seeing all of those boxes gives me the “I must assemble everything” blues! Great work guys!


  62. man i love this show its literally the only good gunpla show i know of

  63. Oh well i was board waiting for the MG build strike to come back in stock so I’ve just ordered the BB version to pass the time ha

  64. The old 1/144 Sandrock was my first ever gunpla, that was about 10 years ago I think

  65. Jon said on March 8, 2014

    Great show! Seeing all these gunpla make me want to buy more. I am currently working on my PG strike gundam. I also love Syd’s website. Keep up the good work

  66. that Unicorn3 is great,would like to see the destroy mode = w.=

  67. -,- Watching Gunpla TV becomes a part of my life, i started my first gunpla in 2011( it was a hg oor) while i was building the kite, i had a lot of fun from it, especially when it’s completed. So far i am still working on the gunpla, following the anima and Gunpla TV, last week i just finished my hg X Maoh ( i love his design so bad, in my taste it is even better than origninal X gundam XD!!)I wish my gunpla career will be continued in the future and i wish Gunpla TV become better and better, my best wishes !

  68. Hi Syd and Ryan!

    I just finished catching up on the previous episodes (phew!) I’d like to ask about painting my HG Sengoku Astray. In the show the red parts are actually this glossy red/black like this http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/fJxhn7PO0XE/maxresdefault.jpg and has an almost satin look to it. How would you go about replicating that look? Thanks – Riot

    P.S. I wouldn’t mind one of those finished kits you’re giving away 😉

  69. Awesome show as usual. Thanks.

  70. I prefer the sengoku astray over the phenex 😛

  71. Awesome guys and continue the good work. And the updates

  72. Love the normal and sengoku is awsome and the gold unicorn is cool step up good work guys.

  73. Thanks for the show guys! Being brand new to the hobby, I am glad I found the YouTube channel. Looking forward to watching the backlog of shows now 🙂 I’m not sure I would want a gold plated model though. It looks really cool, but my OCD wouyld not allow nubs to remain 🙂

  74. Great show! Is there any chance that you guys will go further in depth with the sengoku astray? Also when’s the next pg coming out?

  75. So shiny :O

  76. Nicely done! I’m collecting mostly 1/144 but this unicorn is something to thing about..
    About the competition, could you put the sides of the box in the paquage, some people keep those too 😉 just an idea.
    Well done! U need to do an episode showing us that wall of boxes! ahah

  77. Great video guys! I love the way you go into depth about each runner and parts. I wish you all the best as you keep making these videos!

  78. Can’t wait for the RG exia 😀

  79. Love the sengoku astray -w-

  80. Oh and also the name of the guy who owns the sengoku seems a bit strange to me -w- no offense to people named nils Nielsen :p

  81. Whoa, magnificent site structure! Precisely how long have you ever been blogging and site-building for? you create writing a blog peek straightforward. The overall seem within your web-site is fantastic, let alone the information content!

  82. Big fan of your show from New Zealand here.

    And finally. After 1 month and 142 episodes later I still can’t wait for more. Fantastic job you two are doing.

    First of all I’d like to say I cried what when in episode 115 you showed the bandai Online only RG Zeta Karaba kit. I have the MG version but knowing can’t get the RG Version is heart breaking.

    My First ever kit was the MG Version 1.0 Zeta. Bought it because it was just so cool and didn’t discover the Anime of Gundam until 12 years after I bought the Zeta. Now I Have the PG and the many other MG variations of the Zeta.

    Secondly, I respect Syd’s privacy regarding the Health issues surrounding his family, but I would like to send my well wishes to Syd and his family and hope that things are improving.

  83. give it to me…

  84. Would love to win something free for once and it would be great if it would be a gunpla :-p, love your show, the one stop place to get gunpla video news. More power

  85. Zak said on March 9, 2014

    Hope to win this!

  86. that’s cool keep up the good work and also hoping that your program hit a bigger success

  87. just this year i got into building models because i wasnt sure i could do it but now i just finished my 3rd hmm zoid kit and going to start a wing gundam soon i just want to thank you guys for all the tips on building and showing the new models coming out you guys are great and please keep up the awesome work and more success to syd, ryan and all the staff of hlj

  88. Just got into building gunpla and watching the Gundam later in life. Started with Seed now moving on to 00, its excellent entertainment and an awesome modeling hobby.

  89. I’ve got a name for Syd’s Kitbash. The BLEYSTEIN Ver. Sy

  90. I’ve been wanting to get a Gunpla for so long!
    Hopefully I win!

  91. Keep up the good works !

  92. great show as usual :D, i’ve been watching gunpla tv since first episode, i really learn a lot of things in gunpla building because of gunpla tv…
    thx a lot gunpla tv 😀

  93. Show me the Gunpla!

  94. love this show its amazing and helpful

  95. love this show its amazing and helpful thanks

  96. Thanks for the info about spraying a top coat before adding the decals. Good advise.

  97. I was not a fan of the bare table, it was ugly and scratched up. Nice job covering it with the cutting boards

  98. So looking forward to the RG Exia and that shiny gold finish on the Phenix is AMAZING!!

  99. You guys are awesome keep up the great informational videos.

  100. Really interesting idea with giving the kits away, hoping to get one!

  101. OMG The Dual <3 Random Number God…Please Pick me!!! <3

  102. I like how there’s an actual number next to the comment, looks like I’m 102

  103. Nice show guys.
    I left this comment in the “about HLJ.TV” group but thought I’d leave it here since you were also talking about trouble shooting the new site.

    May know of this already but since no one else has mentioned it, I thought I make a note of it here.

    ”Albums” seem to have disappeared from our media page, all my photos that i’ve uploaded to the site still seem to be hear but they are no longer in their separate albums. Also seem to lack a way of managing them.

    Also for me the lists 19 photos but I have a lot more photos that are up on the site.

    On the other hand, photos are being displayed much larger which is great. Plus the site seems to be running faster.


  104. May the God of Gundam choose me this time!… crossfinger! xD

  105. Would it be possible to show some of the more obvious nub marks on the phenex? I see the shoulders, and inside of the forearms.

  106. Great Show guys! Thank you Syd and Ryan!

  107. Thanks for highlighting the sengoku astray, guys! looking forward to seeing the mk ii build fighter next week

  108. Hi guys. I like the design of the Sengoku Astray. Just wanted to know if there’s enough space to place micro LED in the green parts. I want to do LED project with it.

  109. looking forward to see another great episode

  110. Good show! Looking forward to next weeks episode.

  111. woow… 2 kits for 1 person, much generosity, such EXTREME, much woow 🙂

  112. I want the gold horns

  113. I’m keen on your tips anyone deliver in your articles. Let me save your blog post plus look into yet again below regularly. I will be modestly a number of I’m going to understand many brand new information good right here! Have fun for the!

  114. Awesome!!!

  115. great show guys been following since episode one

  116. gold Phenex really awesome and hope to see customize LED effect on its destroy mode and the backpack shield. Good works and looking forward to next episode . Keep it up Ryan and Syd

  117. Well done!

    It’s the 1rst episode I ever watched in fact, yesterday, and it seems well filmed, well presented,and It gives a good Idea of a gunpla. I bought my first 2 weeks ago and it is not at home yet so I didn’t have a clear Idea how it would be in the box. I think I will look at other episodes in order to grab advises for building it.

  118. Love the awesome gold look. How can I achieve this effect by painting? I want to try it on my RG Strike Freedom’s inner frame to make it match its dragoons. 😀

  119. Great episode.
    Gold looking awesome

  120. Lovin the site guys Ryan and sad have such gundam ive just finished my first gunpla the mg hi nu ver ka and I loved it and it caused me to order from you a few kits but while waiting I ordered from uk which cost 180 british pounds. I will see how my orders come here with facist taxes or sneak under radar ????? Ps I’m sure the Phoenix is moving in the last five mins or is the pain mess I’m,on lol
    Keep doin what you does
    Cheers from the uk

  121. I have read so many articles on the topic of the blogger lovers except this piece of writing is genuinely a nice post, keep it up.

  122. Hi,

    I have only started watching Gunpla TV recently even though I have started meddling with Gundam kits since young. I love the show. Lots of information.
    Not sure if 2 years is too long but would love to get picked for an assembled kit. Hope to see a miracle since anything is possible in the world of Gunpla right?

    Keep up the good work guys.

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