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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 119 – AGE-2 Double Bullet – More PG!

While launching the new and improved, and totally cool, HobbyLink.tv Ryan and Syd still found time to work on their respective Perfect Grade kits. In this episode Ryan is moving up with a completed skirt and a newly-started torso while Syd talks about how different his Red Frame is from what Ryan is building and discusses how Bandai has evolved their PG line.

Don’t forget this weeks question: What do you usually get on your birthday? View and join the group here.

And Syd has created a group on what his kitbash should be. View and join the group here.

Details about the New hobbylink.tv can be found here.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet
1/60 Perfect Grade RX-78 Gundam GP01/Fb
1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Hi Awesome Dudes!

    I am so glad to be able to catch up only all 118 episodes of Gunpla TV within 2 weeks.
    Really learned alot of stuff about Gundams and it is not just about assembling them. Great Job!

    Initially, I started out with SD Gundams because they were cute and relatively simple. I have also all the Endless Waltz No Grade series because I adore Wing Zero Custom and Deathyscythe. The first MG that I have attempt is Shin Musha. I still love it very much. My 2nd MG is Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode but sadly I broke something while assembling it and I never build anything else thereafter.
    Not until the BB Legend Knight Gundam was released along with the One Piece Grand Ship Collection.

    And now I am starting to build again. Numerous BB Legends. Did up a Astray Gundam Red Frame, White Zaku and Deathscythe in MG.
    All of the One Piece Grand Ship.
    I don’t like to paint or put in panel lines. I don’t even like to put on the decals on my gundams. I guess I just like my gundams as simple as they are. And very much just enjoy the process of assembling them and not the end result of the kit.

    On one of my birthday, 2 of my friends bought MG Gundams for me. 1 Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka Titanium Finish and a Sinanju Ver Ka. I was so happy but guess what. They are still in their boxes and unopened. I have no idea when I will start them.

    My apologies for the lengthy message.

    Great Job Guys! I look forward to your many many episodes!!!


    • Thanks Willy, always good to hear when someone enjoys the show.

  2. Awesome PGs, tomorrow is my birthday

    • Happy Birthday!

  3. Hey guys, on gundam.info, There is something that has been up a few days about Gundam 00. It says “We begin visual intervention on Gundam.info with Gundam 00” Coming soon. Any idea what this could be? A lot of people speculate a PG Quanta, but I was thinking where it is listed under video if maybe we are getting a second movie.

    • I’ve seen this one on varios places. Thought that head looked like something I saw before. Now I know where exactly. By the by, on that other place(s) I’ve seen this one, there’s a 1/144 together with the head. Maybe a Gunpla comunity’s getting an RG 00. because a PG would be announced with a 1/144 scale. I hope for a new series though. Been twidling my thumbs after completing the Gundam saga. Yes, I’ve even watched the G-Saviour…

  4. Hey guys, about that sword from the magazine I believe it’s actually Caledfwlch which is a sword in Welsh legends said to belong to King Arthur which nearest I can tell is pronounced cal led vrrr(rolling r’s), and apparently that’s another name for Excalibur, so basically Caledfwlch = Excalibur and is pronounced cal-led-vrrr.

  5. Hi Syd and Ryan (hope I spelled your names right!). I’ve been watching your videos for some time now, and find them to be so informative and entertaining. Your video now about the PG’s, Astray Red Frame and GP01, made me really think about getting one PG myself. I’m aiming to get the PG Wing Zero, since it’s my favorite Gundam. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get that kit, but hoping it’s soon. Ever since I started collecting Gundam kits, I’ve made a point of buying one for myself for my birthday. I’m really interested in the Master Grade lineup so I’ve never really bought any other kits from other lines, but the PG is really getting to me. By the way, the Caletvwlch can be pronounced CALETWOLF, ka-let-wolf. Not too sure about that, but that’s what they said. Hope to see more videos from you guys, and keep up the good work. Thanks.

  6. hello syd and ryan great show like always. ryan hope your having fun with the pg i do want to get one i wanted to ask which is a good pg for not to crazy of a price? and also im trying to upload pics of my rg destiny? i did get the effects part wings of light but im kind of disappointed with it as it wasnt what i thought it would be but overall it does make the kit nice. syd did u have a problem with gaps when u put the armor pieces in the backpack?

  7. Well, since I’ve been an adult for the past few years so my family just gives me money to buy what ever I want because they don’t know what to get me.

    Question: When is a good time to get new cutters and what are the best cutters?

    • Hey NeonWave, thought maybe I could help. I would say if it is getting hard to cut the spruce or you notice a lot of the notch still left on is when I would change. I use Tamiya 74001 Side Cutter which is designed to remove parts from the spruce with no damage. Had them 5 years now and they still work as if brand new. Hope that helps

  8. Hey guys!! Another great episode of Gunpla TV!!! My question to you guys today is that ‘Is HLJ going to start selling Gundam Plastic Model Catalogue 2013’? I’ve been wanting to pick one up, but it’s nearly impossible to purchase one in US without paying almost double for it… Let us know if you guys are eventually going to sell it!!

  9. Syd & Ryan.

    First off, excelent job Ryan on getting that far on the GP01 pg, pgs can be a daunting task, but the sence of joy and fullfillment when your done with be worth it and much grander then even the Mega size kits due to all the mindblowing engineering.

    Syd: no your not some hypocrite or flipflopper, I agree that the current yellow coming on kits is just so.. bland and unappealing it demands painting. Might i also suggest priming in a quality silver/chrome? I tend to do pure priming in krylons premium “chrome” enamal, it bonds well and is a netural by nature, and when semi transparent or metallics are applied above, just helps give a bit more “pop” to enhance and bring out the effect.

    lastly, like syd said, it’s all in how you ‘own’ your hobbies. if your assamed of them, well that will result in a negitive responce from the opposite gender, (not just guys gunpla after all), but If you take pride and all that. It’s not the hobby that’ll turn em off, it’s you.
    example, i’ve been into gunplay since 1990, my wife thinks it’s awsome, our kids think it’s sorta cool (depending how far i go on a kit) and my daling wife has gone so far as to encourage with totally spontanious gifts of kits.

    that is all, good pla and peace to all


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