Apr 22

The release of the 1/100 MG Jesta introduces a new type of kit to the lineup of Gundam UC Master Grades, so we thought we would dedicate this episode to all the great MG UC kits including all those Unicorns, ReZELS, and Sinanjus! Check out the entire lineup here

Also, check out Bandai’s complete lineup of Builders Parts.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Jesta.
1/72 SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx



  1. Radome is an engineering term, a contraction, of the words radar and dome. basically a weatherproof enlcosure that houses a microwave antenna. You’ll find this type of thing on satellites, radars and military weapons like missiles. Hope that helps!

  2. that phallanx is awesome looking and will look awesome once its fully done!! great job ryan!

  3. Very well done. I have got to say one thing. I love your customer service. To me customer service means a lot and hlj does it so well, i make it a point to recommend this site to anyone looking for gunpla, zoids, or figures. You guys are my one stop gundam shop. Thanks a bunch

  4. I know the Ex-S has a Radome and so does the Zeta plus C

  5. hi is the plastic the gundams were made off way back in 90’s ,the same plastic the gundams now are being made off? because i build alot of mg and hg kits in the 90’s and was really sad that most of the kits especially the hg kits fell apart, parts broke off after owning them 3-5 years. its was really disapointing. i would glue an arm and then a leg or elbow would fall off. so are gundams build of better plastic than back in the

  6. Sinanju Ver. Ka does not come with the waterslide decals. Just dry transfers and stickers. You have to buy decals separately.

  7. hi syd …. love your show and i love girls’ generation too…. ^^. and if girls’ generation comeback with a new song in japan please tell me…… thx ^^ .

  8. hi syd and ryan i have a queastion about the pice of the MG MKii 2.0 kits. Why is the 1/100 MG Gundam Mk-II Ver. 2.0 AEUG more than the Titans version 2.0? I tried to look it up but no luck.

  9. Hi there Syd and Ryan,

    I heard some news from Bandai hobby website that they will display a new and to be released ‘biggest MG’ in the upcoming Shizuoka Hobby show in Mid May 13. My bet would either be MG Kshatriya or MG Sazabi ver Ka/Sazabi 2.0. What do you think?

    Cant wait to see how awesome Jesta would look finished in the next episode.


  10. Hi Syd,

    Someone stole your Lambo paint scheme, I smell lawsuit.

  11. i think you guys left out the Banshee Ver ka … just saying cause i saw it on multiple websites … XD

    • I think you are referring to the Bandai online shop exclusive Banshee final battle version. We don’t have access to that kit so unfortunately can’t include it in episodes such as this.

  12. wait!! am i to understand that I can buy replacment parts for my bsted gundams?!?! PLEASE TELL THIS IS TRUE AND WHERE TO GO!!

  13. Gathman. If you live in japan justvuse theborder form inside the instructions, if not use sites like genteikits.com who have part services…….well until hlj starts their part service again

  14. Ryan, I feel your pain. I currently am being ridiculed by my friends for not finishing a Fine Molds Star Wars kit, a Y-wing I purchased from HLJ last summer. It is the first model I have built and painted from plain gray plastic, complete with enamel washing and dry brushing! The only thing holding me back is the display base… The base is a single piece of plastic with the Star Wars logo in raised lettering, I wanted to do a yellow on black color scheme in typical Star Wars fashion.

    I masked the letters and sprayed the base a flat black, now just to add the yellow and… what? Syd, what would be the best way to fill in the black in the spaces between the letters without ruining the lighter yellow paint? Is the solution just a very detailed masking job? Should I look into liquid mask? Thanks for the good show, keep ’em coming! (Go Bruins!)

  15. Oh My God Thats so many kits !

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