Jan 25
Ryan Gunpla TV

A special release like the Master Grade Tallgeese I EW demands a special video here on HobbyLink TV and to make this video all the more special we ask HobbyLink Japan president Scott Hards, a Tallgeese fan for years, to come on and speak about what is likely to become his favorite Gundam model kit.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Tallgeese I EW



  1. This is pretty sweet.

  2. very stoked about this. i hope its worth the wait!

  3. Am I the only person who thinks the Tallgeese is one the ugliest Gundam ever? LOL. If you like it then that’s totally cool but for me….it’s not a Gundam, it’s a human Gladiator….

  4. Pretty awesome one of my favs now if there was a resin conversion into tallgeese 3 that would be even better

  5. Does this come with water slide or dry transfer?

  6. Do you guys every take orders for the Bandai Premium Kits like the MG Tallgeese II coming out in march?

    • No, we don’t take orders for the Bandai Premium kits as they are not offered by our distributors.

  7. Syd,

    First comment of the new year! I have built 10 master grades, a 1/60 Non grade, an RG and Keropla. I think I’m ready to step up my grade. I have some money piled up, and I want a PG. What are your recommendations?

    P.S Congratulations on being a father Ryan!

    • Hi Kyle,

      The PG Strike is viewed by many as the best PG and as luck would have it is one of the less expensive ones. The PG Red Astray is also a good build but a lot of it depends on what suit you are interested in. Out of the PG kits out there, which suit captures your interest the most?

  8. Hey there Syd! I know this kit coems with no water slides, but what would you recommend as good substitues?

  9. Hey Syd,

    I don’t really like building the same kit in different grades because I like seeing all the individual engineering and mechanisms (which might sound rediculous.) I was leaning towards something along the lines of the PG Strike Freedom or PG 00 Raiser, however, the Astray Red Frame is by far one of my favorite master grades I own ( aside from the Sinanju, naturally,) and I hear the Strike Freedom got horrible reviews due to weight, color, design, etc. Which do you personally like Syd?

  10. The Tallgeese is great because it is so different from all the other gundams and mobile suits in Gundam Wing. It has a distinctive look.

  11. The transformed version of the Wing Gundam is called Bird Mode. Also a question for Syd. Do you include the HG 1/100 wing kits a hg or no grade, seeing as they are the only 1/100 HGs out there?

  12. One one of the reasons why it’s unique in design is that its derived from the grunt suits (Leo). Like, Stein remodelled to Sinanju. It was never a Gundam type.

    Syd, the suit is tailored to a Ace so that he could catch up to a Gundam during a fight. Think of Gundam 00 (if seen the series… same concept as in Wing) a Gundam was far too superior for a Flag. So they upgraded a single Flag to custom Flag.


    A 1/144 Tallgeese was my first kit in the Gundam Wing line. I painted it and so, over time the paint ate him away and accidents happened, he broke, etc. Very cool to see Scotts kit in one piece. Really well painted (unlike mine when I painted it at a very young age).

    Seeing the new MG kit, I wonder if they do the LEO since they have the same body type. It’d be like spawning a range of Zaku’s kits but for LEO, MERCURIUS and VAYEATE

  13. Is the tallgeese II going to be sold in hobby link?
    or is just a special item from the bandai hobby page like the
    GM sniper II white dingo ??

  14. @ SaviMaple

    Its actually the other way around. Tallgeese is actually the 1st mobile suit in Gundam Wing, built by the same 5 scientist whom later built the Gundams. Due to the stress from the speed of the boosters, and how much it actually cost to built, it was never mass produced. Leo is actually the downgraded version of the Tallgeese made for mass producing cause it was cheaper and easier to pilot. After making the Tallgeese, the 5 scientist rebelled against OZ and made Wing Zero as a suit to surpass the Tallgeese. Which later on, they scrapped Wing Zero, and went off and built the 5 Gundams which was based on the Wing Zero, which in turn was based on the Tallgeese.

    So Tallgeese is the father of all mobile suits in Gundam Wing.

  15. @Kager

    I was hoping someone would correct me as I wasn’t 100% sure on my own description.
    I thankyou! 😀

    Tallgeese, the father of all the suits in Wing, wow. Thats pretty cool to know.

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