Nov 21


We arrived bright and early at Akiba Square to attend Gunpla Expo 2014, in eager anticipation of a glimpse of hot new releases from Bandai!


The first thing we saw was the highly anticipated 1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam—or rather three of them, fully built into each of its forms—Destroy mode, Unicorn mode, and Unchained mode—each with its exclusive LED lighting kit installed! It made for an inspiring sight as each went through its lighting sequence. The sheer size of this thing and the attention to detail is amazing!

The big announcement at this show proved to be the next upcoming Real Grade kit: the fan-favorite 00 Raiser! It’s slated to come out in the spring.


The MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter and the MG Gundam Double X were on display, as was the previously announced RG Wing Gundam; like the 00 Raiser, these are due out in spring.

The second RE/100, the Gundam Mk-III, was on display in full color, and unpainted prototypes of next two entries in the RE/100 lineup were shown—the Gerbera and the Dijeh. Too bad Dijeh was shy and was facing away from the front of the display!

From the High Grade collection, V-Dash Gundam and the gleaming-gold-and-blue V2 Assault Buster were on display.

A wide selection of kits from “Gundam Build Fighters” was on view, including a High Mock, a Mega-Shiki, the Gyagya, the too-cute Bearguy family, Wing Gundam Zero in a snazzy new paint deco, and the Kurenai Weapon. We also got to see the completed Gehennam Captain Type and Gehennam Production Type!

A new HG Zaku and the HG Guntank will be the first-ever kit from “Gundam the Origin,” and the unpainted High Grade prototype was awesomely detailed!

And the BB Gundam squad was well represented, with cute and stubby versions of Lightning Gundam, Build Burning Gundam, and Winning Gundam!

Finally, an array of High Grade kits from “Gundam Reconguista in G” were present, including Janaham, Jaion, Elf Bullock, Macknife, and the G-Self Assault Pack!

It was fun, it was exhausting, and we look forward to being able to offer these kits for preorder as soon as possible; we can hardly wait till next year’s event!


  1. The new HG Zaku II certainly resembles the version Yoshikazu Yasuhiko drew in Gundam: The Origin, particularly the Hyper Bazooka with rounds attached to the shield. The Black Tri Stars versions were not dissimilar, and couls probably be recreated with the small rounded vernier from the MS Vernier 02 Builder parts, although one had two sets of shields to hold the Hyper Bazooka rounds and another wielded a Big Ass Heat Hawk.

  2. *Throws money at screen*

  3. OhhhhMyyyyy…. It’s too much 4 me! hahaha XD
    …let the countdown begins!!!! >_<)/

    Excited for RG 00-Raiser!!! ^_^)/

  4. Thanks for the rundown, Syd! Most interesting kits for me are the Jaion from Recon in G (best looking mecha from the series!) and the HGBF Hi-Nu.

  5. Finally we will have all of Amuro’s suits in plastic form.

  6. I can’t wait to get my PG Unicorn but so far im unimpressed with the LEDs I didn’t get to see them light up going down the body or if it takes battery’s or is powered by a wall socket. But I think it’s an amazing looking Kit and it will be my first PG

  7. oh almost forgot totally can’t wait for the Dx my Gundam X came out great and I can’t wait to build and paint Dx

  8. Gunpla TV on location. Always a good thing.
    I also prefer Unicorn mode. The clean simple design is just classy and sexy. Can’t wait for next month.
    Honestly not thrilled with the RG announcement. But then again, I wasn’t expecting an RG announcement. Plus, it’s an RG… so of course I’m building it. Would have preferred something that strayed a little further away from an existing kit.
    The Origin Guntank… Super happy for this one, and excited that we are starting to see Origin kits already.
    As always, thank you and looking forward to more episodes!

  9. Cool coverage of the event – I’m especially impressed with the novelty design of the PG Unicorn but then again it will be out of my acceptable spending range as PG is too expensive for me. Kinda disappointed with the expo as there isn’t much MG (well MG for the ones I am anticipating for) featured. Hope they churn more MG UCs in the near future. Universal Century FTW.

  10. I’ll take that new 00 Raiser right now, thanks!

  11. @syd, @ryan
    Looks like some JP bloggers got their hands on the PG Unicorn samples (the same kind like syd got for MG RX-78 3.0).
    Did you guys receive it also? Hmm +-42 runners (minus 2 for base and 4 for some kind of polycaps).
    It also looks like if you dont get the LED set you will have a gaping hole in the middle of the base. So now we know why the price of the led set is high. You get a control box for the leds and according to syd the new psychoframe runners.

  12. Thank you for the coverage!
    Bandai really wants our money. Gotta get the RG OO, MG Double X, Mk. III and Hi-Nu Brave. I’m really surprised by the G con R Kits. The Designs are growing on me.

  13. gosh. what a line up for next year! great coverage!

  14. I can’t wait for the Unicorn. At all. I need it. MY BODY NEEDS IT.

  15. I’m excited for the new HG Char’s Zaku but sad that I’ll have to wait for an MG of it! 🙁

  16. The Gunpla Expo was awesome! What made it even more awesome though was being able to run in to you guys and take a picture with you two!! Woohoo! (I was the guy in the brown leather jacket from Hawaii). That just made my day… I’m sure my wife was rolling her eyes while taking the pic. Haha.

    • It’s always great to meet fans of the show. We know most viewers live outside of Japan so getting a chance to shake hands and say hi, although rare, is still very special for us.

  17. Damn… i’ll sell a kidney for this…ahahahha …

  18. Do you guys think if bandai will sell the just the green frames like as in option parts for PG unicorn?

  19. woow definitely would like to add this kit to my little gunpla colletion and this pg kit looks so cool and a lot more detailed than the other pg kits, also i wanted to ask you guys if you could talk about this kit in a few minutes only if its alright with you guys cos i know you guys are quite busy with stuff going on lately and also the rg wing custom,thank you very much for all this reviews and tutorials and all these episodes and to let me start a new hobby that is definitely a big part of my life because without you and gunpla life will be quite boring!again thanks guys you’re the best!! 🙂

  20. So many awesome new Gunpla!!! I can’t wait!

    I gotta say though… After all that hype, I’m kinda disappointed in the “third form” of the PG Unicorn. 😛

  21. Mg double X at last!

  22. Too much goodness!!!! PG Unicorn living up to the hype!

  23. I would be breaking my promise of not getting any Gundams for 6 months in 2015 after the PG Unicorn. Looking forward to the MG Double X (hoping that the X Divider GX also gets the MG treament).

    Please Bandai, make an MG G-Falcon.

  24. i cant wait

  25. Wow! The reconguista in g models are looking amazingly good! The first time I saw them in the anime I thought that they looked terrible (compared to the “modern” gundams). But after seeing them as gunplas I might just pick up one/a few of these when they’re out!

  26. Everything looks awesome looks like bandai will be taking all of my money for the next few months that PG unicorn is sick and the RE line is looking interesting and who doesn’t want a rg 00 raiser I’m drooling after this video

  27. the new RG 00 gun dam its gonna be amazing bu ti still want to see a RG version of Astraea

  28. Awesome coverage.

    Were you able to find the ease or difficulty in adding the PG Unicorn LED after painting and building it without first?

  29. omg that pg unicorn is tooottallly awesoooomee…..
    and another variation of gundam wing is a must have…

  30. so many gundam better start saving

  31. Looking forward to the RG OO and Exia dark matter to come out. This year is gonna be great for gundam! 😀

  32. god that gundam wing is sooooo beautifull i’m gonna die!!

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