Jul 29
HLJ : Luke

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment stating what Master Grade kit they would like to see us build on Gunpla TV. There was a wide range of suggestions but in the end the newer Master Grade, the Full Armor Gundam, won out overall.  Those of you who expressed interest in seeing the 1/100 MG Wing Gundam built can follow along with a work in progress that is being prepared for HobbyLink TV in the form of a written entry.

Master Grade kits have a lot of parts, a lot of cool gimmicks, and take quite a bit of time to build.  As we have covered the basics of Gunpla building in the earlier videos with the HG 1/144 ZZ Gundam, we decided to leave out the footage of the part removal and cleaning steps and skip right to the more interesting aspects of this particular Master Grade kit. What this means is the time-lapsed footage that appeared in the earlier videos was deemed unnecessary for this one.

In this first video in the new series we start at the beginning of the Instruction Manual and set to work on the Core Fighter.  Due to its ingenious design it can transform and be used as the Core Block with this kit.  Yay, 2.0!   Bandai has really set the bar high with the 2.0 versions and makes one wonder what a version 3.0 would be capable of.

Enjoy the video, and we look forward to reading your comments.

Remember if you have any questions please post them up and we will personally

answer them on our upcoming episodes!

Gundam model shown in this video : 1/100 MG  Full Armor Gundam






Just like the instructions above, Syd shows us the transform sequence below.



Want to win some free Gundam? Check out the link below!

Gundam Competition : Gunpla – Playing With Plastic


  1. Thanks for the video. My son and I are really excited to follow along with both builds.

  2. I like the split screen where we can actually see the parts you’re working with. More closeups please. The Core Fighter looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the new 2.0 frame.

    Also, you have the best freaking job in the world, Syd!

  3. I like the double screen as well, much clearer. Are you going to be showing us how to paint or modify our Gundams anytime soon?

  4. cool! if i got the extra cash, i would like to get this kit!

    anyway, after this MG build, i would like to see more on painting, spray or normal paint, but preferably using normal paints, since that’s what i have only.

  5. Thanks to HLJ this was my first MG, and I am building right now seeing the hltv ^^. And damn, I had some trouble with the core fighter, I left some little little nubs and couldn’t get the parts togheter. Thanks for the show Syd, it’s awesome and the double screen is really nice =).

  6. While watching this video I had a little idea!
    You know the little icons used in Bandai kits to say “do not use glue” or “snap” (as you say in the videos) or “for for right and left” etc.

    I can be useful if you explain all of them! Some of them are not very easy to understand and are not written in english…well…once I found a translation…but I don’t remember which kit it was.

  7. I’ve been building models for years but only recently got in to Gundams. These videos are great! I’d be interested in seeing how you paint your kits. What paints are the best, prime or don’t prime, pre-shading, do you paint in subassemblies? etc… Also would be interested in how you handle painting eyes and such.

  8. Well the Full Armor Gundam doesn’t have a shield because a shield would be superfluous. It’s entire body is literally shielded by the Full Armor enhancements. It’s the same reason the Guncannon doesn’t have a shield, the federation decided that it’s armor was thick enough that the addition of a shield wouldn’t be justified as it would only slow it down without providing any appreciable addition to it’s defensive capabilities.

  9. oh the camera and lighting setup for the shots above are beautiful! im glad that you mentioned that even the core fighter can take up to 50 minutes to make if you want to take your time. now add decaling, detailing, weathering and top coating and even something as relatively simple as a core fighter can ended up taking a couple days to do. notice how i didnt say painting in there once.

    i also like the split screen but i think it should have been vertically not horizontally. you get a lot of wasted space on the sides with the horizontal split.

    mg fa was a good choice i think. ver.2 rx frame is a good one to illustrate just what makes the mg’s so different from anything else out there. and you’re planning a shield mod?! for the FA? while i do agree with the above poster about the redundancy of a shield for the FA… who cares? Its a toy! have fun with it. looking forward to more upcoming videos.

  10. Nothing wrong with giving the F.A. Gundam a shield… Especially if you have a whole warehouse of model kits to raid. XD Or maybe Syd’s already built the MG G-Armor, which includes a second shield…
    I think the MG FA Gundam will be good for this… It’s very representative of the current wave of MGs, but a lot cooler-looking than the regular MG Gundam v2.0… So, you’re going to use decals in this build? (That’s nice – they look good and they’re really not difficult to use… it’s too bad Bandai doesn’t include them by default with Gundam kits) Are you going to paint, as well?

  11. “the wing gundam” – upside down. haha

  12. Awesome Video!

    Was just wondering, do you guys think it’s ok to spray paint the green parts black? Because I think the model will look cooler wth a black finish. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone! We’re glad to hear everyone is enjoying the Master Grade build so far. Some people have asked about painting and modifying. While we can’t give too much away we are planning quite a few specific episodes dealing with certain aspects of Gunpla so look forward to those. Regarding SaberBurst’s questions about painting it black, that is definitely an option open to you. The great thing about Gunpla is that you can make the kit your own by creating your own unique work. If you think it would look great in black, go ahead and try it out. And let us know how it turned out!

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