Feb 15

Last week’s episode turned out to be pretty big but I think we may find a return to normalcy this week with our HG Iron-Blooded Orphan kits. They may be small but they stir some strong emotions. That’s my lead in to say, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kits featured in this episode:

1/144 HG MS Option Set 8 & SAU Mobile Worker
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex
1/144 HGBF Papagguy
1/144 HG Rouei
1/144 HG Hekija
1/144 HG Helmwige Reincar

And be sure to check out the ongoing Playing with Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition on HobbyLink TV! You can find the details here!


Gunpla TV


  1. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  2. Helmwige Reincar is now one of my favourite IBO designs (minus crotch sword holder)! I hope a 1/100 FM will come out for this soon, along with the other knight like MS like the Graze Ritter!

    Also, If I put an led unit into my gunpla, is it still ok for the beginners?

  3. Fingers crossed for that RAcaseal. Spent many many hours playing PSO on dreamcast. Oh nastalgia.

  4. ‘Rouei’ is pronounced ‘Row-eh.’ Coincidence that Lafter and Azee used it in the Battle of Edmonton? I think NOT!

    Looking forward to seeing how the FM Rex improves on the HG.

  5. KOS-MOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. greaaaat

  7. I want KOS-MOS O_O

  8. Great show guys love it

  9. I have to agree with him about the feet. I hate any figure with small feet, it makes it so difficult to stand. Also, i hate bearguys.

  10. I like your guys show so much. Did you guys know the Tekkadan is use the Hekija to get their revenge on Jasley Donomikols for killing Naze Turbine, Amida Arca, and Lafter Frankland.

  11. Lemme have Kosmos as my Valentine!

  12. I just wanna win something

  13. Those two new kits look good and the Barbatos’ next form is looks even cooler.

  14. I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t touched my entry in 3 weeks nor taken a break in general. Hopefully I can finish it by Spring Break or I won’t have anything to submit.

  15. My Playing with Plamo entry is still in the private warehouse since I’m waiting for the new RG Astray to ship with it. T_T

  16. i like that sinanju style back thruster on rouei

  17. I didn’t realise there were Xenogears kits. They should make some kits for the other game as well.

  18. My playing with plamo entry is coming together faster than i expected, but now I got to the hard part too quickly! My body isn’t ready!

  19. Winner winner chicken dinner

  20. kotobukiya’s model to box ratio is just weiird

  21. Great video! Love that HG Helmwige Reincar!! Can’t wait for the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex, probably going to get one in the future!!!

  22. Im still wondering if i’ll buy the Gundam Barbatos Lupus or the Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex. Hope you show the Rex next week!

  23. I love watching the episodes while building things . keep on guys!

  24. I hope bandai makes a 1/100 full mechanics helmwige reincar

  25. cant wait for 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex Review.

  26. Awesome video guys! I really need to pick up one of the Barbatos kit at some point.

  27. Amazing kits! .i wish i get that kosmos

  28. Looking forward to your Lupus Rex review.
    Hope I win!

  29. Hope I win!

  30. Episode is short and sweet. Excited for the March releases! Cool prizes too.

  31. I hope Kotobukiya will do more model kits of mecha-ish girls from other series. They seem to be doing well with all those Frame Arms Girls.

  32. Great show and looking forward to your Lupus Rex review.

  33. Great episode. Just couldn’t stop laughing after seeing you guys make the Helmwige Reincar happy. That’s some relationship you have with it, after just building it. I want to win the KOS-MOS!!!!!

  34. i think the hyakuren and hyakuri are space type suits.the rouei, land type.

  35. ayy lmao.

  36. that fantasy star would be interesting to kit bash into a ms girl 😉 i want to join the competition but i just started on my kit about the same time you guys announced. the problem is i show some 3d stuff i was doing for the kit but not the actual kit itself. can i still join?

  37. really digging the ibo kits

  38. Great new kits 🙂

  39. I like these 3 HG IBO kits in fact I got my shipping just 2 weeks ago and Helmwidge just got it yesterday (cant wait to build it) all from HLJ. Thanks for HLJ for this IBO kits and fast shipping.

  40. I like to win, so I can get my daughters in to model making. 😉

  41. I want to win at least once from your giveaways… something… anything… 🙁 </3

  42. Those kits are among some of the finest phantasy stars in the KOS-MOS!

  43. 1st time here on hobbylink.tv but glad to be here! Looking forward to getting the Reincar. Also hoping to win that Kos-mos Ver. 1.

  44. i just got the reincar! planning on doing a camo paint job on him. just not sure what color scheme. my fingers are crossed for the prizes!

  45. Great episode as always guys….BUT I LOVE KOSMOS OMG!

  46. Sweet episode and a pretty good giveaway

  47. Kos-mos kits looking very cool! Btw thank you guys for all your work with episodes! You are making a great stuff!!

  48. i want to get that reincar…

  49. Oh the silly things that can be done with the papaguy mustache, hat and cane.

  50. KOSMOS!

  51. Hey Mr. HELMWINGE, you seem happy to see me. Hahaha. I gotta have that kit now. Will order soon 🙂

  52. A bit of a light episode this week, but at least its still good to see anything! Thanks

  53. Great show and I’m starting to like these IBO designs.

  54. that Barbatos Rex is a FREAKING BEAAAAST

  55. I think FF Figurized busts are impossible. SE hasn’t exactly lent their characters on other companies ever since they made the Play Arts Kai line.

    I think they prefer everyone to appear on Play Arts Kai or Trading Arts or whatnot 🙁

  56. “How’s it hanging?””Slightly to the left” HAHAHA

  57. It’s hard to believe Todd hasn’t played Xenosaga. That’s something he should fix. It’s a great series. Just make sure you have lots of popcorn handy for the cutscenes.

  58. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start!

  59. ‘Nother episode, more fun.

    I’m not super excited about this option set, more for the next one, but hey more stuff is always cool. Not a fan of the Lupus Rex, and the HG looks like a mediocre kit due to sticker use and weird proportions, not a fan of the design either so an easy pass, even for the FM. Never saw the appeal in Beargguys and Papagguy does not do anything to change that opinion, looks classy though.

    All these HG kits are on my wishlist right now. HG Rouei was there from the start and never came off. I’ve built the Hyakuren and enjoyed it, but I did much prefer the design of the Rouei more, and was sad we didn’t get a kit by the end of S1. I’m happy we get one now though, and although it has a bit of stickers and barely noticeable hollow parts, it’s on the wishlist and it’s never coming off.

    Hekija is also a kit i’m interested in. A shame about the hollow parts on the feet, I wouldn’t of minded it if it didn’t have that thruster gimmick or the toe that arches upward, but still getting one. Fan of the MS, fan of the pilots and I need to show my respects to Lafter. :'(

    Helmwige Reincar was a kit that appealed to me a bit at first, but I wasn’t terribly excited about it, then the colorscheme was shown and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, and seeing the mustard yellow didn’t help. Yet after seeing the box and the kit a few times, I now really want one. Funny what time can do to your opinions sometimes. I’m definitely getting all these kits though, and i’ve got good expectations. 🙂

  60. helmwige looks like shovel knight. and ofc hope i win

  61. Can’t wait to get my Lupus Rex with his deformed hands, and seeing as most winners say this, I hope I win!!

  62. Really love those IBO designs, glad Bandai is staying away from too obvious Gundam designs

  63. Wouldn’t mind to win this Kos-Mos from Kotobukia.
    Love girls with big guns! 😉

  64. After all those mobil suits is awesome to see figures! Expecially figures so nice!

  65. KOSMOS !!!

  66. had to order a couple of those papagguy kits. lol

  67. The reveal of the lupus rex was kinda underwhelming for me, I really hope the new Vidar will look better.

  68. Oh cool I had completely forgotten there was a KOS-MOS kit. Unless I win it(unlikely) I’ll go ahead and pick one up.

  69. I’ve seen some comments online criticizing the fact that you can’t upload any pictures of your progress off of the hobbylink.tv website, but I understand the rule. I agree with Syd about how people finish a great project and then they enter it into every subsequent contest online or otherwise. Nothing wrong with that I guess…but there’s a certain fairness with making something specifically for a major contest.

  70. I can win a plastic girl, touched by a real girl? Sickkkkk

  71. Xenosaga! May you always build gunpla tv!

  72. I really enjoy your show and reviews! Awesome! Hope I could win one. Cheers!

  73. Any chance you guys will show the Love Live figurise busts?

  74. I have plans to buy and build a Reincar up to match my custom Graze Carta….also always love an opportunity to win non-GUNPLA stuff

  75. The Reincar might look better with the Rouei’s legs.

    Xenosaga please!

  76. I really love your reviews, but it would be nice t show some more gimmicks and/or articulation.

  77. Hope to win Kos Mos!

  78. Dear RNG-sama,

    I’ve been waiting since December for my present, hopefully this week is the week I manage to win a kit xD

    Arigatou ~

    Cant wait for the full review on the Lupus Rex, Really want that kit, but after last weeks episode I really want a Bael, imo it looks awesome !

  79. great show as always looking forward to new releases

  80. Um wow, that Helmwige Reincar sure does have an interesting way of stowing away its sword.

  81. Good show as always! Are we gonna get any more 1/100 ibo kits other than barbatos with bigger names?! Where is full city?

  82. this video made me checked Xenosaga, I never had the time to tried that game before, maybe I should someday.

  83. great episode as always

  84. Todd went full weird…

  85. Ha, sorry sorry about going off topic with FF VII.
    I got it going on my Ps2.
    So…what were they thinking with putting the sword there?

  86. Can’t wait to start working on my kit for the competition, currently it’s sitting in my private warehouse waiting for a pre-order to come in stock before I ship. I’ll be making a 1/100 Space Shuttle Enterprise this year.

  87. i hope to win KOS-MOS! best girl
    in Xenosaga series

  88. Yes guys, I would like to win one of those “perfumed” boxes. Also, thanks for another great episode. Not a huge IBO fan but I’ve bought 3 kits from the show so far. They’re pretty cool. Thanks HLJ crew and Gunpla TV.

  89. It’s always good to win a kit, whether it is gundam or not. Can’t wait to see the review on that new HG Zeta.

  90. I realy like the IBO kits specially Helmwige Reincar and I just got it 3 days back. Thanks to HLJ for fast shipping and a secure packaging.

  91. Gotta be in it, to win it!

    Love hlj, love the show, thanks to the hole team your the best. When i get your message, its gonna make my day.

  92. interesting giveaway. not sure if I like them or not. but can’t argue about the guns it comes with though.

  93. Kotobukiya’s humanoid kit is quite good when compared to an action figure with the same price range + we can mod it to our likes

  94. Give me Kos-Mos!, Great show guys.

  95. Love the show and hope to win.

  96. Great show guys!

  97. I played the Playstation 2 Xenosaga game, it was a fun game!

  98. GUNDAM!!!!!

  99. helmwige, hmmm cool kit but deff not displaying with a ginormous sword on his crotch!!!

  100. Woah Kos Mos , Loving that old Xenosaga Game. Hoping to get that kit one day if they re release it

  101. nice

  102. I like the Rouei.

  103. Nice episode as always guys. Excited to get the new 1/100 Rex. The Full Mechanics line has been my bread and butter. Sort of related but do you guys think the 1/144 arm proportions for the rex are a little wacky? It seems like they’re much larger proportionally on the HG than the 1/100. The HG has a bit of an ape look going to me.

  104. I am looking forward to your review of the HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex.

  105. That helmwige designs and color reminds me shovel knight. Probably going to buy it

  106. i like the Iron blooded orphans themed episode 🙂 thanks for their reviews 🙂

  107. Rouei looks pretty good, but think the weapon is ridiculously big.

  108. Great show as always guys. I’ve got a question about the playing with plamo contest. Under the beginner category it mentions hand painting is ok but what about airbrushing? If I use an airbrush to detail up some parts but not to do a full paint job would it still qualify for beginner or get bumped up to intermediate?

  109. Lets do something smaller: Breaks open two expensive kotobukia kits 😀
    Played both pso2 and xenosaga but i like pso2 alot better 🙂

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