Jun 23
HLJ : Luke

Syd is back with episode 2 of our Gunpla series! And this time we cover the basics when it comes to building Gundam.

Gundam model shown in this video : 1/144 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam

Gundam Competition : Gunpla – Playing With Plastic


  1. Good job for the video again! perhaps next video should be tutorial about panel lining and how to use waterslide decal 🙂

  2. Love your job Syd!

    A great walkthru of a straight HG kit build!

  3. Nice introduction. I can’t wait to see more of this series.

  4. Those aren’t “Zees”, those are “Zetas”! 🙂

  5. i like how he pronounces it “z z” instead of “double zeta”

  6. Great video but should give suggestions in case your painting the gundam

  7. Yeah, it’s the “ZZ Gundam”, easily identifiable by its long beard and sharp-dressed pilot…

  8. Is Syd the one who build the model and paint it to take the pictures for the site? He seems to be a cool guy 😀

  9. i gave up on anything below MG ages ago

  10. i like to know more about colouring, and coating it to protect the paint, hopefully it will be there in the next few eps 🙂

  11. These model HG, are Excellent to begin with the training of armed of models, coverall now that already estan much more detailed and we do not have to do so many modifications to them, to take them to compete to the contests. Gundam ZZ is a great model, and also it enchants to me. Thanks for the explanation.

  12. Nice video. I suggest using a wooden toothpick to raise and place a foil sticker.

  13. great! i want to learn more )

  14. I really miss being in Japan. Prices were so great that I wasn’t afraid to splurge a little. Nice lesson by the way, I hope it’s as informative as you get into details.

  15. Oh man, I remember watching this when I was looking to get into Gunpla building!

  16. Nice!!.

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