Oct 20
HLJ : Luke

Gunpla galore was on display at the Bandai booth at the 50th All Japan Hobby Show and Gunpla TV was there with cameras in tow.  There was almost too much on display which meant we didn’t have time to film it all but we did capture some good footage of the more highly anticipated Gunpla kits that are on the way in the near future.  For more images of the Bandai booth and more you can check out the photo reports on hlj.com

Gundam models shown in this video :

1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

1/144 RG MS-06S Char’s Zaku II

1/100 MG 00 Quanta

1/48 MEGA SIZE MODEL MS-06S Char’s Zaku II

1/100 MG ReZEL

1/144 HGUC Sinanju


  1. For me, the most attracting kit from Bandai booth in this Hobby show is MG Rezel definitely, though i won’t be getting one for now.

  2. PG Zaku is actually pretty plain-looking when the armor’s on…

  3. no MG Unicorn Banshee ? hwaaa…

  4. Yeah the MG Rezel looks really nice. Love the UC stuff too. I’ll wait though, I have so much to complete 1st, before getting another MG…..

  5. Question? when, if ever, will Delta Plus be release in the MG series? That is what I am waiting to be release. I will to order 2, one in the mobile suit and the other in waverider mode.

  6. I lol’d at the “progression of red HG kits” bit. Can’t tell if you were serious or not.

    No Nobel Gundam footage? For shame, sir. For shame.

  7. Hi Robin,

    I’m sure Bandai has plans to release the Delta Plus as an MG kit but so far no information has been seen.

    Hi Blargg,

    I am rarely serious 😉 Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take footage of everything we wanted to at the show. We had only one camera and cameraman and so many booths to cover.

  8. the name for the mg 00 quan(t) is said like quanta

  9. No “u” and seems to be all caps: 00 QAN[T]

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