Jun 16
HLJ : Luke

The inaugural episode of Gunpla TV sees HobbyLink Japan’s resident Gunpla builder, Syd, introducing the various types of Gundam model kits Bandai has to offer.



  1. Nice summary on the different kinds of Gunpla – I wonder what the next episode will feature.

  2. So. Many. Gunpla.


  3. cool video..this is education means!

  4. Wow! I’m virtually inside HobbyLink Japan’s premises! I’d like to visit it for real someday and meet Mr. Scott T. Hards in person. Now that’d be mega cool!

  5. I can see this in my iPad!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!! thanks for NOT using flash to deliver this content, I’m so grateful! 😀

    Will this be in YouTube anytime in the future?

    Best regards, great job!

  6. That place is Gundam Heaven!!!…I can sleep there and don’t eat, LOL! Thanks for the show. Met Mr. Scott T. Hards in one of the conventions a few years back here in California, very nice man and friendly to talk to. Looking forward for other topics here regarding Gundam kit building.

  7. Eru said on June 18, 2010

    Hey awesome video, but I have to know: what’s the song used for the intro and outro?! It’s stuck in my head and I can’t find it.

  8. Great video…fantastic to see the insides of HLJ. Wonderful stuff. Have shown the video to my new partner – this model-making ‘thing’…now she gets it! Looking forward to seeing what else is next, not just in the Gundam range.

  9. i find it funny that he just tosses the sd gundam away after the short introduction.

  10. Wow!!!!!!!
    Basic and simple video, but very good!!!!!
    When the next one???
    I’m still addicted… 😀

  11. Good Stuff, very good introduction for anyone who want to start making gunpla

  12. runners? poly-caps? I guess I’ll figure out what those terms are eventually… It’s pretty cool to see the different sizes of all these products though.

  13. I also asked myself.. what the hell is a runner and poly caps? A short video for beginners ,explaining the basics, would be cool 🙂


  14. Nice work guys. Very simple and easy to understand. Great to get a look inside of HLJ! As per the comment above perhaps ep2 could explain the basics inside the box – runners, polycaps, decals, frame, and the manual. =) Syd works great as a presenter. Looking forward to episode 2 ^^

  15. Thanks for the comments guys, episode 2 is already up and episode 3 will be going live today.

  16. the runners are the things that hold the parts, but will need to cut the parts from the runner itself to assemble.

    polycaps on the other hand, im not sure, but i think it’s the rubberly bits you put together for the joints

  17. Good Overview, Cant wait for this site to take off! Finally an awesome American site (from Japan) for GUNPLA! Keep up the good work!

  18. The range of models is incredible that exist of the series gundam, between I see but them but I am surprised, greetings from the city of Mexico.

  19. I mean ENGLISH Language site, Not American. Didn’t mean to offend. Just really excited about it!

  20. i love you man, the best place 2 teach any1 in the stores! haha and i was so spun out to because you pick up that kyrios kit OMG i just bought that im so glad i found this page 🙂

  21. Runners are the frames the parts come on & what the parts are cut free from.

    Poly caps are made from a softer yet durable plastic. They’re used in the articulation joints & certain other areas.

    Thanks for the videos! They’re welcomed & VERY much appreciated!!

  22. Dude! Awesome video explaining the kinds of gunpla that are in the market, also excellent way describing the diferences of the grade of the model kits. Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Costa Rica!

  23. nice guide but i think that going a little mpre into whats every grade advantge towerds the other grades would have been nice, and alsp it would be good to specify the price ranges of every grade.

  24. wow! Very Informative!

  25. I started the first Gundam in old scale with the 1/100 HG Burning Gundam. I saw the 1/144 scale but was to smaller like a Kinder toy. The 1/100 is for me a good scale to start. Now I build the MG grade like Gundam Harris, Gundam ZZ and the custom Gundam Wing Ka vers.

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