Aug 6
HLJ : Luke

On Bandai’s site the release date for the much-anticipated MG THE-O was listed as August 7th, which is a Saturday, so you can imagine our surprise, and delight, when it arrived on Thursday, August 5th.

The kit is truly massive for an MG, which is noticeable upon seeing the box.   We grabbed a nearby 1/100 MG RX-78-3 G-3 Ver 2.0 and took some comparison shots.

This build may not take more time than other Master Grades, but it will definitely take up more space!

Gundam model shown in this video : 1/100 MG PMX-003 THE-O





Want to win some free Gundam? Check out the link below!

Gundam Competition : Gunpla – Playing With Plastic


  1. Run Syd Run! This kit looks so awesome. And the amount of marking’s is ridiculous! great video by the way.

  2. Woo!

    Looks like a pretty sub-par MG compared to the 2.0s and such that have been coming out, but I don’t really care.

    I mean, it’s The-O after all.

    Thanks for the video; might be nice to see one of these for each new big release. 😉

  3. The Big O, huh? Would you say that it is now time for the show? “Showtime”, as they say?
    I’m less confident now in my chances of winning one in the contest (I’m running out of time for my video entry!) so I hope these get a good home.

  4. that will take for ever to get to australia. Then it will be marked up and cost a fortune…..

  5. Well, I still plan to enter, I just think my entry isn’t going to be as good as I’d initially hoped… The model-making just took too long, Still, I look forward to giving it a shot…

  6. Makes you wonder how Kamille ever beat that thing!

  7. But I do know how Camille beat it… 🙂

  8. The MG EX-S, MG Sazabi, MG Hi-Nu Gundam, and the MG Real type color G-Armor all use the same size box.

    Judging by the look of the box I’m betting it’s using the same box as the Perfect Zeong.

  9. is this stronger than Trans Am Exia? or 00 Raiser?

  10. as a general rule you cant really compare gundams from two different universes. arguments are kind of pointless but basically… no. its isnt stronger than either of those suits imo.

  11. >is this stronger than Trans Am Exia? or 00 Raiser?

    UC mobile suits tend to be some of the weaker MS throughout the Gundam Metaseries.

    Lately non UC Gundam animation productions tend to try and outdo what has been done before in terms of relative MS power. So the MS from 00 would tend to be some of the most powerful MS around.

    With the exception of Turn A Gundam which is still the official most powerful Gundam.

    So no, The O is probably weaker than Trans Am Exia or 00 Raiser or most anything with a solar furnace from 00. Then again you’re comparing MS from two different universes with technology based on different principles so saying anything for sure is impossible.

  12. I just finished my The-O and here is a link to the WIP and some teaser shots ubtil complete, just need to finish the gun.

    The kit is O.K. For the price it should have been a lot better. There is hardly any detail except for the thruster pack which looks very cool. Not many parts for such a big kit. Bandai could have done a better job with more breakdown of the parts. It’s basicaly a 1/100 HGUC kit. I am glad I got mine for $85.00 and not the $120.00 it is everywhere. It is impressive when complete but for over $100.00 Bandai could have done a lot more. Seems like you pay for packaging rather than the kit. The box is as big as a PG kit.

    A few pluses are the hands, the thruster pack and the sense of massiveness and size you get when it’s complete. It looks like it could squish anything.

    The-O is such a cool design so if your a fan get it!!!! So I do not want to discourage anyone from getting it these are just my thoughts.

  13. Wow look at him go!!

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