Sep 1

After building the RX-78-2 kit from Bandai’s newest line, Real Grade, Syd took the Shinkansen to Shizuoka, camera in hand, to see the real thing!

Once there Syd joined the hundreds of fans on their pilgrimage to see what may be the closest we get to the real thing, the 18 meter tall RX-78-2 that was erected at Higashi-Shizuoka station. An event like this doesn’t happen often and there was a festival atmosphere in the air as snack stands, souvenir shops, and even a stage for live music surrounded the massive Mobile Suit. Every 30 minutes music would come over the speakers and the Gundam’s lights would flash, steam come from its vents, and its head turn side to side. Everyone would stop what they were doing and, craning their necks upwards, stare at the spectacle.

A very rare event also means very rare merchandise and Syd the trooper stood in the long line to get his shot to purchase the limited edition model kits (and cookies!) they were selling at this event. Ecopla, Real Gundam SD kits, 1/144 scale Real Gundam Project kits as well as the Real Grade RX-78-2 were stacked high waiting for eager hands to grab them. They were even selling the Real Grade kit at the souvenir and snack shops inside the train station!

Alas, all good things much come to an end and, loaded like a pack-mule, Syd made his way back home bringing this video footage with him.


  1. I went to Shizuoka and saw the giant Gundam… I wanted to buy an RX-78 kit but someone snagged the last one just as I was about to grab it. I settled on this thing called “Beginning Gundam” instead. I have learned that buying whatever is placed in front of you, instead of what you really want, is a rewarding path that ultimately leads to adventure and friendships and true happiness.

  2. You lucky bastard, I am so envy right now…

  3. This was one of the greatest videos I have seen this year, don’t why, I really loved to see all of this 🙂

  4. Wow, That looked such an amazing event. I wish I could have been there!

    What special edition stuff did you get Syd ?

  5. Thank you! Today I feel a little bit nearer to Japan.

  6. Man, I’d like to see all the stuff you got there!

  7. If anyone gets a chance to see it I highly suggest going. You won’t regret or forget the experience. As far as the special edition stuff I picked up, you can see it in the gallery photo. I picked up the 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Ver30th 1/1 Real Gundam Project kit (yup, that’s a long name), the SD version kit with the same long name, the Ecopla (which Bandai makes from recycled plastic) version of the HG RX-178 Mk-II, and probably the best of the bunch, the MG Musha Mk-II Tokugawa Ieyasu version!

  8. Hey Syd, why do you build Gunpla although you have never have watched any of the series? I would find that a bit strange but I may be wrong.

  9. It would be awesome if the part when the Gundam’s beam saber was lit up also included by the end of Video

  10. It surprises me that it can be touched. I thought it would be roped off. Cool.

  11. @ Gabriel, I myself have never watched any of the series, but I can’t wait to start diving into GUNPLA building. Since I can’t work from disability anymore, it gives me something fun to pass the time, and (hopefully) gives me a sens of accomplishment once I get started.

  12. Hi Gabriel,

    I have been asked that question several times. Why do you like the kits when you don’t know the anime series the kits are based on? Well, I think we can all agree the kits are very cool to look at. Also, engineering Bandai comes up with for their construction is impressive. For myself, I think Ryan summed it up best when he talked about the sense of accomplishment you get when you finally finish that kit you carefully constructed over time. Having said all that, I just watched the Gundam UC anime and was blown away! I may become hooked on the anime after all. Uh oh!

  13. Hi Syd,

    Nice pictures and video and thanks for sharing.

    I am thinking to visit Shinjuku (Tokyo)… So, if I am coming from Shinjuku, what’s the best to get to Shizuoka ? Do you have any recommendation ?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi Leon,

    The fastest way is by the Shinkansen, usually the Hikari, from Shinagawa station. You can take the Yamanote line from Shinjuku to Shinagawa and then transfer to the Shinkansen there. A good, quick resource for traveling by train in Japan is here:

  15. Hi Syd,

    Thanks for your quick response and info. I will check out the link and let you know if I have further questions.


  16. nice video! that was a fun day. the last shot is great!

  17. Second Busterbeam.. that was a best day ever! =)

  18. Thanks to show the news to us, I would want that after finished constructing this gundam they can construct zaku of char serious fabulous

  19. Hi Syd,

    Y-y-you m-m-mean you touched HIM?

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