Apr 18
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Elexis Cruz

After I finished building both the 1/144 Qan[T] and the MG Qan[T], I received my Hobby Japan magazine that contained the Full Saber for the 1/144 version. There was really no other choice but to go ahead and put it together.Upon opening the box, I was quite surprised that there was only 2 runners. One runner was blue for the main parts and the other was the same green as the sword bits. I was kinda looking for another runner or 2 because I was looking at the picture and there were white parts on there. After looking through the magazine, I came across one section where JUNIII modeled this kit.

With that I was able to figure out the color scheme of the parts.I don’t really have an airbrush, so I ended up using the Gundam Markers to do some of the coloring initially. It was turning out fine with the ones I color gray, but the ones I was trying to color white was blotchy at best. I ended up buying a spray can of glossy white paint. I sanded down the parts that I needed to be white and sprayed them down. I had to let them dry for a few days as I used enamel instead of acrylic. I think it was somewhat of a mistake since they still weren’t completely dry when I started the assembly. All in all, it actually turned out fairly well. Now I’m hoping that they put out a version for the MG version.Enjoy the pics! More to come from me hopefully.

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