Aug 9
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Pggasta

The diorama I built sees like Gundam GP03 protagonist receiving a fine for taking his Dendrobium parked in no parking zone. The SD series lend themselves well to fun scenes, just like the one I suggested. The model has been improved both in Dendrobium (total reconstruction of the interior, otherwise empty) and in the Gundam, I rebuilt the hands and the bag, and even the satellite/street sign was made ​​from a ping pong ball.
All decals are self-produced and printed on a laser printer.

I hope that you enjoy the idea …



  1. Cute! You even have the sweatdrop from animes! 🙂

  2. lol. love the concept. 😀

  3. haha awesome

    nice shading work across the board to

  4. Thanks guys!!!!

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