Aug 11
Eyal Reinfeld


Submitted By : Eyal

The model is Wave’s 1:72 offering and depicts a deep space style camo.

The model was built straight out of the box, and painted with Tamiya’s acrylics. It was first base coated in dark gray, and then sparyed with white, and white + flat blue mix after masking.

The decals were taken from various itasha style car models. After the decals were added and the clear parts painted, I pin washed the model with burnt umber oil color and added some streaks and light weathering with raw umber oil color. Very few chips were added to the legs area.

The base was built from foam core box and plasticard panels and rest were taken from the bits box. The figures are from Eduard’s 1:72 modern Czech airforce crew set which are wonderful and highly recommended as mecha ground crew.

Thank you hlj for giving me the opportunity to build this wonderful model.

hope you like!

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  1. You should have painted that periscope, or left it retracted… Only the lens part of it should be transparent… Looks nice otherwise, though. Always cool to see a Macross kit.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks George, not too late for that. I’ll fix it and paint the shaft in white or silver.

  3. I really love the style of the Macross destroids. This really makes me want to build one.

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