May 14

Over the past few years at HobbyLink Japan, we’ve created dozens of special show reports, videos, photo galleries and other content to help our customers keep in touch with what’s happening in Japan — and the world’s — hobby scene.  But since the primary focus of our mail-order site is to show off products for sale, that sort of content can get lost in the shuffle, and we never had a logical place to keep it for later access, either.


On this new sister site to, we’ll be posting all of our videos, show reports, podcasts and more as we continue to report on what we see.  But we’re not going to stop there!  We want to make this site a communications forum for the hobby community to discuss their hobbies and products, too, so all posts we make will be open for comments (keep it clean and friendly!).  What’s more, we’ll shortly begin accepting content from you, too!  If you’ve built a great model and want to tell the world how you did it, or want to show off your collection, here’s a great place for you to do it where thousands of people with similar interests are likely to see your work.

Now that we have a great place to keep all this content neat and organized, we’re going to go crazy with our cameras and do our best to produce the kind of content so many of you have been kind enough to tell us you want to see.  Stay tuned, and again, welcome to!

Scott T. Hards, President


  1. This is great though I’m not sure if I can access the video from my office PC as our company block those YouTube contents. Nonetheless, I wish HLJ can still maintain the regular special event/show reports, photo galleries and other non-video content so that the customer of HLJ (especially) and others can get some additional info about those events from HLJ perspective as HLJ is the best English speaking hobby shop from Japan that I’ve ever known. Hopefully this forum can also help to boost the slow sales in this industry and help HLJ to gain more new customer. As a suggestions, maybe once a while HLJ can do a contest or freebies thru HLJ webshop – something like free lucky draw gifts (for customer spending certain amounts) or maybe some sort of photography competition (like those Groizer X) or anything alike.

  2. Another suggestions, how about HLJ create some articles about the daily office and warehouse operations of HLJ with videos/photos. Arrival of new stock from suppliers/factories, handling the stock checking, orders processing, the key sections/people within the HLJ, the history of HLJ, plamo kits review produced by Scott Hard (or any other HLJ staff maybe) and many more. I remember seeing something like this in those Dengeki Hobby magazine but since they’re in Japanese, I just pretend to understand it by just looking at the photos.

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