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Astraea Modification

Submitted By: MatX

I’ve modified my PG 00’s waist to add a little height to the torso. Like always I used 1.0mm plaplates for the armor sheets and beams for support and connectors.I also modified the Shoulder Fin so it won’t obstruct the head movement.

NG Astraea Waist Modification

This is a modification similar to what Erix93 did to his Exia a few years back. Erix was actually one of the people who inspired me to do modifications. I’ve extended the modification to give the chest a swivel similar to that of the MG Exia. Trying to figure out where and how to cut the chest frame took longer than it did actually cutting the darned thing, mainly because I had to maintain the critical connective parts that would hold the shoulder joints, but also be able to put a pivot on the chest.

First off, I separated the lower waist from the abdominal section and mounted an aftermarket polycap cup/ball joint assembly. This will give the waist the much needed articulation for a dramatic pose.

Then I did major surgery to separate the chest parts into manageable sections so I can add the swivel/pivot on the chest. I used an 8mm tube and 5mm round beam for the swivel mechanism, then plaplates to secure and reinforce the sections.

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