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A pair of Qan[T]s


Submitted By: Elexis Cruz

Gotta love the Double-O series… their Gundam designs are quite unique and personally, I’m not too keen on them, except for Exia. The 2nd season rolled along, and the Gundam designs didn’t change much (Double O seemed way too bulky for me, but I really liked Reborn’s Gundam). After they announced the movie and released the new Gundams, I was quite dumbfounded by the real lack of change with the design with one exception… the Qan[T]. I actually liked it more than Exia, but not as much as Reborn’s Gundam, still I think it was a nice looking Gundam. I went ahead and picked up the 1/144 HG version and was able to complete it in less than a week, to include touch-ups. When the MG version was made, I had to get it. Once I opened the box, I was a bit in awe of the amount of small parts there were. I started building it and I actually almost lost parts (from it slipping out of my hand and falling on the carpet) and broke a tip off one of the sword bits (which I was able to fix with a little clear rubber cement). All in all, I was very happy with the whole kit and there is a good amount of detail to it. Even the HG version had good detail to it (though I had to touch it up a bit to make it look comparable to the MG version). The MG version does feature the light-up GN drive, but only if you already have the LEDs (which I unfortunately do not have), so if you plan to get this kit, plan to invest in either the 1/100 Double O (with the LED lights) or the Exia Ignition. If the LEDs are actually sold separately, I haven’t found one yet.

Something that I did for the first time for the MG kit was I actually used the Gundam Markers to paint the eyes instead of using the included stickers (which is used on the 1/144 kit).

Anyone looking for a fun kit to build will not be disappointed with the MG Qan[T]. I kinda wish that there is a MG version of Reborn’s Gundam too, but I’ll take what I can get.

Now I wonder when the Double O movie is going to be released here in the US…

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  1. that 5th pose soo good!


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