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7th Dragon 2020: Samurai (Katanako) Battle Ver. by Flare (Review)

From HobbyLink Japan

Samurai comes in a completely transparent window box, only provided with an inner background on one side. The box is quite fitting for the figure, and I’m a fan of transparent boxes, so I particularly like this one.

The figure needs some assembly to be ready for display – nothing complicated, but Flare provides instructions so things are even easier.

Samurai’s torso comes off to allow a humble castoff option and also to be able to remove protective plastic to prepare the figure for display. The skirt comes off, so that Samurai can be displayed without it and only wearing her white, well-sculpted and detailed panties.

Her hand, the one holding the sword, can be removed, too; this is needed to put the figure on the rock-like base, to which Samurai is fastened with a peg that goes right into the foot of her bent leg.

Samurai then sustains her weight on the base with her free hand, which is not attached to the base but just placed on it; the other foot simply rests on the second, clear plastic base the figure is provided with.

Speaking of supports for this figure, Flare was quite generous. We have the sculpted rock with pinkish flowers on it, where Samurai is placed directly, and then an additional thin, round piece of plastic. This one is designed to be used with the three cardboard pieces the figure is provided with, each with a different design from the game.

The clear plastic base just goes onto the cardboard circles, without any particular assembly needed. I appreciate the additional base pieces, though I prefer to display my copy of this figure just with the rock base. But that’s just a matter of personal taste.

Displayed with or without the additional base, Samurai needs to be placed on the rock-like base before she’ll be ready for our cabinets. That’s easily done by detaching her arm and then placing the tip of the sword in the little hole in the rock. It has to reach a certain point on the second layer of the base, so be careful not to push too hard or you’ll risk to break the sword’s fragile tip.

Once the sword is in place we can put its handle in Samurai’s hand, and then put the figure on the base. Samurai is now ready for display.

Quality wise, this figure is stunning. I can’t see anything wrong with it, not a single flaw. The sculpt is sublime, and so is the paintwork. The details are magnificent and quite plentiful, and the figure has a wonderful overall appearance.

The rock-like base is completely gorgeous, too. The sculpt is very realistic and, once again, without any flaws. This little piece of plastic really looks like broken concrete, and I completely love how perfect it is for Samurai.

As I said, the figure is overall perfect, and if I had to pick a favorite part of this little jewel I wouldn’t really be able to choose. That rarely happens to me, so this is to say how good Samurai is.

I’m completely in love with this figure because of its quality — which is something every collector would greatly appreciate, but also because of Samurai’s impressive design. Really, this is a figure I would recommend to anyone!

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