Sep 4

Available from HobbyLink Japan

A very simple and direct kit this, but a little fiddly in places and though it is clearly being sold with toy-like elements (such as sprung suspension), I cannot help commenting on how fragile it is (especially with regard to the rear-view mirrors).

Each one of the wheels is free spinning, and attached to the axles via strong pins.

Both front and rear, the whole wheel-track is flexible and responds well to being posed at leisure – as long as one is careful when cementing and painting.

The whole structure of the chassis bucket is detailed and though much of it will never be seen once built up, it does speak to the quality of the kit*

* Note that, as the kit can easily be snap-fit without issue, one might easily build it up with an eye to take-down display as well.

If only Tamiya made this in 1/10 Rc… 🙂

The only articulation missing seems to be the connection of the steering column to the axle.

It’s a minor niggle though…

And, before anyone says anything, I do know I did the roof light in the wrong color…. Force of habit. I’m British, after all…. ‘Blues and Twos’ all the way, baby! 😉

Simple, elegant, and easy to build. It does have some very fragile parts, and the axle joints – being pinned – require very careful handling, lest they be stripped in assembly.

Still, a very nice build for a kit that has long outlived its production purpose, as an adjunct for a toy item that had vanished from the market even before its manufacturer had gone bust.

It certainly deserves to be considered on its own merits, to be sure, though. Patlabor fans will love its charms, I think.

Just have a look at it in its full glory…


  1. Very nicely done, indeed! Will be interesting to see how the kit compares to the pre-painted completed version Pit-Road has released. Rather than going for the kit, I opted for the latter. Thanks for the kit review and the history associated with the kit.

  2. Thank you.

    I think you’ll be very pleased. Pit Road’s own modelers are excellent (I was at Uni with one of them, and she was brick-hot back then) and they clearly use some proprietary parts which are not in the kit form.

    I doubt you’ll be disappointed in the slightest.

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