Apr 26
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Jon Pultz

This was my second attempt at a custom paint, but I wanted to make it more than just that, so I dug around in my spare parts and found a NG 1/100 Exia blade and a NG 1/100 GN Drive. I went about mounting them on my Zaku and thus my GN Zaku was born.

I hand painted everything on it save for the monoeye, the white on the shield, and the entire GN blade.
I dry-brushed the entire kit to give it a basic weathering look, and used a few dry transfers from my MG Gundam MKII.

In the last picture you can kinda see the GN drive mounted in the back.

HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. I was google searching thinking “Hey, if a Flag can have a GN Drive, why can’t a Zaku?” and look what came up!

    Awesome job!

  2. The paint job looks well done. You seem to be pretty good at this.

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