Sep 13
HLJ : Luke


Submitted By : Raymond Chen

Feminine style mecha design is pretty rare in game ot TV series, let alone being made into model kit form. But when they do, they usually look very stunning.

Here is Fei-Yen from the arcade game “Virtual On: Force”, here in the “Cinderella Heart” configuration, faithfully reproduced into model kit form by Hasegawa in 1/100 scale. Being made by Hasegawa, the detail on the kit is excellent, but it is NOT a snap fit kit like Bandai’s model kit, nor it is molded completely in colour like Kotobukiya. Sure the major colour are molded in, but the majority of the intricate detail are missing, details that could make or break a kit.

Another think Hasegawa’s Virtual On model kits are known for are the HUGE amount of decals. In Fei-Yen’s case, the white detail on the hair and all the stripes on the body are decal.

Recommended to experienced building who want something stands out on their shelves.

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